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I asked about my Confirmation Email not getting thru using gmail, aol, yahoo and outlook. These are 2 answers I received, but I am not a programmer..... Can someone help me?

Response 1 :
Sounds like spam filtering.
Have you got an SPF record setup for your email domain that shows the GoDaddy servers as acceptable senders? If not, this could be causing emails to go into junk folders or be blocked altogether on systems like Gmail, AOL, etc.
GoDaddy emails are likely fine as it sees the emails coming from their own servers

Response 2 :
"A" has already mentioned spam filtering as the likely cause and I tend to agree. One thing to bear in mind is how you're actually generating email. If you're just using the basic mail() functionality within PHP, then that often gets tagged as spam, because it's very easy to miss out valid headers. The email you send does then tend to look like it's been auto-generated by a script (aka SPAM).
When sending email from PHP, I would suggest you look at something like the PHPMailer library. It gives you a lot more config options and it may help to make your emails appear as 'more genuine' to the mail servers.
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For some reason now in Chrome when I login to gmail it won't load unless I go incognito.  All I get is a white page.  Any ideas?  I have updated to the latest Chrome but that did not help.
Is there way to make gsuite credentials and 2FA roam in vmware Windows 7 floating machines?

We use Appsense EM 8.6 but that fails using chrome WSG and apps personalisation.
When i sent email from my domain to Gmail, it got security issue since last week. I already had SSL certificate and not expire yet.
How can i resolve this issue?
Setup my domain with google. Migrated my pst file to gmail, using their migration took, deleted the e-mail account from outlook and setup as a new e-mail account on outlook. Use 3 computers (home, office, and laptop). One outlook only shows about 20 e-mails in inbox, the other outlook shows all e-mails but shows as if all received today (when i sign into gmail on chrome, everything seems to be dated properly). Looking to fix this and have all outlooks in sync on all 3 computers.
Client is a small business using gmail.
Client receives emails from a screening source that forwards an email address for a prospect (located in what appears to be a table).
Client wants to automatically send an acknowledgement email to the prospect - presumably using their gmail account which is web-accessed.

If I try to do this then it won't be very efficient and I may miss something that's available.
As I see it:

- maybe gmail offers something that would be useful.
- parse the email body for the prospect's email address.  This may be easy since the entry is in a table.  I've done this with Excel in similar situations.
- launch a template email using the address found.  I've not done this.

What would you suggest doing to address this requirement?
Use some tools that I'm unaware of?
Hire someone?
Problem: Difficulty downloading attachments or gmail in Chrome browser even after non-destructive refresh. This procedure did remove all software. I have Windows 10 64 bit on my hp desktop. It was functioning slowly, so I did I refresh without destroying all files. I did back up all my files onto an external hard driver.  Chrome browser is acting very slow,considering I just cleaned the computer.

I do have tons of bookmarks and a number of extensions. But if I go into gmail and try to download an attachment such as a photo, it hangs and takes forever. I just did a destructive refresh to my Windows 8.1 computer, and it is much faster, as you would expect with a clean computer.

Microsoft edge, on the other hand is very fast in comparison. But Chrome was never this bad, ever. I did update to latest version. Please help. Thanks in advance.
I have managed to “sync” google calendars but it’s 1 way

> it can change / edit on the www

But I get a read only prompt when I go to edit or via outlook

Outlook on my computer is accessed by more than one person and I would like to introduce more privacy for my information. So I created another gmail account, and added a mailbox to outlook. This is the mailbox that should receive more personal information.

Now I would like to be able to hide and unhide at will, this additional mailbox from the panel for viewing the outlook folders. This would be done on a constant basis, any time I wish to check this particular mailbox content. It has been setup as imap with gmail server.

Would really appreciate your answer.
I have Microsoft outlook mail box which syncs with my gmail box. Unfortunately I have reached the limit of what Outlook allows. I get constantly the message "The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no longer need , and permanently (Shift+Del) delete them."

I have been advised to move emails into a new archive box which I managed to do for a bit but now I cannot transfer anymore without getting the same message. I now also get the message "G Suite Sync    Error synchronizing. Google message store could not be accessed."

Can anyone help me please?

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I have two Gmail accounts one a regular gmail that I pay for more space. and I use it as my main one.
the second one is on google apps and all email are being forwarded to my gmail account.

How to I change that all the emails on my regular email will be migrated to the google apps ?
and that I can cancel the payment for space on the regular gmail and just pay for the google apps . ?

currently : --> ---> for more space)
goal: --> -this will be my main email.

As per my screenshot (attached), one of my Gmail accounts keeps show as 4 unread messages for about 5 seconds, and then it changes back to 0... or if I actually have 2 unread messages, it will show as 6, etc... then back to the 2 (the real unread number).

