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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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My client is using MSOffice 2016. Suddenly yesterday she started recieiviing a synch error message 0x800CCC0E saying that sync failed. The two accounts she uses on this PC are a gmail account and her personal email account from GoDaddy. Both are IMAP accounts. I've tried every fix I can find online to no avail. Her gmail account is VERY large... 17GB. I thought that may be the issue but the GoDaddy account is virtually empty and is doing the same thing. I've run a registry cleaner (CCleaner), looked at her antivirus (McAfee LiveSafe) and turned off antispam, created a new profile and recreated the gmail account which proceeded to have the exact same error. Tried a clean boot with no luck either. PC is an HP AIO, Windows 10 Home, 8GB RAM, Intel i3. Any ideas? This seems to be an Outlook specific error but I'm not certain where to go from this point. Thank you in advance.
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I am trying to configure my outlook 2007 on windows 10 laptop to my gmail account.
I have set up the POP settings on my gmail account.
when I try to connect to my gmail account via  the outlook client  I get a message "Problem Connecting to Server"
an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available. click next to attempt using an unencrypted connection
i've tried that also...
and also manually configuring server settings but no joy...
any guidance appreciated...thanks
I've always been under the impression that Google Chrome's incognito mode does not remember any of one's activity on the web.

Yet, when I sign on to Gmail, and enter my email address:

1, When I type a few characters, it displays my email address on the next line (scrubbed screenshot below):

2, It remembers my password.
 password remembered
What would explain this behavior?
Currently use Office 365/Exchange Online for email. Domain examples: mydomain.org/mydomain.onmicrosoft.com
Added GSuite to our offerings, but did not enable gmail functionality. Same domain: mydomain.org
Two different mindsets from users: Some want to keep using Exchange Online for email, some want to use Gmail for email. There is no "Definitive Line" where we could logically seperate those users.
Moving away from Exchange Online represents a large number of unwanted changes.
Preliminary research indicates we can use Dual Delivery routing to use an external server to Gmail and Exchange. Does this mean we can just have one Email management system, in this case--Exchange Online--copy emails to gmail, without having to setup seperate, new email addresses on Gmail?

The quote below is taken directly from https://support.google.com/a/answer/2685650

You set up dual delivery to deliver email messages to 2 or more inboxes. For example, users can receive messages in a Gmail inbox and a non-Gmail inbox, such as a Microsoft Exchange inbox or an archiving server.

With this configuration, incoming mail is delivered to a primary mail server, which processes and delivers each message. The primary server then forwards a copy of the message to a secondary mail server, which delivers it to the second inbox. The primary server is the mail server identified in the MX records for your public domain.

If the external server is the primary server, you configure that server
Can  anyone recommend an email hosting provider that can provide @mycompany.com email addresses that
is NOT Office 365 or GSuite?

Key feature require is a good search facility, reliability (of course) and bonus points if European-based.

Service can be free or paid-for. I know there are loads of niche encrypted email services now but service does not have to be of the ultra-super-duper secure variety.

All suggestions welcome?
I have a user that wants to use outlook 2016.  We host our email through gmail.  What is the best way to get the calendar and contacts to sync to outlook and gmail and iphone??

He also has multiple contacts on the iphone that I can not seem to get to sync up to gmail.
change settings in browser gmail so pictures do not open for all senders

want to do it for all senders.
I dont want to open each email individually
I am setting a new Windows 10 Pro computer with Outlook 2016, and I am trying to connect/setup their Gmail mailbox.  On the original old computer with Outlook 2010 or 2013 they setup it up connecting to the gmail mailbox via POP.  It also appears they have many mailbox subfolders within Outlook on this computer.  However, when I setup the new computer I cannot seem to see most all the mailbox subfolders that are visible on the old computer.  When I logon to the gmail mailbox direct (browser) I cannot see the missing folders that exist in the old computer's Outlook either.  

I also changed the gmail mailbox settings disabling POP and enabling IMAP.  So I can connect to the mailbox via Outlook but many subfolders are missing as mentioned above.  Also, If I create a new mailbox subfolder within Outlook  I cannot see it in gmail direct (browser).  If I create a new mailbox folder (label) within Gmail, it does sync/display within Outlook.  

