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I am running OpenVPN Access Server 2.6.1 in Amazon and currently require users to use 2-Factor Authentication using the Google Authenticator.

Is there a way that I can configure OpenVPN Access Server 2.6.1 to use a Security Fob, or Security Key, like the Google Titan?

I've posted to the Forums, but haven't received a response yet and I was wondering if any other System Admins out there have set this up before.

I am having issues with Google Chrome browser. It locks up and I get "not responding" etc. top left. I downloaded the latest version and the problem persist.
I have Windows 10 and Chrome worked great with Windows 7 and Vista. Is Microsoft involved in any way since Google is one of their enemies?
I can't log in to my Gmail account.

I've had a Gmail account for quite some time now, and have never had any problems logging in.

Yesterday, I typed in "gmail" into my Chrome browser (which I have done many times before) and was taken to the page that had he headline "Add Gmail to Your Google  account." The box on the right says "Choose Your Gmail address," and if I enter the one I've been using, up pops "That username is taken. Try another."

Now, maybe my search skills are diminishing, but I can't find another page that will let me access my Gmail account.

What am I doing wrong, or what the heck is going on here?
Another day, another Google Sheets (Excel-like) challenge.  :)

This time, I have a column of team names. The team names may or may not have an entry code associated with their team.

I spent nearly 2 hours searching the internet for answers. It seems that no one has tried to do this with just formulas. I found a few examples, but they required scripting. :(

The challenge is that I wish to automatically assign a reviewer (from Reviewer List column) if the team has an entry code. But in doing so, I want to assign a reviewer round-robin style, so that each reviewer is assigned approximately an equal number of teams.

Please see example sheet:

The way I am currently doing this isn't very smart, names are not used sequentially (and round-robin), every time there is a value in the Shared Entry column. What I wish to see is what is shown in the Expected Results column.

But to accomplish this challenge, it will need to work in Google Sheets, use only formulas, and work without add-ons.

Is this even possible?

Thank you so much
I have COMODO Internet Security Premium installed in my computer.  Every time I run Google Chrome i get the below message.  Why Chrome needs to run CMD command every time I enter Chrome (seems that comodo contains it's execution maybe?)

I know I can hide or "dont isolate anymore" and that will do with the message.  But why chrome runs the cmd command?
I have a Google Sheet where I have five columns and 20 rows of names, and I am looking for a way to collect all the names, sort them, and list them in a single column, then compare the list against another list to find the missing names.

I searched for an example of how to accomplish this and found nothing similar. :(
To be specific, I need to find a way to do this using a formula and without add-ons macros. Is it possible?

To make this easier, I am including a working sheet:
Here is the example sheet.
Looking for a little help with another Google Sheet.

I have four columns where, for each row, I have set a pull down value (score) of 0 and 5. In the fifth column (ranking), I calculate a final value as a weighted average score with the following formula: =(sum(G3*G1,H3*H1,I3*I1,J3*J1)/SUM(G1:J1))*20

Where G1 - J1 contain the hidden % weighted values
And columns G3 to J3 (and lower) contain scored ranging from 0 - 5.

The *10 just expands the final value to a number that will allow for easier ranking.


The most important question...
1. Is there a way to copy this formula down the ranking column and only increment values that are shown in bold (G3, H3, I3, J3)? As it stands, it seems that I need to manually enter this formula about 50x. :O

2. I would have used "AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(A1:A2, B1:B2)", but I couldn't figure out how to expand the final value.
    Is there a better way to calculate average weighted values and display a larger number than what you would normally see from input values ranging from 0 - 5?

Thank you
I use Azure DevOps.  I also use Google Chrome.  How do I setup a way when I start typing in my Chrome address bar the search will know to use Azure in the results?


Someone tells me there is a bug number 72332 so I go to Chrome and start typing 'Azure' and then the browser knows to search in Azure the number I type in the address bar?

