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Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.

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I was left a message for verification of order but i have to go to work and will not be able to answer phone will someone please contact me so my order can be sent thank you....240 675 1092
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Dear Experts,

I have a client whose 2 PCs got infected.

When they go to yahoo webpage in Singapore -> Finance -> Currency Converter, there is a pop up at the bottom of the page.

Do you want to open or save OAD_Comscore_NoID2.js from secure-ds.serving-sys.com?

I went into Control Panel, Internet Add-Ons, Registry.

Malware scan also did detect it.

Any idea on how to stop this?
There's a box on the screen of my phone that says photo stream Photos for the icloud account cannot be accessed.  Review your account information in settings. One box says ignore, one box says settings.  No matter what I do, I cannot get the box to go away.  All I want to do is get into my phone.
I have several customers having this issue.... well they are all likely seeing the problem.
New outlook messages since about 2 weeks ago no longer download images.

I can go in and unblock this function and it still doesn't help.
I go into Trust Center and I turned off the check box for Don't download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or RSS items. But the images in the emails don't download still.

Not sure if there is another location for the settings to  allow images.
Clients are starting to email me about it. Their gmail accounts or other that use outlook are starting to have their images blocked too. I see many emails asking me to click a link to see the email in HTML format.
It all shows up there in that format.

Any ideas?

    <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}" Loading="Grid_Loading">

        <CommandBar Margin="95,582,274,0" Height="65" x:Name="commandbar">
            <AppBarButton Icon="CellPhone" Label="New Call" Click="AppBarButton_Click"/>
            <AppBarButton Icon="Cancel" Label="Cancel" Click="AppBarButton_Click_1"/>
            <AppBarButton Icon="Volume" Label="Mute" x:Name="MuteUnmute" Click="MuteUnmute_Click"></AppBarButton>


Open in new window

Well my issue is that every time I go to use MuteUnmute in MainPage.xaml.vb I cant find it.
I created the external email contact now I want to create a journal for just one single mailbox on an exchange 2010 server.  I've read and still can't get it right and the external contact is getting the entire domain users emails.  I can't follow Microsoft's technical forum they seem to make it even more difficult for me.  Anyone have a great example I can go by?

Have an issue with Vcenter on the server console, after I rebooted, I get a login instead of the Vcenter screen.  I login and it says Failed to connect to service. It then list the few helps commands and the ability to go to shell. This has no effect on the Watchlist app on my phone, or logging into vcenter with a browser.

thoughts or something to try?

I am using exchange 2013 server.  There are two Mailbox server.
Our management has decided to use to SERVICE DESK software for ticketing. I have created new email ID for example, support@xyz.com. So if any user is facing problem he will send email to support@xyz.com then this request will be fetched by Service desk. Once service desk fetch the email, I will assign that case to an engineer so here is my problem......

When I go to assign the ticket, a notification email should go to end user and engineer whom I have assigned the case but this is not happening. If I use gmail.com, then it is working fine.
Hello experts

I have installed 2012R2 Vm and I'm installing sql 2012 in that vm I have mounted means it is not showing iso.

can you guide me where I need to go to install sql.
i need to process lots of small text files (1k to ~1M in size) millions per day.
they are syslogs files. the processing logic can be summarized in: filter out unwanted lines.
i did some tests with: cat File | grep -v bla | grep -v foo | grep -v bar > File.2
and i get huge space and clearness benefits. But the piping have some limits, after 20 not good any more :)
i'm not a day to day programmer, but kept playing around over the years.
i know/remember C,C++,Perl, some basic bash, started to learn Python some years back. i see that the fancy thing now is Go :)
do any of the language would offer a performance plus or minus, in this scenario? or the limiting factor for all will be the disk access?
Thank you for your thoughts

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Hi, I have a Notbook - HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11, not starting up.  When I press the power button ON, the green light comes up, but the screen is blank. I tried pressing f11 to go system recovery, but no luck.

How do I resolve this issue.

Many thanks.

I am having an issue with Microsoft Edge.

This page will load fine when I go to it directly.

If I go to the same page, with an anchor link, then scroll to the top the header is mashed with navigation obscured.

When at the top if I F5 to refresh the page it is back to normal.

This only seems to happen with Edge and only seems to happen with Anchor links.

Any thoughts as to the problem?
I have a client who has been having issues lately. Multiple times per week, first thing in the morning, when they attempt to login, they are faced with that infamous spinning wheel. Hours will go by to the same result.

We leave these PC's on and set to Never Sleep (so we can remotely work on them after-hours). So, when they call with the above issue, I am still able to remotely connect to it without ANY issue. Immediately after I login remotely, I have them try to login, which they can then do without problem.

Nothing else is effected by this issue, but it is happening on 3-4 machines over the course of the last month or so. Has anybody else ever dealt with this?

trying to figure out if this is possible or not, i am looking at a way to automate the enabling and is disabling of GTM & LTM pools within an F5 appliance,

We have two Sites primary and secondary if the primary site goes down, we have to go into Site 2 FS  LTM and GTM from the other enable and disable the Site 1 FTP pool. this can be a slow process, once I get alerts from IPMon stating Site1 is down I could run the program from my laptop to automatically bring Site 2 online.
We are a smaller company and have been using a 2000 server as a file server, DHCP and DNS server. Need to move/migrate all the aforementioned to a 2012 server we just purchased. I do have a 2003 server that could be used for staging as well as a mirrored server of the 2000. What is the best way to go about this. Since we do not have more than 40 users I was speculating that I could enable ADS on the 2012 server in an isolated environment using the same name and IP  as the current server and recreate the groups, users shares etc.  I would need to copy over the DNS and DHCP configuration as well. What would be the best way to go about this? Obviously I would have the data copied over to the 2012 server. After all was in place I would power down the 2000 server and integrate the 2012 server and power it up. I would assume all would work fine since the domain server name, IP, users, shares etc would be the same? Is this correct?
Hi, can you please advise me on how to resolve this issue,
reinstalled SCCM client, however, the client is not registering, these are the errors I'm seeing in the CCMEXEC.log, can u please advise?


