Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.

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G Suite Security and Privacy Settings
With the evolution of G Drive, G Suite, and Team Drives, modifications in tenant settings might be required to fulfill a broad range of customer preferences. Therefore, here we came live with this post to guide Google admins with G Suite privacy and security settings. Let’s begin!
Should you be charging more for IT Services?
Should you be charging more for IT Services?

Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Start calculating Now!

Google Elevation API
The article's main focus is , to create a C# console application using Google's Elevation API. For more detailed information about this topic, use the attached links.
The article's main focus is , to create the application using Google's GeoCoding/Reverse Geocoding. This article will teach you what GeoCoding and Reverse Geocoding is and how to write a simple C# console application. I also added some links, for more detailed information for this topic.
G Suite Security
The post is going to illustrate ideas to deal with Google password policy in a G Suite account. There are several administrators who want a solution to this problem because for IT admin, it’s not at all an easy task. Work becomes complicated for them when it’s about managing G Suite password policy.
Fix Google Chrome Issues
I see people having issues with the Chrome browser so often that I decided to write this article on how to definitively determine problems you may be encountering with Google Chrome. I hope it helps you out...
Sync2 for Google and More
Learn how to Syncronize all of your Outlook Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar entries with the Free copy of Gmail - you don't need a G-Suite subscription and this article will tell you how to do it! Different profiles can be set up too! Enjoy!
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Expert Comment

by:Scott Fell
But what of those such as my associate who doesn't use Office 365 and relies solely on Gmail free?
Hopefully we are referring to the same thing.

My  point is if you or your associate already uses the desktop software and you are offering an option to sync, in my opinion, you are better off suggesting to to switch to office 365 version with the desktop software option.  Not only does this keep you up to date with the latest version, it also ads many other benefits and one of those is the ability to sync and install on up to 5 of your devices including your mobile.

If your associate is not part of your domain, then you can send and receive appointment/event requests that will get added to your calendar.
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Author Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Hi Scott,

Hopefully we are referring to the same thing.
I hope we are too because some of your suggestions are starting to appear circular to me and already discussed?

My  point is if you or your associate already uses the desktop software and you are offering an option to sync, in my opinion, you are better off suggesting to to switch to office 365 version with the desktop software option.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but here's you're suggesting I should tell him to buy himself an Office 365 Subscription, are you not?

Despite there being non-business Office 365 subscriptions available for home users which are (in my view) so affordable that I have difficulty understanding why almost everyone isn't using 365 in one fashion or another, "he" chooses not to. Perhaps he's not willing to pay for any sort of recurring subscription at all? Or perhaps he just dislikes or doesn't trust Microsoft to the point where he won't even consider buying a standalone version of Microsoft Office or Outlook? But his reasons in this scenario don't really matter.

Indeed, if memory serves, from earlier conversations with him I recall him telling me that he chooses to use Libre Office as his desktop Office Suite solution and so far as I'm concerned, that's his choice and fine. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to suggest he reach into his pocket to purchase an Office 365 subscription just to satisfy my needs of him being able to continue setting appointments and tasks into "my" calendar. He uses Google free, I use Google free, so the answer is already there - the syncing issue was "my" problem, not his. You disagree?

Not only does this keep you up to date with the latest version, it also ads many other benefits and one of those is the ability to sync and install on up to 5 of your devices including your mobile.
Whether or not I agree with you here is not the point. Your argument for using the solution should be taken up with him - not me. But no, I will not reveal his identity and have no idea if he's even following this discussion.

If your associate is not part of your domain, then you can send and receive appointment/event requests that will get added to your calendar.
He's not a part of my domain and does everything online related to the calendar issue in Google. That all works, but since Google removed the option for their Free subscribers to use the Gmail/Outlook synchronizing tool to all but paid subscribers of their G-Suite package, then I can tell you from bitter personal experience that while it's still possible to synchronize via workarounds (some of which you yourself pointed out), time zones will not synchronize correctly, hence the reason I asked for expert help at this forum in the first place, and the eventual finding of the Sync2 solution which resolved the problem completely.

