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Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.

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I installed two app recently, I found that my battery keep draining very fast after that.
1. InkCase app (It will sync data to InkCase via bluetooth on a regularly basis)
2. SureWin!LiveMap for pokemon go (It will scan the area for active pokemon and gym)

For SureWin! app, I have disabled the notification and only allow use the location while using the app.

Can you please help test if InkCase app will keep draining my battery if it keeps running in the background and sync data to InkCase?

How to Use the Help Bell
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How to Use the Help Bell

Need to boost the visibility of your question for solutions? Use the Experts Exchange Help Bell to confirm priority levels and contact subject-matter experts for question attention.  Check out this how-to article for more information.

Does anyone know how I can export a datasheet to include a header (I need to add a key and a logo to the header)

I can add a header in design view but it doesn't show when I go to datasheet view.
I ran Produkey64 and Belarc and got license keys for Office 2010 on my W7...
I installed W10 on top of W7 and W10 activated...BUT most everything was not working correctly...
W10 was messed up BUT it did activate...

Then I put in a NEW hd and did a fresh install of W10 and it activated...started re-installing all my applications...

Then I installed Office 2010 and using the key from my W7 PC it will NOT activate...
It will not activate on the internet nor by phone...I think phone activation on 2010 is not available...
I also have the key that is in the retail box and tried it...no joy...

Suggestions please...

If I go to change product key and enter my old key...I get "Sorry this isn't a Microsoft office 2010 ...you  may be entering a key from another version of office...

So...I uninstalled Office 2010 and tried another CD with a different key...and that will not activate either...
Please see attach spreadsheet for example,

Can you please help me automate the counting of records using a macro.

There are three worksheets
1. Priorities - Lists all the Priorities in column A that will be used in responses on the Responses worksheet
2. Responses - Each row is a set of responses by a user and there may be up to 50 user responses.  I will populate these manually.  The worksheet has some examples.  The responses going across the row can go up to 150 after the name in column b.
3. Results - Counts the responses for every row by user that is in the responses worksheet. The responses are are totaled in the last column. (or on a separate worksheet if easier)

When you look at the attached file you can see two examples.
I have a chart which is an imported graphic with a log scale. I want users to be able to slide the bars (named 1 and 2) to ascertain the value from the chart. I want to restrict the slide action to vertical and horizontal if possible. I have been trying to think laterally i.e. underlaying another graph to allow crosshairs to appear, but this hasn't yielded any real bouts of inspiration. Another thought was activating the shift key on the worksheet getting focus so you can only go vert and hor'. See attached file.
I can open the all my workbooks. They are not corrupted.
I can open them from the recently used list or go to open file.
When click on a Excel shortcut Excel will open but the workbook will not.

UNRegserver/REGserver appears to do nothing when Excel.exe is started from the "run" box.
IN SLQServer 2012 - SQL Server Management Studio

Modifying a stored procedure that has been running forever using one variable for the cursor. I'm trying to use
at least 5 variables for the cursor but get this error when I go over 2 variables.
Using cursors of 1 or 2 variables is no problem no matter what name or what order they are in.
But When trying more than 2 variables I get the error.

Cursorfetch: The number of variables declared in the INTO list must match that of selected columns.

I have tried interchanging all different names and combinations that work together as 2 variables so
I know it's not due to type mismatch. But when I add one that works in combination as 2 variables in the code
as a 3rd variable I get the error. Same goes for 4 or 5 or 6 etc variables.

PROJECT_ID,PROJ_TYPE_ID,CLIENT_ID of TPROJECT are all of type integer in the table

What am I missing?


            -- Start with return flag set to Success.
            SET @SuccessFlag = 0

            DECLARE @ProjectID      INT = NULL
            DECLARE @ProjTypeID     INT = NULL
            DECLARE @ClientID       INT = NULL
            DECLARE @RecoveryID       INT = NULL
            DECLARE @ProjectName      VARCHAR(255) = NULL

            DECLARE Project_Cursor CURSOR FOR
            FROM      TPROJECT
            WHERE      PROJECT_ID > 0 AND PROJ_STAT_AVT_ID IN (124, 123, 126, 125, 118)

            -- Open the recordset
            OPEN Project_Cursor;
            -- Start with the first Id
            FETCH NEXT FROM Project_Cursor INTO @ProjectID, …
Hello Again Experts -

This shouldn't be too difficult. I've been fooling with the task bar tray so that it displays the icons I'm interested in.

However, I have some how managed to eliminate the behavior that allows minimized apps (like Outlook) from showing a icon on the left side of the task bar. Right now the icon appears in the system tray on the right side.

Sounds pretty basic. I'm trying to configure a new computer, so I'm delving into an area where I rarely go.