I went to Chrome's chrome://settings/searchEngines but I don't know what to put in the URL field to get the search to pull up the exact ticket after I type 'Azure ###'.
We use Outlook 365 for our domain and the associated share point service.  Does anyone know whether there is the ability to create google form type forms with such services?
Is there an equivalent to google forms but on the Outlook .com / sharepoint / Office 365 domain?
When we try to see street view of Google maps we are getting "server error, try later." That's been the result 3 days in a row. We have Windows 10 and tried with FF and Chrome. Thanks.
Is mixed content causing 403 Forbidden You don't have permission to access /weekly-rides/ on this server?   Our club recently installed an SSL Cert on their website.  Searching Google for Prairie Cycle Club now shows links that end up as for example:  "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /weekly-rides/ on this server."  When the URL is typed in directly, the page will display.  Other than needing to fix image URL's to avoid mixed content, what else can cause this 403 error?  Potentially the .htaccess needing an edit or rebuild?  This is a wordpress site and I'm not the admin, just a club member with an EE account.  Other clues, seems like maybe a redirect needs to be added to the .htaccess since yields Not Secure whereas yields "circle w/i" to indicate mixed content.   They said this started a couple weeks ago.  I noticed the cert date is May 1, 2019.
Is there such a thing as a backup software for android, I have my Samsung S9 plus, and am currently using smart switch, which with 78 GB, takes a long time every time I have to backup the complete entire phone. Does someone have software that will do incremental backups on the Samsung phone?
The chrome browser on my Windows 10 machine somtimes dies and when I check on it using task manager it is listed as a suspended task. In this state, it can't be killed. So Chrome is stuck dead until reboot.

I've developed an ugly work around by switching to another user and logging out of the hung user so that I can restart chrome without having to totally restart. However, this is not a good solution.

I have started using Firefox as my main browser but I would like to correct this problem with Chrome.
When I open Google Chrome sometimes it opens in a large fashion as seen in screen capture one then when I hit F5 refresh then it goes back to normal appearance at the font zoom that I have it set at which is 125%. It is updated. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it nothing worked. Any solution. It is very annoying . Most of the time it opens large then after refresh it is viewed as normal. Thank you.

Chrome Abnormal Zoom 125% Before F5.png

Chrome Normal Zoom 125% After F5.png
I have a Group setup in Google Groups. I am using an SMTP relay in Amazon AWS to send emails to people utilizing the email address associated with that group. I did a test, sending to a fake email address, to see where the bounce notifications go. No bounce notification is being sent to the Google Group as near as I can tell. Does this mean it is being sent back to the original SMTP relay server instead? Or, is it going to the group, but Google Groups does not display bounces? If it is the later, is there a way to get delivery failure notifications to show up as topics in the group?
Does anyone know a live support phone # for Google? I'm having an internet speed issue with Chrome. Thanks.
Greetings all,

I am trying to process data created by Google Forms. It automatically created a column of data. The cells contain data from 1 to 8, but also text accompanies the selections "1 (low)",  and "8 (high)". This creates a problem calculating the average value for this column, so I need to find a way to ignore the text in those cells.

The simplest way:
Create a new column by taking the left more character with =Left(cell, 1) and then calculate on the new generated column.

A more elegant way?
Is there a way that I can calculate the average without needing to create a new column?

Something like this? =AVERAGE(Left(G2,1):Left(G90,1)) - of course, that doesn't work. But what do I know? LOL

Additionally, if that is just too basic, I would love some tips on how to do magic/data analysis on Google Forms generated data. Google's results are really simplistic.

Thank you. :)
On a mac, I have a program that can send an email of some date. We are trying to use Thunderbird instead of macMail. I have the default email client set in Mail's preferences as Thunderbird but the program keeps grabbing the macMail client for sending this information. This is happening on all workstations (this is a dental practice management piece of software.) I checked with the software company and there are not settings within the program that control what program is used for email and is selected through the defaults. I have not been able to find anything on this via Google. Any help with this would be appreciated.