- it doesn't happen any of my other Gmail accounts
- it only happens on my iPhone and not on Mac Mail or Gmail in web view
- i've deleted the Mail account and re-added it... but the problem still persists
- i went into the account on my iPhone and selected all emails... marked them all as unread... then selected all again and marked them as read... but the problem still persists

Any help at all would be much appreciated.

Message HeaderHello,

We are having some random smtp problems. I am trying to troubleshoot this one in particular. The message header shows it took 136 days for the message to actually get processed by the smtp server. I am not sure what logs/info to look for to find more information. It took 136 days to send from our smtp to Gmail relay. Can you please help?
Gmail won't sync sent items to outlook .

I've tried this!topic/gmail/f5tY5-MKvn0
Have a client that recently has begun to have problems with their Gmail.  Smart phone (A) (They don't know what app or POP3 vs IMAP) and Windows 10 PC (B) running webmail on Firefox, Edge, or Google Chrome browsers.  On two separate occasions this week they have viewed an e-mail on the phone and later gone the webmail on the PC where they cannot find the e-mail.  Upon returning to the phone it is still there.  I assumed now they are using POP3 on the phone and had deleted the e-mail, but some how was retained on the phone.  But then they replied to one of the missing e-mails and it now it showed up in webmail.  So they did the same thing to e-mail #2, but it is still nowhere to be seen.  I have had them check the Trash or Junk folders and search for it.  No luck, except one of those after a reply.  

I don't have physical access to the phone as they are not interested in driving it to me, nor having me talk them through determining anything.  I expect this will never be resolved, but am curious if anyone has any issues similar to this that might shed some light on things.
It's my understanding that with the basic Google Apps GSuite setup you cannot delegate mailboxes to another user as an administrator as you can in 365. You have to know the users login information and then login to their account, open settings and delegate the mailbox. Is there any way to get this setup so I can delegate mailboxes without having to log into that users account? We used to have a third party service that allowed this and other features; however, the price was too much to justify what we utilized it for.
hi there,

I need to be able to search my gmail inbox for a string within the original text of the email (gmail menu "Show original")

There does not seem to be a way to do this that's built into the web app, but if there is does anyone know how?

Here are the built-in facilities:

Perhaps there is an add-on somewhere. I probably don't want to be coding my own unless it's really easy.

One of my friends is a Gmail user, having many Google mail accounts. Most of the times, he has to travel outside because of his work and sometimes internet connectivity is not there at some places. So, he wants to download and save his Gmail contacts locally in CSV or any other commonly used file format, so that he can use them every where. Is there any manual solution to do so?
I am having trouble with my Solaris mail server running Sendmail (8.15.2) receiving email from my Gmail account. Watching the logs when I hit send, I get the following (at Log Level 20):

    Aug 21 13:13:48 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593] NOQUEUE: connect from []
    Aug 21 13:13:48 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 702911] AUTH: available mech=SCRAM-SHA-1 GSSAPI DIGEST-MD5 OTP CRAM-MD5 PLAIN LOGIN ANONYMOUS, allowed mech=LOGIN PLAIN
    Aug 21 13:13:48 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593] v7LHDmjQ007969: Milter: no active filter
    Aug 21 13:13:48 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593] v7LHDmjQ007969: --- 220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.15.2/8.15.2/Serv8.16; Mon, 21 Aug 2017 13:13:48 -0400 (EDT)
    Aug 21 13:13:49 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593] v7LHDmjQ007969: --- 421 4.4.1 Lost input channel from []
    Aug 21 13:13:49 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593 mail.notice] v7LHDmjQ007969: lost input channel from [] to MTA after startup
    Aug 21 13:13:49 mailhost sendmail[7969]: [ID 801593] v7LHDmjQ007969: [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

Every online scan that I can find (mxtoolbox, etc) shows all green, including my SPF record: 8943 IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a …
Is it possible, if so how, to enforce TLS on incoming/outgoing emails on free gmail accounts? I was only able to find it fr the G Suite which is the paid version

The goal is to ensure all incoming and outbound email is using TLS and if not then to send a NDR
I had this question after viewing How do I transfer all emails between linked gmail accounts?.

The solution provided in the linked topic above should work perfectly for me, however I am receiving the error "There was a problem connecting to" every time I try this.  I have very carefully populated the fields for my account to match the example given here, but it does not work...

The full story:  I recently partnered in a business that owns its own domain (through GoDaddy) & uses gmail to access an email address associated with that domain.  I am unfamiliar with configuring gmail to access private domains, and I wish to move the domain registration from GoDaddy to Network Solutions so I can manage it with the other domains I use in my other businesses (especially the email).  NetSol may not be the best solution, but it has worked for me for years and I am happy paying one fee to store and manage all of my email addresses  in one place.  My concern is that I do not know what will happen to the thousands of emails already stored in gmail if I move from GoDaddy to NetSol.

My preferred solution is to create a new gmail account ( and link it to the old address ( as described in the previous solution.  At that point, it is my expectation that I could move (or even delete) without losing the emails previously sent top that address because they would be stored with