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Hi - I'm looking for some advice on what options are available to migrate data from Google Drive and Google Photos to Microsoft's OneDrive Personal. Is there a direct migration path? or do I need to download photo's & documents locally then upload to one drive? Are there any recommended utilities that will automate the migration process? I look forward to hearing from you.

I have installed Google voice on my Sprint PCS iPhone X.

Now how can I make my Google Voice number replace my Sprint PCS iPhone X caller ID number so that everytime that I call someone my Google Voice (and not my regular Sprint PCS phone number) will display on all outgoing calls?

Where do I go to enable this setting?

I received the email below on June 1, 2018 and I'm not sure how this affects my Sprint PCS Google voice service:

We are contacting you to let you know that per previous communication, due to upcoming upgrades to Sprint’s network, Sprint will no longer be supporting the Google Voice with Sprint integration. Effective today your Google Voice integration with your Sprint phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx has been disabled by Sprint.

Effective today:
All outgoing calls (including international calls) and texts will be made through Sprint at Sprint’s calling and texting rates, if applicable.
All new messages, calls, and voicemails sent from your Sprint phone will not be stored in Google Voice. You will still be able to see your messages, voicemail, and call history from before June 1, 2018 in Google Voice on your Sprint device. You can also export this data from your Google Voice account at
You won’t be able to use Google Voice-enabled capabilities such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, spam detection, and other Google Voice features. These capabilities can be enabled from your Sprint device. Click here for more information …
Does Google Drive enable access to files to users without that user being registered by my Admin?

I want to give a virtual tour of a famous travel destination. I want to make my image visible by people on my tour, but without me needing to log on as an Admin to Google Drive.

Is there a way I can make certain folder on my drive public?

I am fine giving out a URL to paying customers, even if that URL will be visible to people who did not pay for anything.

Does Google Drive do this?

Suggestions for Google Drive features to use and Google Drive Plug-ins?

I am planning on providing a virtual tour of a popular tourist spot and plan to use Google Drive to display image during my live tour and to provide visual information for those taking the tour while I am not even there. So I have some requirements and a need for advice about what features of Google Drive and the Google Drive plug-ins could give me  more functionality.

I need to provide about 50 images which are:
1) ranked 1-50
2) can be gotten via key word search
3) each photo have some text explanation
4) each photo could be linked to other images, not necessarily the next image in the sequence. This allows grouping into a theme.
5) Mobile support

Does Google Drive do all this?

Do I need a Google Drive plug-in to do any of these?

What features have I not suggested which either Google Drive or a Google Drive plug-in provide which might be useful?

Lastly, what security / fraud concerns do I need to protect myself against?

We want to make sure our files in Google Drive are secured.  We share files & images and understand that what we do make our google drive contents safe (shared users cannot access other drive contents) even though we share individual files if said drive.

we set the file share as follow:

We understand this is more than sufficient.  However  we did noticed something:

Wehen we share the link and the user deletes the word "view" from the link, it is replaced by "edit"

(note "x" replaces the actual share link for obcious purpose)

then we delete "/view"

press ENTER

the link change to

By doing thism can the image/file be edited?

please advice and if we doing this correctly.
I want to use vba --> Placing multiple markers on a Google Map

What I can do now:
I currently have code that builds the below string and sends it to the default browser with a click of a button.  It shows directions to all 3 addresses.,+Raytown,MO/8500+state+Line+Rd,+Leawood+ks

What I would like to do :
Have something that would place 3 markers on a Google Map with the 3 addresses.
If able also give me some control over color and size of the markers.
It is important that it can be done by a click of a button as opposed to copy and paste

What I am looking for :
If you can give me the string I need for the browser, I can build the string in code and use --> FollowHyperlink

Thanks in advance for any help

I have three different systems installed with Thunderbird 52.9.1 32bit and four extensions (Gsyncontact, Lightning, Provider for Google Calendar and QuickFolders) :
a Windows Server 2012 R2, an old ASUS P8Z68-V-PRO (16GB RAM + 512GB SSD) and a brand new XPS15 9575 - the last two run under Windows 10 64bit

The XPS and the Server both suffer from a strange phenomena that seems to me to be linked to the calendar reminders
A blank grey rectangle appears at the bottom right hand side of the Windows desktop screen
thunderbird-grey-rectangle.pngThe only way to get rid of it is to restart Thunderbird

It is a little annoying and was wondering if anyone else was suffering from this and what the workaround was ?