I am thinking all the Outlook mailbox subfolders created on the old computer were only created within Outlook since it was setup as POP and IMAP, so that is why they are not working/syncing.  Just taking a guess here.  However, now that I changed the gmail settings to IMAP I can't seem to sync newly created folder either.  Pretty weird scenario.  I would think if I create a mailbox subfolder titled "test" within Outlook it should be created within gmail itself or vise versa.  

So we have multiple problems getting gmail working on a new…
How can I either:

1. Find and read these 2 unread emails


2. Mark all of the over 80,000 emails in the Gmail Inbox as read to reset this unread email count?
My Toshiba Satellite P55W laptop running Windows 10 developed a problem with the mouse. Basically I have 2 cursors on the screen. One that has a grey circle around it and sits about  3 inches from the bottom of the screen just a little off center. That is where it stays and clicks on whatever is displayed there. Opening mail in gmail and is especially active in facebook.
I have tried using an external mouse and even disconnected the ribbon cable on the synaptics touch screen. Sometimes it disappears for a day or so but always comes back. At times I am unable to move the other cursor around at all. It's like my cursor is trapped in that little circle. I thought it was the synaptics until I disconnected it

I have run various virus scans and malware removals.
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I run a small legal office in the UK.
I mean very small with me and five people.
So small I am my own tech advisor.
Yes, I know.
We run Server Essentials 2011 which does not have Microsoft Exchange.

I run email through a free G Suite office which supports up to 10 users. I had this before they started charging for it.

Basically I pull Gmail as pop3 through a pop 3 Outlook account, which I have tweaked so I get a copy of all emails staff send and receive.
This works well.

Except I now have two case workers doing a kind of job share/ hot desking working on 2 different pcs at different times.
Because of their hours they are not able to work on the same pc.
So, what I need is for them to be able to see each other emails on each pc and for those email to be synched.
So they can pass emails easily to each other and easily see what emails the other person has in their box.
Can this be done with the present setup. I have an idea this might need converting to IMAP.

If this is likely to be problematic eg with synching or with missing emails, would Office 365 be a better bet for collaborative email.#
Basically I want to be able for them to have access to each others accounts.
Does Exchange do this?

Any help or direction very appreciated.
Hi, I'm migrating about 50 users from G Suite to Office 365 Business email. Moving accounts and inboxes also as a one batch go.
Users are already set up in Office, with their default @company.onmicrosoft.com email. Gmail currently uses their own domain as @company.co.uk.
Haven't registered the company.co.uk domain with Office 365 Business yet.
I'm wondering if, as soon as I register the domain and start migrating the users, will they lose access to their @company.co.uk gmail, as Outlook will take over the domain or will they have access on both Gmail and Outlook? I'm only worried, since it's an own domain email.

Summed up: john@company.co.uk is using gmail. I want that email to be in outlook, but afraid, that as Office acquires the company.co.uk domain, and able to use it's email addresses Gmail will lose access. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you.
An organization I consult for needs to send out around 5,000 emails to email addresses that are stored both within Outlook 2016 and Gmail contacts.

What are the best mass emailing solutions available for doing this?
I need to send the same email with a Microsoft Word 2016 attachment to around 4,800 different email addresses.

These are all email addresses that have either emailed me or that I have emailed in the past.

I will be emailing around 100 of these email addresses each time until I have emailed all 4,800 email addresses using my free email account which is set up in Outlook 2016.

Does Gmail have a limit as to how many emails addresses can be emailed over a certain time limit (such as a day) before they will halt the emails (suspecting that spam is being sent)?
- Autoconfirm emails (purchase receipts, donation receipts) from our Luminate and Wordpress sites not going through to Gmail accounts.
- Marketing emails from our Luminate account not going through to Gmail accounts.

