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I am using Google sheets. The date format where I take "mmm" format, it shows month in Hindi style (India), since my locale is India. Whereas in the settings of Language & Input I have tried to change it to English United Kingdom and also English United States.

How can I get this format 06-Dec-2018, instead of 06-<Hindi month>-2018.

Concerning my Google Administrator's Reporting tools, is there a way to see the actual Senders that send the most emails within a given time? For example, if I wish to see which Sender email addresses are sending many emails to my domain users, can I find that information? These are not necessarily spammers that I am looking for.

I know I can do it if I know the email address, though I would like to just see the bulk senders each day without already knowing the sender's address.
I am building a new website using WordPress and I will be using Beaver Builder + templates rather than a shortcode theme like Divi (Thank you, David Favor!).  Here is my question: Does anyone have a reliable go-to 'checklist' they use to kickoff their web dev projects?  I am new to solo WP dev sites, and I feel like I come across something I hadn't considered at each step of the process.  I know I could google this, but I have quickly come to trust this community much more!  I would love to learn from someone who has this down to a 1-20 (50?) step process so that I can be sure I don't charge down any 'garden paths' unnecessarily.
When I tried to attach a few large video files in gmail, it auto-prompt to
attach via googledrive due to the size limitation:
after that the used quota became very high.

Meant to save the emails as draft for friends to access (ie sharing).

However, from my gmail, I could not locate the video files from the
draft/Sent folder.

Need to bring down the used quota of gmail: so how do I locate
those files in google drive to clear them away to free up space?
Hi Experts,

Recently I have purchase an TP-Link VR900 for my HOme use, but its disconnect after 15-20 min. getting an DNS error, I tried to put google DNS (, ) but still the same issue. the Modem has a latest firmware. please advice.

Dear Experts
I am looking for cloud computing service to host the websites and have internally decided we go for Google Cloud Computing, few websites (word press /drupal are on dedicated VM’s and few are on shared VM’s ,  one of our customer runs multiple campaigns hence  based on campaign schedules the traffic would be high hence would like design the cloud architecture such that website experience to the end-users should not be slow on campaigns schedule.
1.Please suggest what to choose in Google cloud platform, to achieve website (word press/Drupal ) application load balancing and auto-scaling. Without load balancing can we still go for auto-scaling.
2.If we go for auto-scaling should we have to separately avail High availability OR does auto-scaling includes application load balancing and High availability.
please help, thanks in advance.
My windows rich client application (in VB.NET) accesses images using a path that the user provides in the setup... It is supposed to be a shared location on the server. Now, I want to allow saving these files in Google Drive, however, my application needs a windows file path to deal with the files (Not a URL). Is there a free way to create a virtual drive Say G: so that I can access these files through the application as if they are in the LAN.... something like Google drive stream but FREE. OR is there a way to handle this "Cloud" storage as a drive in my application in VB.NET. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
I'm using the Google map link,%20CA,%2095367%20United%20States.  This works fine for showing the Google map for this address but I'd like to add a label to the location.  Does anyone know the proper format to include a label?

I would like someone to educate me on rooting my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4. Are there any benefits of doing so. Will it damage anything in the OS? Finally, please provide a detailed step by step on how to root the phone. Thank you.
Looking for ideas.
Post CodesI have created this solution (in Excel) that queries the Google Maps API, and gets the distance and driving duration from the Post Code at the top to the listed Post Codes as shown above.
At the moment the list is about 500 and it takes about 20 seconds - there is a NEW trip to the Maps API for each of the 500.
That's ok, but is there a way to make it faster? I'm thinking ...

  1. I only want to look within the radius 'Max Miles' in the cell max miles. At the moment we are covering the whole country unnecessarily. But how do I programatically exclude the ones further away without knowing (yet, 'cos I haven't gone to the Maps API yet!) what the distance is?
  2. Or is it possible to send Maps API the FROM location and a LIST OF THE TO locations? (I'm thinking that might be quicker as there'll be only one trip to the API.
  3. Or is there a Maps API that will give me what I want more efficiently?

Thanks for any ideas.
Hi There, I'm having a little of an issue with two users. We recently switched their PCs to Mac, for whatever reason Google Chrome autocomplete feature not working, meaning that when users type in information on websites, especially on forms, that information does not come up automatically next time they need to enter the same on the same form. I've poked around with the system settings but don't what would be preventing this.

As simple as this is it's a real issue for users who need to enter the same information over and over in forms. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Users have Mac OS X Mojave and Google chrome v.70.
Why do searches redirect to “”, instead of my default browser search engine? Can I prevent this?
Hi All,

I want to open a google chrome browser with a web address into a scheduled tasks make it 1 min delayed after someone logs into the computer.
I have tried on a personal computer but when I try on a domain connected machine it doesn't run. Not sure if group policy is blocking this?
Any suggestions would be good to know thank you.
Hi Experts,

I'm after recommendations for someone or a company that can go through my Wordpress created website for Google Seach Engine Optimization and do the optimization for me at a reasonable price. I know very little about SEO apart from the purpose and importance of it. How to implement it on my site though, is beyond my own technical skills and experience.

