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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

Exchange 2016 Environment, Server 2016.  Moved the server over the weekend and had some trouble with Email delivery.  It seems to be working except for some email from the outside get queued and never delivered.  I have not received an NDR yet.  250 2.6.0  Queued Mail for Delivery.

It truth the email is not in any queue on the Exchange 2016 server.  Email from GMail and other domain does go through.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Just for Clarity, I do have an Exchange 2010 server on site that is not participating in mail routing (or should not be)  There is nothing in the queues there either.

This was working fine at the old location for several years.  During the move, I had added a Public DNS server to the network card and that caused NO mail flow.  I fixed it, but I also noted that the fix did not stay fixed.  I had to go into the properties of the server and select "Custom Dns Lookup" and add the local AD server IP for DNS.  This has got the mail partially flowing.

I have read that ISP can effect email delivery with TLS settings but I have not seen the entire process to investigate if that is the cause here.
I had some emails selected in Gmail and I accidenly hit archive.  How do I get all the messages back into my inbox?
My client's email is constantly blocked from @GMail.com. Their domain has a "bad" reputation on google's postmaster tools.

I am looking for a service that can help fix this problem. I found one company called "www.rackaid.com", but they only work with Linux servers, and my client's email is on Office365 (Exchange).

I have tried to help, but I am giving up, as I am not expert enough in this.

Can you recommend a service that can solve this problem?

Thank you.
A user's gmail account in our Gsuite sends a spam message at the same time every day.

At 8:20am every morning an email is sent from the account to eight internal users @mydomain.com

The body of the message is empty and the title is 'jknkljn'.

I initially thought it was spoofing but I have SPF, DKIM and DMARC entries in my DNS. The emails also appear in Gmail 'Sent'.

I have change passwords and 2 step verification enabled.

And anti-virus scanned both clients.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?
   function getThread($threadId) {
      try {
        $thread = $this->service->users_threads->get('me', $threadId);
      //  $messages = $thread->getMessages();
     //   $msgCount = count($messages);
       // return 'Number of Messages in the Thread: ' . $msgCount;
       return $thread;
      } catch (Google_Service_Exception $e){
        return false;

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The format on gmail itself

how it looks in a <p> tag

it doesn't look like the format it is displaying in gmail at all

not sure why

 foreach($result as $getMsgID){
                                $testEmail = $getMsgID['emailID'];
                                $gmail = $getGmailService->getThread($testEmail);


                                foreach($gmail->messages as $getThreadMsg){
                                    $getHeaderTest = $getThreadMsg->payload->headers;

                                    foreach($getHeaderTest as $getSubjectPos){

                                        switch ($getSubjectPos->name) {
                                            case "Subject":
                                                     $getSubject = $getSubjectPos->value;
                                            case "To":

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I have a client that uses one gmail address to contact clients. It is on many computers and they use Outlook IMAP to access gmail. As of today it stopped connecting. On my computer I get a message that less secure apps is disabled but it is enabled. I toggled that setting but still not working

I can not figure out how to get access to this account through outlook.

I am using the same settings that have been working for years.

Is there anyway to get support from Google for Gmail?
For years I've been using bellsouth.net to host my emails. Today I have come to HATE bellsouth.net. I have .pst files and .ost (?) files.
I have built up a large library of emails that I refer to from time to time. I also am using Outlook 2016.
I have three needs.
First I want to convert my .ost format to .pst format.
Next I would like to export the new pst file to a gmail account I already have.
Finally, I would continue to  use Outlook.

I am not seeking a solutions for all three in this question, but would like to know which of these can be done.
  class GmailService {

            public $service;
            private $client;
            private $gmToken;
            private $refreshToken;

            public function __construct($service)

               //using pdo to get tokans for the foreach below//
                foreach($result as $getTOKEN){
                    $gmToken = $getTOKEN['TOKEN'];
                    $gmReToken = $getTOKEN['TOKEN_REFRESH'];

                $client = $this->getGmClient($gmToken, $gmReToken);
                $service = new Google_Service_Gmail($client);

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am i setting up this class correctly ? im setting up a gmail class so when the page loads this script is called and im trying to setup the variables on the contruct, is this correct?

im getting the tokan if it exists and setting up the gmail service.
Allot of received emails are being spoofed from Gmail and sent emails to Gmail ending up in recipients spam folder. Due to this I want to confirm SPF records are correct.

