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Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.

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What is the process within Google Chrome to change the homepage to the list of the most recently visited websites?

Modern healthcare requires a modern cloud. View this brief video to understand how the Concerto Cloud for Healthcare can help your organization.

Where within the Gmail admin console can the external DNS mail exchange (MX) records be changed for an organization using Gmail for its email?
I have an application that creates an xml file with marker information.  It pulls the text for the info window, but I can't get it to show the picture links as pictures or links. When i add anything to the code to define the links, it breaks the whole map.

Here is my code snippet:
ownloadUrl("phpsqlajax_genxmlx.php", function(data) {
        var xml = data.responseXML;
        var markers = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("marker");
        for (var i = 0; i < markers.length; i++) {
          var name = markers[i].getAttribute("name");
          var fulladdress = markers[i].getAttribute("fulladdress");
          var beds = markers[i].getAttribute("beds");
          var type = markers[i].getAttribute("type");
          var drg = markers[i].getAttribute("drg");
          var providernumber = markers[i].getAttribute("providernumber")
          var telephone = markers[i].getAttribute("telephone")
          var owner = markers[i].getAttribute("owner")
          var ImpactofReadmissions = markers[i].getAttribute("ImpactofReadmissions")
          var ReadmissionsAdjustmentFactor = markers[i].getAttribute("ReadmissionsAdjustmentFactor")
          var PneumoniaCases = markers[i].getAttribute("PneumoniaCases")
          var COPDCases = markers[i].getAttribute("COPDCases")
          var ExcessReadmissionRatioforPneumonia = markers[i].getAttribute("ExcessReadmissionRatioforPneumonia")
          var employees = 

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What is the process to permanently delete a Gmail label (Inbox subfolder)?

I have googled this and when I hover my mouse over the Gmail label (subfolder) I want to delete I don't have any options to delete or remove it.

I have also looked within the Labels section within Gmail and the only option I see there is to hide the label. I need to permanently delete this label. How can this be done?
I’m trying to create a google column chart with Google apps script using a data table in google sheets and I keep getting the following error “Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string”. All the examples have found only use dataTable Array within the script but mine is using data in a separate google sheet.

Here’s the Google Apps Script  I have used:

function doGet(){
   var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('1phbmEm0NE4zrwQn6NnfSU0HNPiFofQryZ4OqrUOB5cA');
   var sheet = ss.getSheets()[0];
   var data = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();
  var dataTable = Charts.newDataTable();
   for( var j in data[0] ) {
      dataTable.addColumn(Charts.ColumnType.STRING, data[0][j]);
 for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
    if (i > 1) {
        var d = new Date(data[i][0]);
        //data[i][0] = d.toJSON().split('T')[0];  
       // data[i][0] = Number(d.toJSON().split('T')[0]  );
  for( var i = 1; i < data.length; ++i ) {
  for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
    if (i > 1) {
        var d = Number(d);
   var dateFilter = Charts.newCategoryFilter().setFilterColumnIndex(0).build();
    var columnChart = Charts.newColumnChart()
    .setTitle('Goals Started vs. Goals Completed')
Please provide me with the best method to audit the Google Drive permissions for a particular user so I can make sure that the files within that user's Google Drive aren't shared with anyone else.
What would be a good tool/solution to export users and groups from authoritative source G-Suite over OpenLDAP and import into Active Directory under one OU in Azure?  Moving from on-premises onto Azure.
What are the options?
A while back my old Phone got some water in its speaker and stopped workikng. I have stories and notes that i had on my quick memo, that i would love if i could retrive.
A company I am going to work for needs to migrate their documents from Google Drive into

We are looking for a good San Francisco Bay Area, CA company or individual to help us perform this migration.

This needs to be done by a local company or individual.

What are the best companies or individuals  in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area for performing  to  a migration from Google Drive to
Our apps team uses Google Analytics to track one of our website for pattern of
usage/access & they requested for access to gmail to receive product tips, advice,
recommendations, training tips   in gmail.

As gmail is a data loss/leakage risk (as users can upload data to it), can Google
Analytics be configured to send emails/tips/recommendations instead to our
corporate Exchange email account instead?

I have no idea/inkling of how Google Analytics work.

Is there any option in gmail to set auto-forwarding ie whenever new emails
arrive in gmail account, it's auto-forwarded to our corporate email?  Any
tool to do this?
Free Tool: Port Scanner
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

That's right, I have a client who wants to deliberately delay emails to their Gmail.

They would like their emails to be delivered every 4 hours instead of it coming down as they get them.

Any suggestions on how to do this?  Or does anyone know if there is a service that does this?

We're currently looking into doing it with Azure Queues but thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone knows of any other way.  Or if there is a way of doing this native to Gmail.

Thank you in advance.
I have an endpoint running Outlook 2013 connected to Google Apps via Imap. The Imap snycing does not work unless we manually download the headers with the download headers icon. The syncing looks like it completes in Outlook but nothing new comes in. After the download headers button is pressed stuff flows in like normal until Outlook is restarted and then the button needs to be pressed again. It doesn't seem to matter how many messages are waiting to sync, it could be 20 or 2, nothing downloads without the button being pressed first. We have tried recreating the Outlook profile and resnycing the data as well as running a repair on Outlook itself.  

