Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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For a couple of weeks I am having an issue with out exchange 2013 servers.

we have two exchange 2013 CAS servers and two Exchange 2013 mailbox servers. email to the internet is routed through cisco IronPort located in the DMZ. emails to the partner domains is routed directly through wan links and there are connectors for the partner domains.

we are receiving complaints from users that mails are not being delivered from partners domain to out domain and the some users have provided evidence of that. but when we test emails seems to be going but with some delay. it looks like emails with attachments are having issues more that emails without attachments. some emails are missing and not all mails.

there seems to be some problem now since a few days that emails sent to Hotmail are going in spam and some times emails to domains like Gmail are not being delivered (Authentication errors).

there has been no change from our side and now we are having all these issues.

as far as the dns name registration is concerned we have mx records configured only without spf records and it has been like this since the beginning. and we had no issues. fixing the spf records is gonna take time as we have to go through the HO.

I have this issue and lots of tickets related to these issues. any suggestions highly appreciated.
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Thriving as a woman in IT

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Strange, I have one user out of 20 that all her emails sent to gmail go to the recipients SPAM. Other emails are fine. Nobody else out of 20 users has this issue.

2016 Server Standard with 2 VM's, one exchange and the other the PDC. Exchange 2016 on premise.
Emails that include a specific office number sent from GoDaddy Office 365 are being flagged by Gmail as SPAM.

When I send emails that do not include this specific office number, emails are delivered to the Gmail users Inbox.  When the body or email signature includes the extension 8305, gmail will deliver the email to the SPAM folder.  I have tried all different variations, including bracketx, dots, hyphens, spaces, etc... when you add the entire number, the email is sent to the Gmail SPAM folder.  I have even swapped out the numbers, and the email is delivered perfectly.  Its only with the 8305 extension is added to the email, that gmail decides to filter and deliver the mail to the SPAM folder.  

Also, when I test and send the exact email from my on-prem Exchange 2010 box, the email is delivered properly to the gmail Inbox.  I was leaning more towards Google being the issue, but it seems to be GoDaddy Office related.  What exactly should I be looking for? In my research, I see posts to ensure that my SPF and DKIM are setup properly.  I have checked MXtoolBox and everything comes back OK.  Not sure what else to check?  Any suggestions?

As part of a local football club, I email out newsletters through Campaigner from our club's email address to subscribers of newsletter which details news for the club.

There are 250 people who receive the newsletters and they had subscribed to the newsletters themselves.

Until recently, these newsletters were delivered successfully each week.

For the last few weeks, these newsletters have been sending to the subscribers' spam folders.

To fix this problem, we set up or DKIM and SPF records correctly for Campaigner.

This week 4 out of 250 people received the newsletters correctly.

Mostly all of the subscribers use Gmail.

If all subscribers put in the club's email address, where newsletters are sent from, into their contacts in Gmail would that solve anything?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

All of a sudden, starting yesterday, my inbox shows very few of my emails.  To see the 145 emails I have to "Search mail" my email address... then my emails appear.

I've attached a picture of what shows when I search my email address... the red squares indicate the emails that show by default.
Gmail issueIn all, 145 emails show when I search my email address... they used to show all the time.
I am using Chrome.
Example: I have received an email with a list of specific date-time appointments.  I would like an efficient way to add each to my Google Calendar.  Perhaps there is a browser extension that would help with this?
My emails sent from my gmail account are not delivered to accounts

I send an email to ******* (my accoint too)

And it is never received. An my gmail account gets no undelivered message.

All other gmail accounts I have tried send to and are received fine.

Prodigy aupport says it is a gmail problem.

I am at a loss.. I ahve neve aabused my account in any way.

Is there a way to trace what happens one the emails are sent? To see where they are being stoppned from delivery?

A program from laravel is sending Mail via smtp lotus notes, content of the body that includes image doesn't display the image at clients email, anyone had the same issue?

I have a Samsung Note 9 phone.

My contacts are located in two different places; sim card and Gmail account.

There are different contacts in both of these places but would like all imported to Note 9 phone.

Also, there are some contacts which are the same in both places.

Is there a way of syncing together contacts in Gmail with contacts on this phone, where contacts were imported from sim card, without having duplication of contacts?

I cannot access my ’labels’ in Gmail from my iPad.