I'm referencing these two articles.

The first one is from Google itself

The second from

I want to make sure my clients sending to Gmail are not bounced back or going to the Gmail recipients spam. I also want to decrease the amount of spoofed emails coming from Gmail.

I created the following SPF record:
v=spf1 mx a:mail.domain.com include:aspmx.googlemail.com -all
My understanding is this points to our IP address on record that the A MAIL record points to, our MX record. Also allows communication to googlemail.com and the -all prevents any other IP's to be blocked. Am I correct on this assumption?

I also have a smart host configured using Proofpoint (Spam filter) so when I go to MXToolbox it doesn't show my servers IP address rather it shows Proofpoints. Should I include these IP addresses in the SPF record?
Gmail not working with Outlook. I have set Gmail to use IMAP but it is still not loading email into Outlook. I have tried on a desktop and mobile. Anyone had luck?

we are using Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP. Our goal is to get mobile devices that are secure with no unwanted app and no change of system settings. The devices have only company email access. The phones are company owned so no BYOD.
For us the Kiosk mode was a proper solution for this.

Now we have 2 problems with email.
Since Android 8 Gmail seams to be the default email-config-setup app. So if you push the active sync settings and MDM will setup the password it will always open Gmail.
How can we change this or is there a work around?

We don't want to use the Gmail App, because the accounts settings are "open". This means you can add other private mail accounts.
So the other question is, what are other (enterprise) Mail Apps than can be configured with only the company active sync server?

Maybe the Mail App will also solve the first question :)

Thank you.
When trying to sync a gmail account to the windows 10 mail app (the default one that comes with the OS), we continually receive this error:

We're sorry, but we were unable to do that.

Error code:  0x8000000b

We have already allowed less secure connections in security settings and enabled Imap in gmail.

We have setup multiple other emails on other machines with no trouble using the same methods.
I have a client that has their own domain using GSuite based email.  Their customers are receiving a lot of spoofed (not hacked) emails from one of the users.  The usual spam/infection type of email like "here is your invoice" which the customers almost open but think better of it.

The users system is clean, no infections, usual protections, etc.

Any way to reduce or prevent this problem from happening?  It seems to only be happening to this one user and it comes in waves...nothing for a month or two and then an onslaught of emails to the people in the users address book.


My MS Outlook 2019 connected to Gmail as an IMAP/SMTP type.

How do I stop receiving product ads from "Services" by creating a rule in MS Outlook to delete anything that comes into my mailbox with the word "Services in the beginning of the email address .

I have done my best to prevent Gmail form sending me product ads by opting out of all ads from Google.  After all, if I need something I can just  go to the web and search for something.

I have created rules in MS Outlook 2019 that state if the sender's email address contains the word "Services" and it is sent directly to "my email address" "Delete it"
However, day-after-day  it comes back again.

I must have 50 of these rules stated for all different product ads.
I also unsubscribe to each product ad before I create the rule.

I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. There must be a better way.

Any help will be appreciated

Lou Dufresne
For a couple of weeks I am having an issue with out exchange 2013 servers.

we have two exchange 2013 CAS servers and two Exchange 2013 mailbox servers. email to the internet is routed through cisco IronPort located in the DMZ. emails to the partner domains is routed directly through wan links and there are connectors for the partner domains.

we are receiving complaints from users that mails are not being delivered from partners domain to out domain and the some users have provided evidence of that. but when we test emails seems to be going but with some delay. it looks like emails with attachments are having issues more that emails without attachments. some emails are missing and not all mails.

there seems to be some problem now since a few days that emails sent to Hotmail are going in spam and some times emails to domains like Gmail are not being delivered (Authentication errors).

there has been no change from our side and now we are having all these issues.

as far as the dns name registration is concerned we have mx records configured only without spf records and it has been like this since the beginning. and we had no issues. fixing the spf records is gonna take time as we have to go through the HO.

I have this issue and lots of tickets related to these issues. any suggestions highly appreciated.
Strange, I have one user out of 20 that all her emails sent to gmail go to the recipients SPAM. Other emails are fine. Nobody else out of 20 users has this issue.

