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Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.

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Using Win 10...
I have never setup One Drive before...should be simple....Reading around the inet I have come up with several ways to do things...
One of them is to go into the Library...Documents (for example)...Properties and change the location from the C:\%username% to C:\%username%\One Drive...so my thinking is that anything you put in Documents on the desktop will automatically get copied to One Drive...

I did that and my Documents folder in the library disappeared...

So...how can I get  the Documents folder back...If I create a new folder...Documents...the property to change the location
is not there...so that is an incomplete solution...
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[Webinar] Database Backup and Recovery

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I have a long long excel to update everyday and I want to make the same cell/position can be directed automatically, like if I update cell A and then I will go to update cell B, I do it everyday, is there any configuration in eXcel can do that once I update cell A, it will JUMP/Switch to Cell B for me to update ?

also any way to make excel 2010 lock down some cells, just in case i update the wrong cell which I don't suppose to do it, the result is , when I modify that cell I don't allow/suppose to , I will find out that I can't update it.

any idea?
I have looked all over and wondered if there was a page either on the Salesforce community or other that had the following questions answered above. I have the following problem. I have a TASK table created from another program where the data was exported cleanly to Excel and saved as CSV. I am trying desperately to import it into salesforce from the CSV attached. I am aware I can use the ACTIVITY table and I can use it I assume if this is not possible. I would think that the TASK table which is so close to what I need would accomodate this without having to create all new fields and having to go with the Table Name Change (from TASK to ACTIVITY Table)

I can see that there are DATA TYPES that designate the width of the field and others that do not. Is there a default width for a:
1. Picklist
2. Email
3. Lookup (User)       "What is the difference between number 3 & 4 ?"Is there a place I can find all of the answers. I have looked and must not be using the right search terms?4. Lookup (User,Calendar)
5. Phone
6. Reference

If there is a default width. Where do I find it.

I am desperate to find out if I can do the following:
1. Identify default widths of all DATA TYPES?
2. Can the widths be changed?
3. Can all DATA TYPES be imported to or is it just some of them?

My biggest problem is getting the right search terms in place to search so maybe the answers are out there. I have not been successful finding them. I have spent days searching....no exaggerations here either. Your help is appreciated.
I have these backup files:
 And so on....
I want to rename them
how can I go recursively through file directory and rename all of the backups?
I am trying to automate my IE and I have a table which I need to copy and sort.
When I use web query, it works but it is not dynamic. What I mean by this, is that there are different departments in my company and each one has the same table but it is populated with different values according to the department.

I want to be able to have the user choose their dept and based on that, the web page will load and the table will be extracted.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to open the web [age as it is an internal page but i will post the HTML code and my code.

The result is always the same - the ietable returns nothing instead of the object of the table.


<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" align="Left" bordercolor="White" border="0" id="SNDG" style="background-color:White;border-color:White;border-width:7px;border-style:Outset;height:1px;width:1200px;">

My code:

Dim ieApp As InternetExplorer
Dim ieDoc As Object
Dim ieTable As Object
Dim clip As DataObject
Dim ProdButton As Object, DEP, LoginButton
Dim rng As Range, cell As Range
Dim DMRNumber As Integer, i

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'create a new instance of ie

Set ieApp = New InternetExplorer

'you don’t need this, but it’s good for debugging
ieApp.Visible = True

'assume we’re not logged in and just go directly to the login page
ieApp.Navigate "http://esp_f2_prod/fab/esp_f2/(S(epon110hxxrxeyuaz5foweil))/Default.aspx"
Do While ieApp.Busy: DoEvents: Loop
Do Until …
Can i fix this or can I uninstall it and go back towindows10
Im trying to do a transfers but they are all pending but Eth never leaves my wallet.
They are all under SIGNER and local transactions.

Im not sure did they even leave my computer?
If I go to TxQueue Viewer I see this
Can anyone tell me whats is wrong?
We have 4 RDS servers, and 1 RDS Gateway Server which is also the Broker. The 4 Session Host servers is divided into 2  Sessions Collections. When a user RDP into the Gateway he is getting redirected to the Wrong Session Collection.

I have search the internet and can't find a proper explanation on how to broker decide to which Session Collection to send the client. I thought it was based on the group you add when creating the Session collection.

Please any help on this will be much appreciated. The outcome is to have say User Group A to always go to Session Collection A and then User Group B to go to Session Collection B.
I have a form with an unbound combo box that is used to filter a subform.  When I add a record in the subform and hit enter, I'd like the subform to show the new record automatically.  

Right now I can only see the new record if I go back to the main form and select an option from the combo box again.

I've tried, in the AfterUpdate event of a control on the subform:
Me. Dirty = false
Also tried some longer versions of requery specifying the names of the forms:  i.e. Forms!mainformname!subformname.Form.Requery

Can someone help me with the right code?
Dear all,

I have MS office 365 email installed on MS office 2013 client on my laptop.
My colleague is trying to share his calendar with me.I go this error message when I open the invitation message:
  "the folder you selected is not available"
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We just setup a new WSUS server version 6.3 running on server 2012 R2.
It seems to be brining in the pc fine during the day, but each morning when I go into the WSUS console, I get the error message that says: An error occurred when trying to connect to the WSUS server.
When I check the event view there are errors in there complaining about all of the SUS components not running.
If I reboot the server, which I have to do every morning, then the WSUS works fine and then over night it stops working once again.
Any ideas on what I can do here would be appreciated.
Hi Everyone how far back does the message trace historical search go?

