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Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.

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I have two gmail accounts designated to my personal account. These two accounts ( & ( were created and used years ago (maybe 5 years ago). I want to disassociate with these accounts. I do not remember the current password. I have tried to follow the google instructions about logging into the accounts to do this trough the settings, but when I try to recover the account with a new password I get the messages:
"Unfortunately Google couldn't verify that belongs to you."
"Unfortunately Google couldn't verify that belongs to you."
How do I get rid of these accounts once and for all?
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do u know sample code google auto complete address that I can fill the address into different text box like address, city, state, and zip?
I've adjusted plenty of settings but I still receive the following message when attempting add a calendar event and authenticating to Google calendar.

Enable cookies
Make sure your cookies are enabled. To enable cookies, follow these browser-specific instructions.

Clear cache and cookies
If you have cookies enabled but are still having trouble, clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Adjust your privacy settings
If clearing your cache and cookies doesn't resolve the problem, try adjusting your browser's privacy settings. If your settings are on high, manually add to your list of allowed sites. Learn more

Brave browser cookies
What is wrong with this search string on

The below syntax returns standard hdmi cables as opposed to mini-hdmi

1. The search string mini-hdmi to usb-c does not work.
2. The search string "mini-hdmi"+to+"usb-c" does not work.
I'm planning to use the export to Google CSV file to get contacts out of google for manipulating and then re-importing them.

The trouble I see currently is that the photos won't be likely to re-populate.

Does anyone have a tested solution for this?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
I have an annual budget of $1,000. I'd like to spend $20 in January and increase spending each month evenly. By the end of the year I want to have spent the full $1,000.

I'm looking for a formula that I can type into Excel/GoogleSheets that will allow me to enter a $20 in one cell, $1,000 in another, and then automatically populate 12 monthly cells w/ what the monthly budget is for each. Each month should be more than the previous month.
I would like to make use of old label sheets in Google Documents.
A good example might be a sheet of old Avery Diskette Labels #6490.
These labels are a good size and I would like to be able to use them.
However, I don't want to tie this work to a single computer and would, therefore, prefer to do this in a Google Document.
The letter-sized pages come with labels organized in three (3) columns, with five (5) labels per column, for a total of fifteen (15) labels per page.

The side borders before the labels begin are about 1/16 of an inch.
The top and bottom borders before the labels begin are about 1/2 of an inch.
The separation between the first row and the second row and between the second row and the third row is 1/6 of an inch just like the side borders.

I have begun this google document where I am trying to come up with a template for these labels.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Fill Google Spreadsheet with data from Google Contacts

My Google Contacts database is potentially one of the most valuable information resources that I have and I would like to be able to sort and filter it more efficiently.  The built-in options at just don't do enough and exporting and importing is very old-school.

I need to be able to sort and filter them using a Google Spreadsheet instead of being relegated to the minimal options provided within the context of the Google Contacts page itself.  

One option might be to use the Google scripting area under the Tools menu item within the spreadsheet. Assistance is greatly appreciated.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this challenge and I have begun a sheet below to give us a point of reference as I try to find a solution to implement here.
Can a forward be placed on a Gmail account which has been moved the the Vault? (Leaver)

We have many cases raised for a shared mailbox type setup for a leaver's mailbox so that historical email and forwarding can be put in place for another staff member.
Gboard for Android and Windows desktop

I absolutely love Gboard. It works so seamlessly for voice-to-text, and for allowing you to re-use text clippings. The problem is that it only seems to be available for Android and iOS. I don't think there is a way to use it in Windows? This is disappointing, to say the least. Any assistance in finding some way to cross-platform this ability would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a costumer that forwarded her gmails to another user while she was on vacation. I went in the account and tried to stop the forwarding emails but there is no email so I can disable the forwarding but the other user is still receiving the emails.
I have been directed to deploy a group of chrome books (30 or more) by a certain date.  I fear that they will need to be deployed before we can fully set up any sort of admin console to manage them.  In the meantime, is there any way to manage them without an admin console?  I would just want to prevent users from installing apps and changing admin settings.  

