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I am try to migrate SQL server data to Google big query server my data size of table is 285 GB. how to migarte it.

In a website that i'm reconstructing there are old google analytics tracking codes,but i see that in control panel of Google analytics there are new version of codes,do i must change the old codes with new?

The old version:
<script type="text/javascript">
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
<script type="text/javascript">
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-xxxxxxx-1");

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What is causing my screen to twitch? It just started recently. I know this is too broad of a question to answer without knowing what I have downloaded and installed. It seems like my pop-up blocker is blocking pop-ups but it's more like a twitch. Here're a couple of things:

1) I thought maybe it was an extension that I use in chrome to change the skinning of google and facebook. It's called Darkness and it's available as an extension from the Chrome app store. I read some comments that say some people had problems with it causing some websites to display incorrectly but nothing about screen twitching.

2) I also have Grammarly as an extension for a spell/grammar checking. That causes some text problems while editing and creating a Facebook Note, but doesn't effect it once the Note is published. Same thing while posting sometimes. Once again, I read comments about Grammarly that say some people have issues with it but nothing about screen twitches.

3) I tried stopping and disabling some background processes with Task Manager to see if that worked but it didn't.

4) I noticed that Music.Ui.exe is running in the background. I'm not sure what that is. It is obviously a music app, of which I have lot's of audio editing software but this has a .com in its description and also says mixtape, which I know is not something that I need or want. I just want to be sure that it disabling it doesn't affect any of my audio programs. (I would really just like to know what it is …
I have a new installation of Embarcadero C++ builder XE10.1 Berlin and need to locate the USB drivers which have been installed.
The documentation specifies " (The Google USB Driver is located in <sdk>\extras\google\usb_driver\.)"
What is the normal location of the folder described as <sdk>  ?
I have installed the Android SDK tools and the Google usb driver in the Extras section using the Android SDK manager.
According to the Android SDK manager, the driver was installed in the following folder:
I have tried this setting in the Windows device manager for updating the driver for the Android device (A Samsung tablet SM-T700 running Android version 6.0.1)
 but windows reports driver not found ?

I can see the device in windows explorer and brows to folders on the device.
The Windows device manager indicates the presence of the device but shows
"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver."
Clicking the update driver button and selecting the above folder results in a "no driver found" message.
Hello guys!

I use next code to show a map on my android.

What I need now is to auto-rotate map using compass events. I need that the north of map to respect the North.

Thanks in advance and keep in mind that I'm new on android programming and just want to make a personalized application for my hikings :)
I had this question after viewing Can you find out what people are searching for in search forms built into wordpress themes?.

I am wondering now, how can you check what people are searching for using googles analytics.  It appears you can set up a site search, but will this work with an internal widget that is part of a theme?
Is there any way to use GA to find out what Vehicles' people are searching for?  For example on this page
There is a search as part of the theme, but I dont 'know if GA will search this.  Do I have to set up a page of just a vehicle search using google?

Can anyone help with a solution to track the search?
Each time I have to get info from AD it means clunky powershell script to CSV. Is anyone using tools that can present data in a better format especially for non technical management. I can google : ) so would be great to get peoples experience of products. thanks.
Hi, I would like to use google maps api to select a pick-up location in an on-line form I've created. Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks
Client discovered that far too many of their gmail email messages are being sent to spam.  All they use is gmail web mail.  

Does marking a message as 'not spam' remove the sender from the gmail 'spam senders' list?  
Is there a way to right-click somewhere to add the sender to the gmail address book?  
Is there any 3rd party application that would help set up a 'safe senders' list?

Is there anyway to sync AD groups without removing all the groups created in google? I would prefer not to create an exception for every group created in google and not in AD.
Hey guys, i have an old user here, that is using Outlook to Gmail as a pop email account.

Now the option to keep the messages on the server is checked on her Outlook. Today she is using a new computer, and we configured Outlook 2016 with the same settings, however its only showing unread and new emails that have just come in. How do i get to sync all the emails?
Hi Friends,

 I have deployed a windows server 2012 standard .As per my clients patch scan report below patch need to be installed.
3184951: Reliability Rollup 3184951 for the .NET Framework on Windows Server 2012 - Windows Server 2012 - .NET Framework 4.6/4.6.1 - KB3179947 (x64)

When I google it I have found following link and its pointing to some .csv file .Please find the attachment

Kindly check and let me know what need to be done to fix this issue.

Thanks & Regards
I'm currently using the Googlemap control component for Asp.NET MVC   to render maps from GoogleMaps.

I am using this component because I will have to trace the route of a vehicle coming from the database via model, then I will use the DataBinding option of the component.

The problem is that I'm using it inside a div with bootstrap.

<div class="col-md-10">
    <div class="content-box-header">
        <div class="panel-title">Mapa</div>
    <div class="content-box-large box-with-header">
        <div id="map-canvas">

                  .Center(c => c.Latitude(-23.4554d)
                  .Markers(marker =>
                          .Title("Hello World!")
                          .Icon("~/Content/img/6.png", new Size(20, 32), new Point(0, 0), new Point(0, 32))

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The bad thing is that the component needs me to tell the value of the height and width of the map to be rendered (Width, Height), then the map is no longer responsive.