Thanks to whomever may help.
I have code that creates a document and fills it with data.  The last page is always blank. How do I go to the last page and delete it?
I had this question after viewing ASA5505 RDP session screen resolution too high.

I connect through RDP to a Windows 2008R2 server. The screen resolution when checking on the RDP session matches the setting of my local workstation. The ICON's on the RDP session are very large and when I go into the Display setting the message the I cannot change the screen setting in a remote desktop connection.

How can I alter the setting on my remote desktop session?
Free Tool: ZipGrep
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

Hi, I am trying to set up an Index / Table of contents in an Excel File with fixed or absolute references. When I use the insert hyperlink function and fix my references using $ when I go back later they have disappeared. I have tried using contextures but while it works it does not have the option to rename it like you can with a hyperlink. I need the links to move when the cell moves when I add or delete rows etc.  The link I have used is =HYPERLINK("#'"&E2&"'!D2") I have attached the sample I have been working with. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dot
Hi all,

I have been asked to provide a solution to track users internet usage and block some websites.

My first thought was a proxy "device", I could lock down the machines via GPO point them to the proxy and then have a bit of software reporting on all usage.

I have the ability to either go for a device that would do this or I could spin up a VM to house the software.

Would anyone be able to recommend something that I could use?

Thanks in advance
I'm trying to help a friend.  They have no backups (go figure) and Windows 7 is not able to boot after they attempted a system restore for a minor problem that they should not have tried a restore.  The system boots to the Windows logo and stays there for 10 minutes or so and then the system restarts.  Going into safe mode the system stops on classpnp.sys and stays there for 10 minutes and the machine restarts.  I've booted into the Windows RE on system and from multiple disk.  System repair fails with no indication as to why.  When it tries to launch System Restore it throws an error with the startrep.exe (Oxfdbef584d) but still allows me to go back to the Advanced diagnostic screen.  I launch the System Restore and am able to see multiple restore points including the one my friend ran which undo next to it.  When I select one and hit next I'm taken to the next screen and the C drive is listed with the name System next to it which is the system reserve.  In the Windows RE D: is the drive letter that has my Windows install.  When I try to run sfc I get a Windows Protection error.  I've scanned the disk and memory so the hardware is healthy and I'm in the process of scanning offline with a virus rescue disk.  I've called Microsoft and their easy answer was custom install which I'm trying to avoid like the plague.  Any help/miracles you guys can help me with would be greatly appreciated!
We use Exchange 2010 and several distribution groups were created before I began working here. Many are the typical "Mail Non_Universal Group" and I just go to PROPERTIES and there is a MEMBERS tab, adding and removing users is very easy. BUT...We have some that are "Dynamic Distribution Group" If you go to PROPERTIES I do not see a MEMBERS tab. I do not see a corresponding group in Active Directory either. We have disabled a few users that are in a specific Distribution Group and I need to get them out because when we send to that group we get bounce backs. How the heck can I modify a Dynamic Distribution Group?
I have found Xamarin cross-platform, mobile device IDE
It seems to be real, working for every device type, Android, iOs ..iPhone, Windows

As introduced by this dude here

The coding is apparently done in Visual Studio? for C#   I'll need to rent the latest version, or get my client to pay rent for it.
I still have Vis Studio from mid 90's - CS 455 days  If I rent the Mac version of Windows.Visual.Studio, will that be foolish, for an app development on a MacBook?

Anyway, this is apparently a good solution for cross-platform PDA development. Is the interpreter set for Tablets, also?
Would you agree? Hackable? crashing problems?

I am trying to configure and install Cisco CP Express 3.5 to my 891fw router, I have gone through all the steps but when I go to the router IP in a browser the login screen shows, I put in the username and password then it goes right back to the login. I have already flashed the files to the router and turned on http server and set an ip address to the gigabit interface.
My work place uses Kronos to keep up with employee hours and it works with Java.

The problem is to administrate Kronos requires version 6.29. If you do not have version 6.29 the screen will never show the users. Kronos works fine with the new version of java as long as you do not administer anything.

Another website work uses is called state sessions, and state session requires a new version of Java.

I have 6.29 & the new Java installed, but when I try to use the admin function Kronos I get “application blocked by java security.” Reason: your security settings have block an application with an out of date version of Java. I've tried somewhat older versions of Java such as like Java 8_131, still the same.

I assume this is the new java client causing this message. I go into the Java setup, and put the Kronos web address(s) in the exception site list but no luck. In the java security tab all I see is high & very high settings, no lower settings to try.

I have attached the screen shot of the error message I see when trying to admin Kronos.

