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Is there a way (without adding a gsuite account to Outlook) so that calendar appoints created within Outlook under a non GSuite account can replicate and showup in Google Calendar?  I don't know if google calendar can be synced to Outlook but not bidirectional?

I know this seems like a crazy question but I am being asked if its done.  

So to try and clear this up is currently configured in Outlook as a profile.   The user wants to add calendar appointments and have them sync to her gsuite calendar without having anything from her gmail calendar replicate back to her outlook calendar kinda one way.   So if she adds an entry in Outlooks Calendar it appears on her google calendar but nothing added on Googles calendar appears in her outlook calendar...  

I don't think this can be done but I thought I would check.
I have noticed anonymous callers ask me by my name which surprised me.  When I asked them, some didn't say but 2 said that my number was in google along with my name:
  • How is this possible?
  • How can I check if true?
  • Is my address there also?
  • How can I get rid of my phone number from those databases?
On my Lenovo Windows 10 I got an error "message prius/tesla/leaf/panamera application stopped working"
Can´t find anything from the google.
What is this and how to remove it??
See the attachment.
how to remove google chrome for users in published Citrix desktop. Urgent. Need this solution by tomorrow. Thanks.
hi team ,

i would like to know , if there is a way in google sheets . i can use form based entry and the data gets stored in google sheets table . And to retrieve specific info , can i use query in menu type format .
Eg : Name , Age i enter in form based ( menu based) and query ( menu based) i will look for specific category .
Hello Experts,

I have issue with an external client, he is using
a laptop with Cisco anyconnect vpn client and he would
usually connect to the vpn and would be able to browse the
internet and also access internal resources, shares and sites.

Today he connected from home and he was not able to browse anything,
I checked his laptop remotely and I was not able to ping google or resolve
any DNS names. To get him going I gave him default gateway IP in his VPN connection
but I am not suppose to do that.

My quest is why when he connects to vpN, the DNS stops.
I tried to replicate the issue using my hotspot and on my laptop
but i did not get the same symptons, my VPN does not give me GATEWAY ip and I
am able to browse plus access the internal resource.

I am certain this issue is local to his internet connection
at home.Please do let me know if anyone has any suggestions.


I am trying to use Google hangouts on my Windows PC. When I go to it on the Play Store it says installed.
The list shows my Android Samsung phone and tablet but not my PC.
What do I need to do to launch it on my PC?
Hello, we have hosted Exchange from Intermedia and we want to migrate Google Apps for Business. Is there a good migration software that makes this painless?
Setting a new home page on Windows 10 - Edge

When I create a new tab, I want Google

I'm sharing some documents with a group of 5 people on my google shared drive (no recommendations pls to switch or use some other service).

3 of the shared members use gmail, 2 use hotmail or yahoo.  I want to know how to restrict access to the shared drive to only those 5 people?
How to shade the top row of a table in google docs such that it shows black background and white text?
I need the cells in yellow to automatically populate using formulas.  Note that I must stay within Google Spreadsheets for this.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
How can I add a specific Google Document to my home screen?

I have a Nexus 6 Android phone that is up-to-date.

The page referenced below appears to have a potential solution to this issue but I have not been able to see choice they are trying to illustrate at top of that page.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Two Questions here:

Since Google Drive will be discontinued starting tomorrow found here:

I have upgraded most of my clients to Drive Stream...

Q1)  Will I need to upgrade the App on Cell Phones and How??

Q2) I have a user with a Mac Version Yosemite  10.10.5 and the drive stream for mac will not install at all even when I go into security and allow it
       Picture of Error is attached.

Please Assist.

Hi, I have an android tablet, it's old and can't be upgraded. I'm afraid maybe it's a goner. I was trying to get to Google Play store, and I keep seeing this.
Screenshot_2019-02-25-14-47-29.png and also Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped.

