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Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.

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I briefly had a look at a setup with Hisband wife using google drive and I’m a little confused as I havnt used it beofre.

All folders have a correction mark beside them so they look synced and in order in the PC

I created a test.doc and it says synchronized but seems to have deleted the temp doc $est.doc of the same time 4 Mins ago

Is this normal ?

I wasn’t able to go to the go to the cloud to verify it was there as we didn’t log into the husbands google drive itself
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Setting up a exchange server 2010. routing email though google apps for spam purposes only. I am now receiving emails but if I try to send an email it goes to the users sent items, then hours later I get a delayed message from exchange.
I have configured the outbound connector to point to google.  but the emails are still sitting in my exchange queue, any ideas?
I have around 12 different Gmail email accounts that I use.

Currently, I have to click on the gray circle with the initial in it (in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail) and then select whichever other Gmail email account I want to open or log in to (or click the Add account button).

There are also times when I don't have the Gmail webpage open and I want to launch my Gmail for an account that is different than the email account that I last opened. So I have to click on my Gmail shortcut, wait for Gmail to load my main email account and then click on the gray circle and select the other account I would like to open.

Is there any way I can simplify this process by saving a URL below my Chrome address bar that will automatically load the particular Gmail email account I want to open? If so what is the process or URL address that needs to be saved within this favorite that will launch the Gmail email account that I want to open?

Also if particular Gmail email accounts can be launched by using a particular URL address then I can have Chrome default to opening several tabs with each tab containing a different Gmail email account every time that Chrome is launched.

Being able to do this will save me quite a bit of time.

I would like to use online "Map" service like Google Earth, Google Map, and etc. in order to display about 1000 customer locations on the map.
It is for the internal use, so I do not want to share the data on public, so that our sales staffs can use the tool for analyzing the route or location to set their sales strategies.

Could you share with me how to accomplish it and what are the actual steps?

Thank you,
I read below url and basically saying I have to use Google Form to insert data into Google Sheet. Is it true?
I have my own web form for data entry., do you know there is a way to use my web form to insert data into Google Drive?

Overall, I just want to have some free service to the people and store the data in the cloud.

Google Sheet.

I'm looking to setup a trigger alert service based on images from an ip security camera. I want to alert if some objects are present during a specific time window. The objects are bins, the time window is during the night, and i have put reflective material on the bins so you can easily see the marks on the IR of the camera, see attached.

example ip camera image
I could use iSpy to set this up, but i'd like to use a google script running the check. i can pickup the images with a google script, so i "just" need to be able to perform a check on the image. In my case the average brightness within a specified rectangle of the image would be enough info. I guess i need to call some kind of image processing tool for this, as i'm probably not looking to do all the coding from scratch.

Any suggestions? I'm new to scripting with google so any example code would be great.

Many thanks
I am trying to send curl requests to google batches api, but i get an error (resource(2) of type curl).

Google Batch Documentation:

Here is my code:
function buildMixedRequest() {
    $CAL_BASE_URL  = '';
    $CAL_BATCH_URL = '';        

    $ch = curl_init( $CAL_BATCH_URL );

    $events = array();
    $events[] = array( 'calendar_id' => 'primary', 'BookingRef' => '#1', 'StartDate' => '2018-06-6T09:05:00', 'EndDate' => '2018-06-6T11:05:00' );
    $events[] = array( 'calendar_id' => 'primary', 'BookingRef' => '#2', 'StartDate' => '2018-06-7T11:05:00', 'EndDate' => '2018-06-7T11:55:00' );  

    $calendar_id = 'primary';
    $access_token = '{my_token_here}';
    $boundary = 'batch_' . uniqid();
    $data = '';

    //$data .= "--" . $boundary . "\r\n";
    //$data .= 'Content-Type: application/http';

    // Add batches
    foreach ( $events as $event ) {
        $data .= "--" . $boundary . "\r\n"
            . 'PUT ' .  $CAL_BASE_URL . $calendar_id . '/events' . "\r\n"
            . 'Content-Type: application/json' . "\r\n"
            . 'Content-Length: ' . strlen(json_encode($event)) . "\r\n";
        $data .= json_encode($event) . "\r\n\r\n";

    // Headers
    $headers = array(
        "Authorization: Bearer " .  $access_token,
        "Content-Type: multipart/mixed; 

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How to send large files for free?

I use WeTransfer but that limits files to 2 GB.

What other free options allow a large filesize?

Researching on options between G-Suite vs. Office 365 email.      
Anyone can comment on drawbacks and benefits?  Also wondering the pricing structure and difference would be.  

Loaded question I know and I can comment if any follow-up questions.
I currently upload finish line pictures from races I time to Google + and share the gallery with race finishers so they can find their picture.  I would like to take that a step further and share each finishers individual picture with them.  I believe Google Vision has the technology to do that...albeit for a pairing participant bib number with bib in the image.  Is anyone familiar enough with this api to give me some direction as to how to do this?  Also, any idea how this product is priced?
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Is it possible to setup offline file sync within Google File Sync within Windows?

We would like to be able to store and sync our documents on our local Windows 10 computers rather than solely having to access these files within the Google File Stream Cloud.

If this is possible how can it be done?
We have Google Tag Manager tracking code scripts installed on this landing page that we created a while back:

These are the specific instructions that we followed exactly:

However, .. the page is for some reason not loading or displaying  correctly in any of these browsers that I've tested it with (on a Windows 10 PC):

IE 11

The only browser that I've been able to get the page to load and display correctly in is Firefox Developer Edition v61.