Thank you!
Is there a way to track uploads and downloads to Google drive folders to confirm when files are dropped into folders?
We are trying to track and notify when changes occur in shared folders.
any help would be appreciated
Hi I would like to build a google sheet that is able to scrap the gasbuddy website to find prices and record a history of prices at a certain location, for a type of gas.

I've read it is possible using import xml and using an xpath expression.

I think I understand the importxml function - seems basic.

its the xpath expression that is bedoggling me....anyone try this?  

I need to create dynamic Google Charts which gets the data from a DB stored procedure. I have managed to spit out the actual table with the function below.
var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();
            var method = "GET";
            var url = "data.php";
            var asynchronous = true;
  , url, asynchronous);

            //sending ajax request

            // receiving response from data.php
            ajax.onreadystatechange = function()
                if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200)
                    //converting JSON back to array
                    var dataTable = JSON.parse(this.responseText);
                    console.log(dataTable); // for debugging

                    // html value for <tbody>
                    var html = "";
                    // looping through the data
                    for (var a = 0; a < dataTable.length; a++)
                        var categoryValue = dataTable[a].Category;
                        var monthJan = dataTable[a].Month1;
                        var monthFeb = dataTable[a].Month2;
                        var monthMar = dataTable[a].Month3;
                        var monthApr = dataTable[a].Month4;
                        var monthMay = dataTable[a].Month5;

                        // appending at HTML
                        html += "<tr>";
                        html += 

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We are a private lender for borrowers of single-family residential investment properties. Our company uses G-Suites, Drive and Google Apps for Business. We purchase leads from a third-party platform. I am trying to automate the delivery of lead data we receive from them via Gmail, into Google Sheets in Drive so that we have a Lead Database. The leads come in one at a time in HTML and CSV (attachment). We have used email parser workaround, but do not like relying on this solution.

Is there a way to automatically convert the CSV attachment from Gmail, in real-time,  to populate a new row of lead data in a Google Sheet for our Leads? The goal is to get the lead data into Drive and Google Sheets.
a DevOps coworker deployed an application in our environment (I think it’s called an application) in GCP but apparently it needs to be restarted and they left the company.
So I am not a GCP person by any means but I am trying to help since I’m in IT so apparently I must be “the guy”. Sucks.
I know they said it was in Kubernetes. I have admin access to GCP.
It’s not a VM. If I click Clusters, we have 1 cluster.
If I click Workloads, I see the name of the product (we’ll say it’s called BeanCounter).
If I click BeanCounter from workloads, I see 1 managed container pod, and 2 exposing services (1x ingress and 1x ClusterIP).
Is this what I restart?
I tried going into Cloud console and if I run commands to list anything from app to container list it shows 0 items. So I’m not sure what to look for and restart.
Is this making sense to anybody??
Dear Experts

We are having G-suite for email services, would like to set the password policy with 8 character with alfa numeric, caps and special character and also not repeatable of old password and once in every 30 days user should be promoted to reset the password , this should be applicable for all the g-suite users of my domain please let me know on how and where to set this in admin console  , thanks in advance.

We share a Google Sheets spreadsheet with our client.

Is there a way of finding out when the client viewed our shared spreadsheet and for how long?

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Hello all, and Happy Friday!!  
I've been trying to build a useful spreadsheet for a client in Google Sheets that requires three functions I am having difficulty with, and they are so linked together, I am afraid to post them as separate questions.  Here goes:
1) I would like to automatically export data from only one tab (Tab D) of a multi-tabbed daily spreadsheet into one separate new monthly summary spreadsheet. (Outcome: all data from tab 'D' from all (m-f) daily reports appears in a new single summary of that tab for the entire month. So my daily reports have tabs a, b, c, and D, but we get to see a whole months worth of 'tab D' in its own separate monthly report.)
2) In a separate tab in this new monthly summary report, rather than listing the litany of measurements we've made that month and have a clunky, crowded spreadsheet,   I would like to include a drop-down menu that indicates different criteria, and when that items is selected, that function is executed.  I've attached a small sample of what I mean. And lastly,
3) I would like a chart accompanying that selection to appear when selected, if possible.  So in the example I attached, when I click on 'Brand New Member - Did Not Work Out' my desired outcome is that the number of members who signed up for the gym but did not work out would be displayed (that data lives on another tab in this same report) AND that the chart/visual for that data ALSO appears when that item is selected from that drop-down menu...