I know that "reasonable price" is a subjective term and can't give a price that I'm willing to spend at this stage, except to say that I'd like to spend as little as possible :)

I'm open to all offers from both Experts Exchange members who have personal experience with doing this sort of thing, as well as recommendations from members who have personally used the services any companies they recommend I contact.

Thanks in advance for any offers and/or suggestions.

Regards, Andrew
Running Windows 7 Professional SP-1 32-bit, I need a way to have reliable notification when a new message arrives via Google Hangouts g-chat.  The notification needs to be visual, not auditory, because my desktop audio is muted during the time when notification is required.   If I am working on my desktop with another window in focus, the g-chat thread does not come to the foreground when there is a new message, which results in an unacceptable delay before I become aware of the message.  There is a Hangouts desktop App, but it doesn't work on 32-bit Windows.

An alternative to desktop notification would be an auditory notification on my iPhone.  I have tried installing the Hangouts App on my iPhone, but it does not deliver notifications, even though it is configured to do so.  My cellular service provider has done troubleshooting, and believes there is an issue with the Hangouts App, itself, because my iPhone delivers notifications for new text messages and new Emails, and the only notifications which are missing are from Hangouts.  If there is a third party application which would produce a desktop notification when there is a new g-chat message, or an auditory iPhone notification, that would be helpful.
How many people can access podcasts on iTunes and Google Play?

I have a podcast coming up hosted on podbean and distributed through iTunes and Google Play.

How many people could potentially access it?

Running Windows 7 Professional SP-1 32-bit, I have a question about Google Mail chat notification.  I'm looking for a third party application which will present a desktop notification whenever a specific Google Hangout Chat thread has a new message.  The notification needs to be visual.  Enabling the standard notifications in Google Chat has not resolved this, because if the focus is on another window, the chat window does not come to the foreground.
I am an independent consultant and I work with multiple clients.   Some of these clients provide me with a laptop and ask me to use their kit.

I use Google Drive to store all my data.  I find it extremely useful and powerful.  How can I protect the data being accessed by the IT department?  Can I encrypt the data on Google Drive so only I can view it?  I am concerned that my personal file on my clients (very nice laptop) can be viewed by them.  

I am looking for a nice easy solution - for example, is there any way of using the standard microsoft encryption solution - I am not familar with them.


Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I am needing step by step procedures for enabling popups for Google Chrome.  The reason I am needing this information is that I am setting up a Lumiman wireless bulb using the web app at  Whenever I select the Smart Life skill and select Enable, I get a message indicating "Make sure popups are enabled within your browser".  

             Any guidance on accomplishing this goal will be greatly appreciated.

             Thank you

Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I am needing help with a Google search.  Basically, I am trying to figure out when Viola Community Center, which was originally Viola Elementary School, located in Viola, TN was built.   Perhaps I am using the wrong search terms or strings, but, I can not find anything on this.

            Any research into when Viola Community Center was originally built will be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you

Hello Community Members

I have this web-book (If correct term) and want it to read in say Google reader OR Adobe or something - else BUT NOT in browser

All help VALUED !

Best Paul M
At work we're a Google shop.  I am wondering what the security is regarding my personal Drive and if that's visible to everyone.
I have a client that is running a travel program. People are responding to the ads via phone, and the secretary is sending out price quotes and other information via email. Unfortunately, google has been putting these messages into spam for everyone with a email account.

I tried it with my own gmail account, sending a message from the client's domain with the message content "price is $4000". It went to spam. Yes, I told gmail that it wasn't spam and the next time it did not go to spam. But the client can't always get people to look in spam.

I told the client to put in a "dear so-and so" at the beginning and a signature line at the bottom to make it look less like spam. That hasn't helped yet.

The client's domain is not on any blacklists (as per

Any ideas how to get through this block?

Thank you.
I am trying to clear space in my gmail. I have deleted a load of photos and videos in Google Drive.  Having subsequently emptied the Trash, the space used has now gone down from 30GB to 20GB. See the details of my Google Drive usage below. The size of my files stored in Google Drive is ~3GB. I found this out using the Google Drive folder in my windows profile. There are various folders that have been shared with me. One folder has been shared with me but I have write privileges and so I have uploaded some photos to it. Do those photos use up my Google Drive space even though the folder is owned by someone else? (This folder appears in "My Drive" and in the "Shared with me" folder.  All the other folders that have been shared with me appear only in the "Shared with me" folder.)

The main problem that I have is that I am unable to establish where my storage space is being used up, owing to the fact that Google Drive has no "right click > properties" function. I am wondering if there is some kind of Chrome Addon that would enable me to have this kind of function.

Thank you

20.11 GB used
Drive      14.97 GB
Gmail      5.13 GB
Google Photos      0 GB
30 GB total storage
Your plan      0 GB
Provided by your domain      30 GB
One of my MS Word documents has at least 80 pages of text and images and more. I was given a template and upon filling it, I finally had 80 pages. But now I can only see 4 pages in the Print layout. However everything shows up in Web layout or when I upload and open the file in Google docs. Downloading the full file doesn't get rid of the problem.  If I change the file to older formats I can see the contents but are rearranged and I don't want that.
I wan't to know what causes this and I I can see all the information back in Print layout.
Please advise. Thanks.