END ExecuteSystemTasks('PreShutdown')      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:19:57 p.m.      21756 (0x54FC)
Waiting up to 2 seconds for active tasks to complete...      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:19:57 p.m.      22068 (0x5634)
Finished shutting down CCMEXEC.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:19:57 p.m.      22068 (0x5634)
Unregistering Power Events      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:19:57 p.m.      22068 (0x5634)
Starting CCMEXEC service...      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Running on machine LH-8CG452065S as user SYSTEM.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Initializing COM.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Registering for logging change notifications.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Setting default logging component for process.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Setting service status to RUNNING.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Checking configuration.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Successfully Created Thread for CheckConfiguration. Waiting for Configuration to Complete      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Starting phase 0 initialization.      CcmExec      26/10/2017 1:23:30 p.m.      6920 (0x1B08)
Initializing …
Totally new at coding. Having a really tough time on the following assignment. This is the first task, and I cannot go on to finish the other three tasks until I master this one:

I need to return a hash map of YouTubeID's to Song objects containing all the information from a csv file. I am provided a filename for a csv file containing song ratings. Each line of these files will include: YouTubeID,artist,songName,rating. The YouTubeID is to be the key in the hashmap, the values will be Song objects containing the information for each file. The Song object is (String, String, String)

When a song has multiple ratings in the file I cannot just add the original song a second time, or it will over write the first instance. I only want to add another rating to the existing song entry in the map. We are given an addRating method that is supposed to help:

public void addRating(int rating){

I am having difficulty with the part where I add the song to the map without overwriting and only add the rating. I know I need to do something with the "Song" object but I have no idea what. The code I have thus far is:

public HashMap<String, Song> readCSVFile(String filename){
HashMap<String,Song> songs = new HashMap<String,Song>();

for(String line : Files.readAllLines(Paths.get(filename))){
String allValues = line;
String[] data = allValues.split(",");


catch (IOException ex){
return (songs);
HI All

I have did the below and go english uk as default language  on it i will have to add  english us keyboard too

Please help

   CATEGORY "Keyboard Layout"

     POLICY "Keyboard Layout switching"

     KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run"

       VALUENAME "internat.exe"

       VALUEON "internat.exe"




     POLICY "Keyboard layout"

     KEYNAME "Keyboard Layout\Preload"

         PART "Enable English" CHECKBOX


          VALUENAME "1"

           VALUEON "00000809"


         END PART
I have a series of pages I need to print each week. They have always defaulted to 8.5 x 14, which is how they need to be printed. Suddenly, today, I had to go and either manually check that box, or do it in the page set-up. This affects my efficiency and I'd like to know how I can set the PDF's to automatically print the correct size as they used to.
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We have been asked to setup mandatory TLS by one of our customers, for all incoming and outgoing mail to their domain.

We run Exchange 2010 servers, Sophos Email Appliance, and we also use a cloud based spam filter.
All incoming and outgoing email goes through the Sophos smarthost, also incoming mail hits the spam filter first then is passed to Sophos.  Outgoing mail doesn't go through the spam filter.

I've researched and think I know how to configure TLS on Exchange, Sophos, and our spam filter.

Will I need to configure TLS on Exchange for the send and receive connector?
Exchange isn't externally facing, so I am assuming the self-signed certificate will work for TLS with our internal smarthost?   The smarthost is externally facing so it will need a public cert and configuring for TLS.

I had a thought that maybe for incoming email I wouldn't need to configure TLS on our internal Exchange, but I could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.
Excel 2016 - my formatting is going crazy!  I have no idea what happened.  I have a workbook that I use alot.  I use save as and go on to the next job, every version that I open has the same issue...
I need a powershell command that will go through all the on-prem mailboxes which do not have a sip address in the e-mailaddress tab. i tried running with the below script, but then it does not give me what i want. i want the result to show up with the Primary SMTP address of the on-prem mailbox which does not have the sip address value

Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties proxyAddresses |
    Where {$_.proxyAddresses} |
    Where {-not($_.proxyAddresses  -like "*sip*")}
A woman was fired from her teaching position because allegedly made a post telling nwords to go back to Africa.  Other people see the post, but when she opens her own page, it is not there.  What kind of expert could i hire from here that could go back to her events Monday and prove she was hacked ?   Thanks,   Probably some neo-Nazi wannabe getting his rocks off from getting nwords shorts all in a bunch.  This is some serious stuff.

I'm aware others have had similar issues to mine but none of those fixes resolved my issue.  We have 10 sites, each with a SonicWall (various models).  At site A, we recently switched our primary ISP and now our other sites aren't able to ping the LAN IP address of site A even though the VPN is up and running from site A to the other sites.  The other sites can successfully ping other devices at Site A (such as computers) but not the SonicWall LAN IP.  Site A can ping out normally to any other site.  This issue occurred when we switched ISP.  The settings seem to be correct but something is causing the ping not to go through.  It seems "Ping" is enabled in Site A SW where applicable.  I will appreciate any suggestions.
This is in reference to trying to gather "tracking information" when sending a calendar invite to a Firm Distribution List.  The issue here is that the firm Distribution List does NOT expand (whereas if sending to a personal Distribution List it does expand) so the user cannot get the tracking information when someone accepts or decline.  The person will of course get the "accept" or "deny" email but they want to be able to go into their calendar invite and look at ALL of the tracking information at once.

Let me know.  Thanks.







Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.