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I would like to create an email to g-suite which will not  receive any email. It will use only for send email from a custom application which is already in use.
For this kind of email (no reply email) it will need to create a user in g suite?
If not how to create this kind of email?
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Major issue, exchange 2010 user is getting all of his mail since day one as new messages? I can't seem to figure out why..  he has thousands, this is a  move from gmail to exchange and he has been up a couple of days and it just started today and they are non stop rolling in? Any ideas?

Ok they are old messages he sent that are now populating to his in box as new messages,, what the heck?
Any suggestions migrating from GMAIL to exchange 2010? Tried Popcorn but wanted to make sure their was not a better way. I was going to import pst files but that method sucks with non stop errors and corruption when there is no corruption? Thanks
I have some blockage on my iCloud email

I do not understand why, but certain emails do not show up on my iCloud account.

I logged into and saw no error or sign it was  not working. But I do know that certain emails have been lost. Such as, my WordPress site has an outbound email with a PDF attached. I pulled my hair out with the email not showing up until I used my trusty GMail.

Other things I fear are also blocked.

In my ThunderBird (Mac) for the iCloud email, there is no SPAM folder. So, perhaps it is being flagged somewhere as SPAM, but not visible either on ThunderBird or online at


Having a terrible time getting Outlook 365 on my laptop to recognize my gmail account. I've tried every configuration, made sure IMAP and POP are enabled, added the totally unintuitive setup of double authentication.

"SOMETHING WENT WRONG" and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again... soooooo irritating
I cannot connect my MS Outlook 2013 to my Google gmail account. I had no problem with this until yesterday. I have three gmail accounts and this is the only one having this problem.

I even deleted the account that was causing this issue and tried to add it back  and this is the error I continue to receive.

"Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Please log in via your browser:,mail/accounts/answer/78754 (failure)

When I click the OK button I receive a dialog box tat asks me to enter:

User Name: ldufresne19

and then click ok

From that point mothing happens

 On the google side I have changed my password and tried to wade through the information they are looking for but nothing I do has corrected this problem

Any Advice on this matter would be appreciated .

Quick History, I took over a client who was using gmail, they originally had exchange 2010 that crashed, they restored some mailboxes and migrated to GMAIL. 2 years I am moving this group back to exchange 2010. I have exchange installed and removed the old server. New users work fine but once I installed exchange it brought over current users. When I go to those mailboxes I get two errors..  They are attached.  I would like to remove and re add those existing users in exchange, if by deleting them will it delete them in the active directory?
Hi All,

I have recently completed a mail migration from Gmail to office 365.
I used the IMAP migration connector on office 365 to do this.

However this has caused a problem with duplicate emails items on office 365.
In short, IMAP presents gmail "labels" as folders, hence items with mulpible labels, are duplicated multiple times.

I'm looking to find a good tool/script  or process that will allow me to clear up these duplicates.
There are 150+ mailboxes that require cleanup, so a a solution what can be applied accross the entire office 365 tenant is really what Im looking for.

Thanks & bBest regards,
We are in the process of migrating our Gmail email over to office 365
-      we currently have the “G suite account” for our domain with 16 email accounts but do not have access.
We only have access to each email account
-      we don't have access to the pin of the primary admin account. This person was a disgruntled employee and cannot be contacted to provide the pin to allow access to log on to the Google account. The owner of the company does not have access either
-      I have a case open with Microsoft to perform the email migration but cannot do so until I can enable the two-step verification
my question is
-      is there a way to export all of the Gmail into office365 without having to install Outlook to create PST’s, on every PC. We have Macs and Windows laptops. Even if there was 1/3 party paid tool to use to do the exporting.
I have long used the free gmail for mailboxes. In the "Send mail as" section, I add an additional email account and tick the box "Treat as an alias". I then configure the emails to be sent out through the SMTP server and then use the default gmail address as the username with its accompanying password, using TLS and Port 587.  It is also necessary to set "Allow less secure apps" to ON. (I recognise that this is not a great system but I do not have the authority to change it.)

This has worked fine until today when it was no longer possible to send email out from the alias.  I receive a "Message not delivered"  reply and the following message:
"You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending."

I discovered that the "Allow less secure apps" was now set to OFF. I changed it back to ON, assuming that this would resolve the issue but I still receive the same message.

Has anyone else seen this problem and can suggest a solution?

