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I google drive backup a safe backup solution?
Hi Experts

My client has Google Analysts for 2 primary domains, and I have a custom carts in other sub domains.

How do I go about and send purchase info to Google Analytics? Do I need to setup the Product IDs within Google? And, is this even possible considering I'm using sub domains.

The intention is to keep the existing code.
0  Hi, the site has been mobile friendly for some years now, I see their screenshot shows the site sort of off to the side, but I don't see that in Chrome inspector.

Can anyone help me with that? thanks
Hello all, I have been asked to re-brand and create a brand new website for a company that is currently unhappy with their site and the lack of traffic it brings.  Here is the situation, they want a new hosting company to host their new site, using the same domain, using Wordpress.  I understand how to create the new site using Wordpress and implementing Google Analytics, but I have never migrated a site from one host to another host.  Also, their existing site was not created with Wordpress CMS.  So my real question becomes, how would I migrate their website from the existing host to Bluehost Wordpress CMS?  Or is it possible to leave the old site on the old host and create the new one on Bluehost Wordpress and then effectively cut over from one host to the new host?  I would assume you know what I am asking now and I apologize for my lack of knowledge and experience with this situation.  Thank you very much!  Please let me know if you need more information from me.
Hello, I have a user that has g suite account and another pop3 account within outlook 2012, I had to set up the g suite account up using the google sync app so it would have its own inbox and pst file and the other pop3 account had its own mail file and inbox. My problem is today the mail from the pop3 account has started going into the g suite account mailbox, the default data file is the pop3 main pst file. I have tried to switch it to the g suite data file and back with no luck.  Any suggestions on what going on... I thought about setting up a new profile and start with the pop3 account but I can't do that with using the google sync app for outlook, becuase the google sync app creates it own profile.
Hello all, I have built new websites for a few companies that were their very first website, so no prior hosting company or SEO efforts.  In fact, they have only been Wordpress sites hosted with Bulehost.  No I am being asked to build a re-branded website for a company that has had an existing website for years and it showing up pretty well on organic searches from Google.  The domain needs to stay the same.  I have the ability to build a new site for them but I don't know the process in which you switch from the old site to the new site or if they will want to stay with their existing hosting company which is Windstream Communications, LLC.  The other question I have is can I replace their existing website without destroying their SEO position that they have attained?  Is it common to switch hosting providers when a company rebuilds their website or more common to continue with the same hosting company?  Can you guys please help me ascertain what I need to ask from them and what I need to do?  Thank you so much.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by this right now.
Hello the experts,

This is my first post here, please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

Explaning my problem is simple : I use shortcuts a lot, for various reasons, in various places. Each time my PC is changed or reinstalled (which happens quite often with our IT department, if the problem is not easily solved, let's just reinstall the machine !) it's a mess. Some shortcuts are lost. Some shortcuts don't work. Some shortcuts just vanish, pouf, empty file. Question : what could I do to avoid that as much as possible ?

I know the problem is much more complex than the question and it depends what shortcuts we're talking about, what I'm trying to do with them, and so on. But I don't need help on a very specific issue I need to solve. I would like to get global advise, internet references to "shortcut best practices", tricks & cheats, you see the idea.

Then I will study and apply all that next time they reinstall my PC (again...). Then I will probably come back and bother you with my unsolved issues. ;)

A few things that I should probably tell you :
- My machine is an pretty old mobile PC, dell intel core i5 blabla
- My files are ALL either on Onedrive perso, either on Sharepoint
- We use Chrome and are pretty much stuck with it
- My main habit with "local" (but on Onedrive) folders is right click on the file/folder I need on duplicate spots, create shortcut, move the shortcut whenever I need it
- My main habit with internet shortcuts is bring it from…

What are good alternatives for Google and Chrome these days, with focus on security and safety?
Brave Browser, using add Blockers (which ones)?

I am trying to renew our certificate for our Exchange 2016 server through EAC.  However, when I try to create the request file, i keep getting the following error;

Error A special Rpc error occurs on server IQEXG01: The friendly name is too long.  The maximum allowed length is 63 characters

Here is the path I am inputting:  \\XXXXXXX\c$\request.REQ (left out the server name, but that is the number of charaters).  I also created an open share on the c: called 000 to replace the C$, and still, the same error.

Tried a quick google search of this error and I can't find any reference to this specific error.  Not much experience with certificate renewals, so any help would be appreciated.
Google Chrome will not start  on  windows 10 Dell laptop
When I search with few bad words or 2 letters like as, ef, etc., in Google of my website, all were Japenese spam texts with wrong URL's.  The website is built with the latest Laravel 5.6 and running in a 1&1 host. Earlier the website was just HTML based. No specific CMS was used earlier.  I have referred here too, Google Docs   Followed those steps with Google Search Console as well.

