Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.

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Hey Experts.  Running into a situation that is just defying logic, so I know it's time to bring in the pro's.

This is on a Windows 10 ENT test box.  Using a GP, I'm deploying a defaultapps.xml file for many of the apps we have on that Win 10 PC and for all but one file association, the file associations match the defaultapps.xml.

The one that isn't getting set is with .ps1.  Here is the code that I am using in that xml file for Powershell:

<Association Identifier=".ps1" ProgId="Applications\powershell.exe" ApplicationName="Windows PowerShell" />

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When I run gpupdate /force on that PC, it runs successfully.  I use cmd /c assoc .ps1 to see if .ps1 is associated with PowerShell and it shows it is.  When I go to Default Apps > file extension, .ps1 shows Notepad.  However when I browse to a directory where there are .ps1 files, the icon next to a powershell script has the notepad icon and if I open it, the script opens with Notepad.

I'm at a loss for trying to get .ps1 files to open with PowerShell.  Can anyone offer any insight into this?  I would appreciate your help and time.
Introduction to Web Design
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Introduction to Web Design

Develop a strong foundation and understanding of web design by learning HTML, CSS, and additional tools to help you develop your own website.


i would like to know, i need to present a PPT to a client , where when i go to next slide , it should take me to a webpage directly without me clicking it directly. If possible , could you please tell me how can i do it
After the web page access ,  i need to go to next slide to resume my ppt .

How to recreate a user's profile disk.

Scenario: one connection broker and three  rds host servers.
Issue: one user' profile is corrupted.  I have usually worked on only one terminal server. I would just go to the registry and delete their sid.

Since now there are three servers. Only time I see that sid information when the user is logged in. Wondering the best way to recreate a user's profile disk. Would I just go to the server that has the user profile disk and determine the folder for that user by using commands and then just rename the folder and then have the user log back in?
I have an Access database that has several users. The database uses mscomct2.ocx and comdlg32.ocx. Two weeks ago there were some enterprise-wide updates that were theoretically unrelated to the database (they were for Windows and SAP). However, something in the updates had the effect of deleting mscomct2.ocx from all the computers which caused problems for the Access database.

Once we discovered this, we reinstalled and re-registered mscomct2.ocx on all the machines (they're all Windows 10) and they are now all working fine except for one of them.

On the one machine, if I go in to VBA and Tools / References, I see that those controls are there and they aren't showing up as missing. The files are also where they should be (\windows\syswow64) and they're the same versions as on the other PC's.

But when Access tries to use either of those controls, we get the following error:

Run-time error '-2147319779 (8002801d)':
Automation error
Library not registered.

So we're unable to use the portions of the database that need those controls. But just on that one computer.

We've tried unregistering and re-registering the controls.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

I'm trying to move to the next record of my table with this gadget I made but I realize that there are ID numbers that are missing (which have been deliberately deleted).
I can not therefore go to the next recording if it does not exist.
Do you have an idea?

For example :
Reference BC19000001 exists
Reference BC19000002 exists
Reference BC19000003 does not exist
Reference BC19000004 exists
I'm looking to go from 2 to 4 since 3 does not exist

$Stat2 = $pdo->query("SELECT MAX(Reference) AS Nb FROM tb_shop_recap");
$data2 = $Stat2->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

	if($data["Reference"] == $data2["Nb"]) {
	echo "<a class='btn btn-success' disabled>Suivant</a>";
	} else {
		$Reference = explode("BC", $data["Reference"]);
		$FA = $Reference[0];
		$NM = $Reference[1];
		$RF = "BC".sprintf('%08d', $NM + 1);

		echo "<a href='editer.php?page=".$RF."' class='btn btn-success'>Suivant</a>";

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We recently had someone click on a corrupt e-mail attachment.  Since then others in the organization have been getting bogus e-mails that “look” like they are coming from this user; the users name is in the ‘To’ but the e-mail address is different from the real user’s e-mail address.  After examining the headers of several of these bogus e-mail’s, the ‘From’ e-mail address is always from the outside and not from inside our domain.

Real user: John Smith <jsmith@ourdomain.com>
Bogus user from: John Smith <muto.yasuhiro@hikkoshi-sakai.co.jp>

I am trying to setup a transport rule to:
Forward all e-mail from [John Smith] (or any real domain user) to a “support” e-mail address outside the domain.
Then delete the message without putting bogus e-mail message in the ‘To’ user’s inbox.

I have tried this but I can’t get the message to NOT go to the ‘To’ user’s inbox.
Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport
From users that are 'Outside the organization'
   and sent to users that are 'Inside the organization'
   and when the From address matches 'John Smith'
   redirect the message to 'support@otherdomain.com'
I have a client that wants to disable the way MS Office uses the last used printer as default when printing the next document.  

