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A while ago I made a change in the settings/preferences in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  Now, when I go to close a document it pops up with a dialog box asking what to do with the hidden information.  I don't want it to pop-up every time I close a document; it is so frustrating.  I changed something, but don't know what I have searched the Adobe forum and Google and cannot find a setting to change.
How to prevent this pop-up on SAVEPicPick-1514.png
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Can please some one tell me what is the purpose  of Sysadmin.dll file , I tried to find from Google Guru but did not get clear answer
How do you export all Google earth data from an old pc and import it to a new pc?
The Form with the 2 filters (left) & the resulting query (right)Hi experts,

We have a Query in Access that brings information from multiple tables & Queries together.
But this merge now needs to dynamically narrowed down based on 2 fields/criteria's. The last is then needed in Excel to create reports (pivot tables stuff).

Since Excel doesn't have the easy filter formula like Google Docs. I thought of creating the 2 dynamic filters in Access based on the following YouTube video.
They called it a "Form-Based Parameter Query - Dynamic Queries".
It shows the results just like I want.

But then I face the following challenge. The results from this "Form based Parameter Query" I automatically want in Excel through a Power Query refresh.
Without the "Form-Based Parameter Query - Dynamic Queries" I was able to bring the data from that query in Excel. But then without the 2 filters.

But since I made the "Form-Based Parameter Query - Dynamic Queries" in Access, Excel Power Query gives error" [Expression.Error] The key didn't match any rows in the table." when refreshing the query. When I want to recreate the Power Query in Excel, it now doesn't show the Query from Access that is attached to the "Form based Parameter Query".

What solutions are there in such situation?
Hi experts,

In Google Sheets I use validations most of the time, based on a column in another sheet.
In Excel 2016 I want to achieve the same. It does give me a dropdown list to select a value from, for example: the validation source =DB_data!$AD2:$AD5000. It starts from row 2 because that is where the data starts. To make this list dynamic, meaning: if we add more records to this list, it is included automatically in the validation.

However, in Excel, it also shows blank cells in the dropdown validation field.
How can we remove the blank cells from the validation dropdown list?
Validation dropdown list shows blank cells in Excel 2016
I have two Google Sheets. Sheet1 is categorizing the "Places" from Sheet2. I want to populate the "Categories" column on Sheet2 with all the headers from Sheet1 whose columns contain the given "Place". For example, the "Categories" cell for "Alabama" should contain "Bands, States" (or whatever concatenation format can be done).
I have a client with a regular gmail email account (not corporate). They get their emails on three different devices - their Android phone and in Outlook 2013 on two different computers. Because they want to have the email on all three devices I have set up the accounts as POP rather than IMAP so that if they delete an email on one device it remains on the other devices. The phone appears to be working properly and does not affect the two computers with Outlook. However, If they get a new email and Outlook is open on computer #1 they receive it in the Inbox but when they open Outlook on computer #2 they do not get the email. The same happens if they first get the mail on computer #2 then they will not receive it on computer #1. Both computers are in the same location and behind the same router.  I have gone into their webmail gmail account and looked at the settings under "forwarding and POP download" and it is set to "keep gmail's copy in the inbox". Like wise in Outlook on both computers it is set to "leave a copy on the server" for 14 days.

I do not know where else to look to make any changes or why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
When I look at my site url in wordpress I see that when I have a category page, no matter what the middle of the url is, wordpress still loads the correct category archive based off the last folder on the url


will return the same posts as

Even thought gibberish is not a valid category on my site.

A. Is there anything to do to stop that and it should return a 404 when the middle category doesn't exist

B. Somehow the google crawler, it picking up on this problem and my site is generating duplicate categories in the link so my crawl directly is just growing exponentially. How can I stop that?

The list is showing


I'm coding javascript in Brackets on a Macbook, but I'm going out to my Safari and refreshing to see if my code works.