I highly, highly, doubt the admin part of Kronos will be updated.

Some particular employees that do the Kronos admin severely need both the website & Kronos at the same time.

I'm not sure where to go from here.

Any ideas?

How can I get 2 forms to share the same data and send it to 2 different targets?
I have created an example of exactly what I want to do. "form_A" is executed first,
and some how populates "form_A" with its data after it sends the data to "TARGET_A.php".
Then "form_B" sends its data to "TARGET_B.php".
So how does the data in  "form_A" get placed in  "form_B"???
I've been struggling with this for quite a while, so any help is greatly appreciated.
<form id="form_A" action="TARGET_A.php" method="post">
		<input type="file" name="ITEM_A" />  //..... This value should also go to form_B  ...//
		<input type="submit" name="form_A" value="Submit" />

	<form id="form_B" action="TARGET_B.php" method="post">
		<input type="HIDDEN" name="ITEM_A" value="$ITEM_A" />  //.... This value should come from form_A ...//
		<input type="text" name="ITEM_B" value="$ITEM_B" />
		<input type="submit" name="form_B" value="Submit" />

Open in new window

Is it possible to register vmx file on an another ESXi when the hosting ESXi host dies and still the vm file is registered on the dead esxi?
We have a vcsa. It is possible one day the  ESXi might go wrong so the VCSA will not be available.
Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya
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Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya

In their most recent webinar, Skyport Systems explores ways to isolate and protect critical databases to keep the core of your company safe from harm.


I had this question after viewing Download file from remote ftp site via VBA (Excel).

Norie gave me instructions on how to call this code and INDIVIDUALLY it works.  I have a form that allows the user to make multiple selections.  Using variables, the code CALLs Norie's code.  If I make only one selection and run, the code works.  I can run Option1-let it finish, go back to the form and run Option2-Let it finish, run Option3-let it finish...etc ALL of my files download.

My problem is that when I select more than ONE Option, only the FIRST Option selected will download..all others will fail. I have attached the code with the FTP site, Password, and UserName changed for protection (my true data works).  Can anyone figure out why this works ONE-At-A-Time but NOT in multiples

My current Work Around is to download files one at a time which is time consuming!
I found some answers online that just don't work.  Situation: I want to be able to designate WHERE I want a download to go on my Asus tablet/keyboard computer. I went into File Explorer and THOUGHT I had reset the option so that when I select "download" I would then be offered the option to designate where I want the download to go. But when I tried a download, BAM, it went wherever the Windows 10 default is.

Larger challenge for the experts: do you realize that whoever comes up with an operating system that is TRULY user-friendly and simple will be a multi-multi-millionaire? Just sayin'.......

In Access I manually imported an XML file and saved the import of this process. After importing the XML-file I have a table with the name ExampleTable.

 When I go to Saved Imports and run this saved import in Access I see that a new table is created ExampleTable1. When I run again a table ExampleTable2 is created and so on. Actually I don't want to have new tables, I want that the existing table ExampleTable is refreshed. How can I do that?

Regards Arne
Hi experts, I'm trying to get the next availalbe free IP address from a database, using a GoLang Function. This is what I have so far:

func GetNextFreeIP() string{
	db := dbopen()
	addr, err := db.Query("SELECT `IpAddress` FROM `FrontFacingIPs` WHERE `Avlilable` = 1 LIMIT 1")
	if err !=nil {
		fmt.Println("Couldn't find free IP, Error message is", err)
	return addr

Open in new window

However, my IDE throes the following error:
"Cannot use addr (type *Rows) as type string"

**You can assume that the query is correct (I tested it) and that there are free IP Addresses (The function that calls this functions checks it beforehand)
Dear all,

I need some help removing the mailbox permissions from a list of users:

When we terminate users we need to remove them from all the E-mails they have permissions to.
I usually run this command to see where the user has got permissions
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Get-MailboxPermission -User "Name User"
and then go to O365 and remove the delegation but I will have a mass termination procedure for many users and I need to automate this. It takes roughly 5 minutes to go through the whole tenant and check per user and then I need to go to O365 and remove it manually.

If anyone can give me guidance how to write this script is more than welcome.

Thank you.
We have a print server running on server 2008 with about 50 printers. Just today we have 3 of them that for some reason keep going offline.
We have tried new print drivers and such but the 3 printers continue to go offline after some time. We can restart the print spooler service and they go back on line but then after a few minutes they go offline once again.






Golang, also called Go, is an open source programming language that is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library. Go is a general-purpose systems programming language that aims to be efficient both for development and execution with a focus on fast compilation and increased maintainability of large projects. Go was originally targeted at systems programming tasks such as building server/web applications, high throughput middleware and databases.