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I would like to use online "Map" service like Google Earth, Google Map, and etc. in order to display about 1000 customer locations on the map.
It is for the internal use, so I do not want to share the data on public, so that our sales staffs can use the tool for analyzing the route or location to set their sales strategies.

Could you share with me how to accomplish it and what are the actual steps?

Thank you,
Firewall Management 201 with Professor Wool
Firewall Management 201 with Professor Wool

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I would like to create an email to g-suite which will not  receive any email. It will use only for send email from a custom application which is already in use.
For this kind of email (no reply email) it will need to create a user in g suite?
If not how to create this kind of email?
i have a system with a weird phenomenum
a desktop running W10, + defender and AV does the following :

when i open up an internet page with EDGE (startpage = google, then hp system + drivers, and i'm llooking up drivers or manual, the page starts skipping DOWN, say 1/2 page, stops several seconds , then skips DOWN again, etc

This is very frustrating , so i'd like to know what can cause this - and put a stop to it
it also happens on other pages than HP -  and i only have it happening on this system
i installed all systems myself - clean
i use a PS2 keyboard, and wired USB mouse - no wifi

ideas? ? ?
When I use Google Maps for example, I automatically get the map for the location I am at. There are much more examples like this, where my location is automatically given out to someone else. How can I get more control of this, and in particular be able to completely hide my location for anyone at all times? In Windows, Android and Mac?
Hello everyone,

I have a firebase database and a html website which I am using to post news related articles and I would like to be able to have the ability to post new articles to firebase and have them populate on the website automatically. The website is only on a CPanel server and is not being generated using a Linux platform.

I also use bootstrap to format the pages and would like the pages to maintain formatting. Any suggestions are appreciated :)
How is the Google Chrome manifest for  an extension without any page? (only Java Script)
How can I retrieve all active tabs content (DOM) developing a Google Chrome Extension?
How can I debug a Google Chrome extension?
Some other IT administrators within a certain company I am consulting for would like to install and use the Google Chrome web browser within Server 2016.

Will this create any problems for the Server 2016 OS?
I am trying to calculate the number of marker points in a google map polygon

I believe my problem is not passing the the two arrays poly and polytest to the addpolypoints function.  The assignment for these are made under function "mapClick"  Any advice?

google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'rightclick', addPolyPoints);
 google.maps.event.addListener(map, "click", mapClick);

google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, "load", initialize);

function mapClick(evt) {
  // map.clearOverlays();
  circleMarkers = Array();
  if (!centerMarker) {
    centerMarker = new google.maps.Marker({
      position: evt.latLng,
      map: map

  } else {
  searchPoints = getCirclePoints(evt.latLng, distToDrive);
  drivePolyPoints = Array();
  var poly = drivepolygon.getPath();
	 var polytest=drivepolygon; 

function getCirclePoints(center, radius) {
  var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
  var circlePoints = Array();
  var searchPoints = Array();
  with(Math) {
    var rLat = (radius / 3963.189) * (180 / PI); // miles
    var rLng = rLat / cos( * (PI / 180));
    for (var a = 0; a < 361; a++) {
      var aRad = a * (PI / 180);
      var x = center.lng() + (rLng * cos(aRad));
      var y = + (rLat * sin(aRad));
      var point = new 

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Protect Your Employees from Wi-Fi Threats
Protect Your Employees from Wi-Fi Threats

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Our customer has a hotel with wifi access points all converging towards a Zyxel n4100 hotspot
Since the beginning of the month, they are receiving the following error when they try to browse: "Can't connect securely to this page" or “Your connection is not private”
They also obtain a message indicating the the certificate used by server is invalid.
This only happens with Google Chrome version 67 onwords. Something regarding the HSTS security.
Any ideas on how to bypass this situation?
There is a domain I'd like for one of my projects, but when I go there, it is just a pointer to another site that has nothing to do with my domain name.

I once bought a domain for a project I might do, and someone in Australia abducted it from me. Must have been a trademark.

How do I file a trademark so I can usurp this person and get my domain, so that I can kick these people aside? Is that it? A trademark? I doubt they have one. Can I check it safely?
I have already done a non-pitiful blog, that broke Adsense payment.

I can't see if Godaddy also does Vlog's. There are Google links, but
Is it just a simple module I install?