Anyway, there is a 'live preview' lightning button on the side, that seems more efficient, but it claims it needs Google Chrome to work.

If I install chrome on my MacBook with Safari, will that be a mess? Do they collide?

Will the live preview in Brackets work as intended? What should I do? Does it fire up the index.html?

Google Chrome unresponsive.  Icons do not work.  Reloaded Google chrome from scratch and not difference.
OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks
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OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks

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Cannot access my google groups.  Keep getting error  - The page you requested is invalid.
The returning URL is -

I found several instances of this error on Google all say that Groups is turned off and points you to this KB article,  
However, it is already turned on
There should be some log, that I can access that tells me what is specifically what is wrong but I cannot find it.

Need some help with this
Hi -- I have a laptop with a docking station.  I'm trying to create two hardware profiles for the laptop -- Docked and Undocked. When I google this, everyone seems to recommend the following steps:

1.  Open System utility from Control Panel.
2.  In the System utility, select the Hardware tab, then click Hardware Profiles.
3. This opens the dialog box in which the active profile (the one currently being used) is listed as (Current).
4. The default profile highlighted at startup is determined by the profile's position in the Available Hardware Profiles list.
5. To set a profile as the default, select it, then click the up arrow until the profile is at the top of the list.

I don't see a "Hardware Profiles" tab (step 2 above)...or anywhere in Control Panel on W10.  I'm running W10, Version 1909.

Any suggestions?  

We have a situation where our IPS and sometimes our SPAM filter blocks specific IP addresses that are sending mail from GMail and Google mail. In every instance these blocked IP's are on an Internet black list. Googles' solution is to white list these servers and any other Google servers (literally thousands of them), this is insane to me. I am sure others have encountered this situation and I am wondering how do you handle it.
Need Facial Recognition for thousands of family photos

I have tens of thousands of family photos and need a Facial Recognition solution to help me organize them and access them by person.

I recall Picassa was pretty good, but hear it's been replaced by Google Photos.

Is I use Google Photos, do the photos remain on my disk? (I prefer that).

What other tools should I consider besides Google?

Lastly, I also hear that if you "invested" energy into Picassa by training it to recognize people, that work is deprecated and no longer usable from Google Photos. Is that true?

Can I adhere to a standard and protect myself from Google making another change and leaving all the training I expect to do in the dust?

Let me give you a scenario and please explain to me whats happening?  On google drive I have 4 folders called Clients, Forms, Apps and Checks.  They all show up on my google drive just fine and I'm sharing it with others.   Somehow it seems the Clients folder is also located in the Forms folder and its certainly the same one.  How is it that its showing up as a main folder in My Drive but at the same time located in the Forms folder?  Is this a sharing or permissions issue or is it marked as a favorite folder somehow?  How do I fix this issue.
How to change the playback speed on my iPhone 6s+
All the helpful tips I find on Google want to refer to "iPod" or "Podcasts".  But when I search on my iPhone, I don't see either ipod or podcasts.
I want to play a .mp3 audio course at a faster speed.

Thanks a lot.
Given the turf wars between Firefox and Google over how they handle and display "secure" web sites, are EV SSL Certificates of any value any more?  

To the general public user that is; I know the CAs think they are of value!

The green bar of IE was nice in its day but that has long gone. A LetsEncrypt certificate site looks pretty much the same as an EV certificate site now to all intents and purposes. I mean, how many users are actually checking this - real world users that is, not us.

And are there any policies enforcable by anything that would prevent accessing a NON-EV certificated site?
Hello, is there any new updates or anything going on, I got two separate customers that are G Suite customers that use Outlook 2010 / 2019 and I am getting a few users that are saying they are starting to get normal emails going into their spam folder. Some of the emails are from users organization and in their contact list but something is starting to send more emails into the spam folder, I am wondering has Outlook done some sort of update or is something else going on or by chance more than one customer is experiencing the same problem?
Hi Experts, in Google sheets the filter function/formula is easy to use. Am using it for months now.