We have a series of MS docs, generally Excel, with lots of formulas.  We would like to know how complex is converting MSO versions 2003/2007/2010 to current version Google docs and what tools should we consider.
Can I protect my images on Google Photos?

I may use Google Photos to provide access to my photos to a large number of people. I am doing this to support a live tour I plan to give. But, can people (strangers, really) delet my photos?

I hope be able to also block them, in some way, from backing up my entire folder of image to their PC.

So, what kinds of limited access can I provide to Google Photos?

Hi Experts,

I am trying to embed a Google Map on to a WordPress website with a single location, just to show where the office is.

I see a lot of plugins, and on Google it is asking me for a billing account, but I thought this was free as it will have no interaction just display and zoom?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
My client needs to establish a Google API Key as our Microsoft Access VBAGoogle-Maps-Distance-Calculation-Co.docx code to calculate distance no longer works. I will appreciate any advice on how to do this.  Thanks..
What steps need to be taken to enable cookies within the Google Chrome web browser?

When I logon to a Comcast Cable modem I get the message shown below that cookies must be enabled in order for me to access the cable modem.

Please provide me with the steps on how to enable cookies within the Google Chrome web browser.

Enable cookies in Chrome
Can someone recommend a good simple document management system to help my team of volunteers manage documents we are developing for a small community development project.  We have all sorts of documents, such a s policies, procedures, code of conducts, brochures, spreadsheets (to manage financial transactions), reports etc in all stages of development (from complete to about to commence).
We store them in a project folder in dropbox
Over 10 years of operating, we have lots of documents and we need a simple system that lets people know what documents we, what their purpose is, the status, and what ones still need to be developed.
What would be good to have is visual index, like a dashboard, that communicates the above information and has hyperlinks to the documents so finding them is not too hard.  Some team members will have permission to access some documents, but not others.
Does someone have a better suggestion?
If not, whats the best way to do this?  Eg Prepare visual index in powerpoint.
Would Google be better environment to do this in?  If so, what happens if some documents need to remain as MSExcel files?
Any other suggestions?
Which Search Engine doesn't capture our data ???
1. (or)

2. Duckduckgo


I don't see the displays, font and everything like google.....

Do we have a better look and feel search engine which does exactly what google does and doesn't store our data anywhere???
I am implementing google map in Angular 5 using npm library googlemaps.
When trying to show route/path between 2 points using setDirections().The 2 points are shown but no route is drawn and getting "Directions request failed due to OVER_QUERY_LIMIT". I am unable to see the path
Following is the code used for showing route:
var mapProp = {
center: new google.maps.LatLng(22.0824, 82.1411),
zoom: 15,
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
}; = new google.maps.Map(this.gmapElement.nativeElement, mapProp);
this.marker1 = new google.maps.Marker({
draggable: true,
position: { lat: 22.0717, lng: 82.1497 }
this.marker2 = new google.maps.Marker({
draggable: true,
position: { lat: 22.0942, lng: 82.1257 }
google.maps.event.addListener(this.marker1, 'position_changed', this.update);
google.maps.event.addListener(this.marker2, 'position_changed', this.update);
this.lat1 = 22.0717;
this.lang1 = 82.1497;
this.lat2 = 22.0942;
this.lang2 = 82.1257;
this.Source = new google.maps.LatLng(this.lat1, this.lang1);
this.Destination = new google.maps.LatLng(this.lat2, this.lang2);
this.calculateAndDisplayRoute(this.directionsService, this.directionsDisplay);
var request = {
origin: this.Source,
destination: this.Destination,
travelMode: google.maps.TravelMode.DRIVING
this.directionsService.route(request, function (response, status) {
if (status === google.maps.DirectionsStatus.OK) {