Thank you.
Good morning all and Happy New Year!

So, I've been tasked with doing an AD Consolidation, I'm struggling completely with the PowerShell.

Basically, all I need to do is search the subgroups of a top-level group.

So the top level group would be imported from a text file, we'll call it "Microsoft Office", beneath this we would have branches, such as

"ABC-Microsoft Office"
"DEF-Microsoft Office"

This would then have the computer accounts in it. I need to take the computer accounts from "ABC-Microsoft office" and put them into "Microsoft office".

However, there are multiple groups associated with the top level group, so I need it to go through all of them, using something like "Get-adgroupmember "Microsoft Office" move all the accounts and then I'll prep to delete the subgroups at a later stage.

Does anyone have a script they used before for this sort of work?

Main PC...
I have about 4 other drives and folders on other pc's successfully mapped to this main pc...

Problem PC...
I have file and print sharing turned on...
I have shared the folder I want and "everyone" has full control...
I have a drive from my MAIN PC mapped to this Problem PC...
So mapping a drive IS WORKING one way only...

When I go to the Main PC and try to map the shared folder from the Problem PC...
The mapped folder does not appear in the Main PC...
File Explorer > Computer > Map Network Drive > Choose Drive Letter > Browse...the shared folder on the problem PC does NOT show up...however...2 other PC's that have shared drives DO show up...

So it seems to me the issue is in the Problem PC...something in sharing that did not happen...

All computers run out of the same switch from same router...I have NO subnets...
IP address are good...
All computers are in same workgroup...
All computers use the same account name and password...
All computers have file and print sharing turned ON...
All computers have "everyone" with full control permissions...
All computers run either Win 7 Pro or Win 10 Pro...

I  have been fighting this off an on for 2-3 days and I'm getting no where...

What am I missing...??????

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
I upgraded the VMWare Tools on a Redhat 5.7 server after which the NIC stopped working, no ping or SSH. I went via the vm console and uninstalled the vmware tools which after a reboot allowed the server to communicate again, how do I go back to the original (old) vmtools?

I have found packages.vmware.com but I have no idea which rpm files I need to run on the machine to get a working vmtools installation.
SQL database does go online it gives this error. cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space

I am developing a web application which allows users to:

1) Enroll fingerprints using an FS88 scanner which will be stored in a database.
2) Allow users to authenticate by using the FS88 (If they use their fingerprints to authenticate, their fingerprints will be compared to the data in the db).

Since I am pretty new to all this, can someone give me a brief guide on how to go around doing this?

I would like to have an app developed for a home classroom.
The Master will set the questions on the main tablet, this will sent out questions to the kids tablet such as maths questions with multiple choice answers, when the answered, the result should go back to the master tablet so the person can see who answered first and who got it right or wrong.
This should keep all stats until end of day or end of session, then the final results displayed with all stats .

I am sure this is possible, but if I were to look for an app developer, what type of skills am I looking for ? also how much should I be looking to pay ?  (approx cost).

I had this question after viewing Extracting Details from Gobal Address Book of Outlook Using Excel VBA.

Hi David Thanks for the solution to get Email from Global address book of Outlook, i am looking for small help in it as i want to get ADID or NT ID of an user , for Example if you go to the code where you will get Manager details where in output it gives CN =***** so i need CN ID for each EMP . can you help in it

Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I currently can see rows 1 thru 28 on my spreadsheet.

I click on cell A10 to select it.

When I press the down arrow key, (row 1 disappears), (row 29 appears).

I actually want it to go to cell A11.

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you!
I am responsible for a company ACME and its web domain lets say ACME.com. This is a legitimate business managing widgets and has a long established history and credit record. A website has been registered called ACMELOANS.com, this site has ACME's business address and other identifying info on it even though it has nothing to do with ACME.

The site is obviously fraudulent, charging for loan applications for which we have started to receive paperwork (we don't offer loans)

I have reported it to abuse@theregistrar
I have reported it to ICANN

Neither have responded. Is there any other authority I can go to?
I have turned off notifications but the action center still comes from the right when I try to go the scroll bar
I have scoured the internet looking to download this driver for a Dell Inspiron 6400. Every site I hit wants me to buy some download. Is there not just one spot where I can go download the driver to a flash drive and be done?
I am trying to add Xampp and Mysql executable files on windows 8.1 and Windows 7 , I am following a tutorial for  preparing My system for development , however, I am straggling in one step so far because I got different  window pop to me when I do edit .

The Tutorial Step is :
1. Go Control panel
2. Go to Environment Variables from System Properties >> Advance
3. Then go path and click edit , so it get them a list of paths as show following picture
This is window which I select path from the box
pic-1.JPGand I should get such as window pop up
Path list , when click Edit
However, what I get is the following

that what I get
So, please let me know what should I do , and I need to do those settings in windows 8.1 and Windows 7 .
How would I go about setting up a a button in Access 2013 to open a certain word document and insert in information from access? Example is we have a label printer so I was going to set it up to get mailing information and print to that printer which I have done but sometimes we need to edit the mailing address so I would like to open a blank word document and edit from there unless there is a better solution. Thanks






Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.