I think we've gone the full circle. Of have I missed your point completely?  :)

Regards, Andrew
Migrate Google Apps to Outlook
Migrate Google Apps to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. using Google Takeout and by configuring Outlook with G Suite account. Add Google Apps email to Outlook PST, EML, MBOX and MSG formats using SysTools Google Apps Backup tool.
Gmail by Google
Read this tutorial to learn how to fix repeating password error prompts when setting up Gmail IMAP with Microsoft Outlook. The entire process is described with step by step, illustrated instructions. Enjoy...

Expert Comment

by:The Kyrgyz Embassy
Thank you so much Andrew for your time,
I will defenetely share results as soon as I sort this out.
Meanwhile I would like to share some details. I have tried to set up outlook using this account on fresh installed PC and sorted out the "User Profile" and Certificate issues. After trying all options I am confident that this is not general issue and precisely this account related issue. Cose' when I try to install other gmail account on that PC it goes smooth. Checked incoming mails and outgoing mails. Account never sended more than 100 mails per month - so account is not spammer. (In fact this is embassy's non essential communication address). Likewise never received mail noting it was blocked. I will use "Send feedback" option right away and will share results if I receive. Many and sincere thanks for your time and attention. Have a nice life. Arvin.
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Author Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Pleasure Arvin and I look forward to your update. Also, if you found my article helpful in any way, if you could click the Thumbs Up button at the bottom left at the end f the article to endorse it, I'd much appreciate it :)  Regards, Andrew
Are you looking to start a business? Do you own and operate a small company? If so, here are some courses you need to take before you hire a full-time IT staff.

Expert Comment

by:Garima Bansal
Nice Post, Everything is good for the startup but now business has transferred to an online platform that causes client need to cheap dedicated server hosting which makes a business growthful. Visit us @
First of all let me say that the only language that I speak is English, but in answering questions here I often come across people whose English skills are not the best and I’d like to be able to communicate better with them, and the following describes what I’ve done on occasion.
Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features
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Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features

Learn how to use and navigate the new features included in Bootstrap 4, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

Many of you may be aware of the recent Google Docs scam emails that have been floating around coming from various people that you know. Here's a guide on identifying

How To Identify the Scam Email

You will see an email from someone you’ve had correspondence with (and in many cases know well) that contains the subject line stating that a document has been shared on Google Docs (example: John Smith has shared a document on Google Docs with you). You will not see your email address because it is in the bcc field, however you will see the email address hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(AT) appear.

The message will contain a link saying Open in Docs. Do not click this. If for some reason you do, you will get prompted to sign into your Google account if you are not already signed in. Afterward, you will be prompted to give permission to “Google Docs” access to your email and contacts.

Clicking the info button (The “i” inside of the circle) will show developer information that contains a random Gmail account. Do NOT click the allow button, as it will send the scam message to your contacts. While the adversaries do not have your password, they will have access to read emails in your account as well as to send emails from it without the need for any sort of security check (both passwords and two factor authentication get bypassed).

How do I know if I’ve been affected?

If you clicked the Allow button, then you’re affected. And you may have heard back from acquaintances, friends, and family by now. Another way to know is to check your Sent messages, and see if any strange emails have been sent.

How do I fix the problem?

Go to the Permissions section of your Google account at to see the apps that have access to your account. Click the one that says “Google Docs”, then click the Remove button. (In this screenshot you will WhatsApp because it is an app that was given permissions from an Android phone) Optionally, you can change your password (even though the adversary never received it) as it a good security practice to change passwords periodically. Also please be sure to check your sent mail for the scam email. Alert the recipients that not to open the email and to delete it right away, and let them know what happened.

Google PlayStore
If your app took Google’s lash recently, here are the 5 most likely reasons.
Explore the encryption capabilities built into Google Apps and how these features can help you meet privacy policy and regulatory compliance, but are not a full solution. Understand and compare the most popular email encryption services for Google Apps.
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Author Comment

by:Allen Falcon
I can quickly edit if you wish.
Google is more than just a search engine. Over the years the company has developed a wide range of online services that are readily available to all users. This article highlights how one can use Google services for simple project management.
Learn about cloud computing and its benefits for small business owners.

