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Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.

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I've uploaded the video with green tick and waited for very long time but still not able view the video online by any user. see screenshot.


Introduction to Web Design
LVL 12
Introduction to Web Design

Develop a strong foundation and understanding of web design by learning HTML, CSS, and additional tools to help you develop your own website.


is this google domain name second login a backdoor?
what is difference between organizational and individual account
I am trying to clear space in my gmail. I have deleted a load of photos and videos in Google Drive.  Having subsequently emptied the Trash, the space used has now gone down from 30GB to 20GB. See the details of my Google Drive usage below. The size of my files stored in Google Drive is ~3GB. I found this out using the Google Drive folder in my windows profile. There are various folders that have been shared with me. One folder has been shared with me but I have write privileges and so I have uploaded some photos to it. Do those photos use up my Google Drive space even though the folder is owned by someone else? (This folder appears in "My Drive" and in the "Shared with me" folder.  All the other folders that have been shared with me appear only in the "Shared with me" folder.)

The main problem that I have is that I am unable to establish where my storage space is being used up, owing to the fact that Google Drive has no "right click > properties" function. I am wondering if there is some kind of Chrome Addon that would enable me to have this kind of function.

Thank you

20.11 GB used
Drive      14.97 GB
Gmail      5.13 GB
Google Photos      0 GB
30 GB total storage
Your plan      0 GB
Provided by your domain      30 GB
I need a function for column K of Sheet1, that says "If the row of Sheet2 contains the same RID number as a row in Sheet1, then fill Sheet1 with the email address located in column K of Sheet2.
i would like to present on a webpage some data from gsheets.

my files is at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iHktd327TyLslLNm1R4aLdwzf1MvWWZYCwirEZgmSxQ/edit?usp=sharing

i am after anything with todays date , and columns A,B,Cand F

i have looked at goole and to be honest got very confused
As a Google Suite admin, how can I see my employees email without using their password?
Hi there. We are wondering about effective methods of migrating Google Apps (GSSMO) mailboxes to Office 365 besides manually downloading PST files in Outlook (connected to their Gmail inboxes) and then uploading them to O365.
import to Google sheet from public link (metabase) or other way, how to import directly from database to google sheet
To whom it may concern

One of my clients have an employee that has left their company and I need to give the manager access to the user’s e-mail account.  
The client uses Google APPS and is on the G Suite Basic Package.  Some of the users have 2 Step Verification enabled on their e-mail accounts.
I am struggling to disable 2 Step Verification for a specific user.  I am logged in as a G-Suite Administrator.  Every time I try to disable 2 Step Verification for the user, the slider just goes back and I receive the following error message at the bottom of the screen.
Failed to turn off two sv for user.  Indicated in red.  I attached a screenshot of the error as well (2SV Error).  I could disable on another user account, but not this one.  I did reset the password, but every time I try to log onto the account, it asks to enter the G-Suite code send to the mobile number.  I have also updated the account with my cell phone number in an attempt that the code will be send to my phone number, but it still keeps sending the code to the original user’s cellphone number.
Please advise how I can disable the 2 Step Verification and gain access to the e-mail account.

Kind Regards
A non-profit in our town wants to be able to have a folder 'in the cloud' that members can create new files, subfolders, edit existing files & folders, with minimal effort from the members ie not make everyone sign up for an account with that service.

Any advice?

I see in onedrive, I can share a link to a file or folder and the person with the link can edit that item.  but if you share a folder that way, you can't create new items in there without having a microsoft account.  If you share a file that way, you can edit an existing file but that's it.

Dropbox? Google drive? box?  Any others?  With a link, you can have free rein in that space to create / edit / delete files and folders?

Yes, not that secure - anyone with the link can get there and potentially do damage.  but the odds are slim and previous versions / backups with protect them from that.