What does the upload look like, a video with a comment adjacent to it? Is it in a Youtube player? I hope not, people might click in to it and comment there
I have just bought a Nokia 7+ running on Android One (currently Oreo) to replace my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I am trying to set up Contacts with frustrating results.
  • First I added my accounts including which is the account I use for most emails and where I sync my contact list
  • Next I tried to sync the contacts but only one contact succeeded in syncing.
  • I thought that maybe I needed to prime my phone so I imported the contacts to my phone ( account) using a csv file and about 400 imported fine
  • When I checked my PC my contact list had now doubled - my phone had synced the contacts I had added and duplicated them
  • I then deleted duplicates from my PC getting it back to 400 odd numbers again
  • When I checked the phone it is now up to over 1100 numbers - with many triples

I am assuming that Google would not allow me to select my account if it wasn't capable of syncing with it, and the fact that my 400 contacts has now miraculously grown to over 1100 means that it is syncing somehow, but I don't understand how it's working. Can anyone shed any insights into what I am doing wrong?
What apps or methods exist that will allow me to have a second phone number assigned to my iPhone (similar to Google Voice)?

I am a Sprint PCS subscriber and really liked the Google Voice service that replaced the iPhone phone number with my Google voice phone number everytime that I made a call using my iPhone. My Google Voice phone number would always show on other people's caller ID whenever I would call them.

However, this Google voice integration with my Sprint PCS service ended on 6/1/18 due to security upgrades and Google not producing an updated app.

So I'm currently looking for a replacement app or service I can subscribe to that will display an alternate phone number every time that I make an outgoing phone call using my iPhone X.

What apps or services are currently available that will allow this to be done?
I would like to know how can I write an google chrome plugin. Is possible to use C# for that?
I have config.json file where i have procided all urls and keys. There is one parameter called "googleMapsApiKey" where i have my "map key". I want to provide this key to my module file so that i can use google maps but I am unable to provide it. Below is my code.


      "googleMapsApiKey": "MY KEY",

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import { ConfigService } from '../../../HiP-CmsAngularApp/app/config.service';

      imports: [
          apiKey: 'WANT TO PROVIDE THAT KEY HERE', ---> from config.json
          libraries: ['places']

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There is one service called ConfigService where I am accessing my config.json file. I have imported this service in MobileContentModule.ts file.

Can anyone help me to get my google api key from config.json file? Purpose of this is, that we dont want to expose this key on github.
recently i've been working on google place api ,so when entered in html page the script works fine ,whereas when entered the same script in xsl file am getting loading issues in the api like 'toLowerCase' property is null reference...etc .please help on this issue
I read below url and basically saying I have to use Google Form to insert data into Google Sheet. Is it true?
I have my own web form for data entry., do you know there is a way to use my web form to insert data into Google Drive?

Overall, I just want to have some free service to the people and store the data in the cloud.

Google Sheet.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.


I'm looking to setup a trigger alert service based on images from an ip security camera. I want to alert if some objects are present during a specific time window. The objects are bins, the time window is during the night, and i have put reflective material on the bins so you can easily see the marks on the IR of the camera, see attached.

example ip camera image
I could use iSpy to set this up, but i'd like to use a google script running the check. i can pickup the images with a google script, so i "just" need to be able to perform a check on the image. In my case the average brightness within a specified rectangle of the image would be enough info. I guess i need to call some kind of image processing tool for this, as i'm probably not looking to do all the coding from scratch.

Any suggestions? I'm new to scripting with google so any example code would be great.

Many thanks
Dear Experts,

Can someone let me know how to add .ics file to Google Calendar using website technology like JavaScript or c#.

I want to add an option to my site where by clicking on that link all the event which are in .ics file should be imported to user's google calendar.
Hi All,

we are using google mail. I am currently looking into a solution that makes user MUST label an email before sending in google mail.

any suggestion would be appreciated!

I'm trying to work with an environment where I need OAuth access to a subset of users in a Google Apps environment.  I've found this: but it only describes domain-wide access.  Is there a way to further scope that access for users down to a smaller subset?
Hi I'm looking at either using Bing or Google Maps and I want to take a list of addresses and plot them on the map.  I figured out how to use MyMaps on Google however if there is multiple entries for that address I'd like to combine them with a pin and the number of occurrences at that address.  Can someone please help and give me a starting point?  I can use VBA, PHP, etc.  I really appreciate your help!!

Thanks - Zack
There is a Google app that can be used on a phone whereby someone speaks English and the interpretation can be in Spanish and shows on the screen.

There is also a physical device on Amazon where you can type English and Spanish version appears on the screen.

What we need is a technical device or app that lets us speak English through a small microphone attached to our shirt and the Spanish version of what we say is shown on an overhead large screen.

Need more brain power than I have to get it done.






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.