Expert Comment

by:gravityusa gravityusa
Informative blog about  <a href="">Cloud Computing </a>.  thank you for sharing with us..

Expert Comment

by:Vipul Shah
Great post I must say! Hosting a website on cloud gives several benefits to small business owners. Though, choosing cloud hosting depends on personal choice and of course on the website needs. If we look from money perspective, then cloud tends to be cheaper. I have two websites. One i have hosted on cloud server of Everdata and another one is affiliate website from Everdata Partner Program After using cloud server, I can say that cloud server provides fast-flexible scalability and pay as you go service, which is more convenient.
Working with spreadsheets can be a daunting task, especially when having to deal with large amounts of data. All you see are rows and rows of numbers and soon your eyes begin to glaze over. Take advantage of the tools in Google Sheets to create professional and efficient spreadsheets. Here are 5 features you should be using in Google Sheets.

1. Freeze

When in the process of organizing and analyzing your data, it’s common to get lost in the data and maybe even forget the heading of the column you’re working in. Rather than having to scroll to the top of the spreadsheet to remind yourself,  try freezing the rows or columns with information you want to stay visible while you scroll through the rest of the spreadsheet.

To freeze a row or column, start by highlighting the information you want to stay visible and click view. Hover over freeze and you will be given the options to freeze 1 row, 2 rows, up to current row or 1 column, 2 columns and up to current column. Unfreezing a row or column is just as easy. Go to view and hover over freeze. From there, select either no rows or no columns.

2. Forms

As you analyze your spreadsheets you may come across trends or information that peaks your interest. Creating  a survey is a great way to further examine the results or gather more insight. You can create a survey directly in the spreadsheet and even have the survey results appear in the same spreadsheet you’re working in.

To create a survey in Google Sheets click Tools
Whether you’re looking to gather data for research or gather feedback on an idea, being able to build and distribute your own online survey is not only cost-effective, but allows you to reach a larger audience and receive results in real-time. Google Forms is an easy platform to navigate through and build your own survey on for free. 

Get Started

To create your own survey, start by logging into your Google Drive account and locating New in the left-hand column of your screen. Once selected, hover over More and Google Forms will appear. 
Screenshot_22.pngOnce you select Forms, a new browser tab will open where your survey will be displayed. Continue by entering a title for your survey, along with a description to clearly state the purpose of the survey. 

Add Questions

To enter a question and start filling out the answer options, click on the question area to enter Editing mode. Your question format will automatically be set to multiple choice by default. To view other question formats, select the Multiple choice dropdown box. 
Screenshot_9.1.pngWhen creating a question, you are given a variety of question formats to choose from, such as short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale, multiple choice grid, date and time
Screenshot_7.1.pngWhen adding questions, make sure to start with simple questions …
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Expert Comment

by:Jim Horn
Very well illustrated and easy to read.  Voting Yes.
You can provide a virtual interface for remote stakeholders in a SWOT analysis through a Google Drawing template. By making real time viewing and collaboration possible, your team can build a stronger product.

Author Comment

by:Sina May
Our org has a Google Apps account which made Drawings a bit more accessible. I could definitely see a company with Office 365 going with OneNote instead.  :)

Expert Comment

by:Deborah Canales
What a nifty idea! My company utilizes Google Apps so I will have to keep this in mind to share with my users. :) Thanks!
The choice of selecting a perfect productive suite for one’s organization is a critical decision that an IT Manager or a CIO has to make. And when it comes to choosing a cloud-based productivity suite, the choice gets all the more difficult. This is because one has to choose amongst the two most gigantic technologies vying for your industry-Google Apps For Business & Office 365.

A Quick Peek In The Past Of Google Apps & Office 365

Google Apps For Business was originally introduced as Google Apps in the year 2006. When it was released, the cloud-based services were not so prominent and were still in its primitive stage. Although despite of the low popularity of cloud services, Google Apps pressed on and transformed into the technology that we know today. Google Apps For Business includes many application in its toolbox that are widely used today. On the top is Gmail, followed by Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Slides and many more.

