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On our website we have a common footer for all pages. So the footer is defined once and called in each html page. The code for this is given below.
Now my question is will googlebot consider the contents of footer ? Because when I checked in serach consol and tried to fetch as google, it did not show me the contents.

**Footer opt1**
=================================================== -->
        <div id="footer_offer"></div>

        <!-- Scroll to top -->
        <a href="#" class="scroll-top"><i class="fa fa-angle-up" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>

        <!-- jQuery first, then Popper.js, then Bootstrap JS -->
        <script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>
        <!-- Header - Footer Script -->
JavaScript Best Practices
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JavaScript Best Practices

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does google webmaster tools require javascript on every website page for tracking

where is javascript code in google webmaster tools
google webmaster tools
only want
non www website

dont want www website
I have completed a 301 Redirect via cPanel using my affiliate link.  I have two questions.  

How to do I get my website ranked on Google?  I have added the website to Google Analytics.  One problem is that I was unable to verify it via Search Console.

And, the second question is how do I advertise since it is showing up as Spam to the Search Engines and Social Media websites?
we have a client with 8 desktops. They all share a single google email. They also use google drive. There is no server just stand alone. They all use outlook.
What they want is an archive solution for archive emails that they can all access. So far we have archived to google drive which keeps stopping , failing to sync. I think in reality its not supported but wonder if any experts have got this working?
I am using Google Maps API version 2.

I need to cusztomize the Google map zoom effect as in this below video:

Open in new window

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note: The zoom effect will be visible when user selects a country name from a select box.

Is there a simple way to save/move an iTunes movie to Google Play to watch it on a Chromecast? Right now, the iTunes movie does not give me the option to stream to Chromecast.

Any recommendations welcome.
Hi All,

Is there a practical way to backup data from operational server to backup server or public storage like google drive and etc.

Thank you.
Hi ,

I am Rajeshwari i have a issue in my mobile its Samsung j7 prime my problem is im not able to  install my google app when i go to google play store it says " you cannot install this app because another user has already installed an incompatible version on this could you help me to install the app its getting very difficult.
I got an error in the Google Search Console stating "URL not in property."  Now, I have added my website to Google Search Console and verified it.  I do not have any stats in my Google Search Console other than the sitemmap info but in my Google Analytics I have data.  Can someone help me with this error?
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Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

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This should be worth more than points, but here goes.

I have a client who does business with law enforcement and the military.  This company is currently using gsuite for email.  The owner saw a documentary about how google mines his emails for data to sell to third parties and he went ballistic.  To prove the point, we created a new account in gsuite and sent out a couple of emails referencing a fictitious camera by make and model, and we threw in a lens by size.  Within about three minutes, we were receiving ads for this make of camera and lens.  Then, within about five mins, we started getting promo email in the mailbox from B&H photo and others about that make of camera and lens.  The specific model we used wasn't referenced, but that make was.  So, it was clear to him that google is mining the email and he doesn't like it.  That's a lot of typing to say we want to change email providers.

So, the owner reads about Proton mail and I do some research.  I'm not liking the mail living in the cloud and I'm not excited about the mail living in another country either.

In my mind, if you really want to own your email, you need to host it on prem and exchange is the way to go.  I only say that because I'm an exchange guru.  So, the question becomes, if I host the mail in house, on exchange, can I encrypt it?  IF yes, how?  Do I use an appliance like Barracuda or what?

Looking for some feedback on options here.  Options for encrypting email sent by exchange.

I am trying to implement a GScand connection from VBA to Google Sheets using their tutorial ( and need help with what I hope is the final step to the puzzle.

I have created my credentials and copied them into GSpreadCOM.config as per the tutorial. The tutorial says that they're "exposing the API into COM, so you have freedom to use our component wherever you have used MS Excel API before, including scripts and applications. You don’t need to make new scripts from scratch or rewrite old programs with the new Google API usage. Just instantiate our COM object instead of Microsoft Excel and our component will do the rest:

1 --- Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
2 +++ Set objExcel = CreateObject("GSpreadCOM.Application")"

The example they provide is
Set objExcel = CreateObject("GSpreadCOM.Application")

objExcel.Visible = True
objExcel.Cells(1, 1).Value = "Test value"

objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Save "test.xls"

However when I run that code from a Module it says ActiveX component can't create object. Clearly I am missing something and I am wondering if anyone is able to tell me what?

Cisco ACI (SDN) API for integration with cloud management platform, google cloud, AWS or etc for my coming project?