Unless we can figure something else we are going to try blowing Outlook away completely and reinstalling fresh. This user is very sensitive to changes, so we are trying to avoid that if possible.
I have Exchange 2016 running on two machines in a DAG.
Sending and receiving mail is fine for everyone except.
If anyone tries to send to a gmail address they get this bounced back (I do have a valid PTR record set up)
Remote Server returned '550-5.7.1 [] The IP address sending this message does not have a 550-5.7.1 PTR record setup. As a policy, Gmail does not accept messages from 550-5.7.1 IPs with missing PTR records. Please visit 550-5.7.1 for more 550 5.7.1 information. n66si97323qka.349 - gsmtp'
Then I go onto the local machine and try to connect to the gmail address using telnet localhost 25
The message I get back there is:
550 5.7.54; Unable to relay recipient in non-accepted domain

The server isn't set up as an open relay.
Searches across google say I have to set up a special connector of some sort, but that seems very odd. Why would gmail require a special connector.

Any suggestions? My users are going nuts because the can't send to gmail.
Sometime ago we had hired a company to develop an app for us, this company completed the task and uploaded the app into Google Play for us. Today this company is no longer inexistence and we are not able to locate the programmers / person in charge.

We are now having problem to remove this application from Google Play, Google Play will not allow us to remove this item as we do not have the necessary to do so. Is there another way? What can we do?

Will/can a new custom Google Apps attribute appear in the Google UI?

Thank you in advance!

Two users

User1 can't email user2 in Outlook

All else working fine

Pop and imap is enabled - which is possible in gmail

Two PCs pop accounts

iPhones - imap

Why can't these users on same .com email each other

Both accounts are white listed in outlook
No odd tools / rules
I created a powerpoint with graphs that has data inputted directly in powerpoint. I have to upload and share this powerpoint with another person through Google Drive. I have a MacBook and the the other person (let's call him B) has a Microsoft. B can download the file from Google Drive and edit the data and graphs. However when B uploads it back onto Google Drive and I download the file, I am no longer able to edit the data. The graphs in the powerpoint returns to me as a picture.

The file I download from them is in .pptx form. We both have Powerpoint 2016.

Please help.
How to define the SMTP OAuth2 for Gmail on an Android 5.1 phone?

On my Windows 10 Phone I have the definition for SMTP like this:

-> smtpa.xxxxxx.yy:465:1

on which the digit 1 means -> SSL/TLS -> regular password

On the Android 5.1 phone for Gmail I should be using something like that, but can't figure what should be the definition in full for OAuth2, for example


on which the digit z should be meaning -> SSL/TLS -> OAuth2

or, am I on some wrong direction with this?

Anyway, the Gmail account do not send any mails on this phone with several different alternatives on this on several trials ...

Please, help, if there is a solution for this.
Hello, i'd like a script that can run automatically that will sync new & updated google contacts onto a pre existing google sheets database.

then maybe even have it sync the other way round as well. so if a user updates a row in the 'sheet' this will update the google contact (but this is not as important as the other way round)

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Technology Partners: We Want Your Opinion!

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I'm working on a document which I plan to share in my google drive.  Rather than send this as a Word document by email and ask people to attach their comments and I receive several non consolidated files, if I did this in Google docs, how would I see the different comments that are added and general edits.  Will I see each user's edits in a different colour, sort of like a track changes feature, so it is clear to me who did what?

I have one main Google calendar, however I work with a few different companies, and have a company email address and calendar for each of them too.

It's impossible to try and keep up to date with all 4 calendars:

Calendar 01 - my main calendar, inc. personal items
Calendar 02 - Company A
Calendar 03 - Company B
Calendar 04 - Company C

01 - I would just like to use Calendar 01 however I don't want to give my personal email address to the other 3 companies
02 - I need the other 3 companies to be able to see my main Calendar 01

Is it possible to link all 4 google calendars up, given that they are all on 4 different email addresses and that I don't want to use my personal email address for the 3 companies?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Thank you considering this question:

I would like to use a single Google Voice account with one phone number which is attached to it's own email account, and a second phone number which is attached to it's own email account.

I would like to be able forward SMS message from the first phone number to the first email address, and forward SMS messages from the second phone number to the second email address.  Is this even possible?

I am hoping to use the Google Voice Android app to be able to make calls from either number.  Is any of this possible, and if so, how could I set that up?
My name appears as 'You' to my contacts on android whatsapp
Can MTKLogger recording make my phone Google play store not to work and also my Facebook.
I have set up outlook with 2 different email addresses listed, but before I realized that the actual emails in each individual sub-folder hadn't been pulled through from my original gmail accounts, I moved a couple of the sub-folders from one account to the other. The names of the sub-folders have transferred from one account to the other, but not the emails that were included in those original folders. Can anyone advise what i can do to get them back? When I open the accounts in Gmail, the sub-folder contents has gone from there too. Oh no! Please help. ;-)

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.