I've gone to all apps, cleared the cache, deleted the data, and rebooted a few times, but still this keeps happening. This is on Android v 4.4.4. Kernel v 3.10.0.
I have the codes below to get full address from Geo API google. It works fine
but now I need to get address, city, state, and zip. And I have no idea how to get them in c#.
I read the following article as well but it is in javascript 

        public static string GetAddress(string latitude, string longitude)
            string locationName = "";
            string url = string.Format("{0},{1}&sensor=false&key=AIzaSydsfBzalHtsdfsadfsadfasdfdsafTxZaIVQrePIK_Lfbv1QqPC_Xr5c", latitude, longitude);          
            XElement xml = XElement.Load(url);
            if (xml.Element("status").Value == "OK")
                locationName = string.Format("{0}", xml.Element("result").Element("formatted_address").Value);                             
                locationName = xml.Element("status").ToString();
            return locationName;

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I need a program that can look at MP3 files, identify them and rename them by Artist and Title. Please don't just google and send me a list. I am looking for something someone has used and can confirm that it actually works and works well. Thanks.
I tried to find exampl c# codes to get Geo Google API and response address.
I have Lat/Lng in my database and try to get the address response back.

When I log in to my company's google account as admin I don't have a G+ option but when I log in to the company as a non-admin I do.  Why is that?

Thanks in advance!
I'm in the process up updating firmware on network devices.
RV042 updates have gone well.
RV320 updates are NOT going well.

RV320 units are at firmware and we want to get to
Even existing units don't respond to laptop browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Firefox.
I believe the GUI is working but unless we reset to factory defaults, the browser *connections* fail.
As soon as a working configuration is loaded up, the connections stop working.

Any insights?
I have a client that uses one gmail address to contact clients. It is on many computers and they use Outlook IMAP to access gmail. As of today it stopped connecting. On my computer I get a message that less secure apps is disabled but it is enabled. I toggled that setting but still not working

I can not figure out how to get access to this account through outlook.

I am using the same settings that have been working for years.

Is there anyway to get support from Google for Gmail?

I’m trying to setup a Chromebook to print to a Canon MG2950 using Google Cloud Print.

1)      Canon MG2950 is connected wirelessly to a local network. A windows laptop can print successfully.

2)      The Chromebook is connected wirelessly to the same network.

3)      The printer manual states that the MG2950 is compatible with Google Cloud Print

4)      Within the printer’s web interface, we have registered the printer with Google Cloud Print, using the same credentials that are used to log onto the Chromebook.

5)      When we log onto Google Cloud Print, the printer is listed (although greyed out), states it’s ‘owned by me’ but ‘currently offline’


a)      If the Chromebook and Google Cloud Print enabled printer are on the same local network, does the print request leave the local network e.g. does it get sent to external Google servers first before getting re-directed to the printer?

b)      Canon’s article mentions which ports Google Cloud Print uses. Is this outgoing, or incoming ports or both?

I look forward to receiving your thoughts/comments.

Google Chrome not opening as it used to instead a dialog box opens up and it is different than the normal browser. Please help restore my Chrome. It was working just fine yesterday Wednesday 02/13/2019.

Chrome Not Opening.JPG
I'm looking to manipulate a web page via PowerShell when there is no id field on the HTML element.
Let's take Google as an example ... Some elements have an id:
Element with an id... and some don't - they only have a class (or multiple) name(s):
Element with only a class name
I can use the following code to change the CSS of an element with an ID:
$SiteURL = ""   
$google = New-Object -ComObject "InternetExplorer.Application"
$google.visible = $true
# wait until doc is loaded and ready
Write-Host "Waiting for document to load "
    while ($google.ReadyState -ne 4) {
        Write-Host "." -NoNewLine
        Start-Sleep 1
$doc = $google.Document
$id = [System.__ComObject].InvokeMember("getElementById",[System.Reflection.BindingFlags]::InvokeMethod, $null, $doc, 'lga')
"Current CSS: $($"
$ = "display:none;"

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... but how can I change the CSS of an element with only a class?
A customer is trying to install the Google G Suite Migration on a Windows 10 Home computer with Outlook 2016.  The installation aborts with the errors shown in the attached log file.  The error file points to a problem with language but all settings in Outlook and the computer show English or English-US.

We have tried running as Administrator but cannot get past the errors shown in the logfile.

Our customer tried the install and is turning to us for assistance in resolving the install problem.  We may have to contact the customer if your reply requires additional information.

Any assistance or suggestion will be appreciated.