2016 Server Standard with 2 VM's, one exchange and the other the PDC. Exchange 2016 on premise.
Outlook 2010 and Gmail on the Web - And an Iphone - If I want all my contacts from Gmail to Outlook to my Phone to all synch - Can I add the contact to Outlook and it will Synch up up to Gmail which will then Synch to my Phone?

Or do I need a 3rd Party tool to Synch from Outlook to Gmail which will then Synch to my phone.

Thank you
How can I set up a legacy email address so that if something happens to me, someone close to me can access my Gmail account? I have set up something like this on FB but I don't know if it's available for Gmail
I need to add a spf record to avoid spoofing and I use register.com as dns provider. They told me to add the following into the txt record.

@     "v=spf1 include:spf.registeredsite.com ~all"

I did that. When I sent a test mail to my gmail account, the mail went through but the header showed me it is has a softfail and the error message is as following:

pf=softfail (google.com: domain of transitioning me@mysite.com does not designate as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom= me@mysite.com;

For your information, my A record is the following:

*.mysite.com     <- webserver
mail.mysite.com   <- emailserver

Note: Please pardon the email address and ip addresses in this post are not real for security reason.
Hello All,

I'm currently looking for a way to sync Gmail contacts to an Outlook client. I have the Outlook client configured with the g-mail account. I've imported some contacts, but am unable to figure out how to sync contacts from the Gmail platform to the Outlook platform. My goal is to have both applications sync contact no matter if the users updates contacts from their phone, browser or Outlook client. I've been able to configure the Gmail Calendar to the Outlook client via a web link under account Internet settings tab. Any help or recommendations on how to accomplish this task is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
Microsoft Office 2019 Outlook

I am using MS Outlook to connect to my Gmail account.
The issue is that Outlook inbox does not update from my Gmail inbox when I open it. Even if I click the button Send / Receive outlook does not pull the emails in from Gmail.

I can open and check Gmail and see the unread emails are there in the inbox that should have come across to Outlook inbox.

If I send a email from Outlook to my Gmail account I see the email in the Gmail inbox but it does not update and display in the outlook inbox  and show it to me.

I have tried the File + Repair in the Outlook side but it still won't retrieve the Gmail inbox emails that have not been opened

Sometimes after the outlook inbox has stayed on the screen for a period of 15 to 30 minutes it may update the Outlook Inbox from the Gmail inbox.

Even If I close the Gmail account and leave the Outlook account open the update does not occur.

Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Lou Dufresne
I read a POP3 message in a TIdMessage component says M (idPOP3.Retrieve(MessageNumber,M))
But the Body has only one line, "This is a multipart message in MIME format.
The message content is (seen with gmail client) just a couple of simple text lines ...
So where are these text lines ?
i bought two 128gb mini mocro sd card one from sandisc other from patriot

when i insert card to laptop to check size by right clicking on it and proprties shows 119gb for sandisc card

when i insert card to laptop to check size by right clicking on it and proprties shows 119gb for patriot card

i wonder why 128gb they do not show
also why both show different?

any place i can put price alerts to get deals email to my gmail
please advise
I try to access a gmail account to read and process incoming emails in Delphi XE2
I activated OPO3 for the gmail account
My code is like this :

  SSL := TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL.Create(Application);
  Pop3 := TIDPop3.Create(Application);
  with Pop3 do
      AuthType  := patSASL;
      Host      := 'pop.gmail.com';
      UserName  := 'username@gmail.com';
      Password  := 'theusernamepassword';
      Port      := 995;
      IOHandler := SSL;
      UseTLS    := utUseImplicitTLS;

On the Connect call, I get error EidSASLMechNeed with text (I translate it from french) : SASL mechanism needed for the connection
I have the needed libraries libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll (dated december 201)

Any idea what is wrong ?
I have a friend that created their domain with WIX and the email is via G-Suite through WIX.... They share the same email address on 5 computers (with G-Suite and Outlook) and they do mass emailing to specific groups.  They created a group in outlook on one computer, but it will not synchronize to all the computers that are running outlook with the same email address. Their contacts are synced but the groups are not how is it possible with G-Suite to create groups and share them among everyone?






Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.