My Explanation for your kind clarification:-

1. Uses Cisco CloudCenter Manager user interface or REST API or OpenDaylight APIs (REST) on Northound. Below is the simple diagram and full explanation from Cisco

2. OpenFlow 1.0 / 1.3, OvenVSwitchDB (OVSDB), Netconf/Yang, BGP-LS, PCEP  to programmatically change the configuration of a network device to enable communication on southbound (plug-ins)

3. Network services APIs: Java

Google Home G-Suite integration.  I know G-Suite calendars are unsupported.  Is there any way around this?  I really want to know my schedule through talking to my Google Home device.
Please advise on best way to move files from a regular Google Drive account to a GSuite Drive account.
Please advise on best means/options to enable most reliable two way sync between QNAP TS-453B and Google Drive GSuite Account.  The QNAP provided software options have not been optimal.

Note:  File Stream is not an option as I need files stored on the QNAP to stream via Plex.

I would like to choose the folders(s) to sync and that both changes on the QNAP and Drive account enable changes on both ends.  

Please advise as well regarding other problem to consider when doing this.
I am testing Google Cloud Directory Sync (formerly Google Active Directory Sync) to sync AD users (only) to our G-Suite.

The AD users are polled and have emails ( in their 'mail' attribute.

All AD users already have a G-suite account with the same email.

However, the GCDS simulation log states it will suspend all users?!

What am I missing?

I thought if GCDS sees an existing G-suite account with the same email it would leave it as active?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
When I try to add a gmail account to my other google apps legacy account I get this error

There was a problem connecting to

Server returned error: "Missing +OK response upon connecting to the server: * OK Gimap ready for requests from 2607:f8b0:4003:c06::204 t25-v6mb335741663ooc"
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Become a Leader in Data Analytics

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website has only one page

how to differentiate it from
when  showing to google

How do you revert back to a previous version of Google Chrome?

Sometime yesterday I noticed a change in the appearance of Google Chrome, in that the address bar now has a light blue border as shown in the following screenshot:

My current version of Google Chrome:
However, sometime later I went to join some friends playing a game at a website called (where players compete as snakes of different colors and sizes). However, after beginning to play, I noticed that the game image was jiggling or shaking to the point that I had to turn it off. The frame of the window itself does not move but the entire image (background and players) trembles as you might expect a picture on the wall to tremble during an earthquake.

The shaking movement is accompanied by a significant lag. I have experienced lag issues in the past but they always manifest as a sudden freeze for 2-3 seconds followed by a catch-up burst to put everything into its real-time position.

Interestingly, the shaking and lag become much worse by going into a congested area (ie the more snakes in the field of view, the worse the movement), and is almost nonexistent if you are in the outskirts with no one else around.

I've searched Google quite a bit for a solution and have tried each of the following:

• Zoom in/out
• Restart Chrome
• Restart computer
• Empty the Chrome history
• Chrome > Show advanced settings > scroll down to…
I have an "hMailserver" running.
It has two jobs:
1. receive "local" emails, which are stored on that machine as ".eml" files and are processed by some software
2. relay emails addressing an external address to be sent out to the internet

The concept is basically working fine.
However, I have problems of getting the relayed emails accepted by the recipient's provider.
From Microsoft I get "banned email". From Google I don't get any message, but the email does not arrive.

The machine (running hMailserver) is sending above emails from a machine, which has no certificate.
Is that a possible reason?
Or do I have to configure something in addition?

Many thanks for any help
how does the IP targeting work technically?

I understand the concept of IP targeting, Geo targeting .  Many companies are providing this services, all of those website say the same words-----get the IP address first, then push the banner ad to consumer.  but I just don't understand how to actually push the banner ad to the specific IP address? with the help of Google? ISP? How can I do a test to push an image to my personal Ip address? can I setup an account with google to try it ?
I have a .htaccess file that forces the website to go to

So no matter how you type it, http://www, www, or whatever configuration it will always take the user to

I am getting this message when going into Google analytics. Does this have to do with the fact that I have 2 domains in google console? What is the best thing to do regarding this message?

Property YourSite is receiving data from redundant hostnames. Some of the redundant hostnames are:

Redundant hostnames are counted as separate rows in reports, so hits that are going to the same page on your site from different hostnames will be split into multiple rows. With data split across multiple rows, traffic to specific pages will appear lower than it actually is.

To avoid this problem, consider setting up a 301 redirect from one of your redundant hostnames to the other, or create a search-and-replace filter that strips "www." from hostnames.

Google Tag Assistant Recordings can help you verify that your redirect is setup correctly, or that your filter is working as intended.
Google has recently stated that they'll prevent 'tech support' services from advertising through Google Ads (ie. Adwords):

A few Google Searches in, I'm not seeing that they're being very restrictive in this:

tech support searches
Hopefully at the very least they're starting by restricting display ads that tell you your drivers are out of date.
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by:Scott Fell, EE MVE
That’s why in the coming months, we will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use our platform to reach consumers.

They must have read Craig's post

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by:Lucas Bishop
Craig's reach is inspiring.






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.