BTW: The OS is Sierra,10.12.6


One of our employees uses his personal Google account in Chrome on one of our office computers.  He came to me with an ESET Nod32 notification about a file infected with JS/Spigot.B; it comes up every time he opens Chrome.  I did all the standard malware removal procedures and removed all his Chrome extensions via the chrome://extensions page, but it turns out that the root of the problem is related to an extension in his Google account, not the computer, even though I removed every extension, about 10 in total.

Any Windows profile on any computer that I use to log into his Google account via Chrome results in the ESET notification of an infected file being detected.  This warning does not occur if I disable syncing of extensions.

While investigating, I went to chrome://sync-internals >> Sync Node Browser >> Extensions and found 5 extensions remaining. One, called Template Hub, has the following ID: hkmndieloknaojdmjdkmhmfcbgaanpdd.
Googling that ID lead me to:   

Trying to install this extension results in an error and it fails to install, but then I get the same infected file notification. Thus far, I cannot find a way to remove the extension from the Google account, as I've already removed everything listed under Settings >> Extensions.  Until I can remove it from the Google account, it will continue …
I have an interesting challenge involving Google Sheets.

Note: As I was writing this, I realized that I can accomplish this task by exporting the entire sheet and using filters (see "The Easy Way"), but I am curious, can this be accomplished without the use of filters?

Every three months, I run a training program, and I maintain a spreadsheet that lists all the courses (laid out in about 100 rows). For the first time, other teams want to participate in my training. So I had each team select training courses that are relevant to them. Then I inserted columns Q, R, S, T to represent four other teams. In each team column's cells I have added an "x" to indicate that the corresponding row (training course) is relevant to that team.

So now, I want to auto-generate four new spreadsheets that lists only the courses (rows) that correspond to the "x" for each team column.

I know how to IMPORTRANGE("sheet URL","tab name!Range:range") but how can I displaying only the range of rows that include an "x" in one of it's rows?

I hope my description is understandable. I have included a screen capture (sorry, the content descriptions needed to be blurred because of private information).

From my capture... as an example, I want to auto-gen a new spreadsheet that lists all the courses that have a corresponding "x" in the column UX.
So, the new sheet should only list courses in rows:
3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, etc.

Example screen capture
I would then repeat the same with columns R, S, T.

Each time I launch Google Chrome it displays tabs of links I previously visited.  How do I turn this off?  Or limit it to 2 or 3 tabs.
Google Drive has gone a long way in allowing you to set up default folders in Windows for backup to Google Drive through the Google Backup & Sync 'preferences' selection.

This seamlessly creates checked folders for Desktop, Documents, and Pictures by default and allows you to add additional folders for automatic backup to Google Drive as well.

Google Drive then lists out those items very clearly under your 'Computers' section inside of your Google Drive online so that you can easily find what you are looking from when you are not at the computer being backed up.

Contacts from your Android phone can also be automatically backed up to google contacts which takes care of that problem.

My Bookmarks in Google Chrome are now also automatically backed up which takes care of that problem.

Photos can be automatically synced with Google Photos which solves that problem also for both Windows and Android.

How do I obtain a similar solution for handwritten notes so that I can also pull those up on my desktop if needed?
Hi all,

We are creating an Android app that will use google authentication, as such, all users will have a google account.

Part of the apps functionality is that a user can "connect" with other users, and so they will have a list of contacts.

We would like to be able to take the email address of the contact and retrieve the google profile picture and display it.

Does anyone know how to do this, currently we haven't found any useful information, just depreciated APIs.

We are using android 9 (in case that makes a difference).

Any help is very much appreciated.

In Google Sheets, I have two columns, C - Date and D - Time. Can anyone explain how I can sort the two columns in proper order... first by data, then by time?

I seem to recall this being quite elementary in my days with Excel. Maybe I just forgot and/or my Google search ability is just terrible tonight.

Thank you so much. :)

BTW, I would have been just as happy to create a dual date/time column but it proved very challenging to edit, so I was forced to create separate columns. That way, changing the date is as simple as clicking on a date cell and selecting a new date from a calendar.