I was expecting the same in Excel. However, the Excel that we are using doesn't has the filter function. The function we found with filter in it's name is FilterXML.

Excel is being used for a remote production area. So no access to internet.
What formula alternatives are there? Or how can I find a formula like filter in Excel?
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How to Generate Services Revenue the Easiest Way

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The Google Chrome cannot be open.

I did cleaning up all temp folder (%temp%, and under \windows); and The chrome still does not open.

I restart the laptop for the pending "windows update"; and the chrome still does not open.

Then, I try to uninstall the google chrome at “programs & features”, but failed.

Hi Techs.  I am in a new role and am using Google Sheets.  I needed to make a template for my daily report. So I made a copy of the the sheet with its' tabs, deleted the data, saved that as my Template, and the original data was completely blown away.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

* I was able to get the entire deleted sheet back by using File > "Version History" > and then saving the last version I worked on.

Thank you,
(And final for now as I dont want you to hate me for bothering you too much today ^^)

Hello the experts,

I'm not good with VBA but I use it a lot, I usually record some stuff then ask my friend  google about what I can't get recorded. I know all my macros are probably very weak but as long as I'm the only one at risk it's not an issue. But this time some colleagues are interested and I don't want to "sell" them a rotten file. So... Would you please have a look on my macros and let me know if you see something that should be improved so I can share my file with good chances it will work for other people ? Your corrections are obviously welcome, but also your advices to help me understand why I should do this and not do that...

Thank you very much for your help, Kind regards,



MACRO 4 : this is the specific macro for this specific file, basically it deletes this column, format this other one with help from the previous macros, and gets a lot of boring stuff does in a few secondes. It tooked 2mn to run when I did it first, then I improved it with some help here and there... And now it does the job in 3-5s. I dont copy it all, just the structure and a few examples so you can tell me what I should pay …
Hello the experts,

I'm not good with VBA but I use it a lot, I usually record some stuff then ask my friend  google about what I can't get recorded. I know all my macros are probably very weak but as long as I'm the only one at risk it's not an issue. But this time some colleagues are interested and I don't want to "sell" them a rotten file. So... Would you please have a look on my macros and let me know if you see something that should be improved so I can share my file with good chances it will work for other people ? Your corrections are obviously welcome, but also your advices to help me understand why I should do this and not do that...

Thank you very much for your help, Kind regards,



MACRO 2 : I use this one A LOT too, also "on the go" or within others macro. It's simple, whenever I got any error with numbers stored as text, I just click on the column and launch this :

Sub TextToNumbers()
    ' ToNumbers Macro
    ' Converts the selected column to numbers (when numbers stored as text)
    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
    With Selection
        Selection.NumberFormat = General
        .Value = .Value
    End With
End Sub
Hi everybody.
So, I have a multilanguage website. Default language is spanish and supported languages are italian and english.
I'm now working on keywords and Google Keyword Planner gave me different results depending on the language. I mean, I get keywords groups with a similar meaning but that are not the literal translations.
For instance in spanish I get
necesito una pagina web para mi empresa
. Its literal translation in english would be
I need a website for my company
But in english, Google returns
creating a website for your business
as a keyword highly competitive.

Since SEO strategies teach to write text inserting keywords smoothly, building correct phrases, my spanish text will be a lot different from the english one, that is the english page won't be a literal translation of the spanish one. The substance will be the same but the form will be significantly different.

My question is: is this acceptable in a multilanguage website?

Hope my question be clear enough...
Thank you
In outlook, not worries, but in both the Samsung and Google Calendar I get duplicates.  I have unclicked all calendars and no matter which one I select I get exact duplicates for every event.  I deleted outlook from phone, no difference.  I have restarted.  I have made sure that there is only one email account for the office 365 source calendar.  

In short, if I start with blank calendar and click anyone claendar, I get duplicate events.