On the other side of the fence exists Office 365. In spite of the fact that most of the companies were deploying cloud services to enhance their business, Microsoft still doubted the cloud services. However, after the introduction of cloud services from other brands, Microsoft finally came into action and introduced its own cloud service-Office 365 in the year 2011. It offers the traditional desktop-based applications such as MS Word, Excel and many others as hosted services.

Comparison Between Office 365 And
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Expert Comment

by:Allen Falcon
This article is disappointing, as it is inaccurate.  You do have advanced functions, such as pivot tables in Google Sheets.  

Your statements about word processing are off as well, as you are comparing Google Docs to Word and Publisher.  True, Google Apps does not include a Publisher equivalent, but apps like LucidPress let you do this for free (or with advanced features for a small fee).

With Outlook versus Gmail, both services have rules (they are Filters in Gmail) and you can use Google Docs to take notes and attach them to meetings (like OneNote).

SkyDrive has been replaced by OneDrive for Business, and you can license Google Apps with Unlimited Storage.

Most disturbing, is your statement about Privacy is absolutely wrong and false.  Google for Work has a privacy policy that includes no data scanning for advertisements.  You used the terms of service for the free, Gmail server, and not Google for Work (or for Education) in your comparison.

As a cloud solutions provider, we offer both Office 365 and Google Apps, depending on which solution best meets the needs of our customers.  Each solution has it's advantages (Google Apps has better mobile integration, for example, and Office 365 includes Delve).  Businesses need an accurate comparison of features and capabilities, which this article lacks.
Fundamentals of JavaScript
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the popular programming language JavaScript so that you can explore the realm of web development.

Google Forms is a great platform to easily create polls, questionnaires and surveys. The service allows you to receive data in real-time and is a simple way to conduct large-scale surveys that can be distributed to multiple people.
The platform to begin with is quite easy to use. Add-ons can help enhance your experience with the tool and make sign-ups, surveys and questionnaires more efficient and convenient to use. In this article I will suggest 3 of the most helpful add-ons that I have experienced that you can also use with Google Forms.


The formLimiter add-on allows the creator of the form to set an expiration date for the form depending on a date, depending on how many responses were received, or when a spreadsheet equals a certain value. This will automatically close your form once you set your limit. Follow these steps to set up this add-on.
  1. Go to the add-on store and install the formLimiter.
  2. Go to your desired form and select Add-ons > formLimiter from the toolbar on top. 1Limiter.png
  3. From the panel that appears on the right, select how you want to close your form. 2Limiter.png
  4. If you choose date and time you can pick what date and/or time your form will close and stop receiving submission.  3Limiter.png
  5. If you choose max number of responses you can indicate after how many responses your form will close. 4Limiter.png
  6. If you choose destination spreadsheet cell value you can pick a cell from the response spreadsheet and close the form once that cell reaches a certain value. 5Limiter.png
There are many add-ons for Google docs, slides and sheets that can be extremely helpful in keeping your files organized and simple to use. Add-ons are installed into your Google docs, slides or sheets through Google's Add-On Store. One of my favorite add-ons is the Table of Content plugin. This is especially helpful when it comes to big documents with multiple sections.
The Table of Contents add-on helps the user go straight to a specific part of the document instead of the reader having to scroll through multiple pages in the search for a certain section or chapter of the document.
This article will go over how to set up this add-on and what this tool can do.

Install the Add-On

  1. Go to the Add-On Store for Google Docs and find the Table of Contents plugin.
  2. Select the “+ Free” button on the top right corner. 1.png
  3. Your add-on will then be installed onto your Google Docs.
  4. Go to Add-ons > Table of contents > Show in sidebar2.png 
  5. The Table of Contents add-on will appear as a panel on the right side of the screen. Panel.png