Example: Users default printer is HP, user opens any office product, goes to print, the default is HP, they choose Dell printer for this document, print, then go back to any office product and the printer is still on Dell, not the default HP.  

Other non-Microsoft programs do not behave this way.
I have a 6.7 standalone host configured for the following storage.


RAID 5 (HDD) - VM Storage

I would like to put the VM swap files on the SSD. If I go to Host\Manage\System\Swap, I have the following configured

Enabled: Yes

Datastore: ESXi

Host cache: Yes

Local swap: Yes

Any issues putting the VM swap files on the same LUN that contains ESXi?
Hello Everyone and a HUGE thanks to anyone willing to spend some time and offer some insight.
WDS (+ MDT/ADK) is setup seemed to be working fine.
I managed to PXE network connect 3 HP desktops (identical) to WDS (have boot and image files) – DHCPO works great - it and download W10u1903 without issues (after a while and a few minor headaches…lol).
The basic o/s once deployed will come up as expected if I allow it past the Q&A (region, language, etc.) steps and it is flawless as far as I can tell.
However, I keep hitting the wall on this following issue and although I have seen numerous other people noting this on the net and have tried various steps I cannot get to perform normally (on its own) without messing around with it first.
Every time I go into audit mode (at the first Q&A screen – ) 1.jpg
it will enter it no issues
2.jpg3.jpg   and then it loads the Audit Mode desktop, etc. and I can make changes
but as soon as I run the sysprep (OOBE, Generalize and Shutdown) and it does run it…
it gives me an error  before it shuts down
6.jpgand after reboot this one…  
after which it gets stuck in the loop that always brings this one up
I have tried to enable the Administrator account (with basic and complex passwords and without passwords), add a new administrator level account (with basic and complex passwords …
One of my Mac users can get to the internet due to a self-assigned IP address. I tried removing com.apple.airport.preferences.plist, NetworkInterface.plist but didn't see com.apple.network.identification.plist.  Initially, I removed com.apple.alf.plist and rebooted. The issue did not go away.
OWASP Proactive Controls
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OWASP Proactive Controls

Learn the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should include in their projects.

Hi experts,

I am trying To design a golang set of REST api to connect different applications to a single api endpoint.

Basicaly, i would like users to login once on the first api call (user to golang), and then use my go code to pass authentication To backend application that are also connected To keycloak.

Does anyone have experience / example / flows that match my needs ?

Best Regards.

Our network time is off by 7 minutes and slowly gotten to 7 minutes. Our PDC is a physical server and the other domain controller is VM.

I have checked the the time server on the PDC is NtpServer: time-nw.nist.gov (Local)
On the BDC is set to time.windows.com,0x9 as are other workstations on the domain.

The w32time  service is running and I have stopped and restarted it.

I have stopped the w32time service and set the time in windows and restarted the service and it went back to being off. Assume that due to pulling or getting the time from the bios.

I want to go into the bios on the PDC and change the time to the correct time and assume will need to sync or set the time on the other domain controller so that are not off on time by 7 minutes.
Dear All,

           I have a WSUS server, and recently have update such as KB4511872 , 4512506, 4512486, 4511872, 4512506, some computer has installed this update, and cant boot into window and goes to repair mode, after repaired succeed, it loop back to window updates, and it goes to repair mode again, and I go to WSUS console and declined these update, but I realized these update still push back to computer, any idea how I can really declined these update ? any help would be appreciated

In MS Word, when you want to print the page (in a long document) where the cursor currently is, its pretty easy you just go print current page.

How can you do the same in a Google document without having to look up what page you are on?
Windows 7 - 64 Bit.  Had been working fine.   When you click the icon, you get an hourglass for a couple of seconds and then it goes away.   You see two instances of Chrome in task manager, but they go away after about 30 seconds.

Here is what I have done all to no avail:

1.  Tried starting Chrome in Safe Mode
2.  Uninstalled & Re-Installed chrome (told it to delete the settings)
3,  Deleted Chrome registry entries and deleted the "Chrome" folder in both %appdata% and %localappdata%
4.  Tried running as administrator.   Also checked rights under security.
5.   Ran the netsh winsock reset routine
6.   Rebooted the computer multiple times.
7.   Turned off Anti-Virus and Firewall temporarily.
8.   System restore to a date/time where it was working.

Have tried running from a desktop shortcut, task bar & directly from the program folder.  Internet Explorer works fine, but we need Chrome as some websites we use don't render well under IE.
Hey all,

With the increased threat of threats out there, I am wondering if I am doing enough for my clients and would like some sort of input as to what I should be doing more of to combat the threat of cybercrime

My usual Firewall install for a client is a Sophos XG with Threat protection, IPS & AV enabled with SSL VPN setups for people accessing the network. I suppose I am one of those people who want to make sure I have done everything to protect a network and want to ask a stupid question.. when it comes to RDP brute force attacks, if we don't have any WAN>LAN rules to open RDP ports, are we safe or do we need to physically go in and disable RDP protocol on every machine.

