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when i go to i see history of images i recently visited which i do not want to see. I just want plain blank google page with search box and button. how to achieve this? i am using google chrome as browser. please advise
Hi all,

We are in the process of migrating from our in-house Exchange 2013 server to Google Mail and Calendar.  I've tried using 2 separate methods to do a test migration and neither is working.

The Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME) tool fails with an error message "Rerun migration.  The GAMME retry limit is 10, but if the server was either heavily loaded or unreachable it will eventually exit.  Admin must re-run the job to migrate pending emails." Super helpful message I know.  I've also tried using the Data Migration Tool that is part of G Suite (the new brand name for Google Apps) and get the error "Authentication error. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please verify."

Anyone run into this issue with a migration?  How did you get it resolved?

Over a week ago we were told that our website is listed on Google as being hacked. I see that lots of WP sites have been getting hacked/injected with Malware. Google scan shows the exact lines of code that was injected into our site. Security plugins and SiteLock site scans have been deployed and has cleaned up most of the malware and I have changed all of the passwords. My question is... how do I go about manually removing the remaining code. I'm not in any way a website person, I've looked around different folders/files within the site but I've failed to locate the web links as shown by Google crawl security issues. Our site is up and running and no visible damage has been done. But a Google search shows a bunch of Japanese characters in the title bar. If you can help me or need more information so that you can help me I'm ready to provide it. Thank you all in advance.
I've been asked by management to look into this and see if it is possible.
I've never used Google Authenticator myself but was aware you could use it for secure access to google apps and some other third party sites.

I wasn't aware it could be used instead of VPN to access an enterprise network.
Management got this idea because they are using Google Authenticator for secure access to a third party site for a business service they use.

Their question is if we could use it to authenticate for remote access to our network. This would give them the same access they have now i.e to all PCs and servers in the network they need for their work.

I came across this article while looking into this:

#5 is listed as a serious concern. We have many, many servers so I imagine this would be a concern for us as well if true.

Our VPN access is currently managed by a Cisco ASA 5510.

Is this feasible to implement this on an Enterprise network? Where can I find documentation on getting this configured?
I am trying to get a m3035 mfp to print of off google cloud print. it goes into the printer jobs but does not print. any ideas ?
Im concerned that photos that I manually backup to my Google Drive are losing their original "creation date" such that I have no way of knowing when all my photos were individually created.  I think, no matter how many times were move such images on our computer, it only changes the modified date and not the creation date.

What can I do to try and overcome this issue?
I got a software for android backup and my Google search is now missing and was taken over by AVG..  I deleted the google search that was connected with AVG... How do I get a new one downloaded for my Chrome?
on my personal website

there is a link back to google.
this would confuse viewer and viewer leaves my website to go to google

According to google terms of service (please provide link)
am I allowed to use css html overlay to cover the ahref link to google
We have a new tablet that is running Android 5.1.1 and some of the research I have found online states that the move app to sd card function should be available. From within settings -> downloaded apps there is no option to move app to SD card when it is selected or if I hold my finger on top of the option.

I have rooted the device and downloaded a couple of move to ssd card apps - all of which fail. Is there a way to move the apps to SD card? The internal storage space is limited and there's a 32GB sd card that is labeled as external storage.

Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks.
I have the HTC One m8 phone. Every time I try to type in a code on my dialer it always shows, (invalid mmi code). I've tried several ways but I still can't get it to work. I was trying to enter secret codes for htc, as an example. Does anyone have a solution to this. And I don't have a PC
SD card might be causing Note 4 issues.  How can I fix?
I am thinking to back it up to my pc, reformat the card, and then put the files back on.  
But what if there's a bad file or corruption?
What tools are there to fix it/scan it?
Thank you,
just as the title says