Thank you
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Is it possible to export a calendar from Microsoft Outlook and import it into Gmail?  A member of staff is leaving a business and wishes to export his Outlook - mails, contacts and calendar and import this into his own Gmail account.

I figured for contacts I can export these to CSV and import into Gmail but Im not sure the rest is possible?  Does any one else know if this is possible?

Is there a way I can set up a group of multiple email addresses so that I can just send out an email to multiple email addresses when I need to do so with Gmail?

One of my friend has an internet account with AOL and he has an email account and has been using from many years.
His email address is

Recently I have been told that somehow email spoofing has happened. All the contacts in his mail have received an email from with an attachment and his address to make it more genuine and even I have received an email as well.

When click download the attachment it is going to a one drive saying please click here. When I click there, it goes and asks to log in with yahoo, Gmail or 0365 accounts.
I was told that auser has reset his password on his email account and still able to access his email account.

Please let me know if the hacker has control over auser mail box now. Will it be the best way to send an email to all contacts in his email that his account has been hacked and to ignore the email that has been sent with pdf attachment comes from

Will it be best to suggest him to open a new Gmail account and if so how to inform all his contacts that his email address has been changed? To Gmail.

Any suggestion and help will be great.
All of sudden I starting getting gmail popup notifications on my desktop.  They are annoying I don't want them. How do I turn them off?
Because of a new work project, I now need to sign in with Google to the email associated with my client. So, during working hours, I must be signed in that way with Chrome.

However, I listen to YouTube Classical music videos all day when I work, and my YouTube account's associated with my personal Gmail account. If I log in to YouTube (with IE) with that personal account, will it interfere with my work Gmail doings in Chrome?

What is the correct process to use to set up an Outlook 2016 Gmail account to save emails to a PST file instead of an OST file?
I am moving a company back to Exchange 2010 from GMAIL. The story goes, they had exchange, the server died, they moved to GMAIL  and have contracted me to move them back to exchange. However the former company never removed the old mail server from the AD. I need to remove the old server completely so it no longer exist. I thought I did this through adsiedit, however after the install of the new exchange server, the old one It is still coming up under the console server configuration tab.. What else do I need to do to remove it.. I do not see it listed in the active directory.
A friend had two google accounts.  She recently had one disabled and then added a new one.  Now, when she tries to log in to her remaining older account it seems to take her credentials but the actual account doesn't change, leaving her logged in to her current new account.  How can this be resolved?
I have a new client using Gmail as their primary source of mail, they have an exchange server 2010 and they would like to move back to exchange, is it possible to leave mail with gmail and have everything route into exchange? Looking for a simple solution. I have moved mail from exchange but never back to exchange and just want to make sure there is not an easier way than migrating data back..

They prefer the functionality of exchange  with outlook 2010 over gmail.

Thanks in advance.
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Would anyone happen to know and have the instructions to set up the following.

We have meeting iPads that are used twice in a month for meetings. The users involved in these meetings also have access to a gmail account that is set up on each IPad to access documentation distributed to them. These email account need to be cleared on a 24 hour basis, so 24 hours after the meeting all content from gmail will be deleted (hopefully not manually, 56 of them).

The fact that the IPads are used twice a month does not warrant the license on our office365 tenant, so we created gmail accounts for them.

Now that the scenario is set, my question is, is there a way to create a trigger that will automatically delete ALL email from the Gmail account at a set time? If not, are there any alternative free email accounts that will allow me to do this?

Many Thanks in Advance

I have a single folder of email inside of AOL that I want to transfer over to Gmail. I have a small blue icon on my desktop that I click to sign-in to AOL.

What is the process to complete this?
Is there a way of modifying the Gmail view to list emails sequentially instead of grouping emails together when I view my emails within the website?

I would rather have each individual email listed as a separate email rather than having all replies and forwards to my original email grouped within the original email.

How can this be done?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and use the Gmail app on this phone for emails.

There is more than one Gmail address synced with this phone.

How do I set this phone to always default to a particular sender email address.

Is there a way to remove the google lock from a cell phone without knowing the previous gmail address ? I work for a company that has employees who added there personal gmail account to the phone. Is the phone bricked now ?
I would like to set up a secure email account and wonder if you can point me in the right direction?  When I search Google for secure email I get a long list of results, none of which do I know I can trust.

I'm currently using Gmail.

Any ideas?