I know the threat has been around for ages but I need to get some clarification on this so any serious answers accepted, please.
I'm trying to use Twilio to create a ringless voicemail with Twilio.

I'm using PHP to write this in ideally.

I'm open to other options as well.

Can anyone tell me how I would go about doing this?
Good Day,

My 11 year old needs to build a curriculum for the next 12 months, since he is keen on learning programming, I intend to hire teachers locally and online and also for him to go for international competition during this period to develop his skill set.

The overall goal of this training is for my son to become an expert in Hardware and Software Systems by understanding the fundamental principles governing them and be able to derive solutions to problems using analytical and programming approach coupled with hardware integration and IOT.
Over the last 2 days, I have had client machines lose their trust relationship with the domain.

The machines are a mix of Win10 and Win7 machines connecting to a Windows server 2008 domain controller.
Have a Windows 2008 Server environment with an old 2003 server DC (it can go away if needed) that is having an issue with client machines connecting to the domain and losing their trust relationship.

 I am getting 4321 NETBT errors on the primary Win 2008 DC saying "The name "IPLAW          :1b" could not be registered on the interface with IP address The computer with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this computer."

I am also getting NETLOGON 5741 errors saying "Netlogon could not register the IPLAW<1B> name for the following reason:
\Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{1A0C2C27-5B62-489A-8578-632E175F7CA9}" Again on the 2008 DC.

I did a restart of the 2003 domain and got an error immediately saying it could not find a domain to connect to. after 3/4 attempts it logged in

What can I do to correct this issue s

I need to fix this and am not sure where to start while making sure I do not lose the domain entirely.
Amazon Web Services
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Amazon Web Services

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

Can PPTP VPN be made to go both ways?

Windows Server A connects via PPTP to Windows Server B.

Server A can ping anything on Server B's network but Server B cannot ping anything on Server A's network.

Is there a way to make this two-way?

Only Server B is running RRAS
I have a simple query pulling data in from Yesterday, which works perfectly until Monday, as we do not have data recorded on weekends.  How would I go about changing my query to look for the previous weekday, instead of the previous day?

SELECT        dbo.Delivery.Job, dbo.Delivery.Packlist, dbo.Job.Customer, dbo.Job.Part_Number, dbo.Job.Description, dbo.Delivery.Shipped_Date, dbo.Delivery.Shipped_Quantity, dbo.Job.Unit_Price, 
                         dbo.Delivery.Shipped_Quantity * dbo.Job.Unit_Price AS [Total Price]
FROM            dbo.Delivery INNER JOIN
                         dbo.Job ON dbo.Delivery.Job = dbo.Job.Job
WHERE        (DATEDIFF(day, dbo.Delivery.Shipped_Date, GETDATE()) = 1)

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I know its not recommended to migrate from server 2008 to 2016. i have a small network that I just jumped into a migration for. i have seen this process go through like normal but your not supposed to do it. do you think i will be ok or should i step it to 2012 r2 first as suggested...
merging 2 0365 tenancies to 1    ours has 200 staff the 1 we are taking over 100.

what is best way to go about it - both have hybrid Exchange online. We also want a new name for the new merged organization - best way to go about this please?
Emails from sender on Allow List continue to go to Quarantine.  Messages are typically in the 20 Mb range.  Email header attached.
Hi all,

We are switching to using the Windows Firewall for clients after using Sophos for many years.  At the moment I am configuring a GPO and have a couple of queries.

1.) How can I stop or restart the Windows Firewall service?

I have noticed that when I go to services and look at Windows Defender Firewall, everything is greyed out and I have no option to stop or restart it (yes, I am running services with admin credentials).  If I run Task Manager as administrator and access services this way, when I attempt to stop with Windows Defender Firewall service I get:

The operation could not be completed.  Access denied.

2.) Problems with logging.

a.) I have enabled logging in the GPO.  I left it with the default  %windir%\system32\logfiles\firewall\pfirewall.log location.  However, the log fails to be created.  I have read about the requirement to add "NT Service\MpsSvc" with full permissions to the location but the log file still fails to be created even when I add this permission.  Even if I could get it work, how would I replicate this permission change to all my PC's when I deploy this business wide?

b.) I quite like the idea of changing the path where the log file saves to a central shared location.  I was thinking of using a %computername% variable in the file name to save a different file for each computer.

is this possible?

Thanks in advance






Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.