And a service that's free? We're not talking about a lot of files / large amount of storage needed.
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Please, can you help me;
In fact we need to display the google site "www.google.com" in my web page but when we used <iframe> we obtained a white window ;
Do you have any idea to display the google page in my site

code :

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
  <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
  <title>Untitled 1</title>
<p>Click on link bellow to change iframe content:</p>
<a href="http://www.bing.com" target="search_iframe">Bing</a> -
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org" target="search_iframe">Wikipedia</a> -
<a href="http://google.com" target="search_iframe">Google</a> (not allowed in inframe)
<iframe src="http://en.wikipedia.org" width="100%" height="100%" name="search_iframe"></iframe>

Best regards,
How to import live data from redshift (database) to google?
Currently im using metabase as my sql studio or a tool but not able to fetch live data to google sheet to feed my live dashboards
I have one account on google drive, I want to sync two computer to use the same folder.

the sync works and then suddenly stops.

should I use two different users?

or just use dropbox?

The following is an example of network graph from a fusion table:


How can i listen for a click event and then return the name of the node that has been clicked?

I'm a novice here so please bear with me.

I notice that once the page has loaded, it's possible to click and drag nodes around even without an internet connection, so all the data is pre-loaded to the browser.

The following might give some clues: https://developers.google.com/fusiontables/docs/samples/change_infowindow_content

Google Home G-Suite integration.  I know G-Suite calendars are unsupported.  Is there any way around this?  I really want to know my schedule through talking to my Google Home device.
When I try to add a gmail account to my other google apps legacy account I get this error

There was a problem connecting to imap.gmail.com

Server returned error: "Missing +OK response upon connecting to the server: * OK Gimap ready for requests from 2607:f8b0:4003:c06::204 t25-v6mb335741663ooc"
Hasn’t happened but just wondering

If my google drive got hit and all files encrypted can I revert back to last weeks clean files ?

So I’m asking does google drove afford any sort of fall back plan for this scenario ?

I am looking to create a dashboard in google sheets. With functional buttons and charts. Are there many templates out there for Google sheets dashboards?
I use google map and marker to display many locations on the map. However, many location like apartments 1,2,3 to 20 has the same locations and it is very hard on UI experience. Do u know anyway to resolve this map?

On each marker, I also have small detail box to show details info.

I use mvc 4 with razor engine

Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals
LVL 12
Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system that stores and retrieves data when requested by other software applications.

I'm trying to print to a specific printer tray using Google Cloud Print. I'm using the service interface (https://developers.google.com/cloud-print/docs/appInterfaces#submit) encapsulated with C# code (https://github.com/io7/GoogleCloudPrint). My impression is that if I can find a listing of trays from the printer capabilities, I should be able to create a ticket to specify the tray. But, I cannot find an example of how to do this.
Can I replicate a search using the Google Maps API local search with  an iOS MKLocalSearchRequest() ?  For example, using the Google API, making a map search using the keyword "hostels" works correctly. In iOS using MKLocalSearchRequest(), using a naturalLanguageQuery, I just get hotels. Is there a way to fix this?  Or am i forced to use the Google Maps API within iOS?
Not sure is this the right place to post this question. but ya
i got goolge earth pro installed in my laptop which runs windows 10. i tried installing different computers as well, its same issue.

when i try to send a email from google earth pro, it just gives me error message, "google earth was unable to send your email message".
within google earth, i tried to send through gmail and as well through outlook client. both gives same error.

if anyone could help me, would be great.
I have my Google calendar synced to iCal, but so as the Google contacts. I'm asking help on how I can remove/unsyc the Google contacts from my iCal. I only want the birthdays and my calendar schedule synced. Thank you.


I want to use above API to get place = 'rv_park' and my question is if I want to get place type = 'rv_park' in california only.
how can i do that? Basically, I just do not know how to filter by state. I use mvc/c#/razor.

Thank you for your helps in advance.
I have an issue with my Confirmation Email not being received by potential new member. GoDaddy tells me it is because of :


Can some explain what I need to do?

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.