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I have a friend that created their domain with WIX and the email is via G-Suite through WIX.... They share the same email address on 5 computers (with G-Suite and Outlook) and they do mass emailing to specific groups.  They created a group in outlook on one computer, but it will not synchronize to all the computers that are running outlook with the same email address. Their contacts are synced but the groups are not how is it possible with G-Suite to create groups and share them among everyone?
Concerning my Google Administrator's Reporting tools, is there a way to see the actual Senders that send the most emails within a given time? For example, if I wish to see which Sender email addresses are sending many emails to my domain users, can I find that information? These are not necessarily spammers that I am looking for.

I know I can do it if I know the email address, though I would like to just see the bulk senders each day without already knowing the sender's address.
I ran across a gsuite setup that is confusing me as I have never run into it before. Which brings me to my question:

how many different ways can you configure gsuite for a domain corporate email account?

I just ran into a customer that has it setup so the email accounts are all under the gsuite admin gmail account called staff email accounts. Is this normal?
Hi, I have been using Mac Mail on my Macbook for a number of years now and I also use Gmail in my browser for one email account too (that I only need to check once a week).

I have also been using a mixture of Mail iOS and the Gmail app on my iPad.

I find Mac Mail quite clunky. Can anyone recommend any other email client that works well on Desktop (Macbook) and iPad. Please note i am not interested in using Gmail in my browser for all of my accounts, thanks.

I would also like to know why you chose your email client over other. Thanks in advance for your help.
I have a client with an on premises Exchange server.  They use a third party spam filter, but only for incoming.  Outgoing goes straight out from their IP address.  One user is saying that a lot of emails he sends to recipients with gmail addresses aren't being received. I am told the recipients have checked their spam folder.  I have tracked the emails through Exchange, and they all show 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK.   The sender receives no bounceback.  I have sent emails from the administrator account of that domain to my own gmail address and they come in fine.  A couple went to spam, but only if I just typed "test."  Another user in the domain did the same thing and she received her test emails as well.  The IP address is not on any blacklists.  I am out of ideas.  I don't think there's a way to get Google to track these emails from their end, is there?  Is there anything else I can do from my end?
gmail does not send back meeting acceptances when a meeting request is sent from Office 365 / Outlook.

My customer is on Office 365.  When a user sends a meeting invite to someone with a email address they receive the meeting request OK.  They then click 'Yes' on gmail.  

However no meeting acceptance is received back at the other end i.e. in Outlook.

I've tested this from several different Office and Exchange environments.

Any ideas ?
Our customer needs to have strong encryption for o365 emails. The CEO told me that he believes that o365 has only 128bit AES cipher when sending to Gmail. Is there a way to force the cipher to be 256 bit when sending to Gmail (and/or any mail system)?

Additionally has found out that when sending between Outlook clients the cipher is 256bit
( Server (version=TLS1_2, cipher=TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384)

Thanks in advantage.

is this google domain name second login a backdoor?
what is difference between organizational and individual account
how can I change password in gmail for domain name
given only android 7 and gmail app
I dont want to use browser
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Expert advice: How to get hired in cyber security

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android 7 email app
wrong name is stored when I send email to I cant change the email name

even when i type out the email address

so I email this email address and attach other emails and those recipients see the name that is typed
Hi , I am currently  trying to configure  an RSS feed  for to my gmail. I used IFTTT and it works well with other RSS  feeds  except this  one  , Any ideas ?
Hi there. We are wondering about effective methods of migrating Google Apps (GSSMO) mailboxes to Office 365 besides manually downloading PST files in Outlook (connected to their Gmail inboxes) and then uploading them to O365.
Say, When clicking on an email address in Google Contacts (displayed in web browser) It opens Gmail dialog. How can I get it to create a new email and use outlook desktop client? I use Google Chrome.
I have a situation. I had to change, for e new android mobile (Samsung S9) the base email address and Gmail account. I have managed to migrate to the new account all contacts and everything is perfect, except that, because its a novel account, I have lost the messages on WhastApp...

How can I migrate my old messages to the new account?

can anyone help me?
I had this question after viewing Outlook 2016 on Mac: Simulating Mark as Done Feature for GMAIL Account.

I could not find the check mark in outlook for my gmail account. It is there for my icloud and my outlook account, but not for my gmail account... such a simple tool is not working..