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In GAFE how do I add our domain to the login page so that when a student logs in they don't need to add every single time? Instead it's already auto populated and they can just type in their username?

Thanks in advance!
Announcing the Winners!
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Announcing the Winners!

The results are in for the 15th Annual Expert Awards! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations. We are so grateful for the valuable contributions experts make on a daily basis. Click to read more about this year’s recipients!

I have some 600 emails contained within a gmail account.  

I need to not only print each of these emails (ideally as unique email replies without the reply conversations contained below the reply mail) and I need to somehow copy all of those individual emails into a MS Word document or Google document.

Anyone could a bright idea how I can do this?  I've given up at manually doing this at 102 / 600 mails.

My family uses a combination of macs, laptops, windows machines and we store the files and other data on the local drive together with manual moving of files to our google drive which has 2 step verification on there.  I need to access these documents when I'm away from my home computers.

I'm always worried that if my gmail account is ever hacked (despite 2-step verification) a lot of personal documents are out in the main domain.  They dont contain passwords just letters and other stuff.

I also do use time machine from time to time to make manual backups but no good if there is a fire as its not stored off site.  Keeping a portable drive offsite also has its own risks if its stolen.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this for a home user, but how do others (and I mean informed people, not a generalised answer) secure their personal and data and back it up with the need to access it through dropbox or google drive)?
In MS Word, when you want to print the page (in a long document) where the cursor currently is, its pretty easy you just go print current page.

How can you do the same in a Google document without having to look up what page you are on?

Why do businesses tend to stay away from using a - (hyphen) in their domain name when they are struggling to obtain the domain name that they require.

I notice a lot of businesses use 'get' or 'the' in the domain name such as or

01 - Is not better / nicer?

02 - which is better for SEO (how does Google handle hyphens in a url?)?

Funnily enough I noticed that EE actually uses a hyphen in the domain name (, but I think that's so it doesn't read as 'expert sex change' (as far as I can remember) :-)

Any advice at all on this would be appreciated, thanks
I setup a Google Voice account for my iPhone.
Is it possible to change the display that is sent to the person I am calling from that number?
IE, I call back a client, with Google Voice number, their phone rings and normally displays my number.
Can I change that to display, "Prime Tech"?
Windows 7 - 64 Bit.  Had been working fine.   When you click the icon, you get an hourglass for a couple of seconds and then it goes away.   You see two instances of Chrome in task manager, but they go away after about 30 seconds.

Here is what I have done all to no avail:

1.  Tried starting Chrome in Safe Mode
2.  Uninstalled & Re-Installed chrome (told it to delete the settings)
3,  Deleted Chrome registry entries and deleted the "Chrome" folder in both %appdata% and %localappdata%
4.  Tried running as administrator.   Also checked rights under security.
5.   Ran the netsh winsock reset routine
6.   Rebooted the computer multiple times.
7.   Turned off Anti-Virus and Firewall temporarily.
8.   System restore to a date/time where it was working.

Have tried running from a desktop shortcut, task bar & directly from the program folder.  Internet Explorer works fine, but we need Chrome as some websites we use don't render well under IE.
I’ve just been upgraded to a new Office thin client type desktop computer Dell Wyse 5070 (one of those where we have a thin client and all the processing of everything is being done on a central server).  Had a junior IT guy set up my system and something is not right, I don’t believe it is a central admin policy setup because I can do everything I want on a Firefox app.

1.      My Google account Sync is paused when I open Chrome
2.      My extensions like session buddy, amazon tool and various other extensions do not load but my Cisco webex is the only extension that loads when I open Chrome (without logging in)
3.      I am forced to login each time before my web site passwords etc pull down
4.      My previous tabbed sessions do not load

How do I fix all these issues?  It was semi working on the first day I got this new computer but because I complaint about my bookmarks and links not syncing automatically when I opened Chrome, he said that my profile was corrupt and did something such that now, the book marks are there but all my extensions disappear the moment I restart my PC.
Fill Google Spreadsheet with data from Google Contacts

My Google Contacts database is potentially one of the most valuable information resources that I have and I would like to be able to sort and filter it more efficiently.  The built-in options at just don't do enough and exporting and importing is very old-school.