Any way to calculate the div width / height value dynamically?

Or some other free component that you can use?
I went on google to look for a site that would explain "body mass".

When I opened that site, I noticed a colone on the right and at the end it was showing  "4 Facebook friends like this page"...???

How could this site have queried my facebook friends "likes" or something??

Here is the site and at the bottom right you will see what I saw.
Most important : How to block this in the future... I have  AdBlock and "uBlock Origin" and neither blocked it.
Hi experts,

I have some users that are currently using the Google App for calendaring, Google Docs, etc. These users have an exchange server  with their email accounts.

I would like for when the users share a doc with another user, that user will get a notification that such file was shared if the user is  not logged into the Google console.

I did turn off  Gmail, because I do not want the end users to be able to send or receive from their gmail account.

I would like for all the emails that are sent to the google email address to get redirected/forwarded to their exchange user accounts.

I created a redirection rule in the Google console to re-route all emails from the G Suite account to the exchange server.


When I send a email to the G Suite emails address, I am getting the following error message:

EXCHANGE SERVER NAME  gave this error:
Unable to relay
Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept e-mail from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this item?

I am running VMware Workstation 12 on WIndows 10 on a corei7 laptop.  I noticed that when I am doing downloading (e.g. Google Drive sync) simultaneously,  Windows 10 freeze up,  I can bring up task manager but I can not do anything else.  I wait for 10 min before I reboot.   This has happen 3 times yesterday.    Any solution?
After windows update  for winows 10 unable to open for windows explorer and google chrome.
Hi Experts,
Quite a lengthy title, I know.  Sorry.
Here is what happened (three times now).  
I had created a new instance in the Compute Engine in Google Cloud.  Server 2012 R2.  I added two new drives for data.  The first drive formatted and appeared properly.  While trying to create a volume on the second drive it gave me an error during the Add access path Task.  Said this "Failed to mount path - Invalid Parameter" and the next task - Update cache never completed.  What then happened is that the partition type on the first drive I had setup changed to Unknown and was inaccessible.
Since I had no data on it, I just reset both disks and reinitialized them and went on with a furrowed brow.  Concerned but thinking I did something goofy.  Then later the same thing happened again when I had data on one of the drives and was trying to add a third drive.  Same thing.  Failed to mount path - Invalid Parameter blows up a different drive on the system.  
Now the third time.  I had a drive with data on it that existed previously on the first instance and that I had detached and added to a new instance.  The drive with data was seen fine on the new instance.  When I attempted to initialize the new drive it gave me  the same error and the partition type of the good data drive changed to unknown and my data was gone.  I detached it immediately and reattached it to the old instance but it was still hosed.  I cannot figure out if this is a problem with compute engine or Server 2012 …
We are moving our users to gmail. We have google apps for enterprise and use GADS to sync with our active directory.  I am looking to set up mail lists based on active directory.  I was setting up groups with the users that belong in each mail list.  I am not sure if this is what I should be doing.  I have a parent group with sub groups. It appears that when I went to run the test sync only the users from the parent group were synced. I also noticed that groups that already exist would be deleted.  Would I have to add each group that exists to the exclusion list?
Need too by pass google lock password on lg zone 3 after hard rest and cant remember what acount or pass is
browser plugin or extension to have ip be google crawler

Many news websites use seo cloaking and only display all their words when they think google is visiting

Not quite cached version of page; because content is still blocked when I visit actual news page
As stated in the title. My development site is protected with an htpasswd, yet somehow google is indexing it. how is that possible?

when i go to i see history of images i recently visited which i do not want to see. I just want plain blank google page with search box and button. how to achieve this? i am using google chrome as browser. please advise
Hi all,

We are in the process of migrating from our in-house Exchange 2013 server to Google Mail and Calendar.  I've tried using 2 separate methods to do a test migration and neither is working.

The Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME) tool fails with an error message "Rerun migration.  The GAMME retry limit is 10, but if the server was either heavily loaded or unreachable it will eventually exit.  Admin must re-run the job to migrate pending emails." Super helpful message I know.  I've also tried using the Data Migration Tool that is part of G Suite (the new brand name for Google Apps) and get the error "Authentication error. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please verify."

Anyone run into this issue with a migration?  How did you get it resolved?

Over a week ago we were told that our website is listed on Google as being hacked. I see that lots of WP sites have been getting hacked/injected with Malware. Google scan shows the exact lines of code that was injected into our site. Security plugins and SiteLock site scans have been deployed and has cleaned up most of the malware and I have changed all of the passwords. My question is... how do I go about manually removing the remaining code. I'm not in any way a website person, I've looked around different folders/files within the site but I've failed to locate the web links as shown by Google crawl security issues. Our site is up and running and no visible damage has been done. But a Google search shows a bunch of Japanese characters in the title bar. If you can help me or need more information so that you can help me I'm ready to provide it. Thank you all in advance.