Add Title Page and Headings

  1. Now you can add sections to your document. Find the first chapter or section of your document and highlight the heading. 33.png
  2. Go to Format > Paragraph styles > Heading 1 > Apply ‘Heading 1’ to set that section up as one of your first headings. 97d37c92-249d-4951-9841-88a61db199dc.png
  3. Do the same for the rest of the sections in your document by choosing its respective heading number. headings.png
  4. Now click the refresh button on your Table of Contents panel. 5.png
Learn new improvements released by Google for Google Calendar. Noted in this article are simple tips and tricks that can make your everyday use of Google Calendar better.
With voice direction tools, various map viewing styles, the ability to get directions for different means of transportation and great service, Google Maps is simply one of the best navigations app in the market. 
However, over the past year, an app called Waze has quickly gained the attention of smartphone users. Waze is a community-based GPS navigation system that uses data given by people active on the app to figure out real-time traffic updates, faster routes, obstacles on the road and much more. Waze is unique in that it is constantly updating in real-time to give the user the fastest route to arrive at their destination.
Google acquired Waze in the summer of 2013. Although Google Maps now uses data from Waze, there are still many differences between the two apps. This article will go over the benefits of using Waze as well as how it compares to Google Maps.

Real-Time Navigation

Although Google Maps now pulls its data from Waze, the app still does not pick or change routes in real-time like Waze does. While you are on a route, other users on the app can report traffic and other delays. The app will then let you know if there is a quicker route available for you to take. You can now beat hours of traffic by taking backroads and other detours.
The app also lets you know how long the stop-and-go traffic will take. Instead of just showing a red line indicating heavy traffic, it will tell you how long it will take to pass the traffic.

Coordinating with Friends

Last month, Google released a new update for Google Sheets. This new update offers new ways to visualize and analyze data. Use this article to learn how to take advantage of the new tools now available for charts, cells and collaboration with Google Sheets. 

Change the Shape of Data Points

In a line or scatter graph, you can change the shape of your points with the new update.
  1. Create a graph with data points.
  2. Go into edit mode. 1EditMode.png
  3. Click on any point on the graph and a toolbar will appear.
  4. From here you can choose a shape from the dropdown menu. 2Plots.png

Add Data Labels to your Graph

You can now show the precise value of bars or points.
  1. Create a bar or line graph.
  2. Go into edit mode.
  3. Click on any point on the graph and a toolbar will appear.
  4. Select the data label icon.
  5. Choose Value from the dropdown menu. 3Value.png
  6. Your points will now be labeled on your graph with the exact value. 4Valueee.png

Preview Formula Results

You can now use a feature to help catch formula errors quickly. This new tool allows you to preview formula results as you type.
Once you add a formula into a cell, the preview will be down right above it before you even click enter. 5Preview.png 

Filter by Conditions

With the new update, you now have conditions that you can filter your rows and columns by.
  1. Select the column you would like and select Filter from the toolbar above. 6Filter.png
  2. After you select the dropdown menu from the column, choose Filter by condition.
One of my favorite tools to use with Google Drive is the offline access. Setting up offline access for Google Drive makes it easier for users to edit and view their docs, sheets and slides without Internet connection. Follow these steps to learn how to keep your documents synced and on your phone or desktop without needing access to the Internet.
Keep in mind that you must be using Google Chrome as your browser to turn on offline access from your desktop.

Google Drive Offline Access from Desktop

  1. Visit your Drive by signing into your Gmail.
  2. Click the gear icon on the top right hand-corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. 1SETTINGS.png
  3. Check the box that says Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline2OfflineSYnc.png

 Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Offline Access from Desktop

  1. Visit your page for Google Docs, Sheets or Slides and sign into your Gmail. For this example I used the Docs page.
  2. Select the Menu icon on the top left-hand corner. 3DocsMenu.png
  3. Select Settings from the menu panel. 4DocsSettings.png
  4. Click the Turn on link under the Offline sync section. 5DocsOfflineSync.png
  5. The link will redirect you to a new page. Choose Enable Offline6DocsEnableOffline.png
  6. You can now access the documents of your choosing offline. 

Google Drive Offline Access from Mobile Device

  1. Download the Google Drive app on your device.
  2. Sign into your Gmail account through the app.
  3. Select the Info button next to the document you want to have access to offline. 7DriveMobileInfo.PNG
  4. Use the toggle in the Keep offline

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.