Need to create a Google apps script to return a filtered view URL based on values in a column. I have a Google sheet for a hundred unique partner IDs and I'd like to limit the view so that they can only view their designated rows (I need their input in just one column of their row(s) and I've protected the whole sheet except that one column).  I'd like to create a filtered view and then use that URL in an email (mail merge process is completely set up already) to request their input. Over 700 rows of data; some partners/people have 2 rows to edit and some have 100 rows to edit. The rows have a column with their partner ID so I thought I could set up a formula to calculate their filtered view URL (and add that info into the mail merge sheet).

1. Would be great to have the Google script
2. Would be less great but a huge help to figure out how to get the relative cell address range formula for the group of rows that have identical partner IDs. I could subsequently use that cell address range to manually cut/paste into a filtered range. I've tried first in Excel with no luck.

Here's what I've tried (per attached image): =CONCATENATE(ADDRESS(2,3),"-",ADDRESS(4,3)) and that returns the cell address range ($C2-$C$4) for the top three rows for the first partner ID. I'm not sure how to do the relative address function to extrapolate to the remaining rows.

What is required so that a Youtube video will play on a website page? I have a website and on one page the Youtube video plays fine but on another page the same video does not play.

On the page that works when I hover over the play button it turns from black to red.

On the page the doesn't work the play button doesn't change its appearance when I hover over it.

When I press play on the page that doesn't work nothing happens.

My website is built using Coldfusion
We are using Gsuite for Business, we have recently had an employee leave who has gone to a direct competitor. It is very likely she sat at home, logged into GSuite and dowloaded loads of useful info prior to leaving.

I have now (yep after the horses has bolted), looked at device approval, and have implemented.

Mobile control seems straight forward, though i dont believe this would be the way we would lose large amounts of data, but desktop seems to rely on endpoint verification which i cannot figure out if it is reliant on chrome only.

So question is - what is most robust way to ensure no member of staff logins from any location on any type of device without my approval first.

I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet shared with a few other people who have edit access.

I would like to hide one of the columns in this spreadsheet as the column is not needed but want to have the ability to unhide if it is ever needed.

1. Is there a way of hiding a column from all people who have access to the Google Sheet spreadsheet but where I am the only one who can unhide the column?
2. Is there a way of entering a column into a shared Google Sheets spreadsheet where I would be the only one who could see the column data?

I am using a powershell script to hopfully cleanup a users email. BUT the setup is very strange to me and foreign. I am hoping someone can make help me figure out a  few things in hopes of getting this matter resolved.

The office is using gsuite sync/Gmail  for their mail backbone but using outlook on their local hardware to interface the mail. One of the users somehow used the guite sync and created multiple profiles and her email now has multiple calendars in her outlook.  I have tried removing them manually but this didnt really fix the issue because she stated  recently there are still some left. I recently downloaded the  "remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 script from MSN and it works but I run into a few items that are a bit beyond my knowledge and or experience and can use some tips and points on how to get this script working. I got most of it figured out but ran into an issue and here it is .....I am curious do I need the autodiscover if the pst and gsm file for outlook and gsuite sync are on lcoal machine? and do I need to point the script to them to scan for duplicate calendar items ?  

PS C:\users\gail.kaplan\downloads\New folder> .\Remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 -Identity gail.kaplan -Type Calendar -Impersonation -DeleteMode MoveToDeletedItems -Mode Full -Verbose
VERBOSE: Loading C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\2.2\\Microsoft.Exchange.WebServic
VERBOSE: Loaded EWS Managed API v15.00.0913.015
VERBOSE: Set to trust all certificates

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.