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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

Windows 11 all the updates, Outlook keeps asking for my password, I use gmail, and have outlook download and delete from google. for some reason it is now asking for the "password" that I just changed Saturday, it's been working just fine till this morning, I use Nord Vpn. any suggestions?
Hello dear,
I have emails in one label, but I remove this label, so the emails went to the (All mail) folder. so how can I search for ( Unlabeled emails)

I tried in search

But it's not working, nothing shows.

Please help. Thanks a lot.
I have a Gmail mailbox attached to an user in G-Suite that's in the name of an organisation, not a person's name, so the "FirstName LastName" format doesn't apply. Google doesn't allow for one of these fields to be blank either, so just to get around this, I've had to put the first half the org name in First Name, and other other half in Last Name. But is there a way around this? I can't imagine I'm the only one faced with this problem.

I can change from "First Last" to "Last, First", but this doesn't help because I cannot have the First or Last fields blank.
Moved client from AOL email to Gmail...
Exported AOL contacts and successfully imported into Gmail...

Client looks thru imported contacts and determines some are missing...

Determined that she entered a number of email addresses into AOL email that were
NOT in the AOL contact list....AOL remembered those email addresses....like Outlook does in the NK2 file...

Does AOL have a "NK2" type of file someplace that can be moved to Gmail or exported someway so that
I can enter then into Gmail...

Hoope this makes sense...
I created a png file and saved to my google drive - from a work email. I want to use the image as part of my google signiture in my settings. When I try to publish it I get the following attached file. I am not sure how to make this public and attach it to my google signiture??? I made it public in another google drive account my own not the companies and I paste the url but no image shows up???
I'm looking for a way to move email I have in an Outlook *.pst file to Thunderbird that actually works.

I used to use Outlook for personal email, which I kept in a *.pst file.  The company policy has changed however and I cannot use Outlook for personal email any longer.

My personal email is Gmail and Thunderbird has been a long-time supplier of a solid email product so I installed that and it works fine, however I have thousands of email in a hierarchy of perhaps a hundred folders I need to move over.

I've tried uploading to gmail folders from Outlook on another computer, however that's a complete joke.  Files don't show up.  The equivalent of folders in email don't get created.  Just a disaster.

I've downloaded a thunderbird extension for import, however it fails while throwing windows errors.

I have yet to find a program that can move the email (and the folder hierarchy) into Thunderbird, so I'm writing to see if anyone can recommend one that will actually work.  Free or otherwise.
I have a client that deleted all of his deleted emails & swears that took alot of his inbox & folders...

I do have a backup of all his emails, but when I replace the .ost as soon as it goes it syncs with GMAIL it re-deletes all of his emails to its current state.

Is there a way to make the OLD .ost be the correct & the GMAIL sync to that ?  I could not find where it was talking about unchecking "cached email"

He is using Outlook & I want to use his OLD .ost to be the correct email & then update from there.

Any direction would be great.  Thank you.

I am trying to add a GSuite account to Outlook 365 on the PC
IMAP is turn on within Gmail
Lables allow IMAP
Windows Mail works fine
Outlook also has a 365 exchange account attached.
Outlook just will not add the email account

I have 3 patners  and they have their own  email servers and domain:

Partner01: O365
Partner02: O365
Partner03: Gmail
Me: O365

We want to be able to sync our contact in Global Address List and free-busy

What is the best too or application for that?
I've downloaded the latest MS Edge because it seems quite good.  I had previously been using Chrome.

I'm able to set my home page to google.com, which I want because I use gmail and my contacts and calendar are all also at google.

Edge will go to this, but only when I have one instance and only with my initial page.  All other times it goes to some MS page (not specified in the address bar, but certainly the bing home page).

Is there anyway to get all tabs in all sessions to go to something besides bing.com?
A customer wanted to create another gmail account to the one she already had on her iphone 8 plus.  we did that but as soon as we had it set up it immediately linked both accounts together and brought all of the emails from her old gmail account to the new one.  How can we stop this from happening?
I was sent a gmail with an employment acceptance letter. The option is to open and fill out with google docs. I opened the doc in my google drive, edited, and saved the document on my google drive as google doc. If I go to share on the document and enter his email address will it only share that document??? or all my documents on my drive??? Is there a particular setting I should use to make sure only that document is being shared? Should I use a different process to send??? Suggestions??? Thanks
When I send an email to someone from either Gmail's web interface or from my Gmail account on my Android, I receive a copy of that email in my Outlook 2013 Gmail inbox. I do not however get a copy in my Gmail inbox with the web interface or on my phone. I have no filters or forwarding configured in settings on Gmail. My gmail account is set up as a POP account for specific reasons so configuring as IMAP is not an option.

I have searched for an answer and tried several suggestions but none of them appear to be stopping this action.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Is it possible to create a button on filmaker to launch an app? like Google maps and Gmail.
I am having difficulty with the Template function in Gmail, which I'm using for the first time.  Templates are enabled in Settings>Advanced.  A new template has been created, and saved as a template with a title.  A filter has been created, which is supposed to send that template to its recipient when messages from a certain sender, with a certain subject are received.   However, nothing happens when a qualifying message reaches the Inbox, nor if I apply the filter to an existing message in the Inbox, which qualifies.  Please advise.
I have a client with a regular gmail email account (not corporate). They get their emails on three different devices - their Android phone and in Outlook 2013 on two different computers. Because they want to have the email on all three devices I have set up the accounts as POP rather than IMAP so that if they delete an email on one device it remains on the other devices. The phone appears to be working properly and does not affect the two computers with Outlook. However, If they get a new email and Outlook is open on computer #1 they receive it in the Inbox but when they open Outlook on computer #2 they do not get the email. The same happens if they first get the mail on computer #2 then they will not receive it on computer #1. Both computers are in the same location and behind the same router.  I have gone into their webmail gmail account and looked at the settings under "forwarding and POP download" and it is set to "keep gmail's copy in the inbox". Like wise in Outlook on both computers it is set to "leave a copy on the server" for 14 days.