Although you can view the underlying source code without any problems (and you'll see that there are many different javascript libraries being loaded), the only "invisible" stuff that's going on under the hood is PHP-based session management .. which I've already tried removing, .. though it didn't make any difference whatsover:


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Why is this happening?  The only clue I came across with this message in the console when trying to load the site in Chrome -- although I'm having a hard time translating it:

VM32:2 A parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script,, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this …
Has anyone had any success challenging a Google Review (on G. Places/G.Maps) that is fake, and having it removed?
(I have a new client that has 2 reviews, from 2 different "people". The reviews are identical, one is from someone in Pennsylvania & the other is in Indiana. And my client runs a local business in California, a Doctors Office. Fairly obvious both reviews are fake).  

Along the same lines, if that fails, are there other options, like:
- Adding a comment from the Owner
- Ditching that Google Places account and start over fresh?
Is there any way of accessing or reopening websites that had been previously opened within Google Chrome tabs before Windows 10 was restarted?

A Windows 10 user says he had around 95 tabs opened within Google Chrome before he did a restart (without exiting or closing out of Google Chrome).

Now after his computer has rebooted he has relaunched the Google Chrome web browser but none of these previously opened websites have reopened.

Is there any way of getting these websites to reopen?

Or is there any way we can go to get a list of the URLs that had been previously launched?
Hello, I have google suite customer that has about 30 users and the owner wants me to force everyone to change their email password. I haven't found a place that I can force the entire organization to do a password reset nor a way to go to each account and force a password change the only thing I could think of is send out an email telling everyone that we are planning on doing a password reset on a date and time your password will be abc12345 and when you enter that password it will force you to change it to a password of choice. This idea just seems like I am creating a morning full of phone calls. Also was going to send an email with instruction on updating email password for android and IOS prior to doing this to cut down on the calls for that issue.  Any thoughts on a better way or something I may not be thinking of?
Looking for a shared worksheet via web that various people can work with at the same time.  Is there something out there similar to this? Or maybe a confuiguration in a google apps already available.  We have 3 supervisors that send worksheets everyday of sales and the admin checks them and fixed them reply etc.  The problem is the wait to get the numbers.  Some a tool like this maybe? Or a web excel?  The point is the admin wants to see it without waiting to receive emails, what’s to connect to somewhere see the info (though entered or not entered by supervisor)
I have a single folder of email inside of AOL that I want to transfer over to Gmail. I have a small blue icon on my desktop that I click to sign-in to AOL.

What is the process to complete this?
Is there a way of modifying the Gmail view to list emails sequentially instead of grouping emails together when I view my emails within the website?

I would rather have each individual email listed as a separate email rather than having all replies and forwards to my original email grouped within the original email.

How can this be done?
Hello, I have a google apps user that I have setup using outlook 2016 using the Gmail Imap setting everything has worked well but we have just noticed that some of the mail on the google mail server right when the google account was set up is not in outlook 2016 how can I force outlook to do a full sync of all mail. The user doesn't use the Gmail web interface so they can't see the old mail from that time.
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I'm on Android and my Gmail for one particular email won't give me push notifications on my phone like my other ones do. I've duplicated the notification settings my other emails have, yet I still get no notifications for that one particular email.
Is there a way I can set up Windows 10 to give me an audible alert when I get a new Gmail email?
Someone sent a customer of mine some pdf documents but she cannot download the files She is getting an error saying that, "Were sorry but your Gmail account is temporally unavailable.  (See the attachment)  How can we resolve this issue?
I seem to be unable to easily add a new gmail contact via  I don't want to manage this externally (like through Outlook, and have to pay monthly, or have multiple copies of stuff and sync issues). I want to go to the site to check mail if at all possible and manage all mail and contacts at from there.

If I go to and mouse-over the name of the sender of an email, I then see a modal window with the senders name and his email address in it which is helpful. Also in that same modal window, I get three choices along the bottom.

1. View this contacts details
2. View recent emails with this contact
3. Email this contact

Obviously I would want to view this contacts details in order to add additional information about the contact to the database. make notes about the contact, etc.

However, it does not find any details or have any easy method of adding it.

How can I improve the process of adding usefull information to new contacts that come in via email?
In the past week I had two clients that a spam email was send out from their email to all their contacts. Thy wanted to notify all their contacts that this was a spam and not open or reply, just delete.

The simple way would be, sending out an email to all their contacts, but when google seas such kind of activity from one email sending out to this many email addresses it will mark it as spam or block it.

What I did, I export all contacts and was looking for a company that will not charge monthly since I don’t need a monthly plan [have no issue to pay on the project], most company’s I googled charge monthly at it’s designed for marketing project. I found a company which gives up to 2500 emails free. But 1- most email landed in spam 2- it’s difficult to use it for such type of task, it’s designed for marketing with lot of fields to fill out, make the work complicated and slows the process. And in  this case we need quick and simple action.

I am sure there is a quick and efficient way to handle such cases, any advice?
android7. i want to use my phone and not a computer
contacts are saved under an email address but i have multiple email addresses. i can edit name and phone number fields but can not edit email address. If i saved contact under wrong email address I need to start over. delete and resave contact

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software. It includes Google’s popular web applications including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs. While these products are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work adds business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain and storage for documents and email.