How do I prevent this permanently?   When I scan my site, it says no threats or viruses found.
Hi All,

I want to access google drive folder and its files from application, .NET or PHP.

How could I do it?

Thank you.
we have a single exchange mail server which for the most part is working OK. However, we have one client who is trying to email us, and receiving bouncebacks that the account does not exist.

we have an mx record pointing to our mail server as follows :-

On the bounceback we are told :- rejected your message to the following email addresses:

On checking further I notice that we have acquired several google mx public dns records

Our main or primary dns record is still correctly set at

My question is where did all of the google mx records come from, and why this one particular client is having problems getting mail to us when the main mx record points to our mail server correctly? All other mail is reaching us correctly.

Any advice much appreciated.

Say, I have installed Skype on an Android Blackberry KEYONE. It has duplicated my Google Contacts, made an additional contact for Skype and many blank Google Contacts.
Is there a way to reverse this?
Is there a way to set up Skype so that it does not interface with my Google Contacts at all? I do not need it to have access to my Google Contacts.
google chrome cannot show the print preview when the built in pdf viewer is missing
Google remote desktop services

I am working with Google remote services to access a laptop running Windows 8.0.  It works fine except for a black square that appears over the cursor when connected remotely.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?
I am looking to form a local group that gets together to have lunch and otherwise interact, on a daily basis.
I am in search of the right tool to facilitate this type of local communication.

My thoughts so far are in this sheet.

Additional options and your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I have a Google Domain that doesn't have email.

I want to use my Office 365 email account with the Google Domain.

How do I set up my Google Domain to use Office 365 for email?
I have x3 Cisco SPA504g phones and would like to use them as an intercom system. Google and youtube aren't really helping much and was hoping someone here can help??
I created a distribution list using Google Groups, the inbound portion of it works great.  My problem is that when a response goes out it is not forwarded to all members of the group.

If an email comes in for an email address that is group email address it is distributed to everyone in the group, no problem.  On the outbound side, I want for the response to go out to everyone in the group also but that is not happening.

How can I fix that?
Google Chrome Browser: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (32-bit)
Windows OS (10 & 8.1)

The speed of loading web pages in my Google Chrome Browser had become slow. While looking through the advanced settings of the Google Chrome Browser, I clicked on the selection titled: "Manage Certificates". I noticed there are a large number of certificates.

(see Title of this post)
When, if ever, does it become (a) necessary or (b) advisable to remove (delete) one or more SSL certificates?
Is there a method that allows you to easily find "expired" certificates?
What would be the expected result if one were to remove ALL certificates? Could this cause problems, or would they simply reinstall themselves as needed, when those sites were visited again?
Hello Experts,
I would like to be able to send emails from my own application
not depending from google gmail or nothing...
just my app sending the email

Is this possible, and if there is an example?
Right now using visual studio basic and visual c#
But we could use anything you suggest.
 As long as it gives us the control and we do not depend on third party services.

the thing is gmail automatically block itself if not used constantly and also present different challenges that change constantly.

Just wanted to add that right now our apps send emails programatically using gmail services,
so we want to get rid of that dependance...
Thank you
HI Experts

we have Citrix xendesktop
and some users need to use Google Chrome  but i dont want all users to use it

so i want to find a way to remove the icons from the task bar  

because we are using rooming profiles AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

i know that i use GPO to make APPlocker  but i want also to remove the icron for all users from task bar

any scritp or command can do this form me

kindly advice
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

        I have an Acer Google Chromebook which is running Chrome OS as its operating system.  However, I have several programs and games which require a Windows-based operating system to run that I would like on it.  That said, I am wondering if it is possible to completely wipe or format the Chromebook and start over by installing Windows 10 and loading all of the necessary Windows 10 hardware device drivers on it.  

         If more specific information about the Chromebook is needed such as its model number, please let me know and I will furnish it right away.  

         Thank you.

I have been directed to deploy a group of chrome books (30 or more) by a certain date.  My knowledge is limited =)  My thought is to get a Google admin console (gsuite) to manage the chromebook devices only, not users.  Another unit in the company already manages google user accounts.  

If I do get a Google admin console, and just enroll chromebooks with it (not create user accounts), can I also:

1. push security and functionality updates to the devices?
2. manage a central repository of approved "google play" apps, or push apps onto the chromebooks from a console?
3. prevent any user that is logged in from changing settings, adding unapproved apps, or removing apps that I have installed?  

Thank you!!