I do not know where else to look to make any changes or why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
The user has two email accounts, which I'll call   xuser@gmail.com - personal,  and xothername@xcompany.com
The company account is hosted by Google.

Just a few days ago, for unknown reasons, all email from their personal account started being sent from the company account instead.

They called Apple, which tried a few things, and then said it was a Google problem.

I had them delete all their email accounts from their iPhone, power off the iPhone, and then set up their personal account on the iPhone again.  
They can receive email sent to their personal account, but sent email is still being sent from the company account.

I didn't yet have them "Reset All Settings" on the iPhone.

What might have caused this, and how might it be corrected?

Trying to help a friend (via the phone) with setting up outlook 2019 & a couple of email accounts.
Since one is a business account & one personal, would you still go through the steps of setting up another profile for the 2nd account & then ask to be prompted for what profile to use when opening outlook?
I'm still on 2013, so I can't really go through the motions on my end, although using Instant Housecall is a possibility.
Gmail (business) account is already set up, but messages seem to be stuck in outbox...
We have a situation where our IPS and sometimes our SPAM filter blocks specific IP addresses that are sending mail from GMail and Google mail. In every instance these blocked IP's are on an Internet black list. Googles' solution is to white list these servers and any other Google servers (literally thousands of them), this is insane to me. I am sure others have encountered this situation and I am wondering how do you handle it.
Good afternoon everyone, I have an Outlook 2019 does not download all of the labels/ folders that are online, I have the mail setup using Imap and no pst file.  Also, I have gone into the account and choose to keep all mail offline, not sure what am I not doing but if I go to Gmail I see all the folders but not within outlook.
I dont remember my gmail password and recover email account is no longer active  bcz it was created 15 years back. Mobile # was not associated for recovery.

How to reset my gmail password as im unable to login
We have experienced random mail delivery from some gmail hosted domains. In all cases, up to now, the offending gmail server was on some internet blacklist, therefore we refused the connection. I had a client who was experiencing this issue send me the message header of the failed message and below was what i received. Any ideas?

From: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com>

References: <07c49beac47344959fcf3b7347f7be5c@xxxxxxxx.com> <b865e3dd-f7e9-4e98-95aa-01c954bda1cc@11223344.xxxxxxxxxs.com> <a5a2eb16346242219e8c8a940d726e48@mail.gmail.com> <1c0e6dc2-9e3c-4c08-b1c4-fd7cc6a8c1ed@mail2k16.wienerrealtors.com> <d3f26f7edd48d7862a6af5d0d3cfeb5b@mail.gmail.com> <34424a3df8374615978232cba177d859@pinnacleny.com> <b3cb993d08df1d90ca9d19fc7bd4d966@mail.gmail.com> <fc1e9e69c5074c3db13eadf6f3f59ca2@xxxxxxxxx.com> <34bee67c8029863e1a5d86396cd35682@mail.gmail.com> <5db8cc4c.1c69fb81.3b48f.8f0e.GMR@mx.google.com> <220b3e61872a195c78492927ce6af48c@mail.gmail.com>

In-Reply-To: <220b3e61872a195c78492927ce6af48c@mail.gmail.com>

MIME-Version: 1.0

X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 16.0

Thread-Index: AQJbLLEysfzQpKdVhMsJl/5xMKJlsgEu6u3IAmIXYVoCTomckgHU4umYAXge2K4CjJGDJQLnjqjkARP2BWsAwb7RywIWOtr2pf+m0yA=
Contacts Sync has stopped on my Android phone.

I have a LG Q6 Android phone, with only one gmail account linked. Contacts show last sync was a month ago , and stopped ever since. I tried click (Sync Now) several times, also tried to turn off and on the auto-sync now option, but still no success.
Sometimes the sync arrows spins for a seconds, then stops, but the Last Sync date doesn't change.
Hello- I am new to O365 administration. I have been test migrating G-Suite gmail date via IMAP with my O365 staff account and I want to permanently delete my mail box and then create a new mail box to have a 100% clean / new mailbox to perform another email migration test from G-Suite. What is the easier way to do this AND to preserve the O365 account? I have One Drive data I need to keep on this account.

I was looking over this, but I'm concerned it will delete my user account and One Drive data:

Greetings experts,

Here is my code:
Option Explicit
Public Sub LoopCells()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("G2:G1048576")
    If c.Value <> "" And c.Value < 4 Then
     Call SendGmail
    End If
Next c
End Sub

Function SendGmail()

   'creating a CDO object
   Dim Mail As CDO.Message
   Set Mail = New CDO.Message

   'Enable SSL Authentication
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpusessl") = True

   'Make SMTP authentication Enabled=true (1)
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpauthenticate") = 1

   'Set the SMTP server and port Details
   'Get these details from the Settings Page of your Gmail Account
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = _
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserverport") = 25
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2

   'Set your credentials of your Gmail Account
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusername") = _
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendpassword") = _

   'Update the configuration fields

   'Set All Email Properties
   With Mail
      .Subject = "Update on 

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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.