Any ideas how to fix this?   It started 9/6
I need to setup a scan to email that would allow me to scan to multiple email, all different gmail, yahoo and outlook some personal own exchange email addresses. is this possible?
Need to add gmail to Outlook 2013 or Outlook 365 (2016)

Using the recommended settings for gmail & IMAP/POP is enabled in gmail. Neither incoming or outgoing servers login successfully. Google Account is verified & working with standard browser gmail (e.g., Chrome, Edge).

On one machine, I did get an alert in my gmail about using a less secure app & enabled but gmail still refused to connect.

The 2013 machine had 2 factor security turned on & it suggested an app specific password which is not available via the free gmail account. Perhaps that is available with business gmail. Since then we turned off 2 factor security but Outlook refuses to login with Google mail servers

Any possible way to access gmail from Outlook? Does Gsuite - Business Gmail help?

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - Requires SSL. imap.gmail.com. Port: 993. Requires SSL:Yes.
Incoming Mail (POP3) Server - requires SSL: pop.gmail.com. Use SSL: Yes. Port: 995.
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Requires TLS or SSL. smtp.gmail.com. Port: 465 or 587.
we are going to migrate gmail email to office 365.
I'm creating the CSV file for the migration.

The question I have is for authentication do we have to put the username and password of the actual account we are migrating, or can we put the Gmail admin account for authentication for each email we are migrating?
Just recently, Gmail has been rejecting our company's emails based on reason of failed authentication.
We've never had a problem sending emails to gmail since 2004, but now, Gmail is saying that our emails are not following the
dkim, spf and dmarc guidelines. I'm not sure how to generate a dkim key and how to set it up on Netsol's DNS servers for
our domain (if I understand it correctly, after googling it). Any guidance is appreciated.  Thank you!
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If an Outlook 365 email account was configured as an additional Gmail account.  When wiping the phone does this wipe the data off the Gmail account as well if it was setup as an exchange email on the phone?
I am trying to configure a new gmail account ( g suite ). I uploaded photo to the google drive and i was tried to insert the photo to the signature , but when i push the button to insert the photo i wasn't able to find the google drive.
Is needed administrator privilege for this action? (i don't have administrator rights for this gmail) or i did something wrong?
What is the step by step procedure to do this action?(Insert photo from google drive to the signature)
how to forward all the emails in an email conversation to another email address

I dont want to do one email at a time
many times
Have been using scan to email on my Lexmark CX510 using gmail but it stopped working 2 months ago, when I re-installed my printer in my new house.
 Can a new isp and new modem mess up my existing scan to email (gmail) settings?

 My settings are unchanged so
 25 (secondary)
 Use SSL/TLS: required
 Validate CA (certificates from lexmark uploaded)

 SMTP - login / plain
 Device-initiated E-mail:  use device SMTP Credentials
 User-Initiated E-mail:  use device SMTP Credentials

 Device Credentials
 Full gmail username (email address) and password.

 Kerebos + NTLM are empty.

 Getting a -<11> error on every attempt to use the feature.

 Lexmark could not help me.
 My isp has never heard of scan to email from a printer.
 Time settings on the printer are correct.

 Can it have something to do with a new isp, new modem/router?

 If not, what else can I try?
we have a client that is currently using gmail for their email services. A single email address.

We have installed a new exchange 2016 server and outlook 2016.

The mail server is running just fine. ie we can send and receive email OK.

The problem we have is with outlook.

When we add the gmail email account to outlook, it works fine. When we try to add the exchange account it fails to add. If we then remove the gmail account, we can add the local exchange account just fine, but when we try to add the gmail account, that too fails.

we seem to be able to have one or the other, but not both.

can anyone advise why we are having problems with this, and what we need to do to get both working?

They will of course be migrating to the exchange account eventually, but currently everything is still running on the old gmail account, so for the short term at least we need access to both.

Any suggestions.
I use Microsoft Outlook 2013 to connect and read my Gmail account. So therefore, I do not have a PST account for outlook because of this connection.

If I wanted to backup my Outlook emails and contacts to a local drive what do I need to do?  

Do I need to create an OST file and back it up to a local drive?

Is this a non issue because the Gmail does all this work for me and therefore I do not need a backup on a local drive.

Where would I look on my "C:" drive to see if I have a backup at this time?






Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.