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I am trying to configure a new gmail account ( g suite ). I uploaded photo to the google drive and i was tried to insert the photo to the signature , but when i push the button to insert the photo i wasn't able to find the google drive.
Is needed administrator privilege for this action? (i don't have administrator rights for this gmail) or i did something wrong?
What is the step by step procedure to do this action?(Insert photo from google drive to the signature)
I have installed fail2ban on an Amazon Linux 2 instance running Apache 2.4.  I can't start it up because I am using postfix and the default mta is sendmail.  I don't have sendmail installed and I don't want it.

I use google apps for my smtp server.

How can I change over to postfix or use google apps for my fail2ban mail option?

Not sure is this the right place to post this question. but ya
i got goolge earth pro installed in my laptop which runs windows 10. i tried installing different computers as well, its same issue.

when i try to send a email from google earth pro, it just gives me error message, "google earth was unable to send your email message".
within google earth, i tried to send through gmail and as well through outlook client. both gives same error.

if anyone could help me, would be great.
I am developing a Android Tracker app using Google Maps Api.  

I am getting distant locations (2 km away ) where the mobile app user has not visited !
The app user is assigned tasks to visit certain location (7 - 10 places)  for picking orders.

What would be ideal time gap to send gps location, battery usage impact etc.  
Give resources/links.

I am developing in Xamarin platform.
I had a pretty good setup with my Google Chrome with bookmarks and such setup nicely. Unfortunately I went into my Google Chrome on my Android and may have screwed up royally. Suddenly all my bookmarks were gone and I had ones from years ago. Like 5 years ago from another machine. I was surprised. SO I went to the Well of Knowledge and found that I must have set the bookmarks in my phone unententionally and I will have to find the Bookmark Files to return them. Only problem is on my machine. I can find no bookmarks when searching.
Windows 10 I assume professional since I upgraded from 7 Pro to Win 10
Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Samsung Android Galaxy S6

Can my original version of Bookmarks from a week ago be retrieved or am I Doomed?!
I want to share a Google Sheet with many people (who may not even have a Google account) but I don't want the values they enter to be seen by others. Those cell values are their own personal information.....
The sheet / template and its formulas can be public.
I an familiar with templates in Excel.... just not in Google Sheets
Dark-net is supposed to be a page that is only accessible by certain users, right? Something about special software to perform the secret access/functions?
. . For secret access to communication and project software. I am certainly doing nothing illegal, just secret collaboration on a creative writing thing. We don't want our brilliant project developments to be found on Google.
Would I be able to skip the secret-software aspect and just use a wordpress page with pre-made secret accounts? no sign-up section That the content is invisible to unwanted, non-users?
at a page invisible to Google, like meaningless or
the front page could be totally blank, with just login text-fields
And it is normal wordpress inside?
That would suit me! A multi user chat system would be awesome! Would video conference be possible in WP - optimal! - - Plugins seem plausible.

How to Detect Traffic From China language hu-hu (reported in google analytics) and divert to a not available in your region page

I notice traffic with language hu-hu in my google analytics with a high bounce rate.

What is the best way of detecting traffic from China -   with language hu-hu?

I have a cold fusion 2016 site.  Thank you
This is not a tech question but looking for suggestions. I want to send email to non - tech end users to follow some best practices to avoid spam emails / malware / spyware/ viruses on their computers. They are using Office365, Dropbox, internal file server, heavy internet browsing, Outlook.

Watching out for certain type of emails, avoid possible threats by following good practices etc.

If you can send me some links of good articles that I can simply forward to end users for them to read up on to  increase their knowledge that would be great!
I can google few articles myself but wanted to see if anyone have their favorite articles or blog posts already.


I was told by one of my friends that the Google AdWords was just a waste of time, however on the other hand, i searched on internet and they are saying that it will something that can make or break your business, what you would say?