I need to be able to sort and filter them using a Google Spreadsheet instead of being relegated to the minimal options provided within the context of the Google Contacts page itself.  

One option might be to use the Google scripting area under the Tools menu item within the spreadsheet. Assistance is greatly appreciated.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this challenge and I have begun a sheet below to give us a point of reference as I try to find a solution to implement here.
Folks, an extremely annoying problem as follows:
I use a Garmin 660 GPS for my motorbike and Basecamp to plan the trips.
Since not all of my biker-friends have a Garmin i want to share the route with them on Google maps so they can read it into their phone and follow the route turn by turn.
I know you can set up a new route in Google maps on your phone and push the Start button to get the directions,
however when i import a gpx- or kml-file it only *shows* the route. It is not possible in Google maps to select the route and push "Start". Only thing you can do is to rename or delete the route..

Or is this a functionality which only exists in my fantasy ?

/thanks for any contribution
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Should you be charging more for IT Services?

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When saving an MS Office doucment on a mac, it offers icloud drive as a place to store documents etc.
Is it possible to have the equivalent for gmail?
Hello. A client has a website built in WIX, the mobile experience and forms are far from great. They are not willing to change the website technology.

They are wanting to advertise on Google Ads and send the traffic to a landing page, but I am going to need to optimize the page for traffic and all relevant SEO on page etc.

Should I use a subdomain and create a landing experience? Wordpress subdomain site? Should I use another page on Wix formatted for mobile? Should I use a / subdirectory re-direct?

What I am concerned about is all the SEO factors that google uses when sending ad traffic to subdomain etc

thanks all for the time
Hi. I am getting the following error when I try and run my web app in debug mode

This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 62054 Invoicing
Hello fellow Experts Exchange members:

I have a user whose Internet Explorer 11 is not displaying several (but not all) websites correctly.

The user reports fonts are incorrect and images either do not load or display incorrectly.

For an example, I have attached screenshots showing a business-critical website when viewed in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on the user's computer.

Google Chrome (correct):
Google Chrome screenshot - correct
Internet Explorer (incorrect):
Internet Explorer screenshot - incorrect
Comparing the two screenshots, in Internet Explorer: the fonts that appear are different, the pop-up buttons appearing on the left and right of the central content with arrow symbols are displaying in a different language, and the Facebook and YouTube buttons on the top right are missing the Facebook and YouTube symbols.

(Surprisingly, Internet Explorer is displaying the correct phone number for the business while Google Chrome is displaying an incorrect phone number.)

I have tried the following:
  • Adding the website to the Trusted Sites list - no difference
  • Clearing the cache and having the browser download a new copy of the page each time a website is visited - no difference
  • Browsing in No-Addons mode - no difference
  • Using the Internet Options Control Panel applet to Reset the browser - no difference
  • Installing all Microsoft updates - no difference

Have any fellow Experts Exchange members encountered a similar situation and found a resolution?


Hi Experts

My client has Google Analysts for 2 primary domains, and I have a custom carts in other sub domains.

How do I go about and send purchase info to Google Analytics? Do I need to setup the Product IDs within Google? And, is this even possible considering I'm using sub domains.

The intention is to keep the existing code.
One of our clients for whatever reason is not able to access their website from inside their network.
I tried whitelisting their domain on the router and their firewall.
I also created DNS forwarders on their server to point to their Website IP address.
I also put in a static DNS for google on one of the clients network settings. and still could not open up the website.

I'm running out of ideas!!
I need to implement Google reCaptcha on an old ASP.NET VB Webforms platform and I need a complete code that would help me do that.

I haven't done VB before and have done some webforms development long time ago.

I have followed the instructions of the following link but can't seem to get it right.  I have added the Assembly Recaptcha.dll on the frontend code with the associated VB code inside a <script runat=server> tag just like the guide and after recompiling and replacing the compiled code on the site, it doesn't seem to be able to load the Assembly and pops out the following error message,

Server Error in '/' Application.
Parser Error
Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. 

Parser Error Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Recaptcha, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. A strongly-named assembly is required. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131044)

Source Error: 

Line 1:  <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeBehind="register.aspx.vb" Inherits="Website.Members.clsRegister_Page" %>
Line 2:  
Line 3:  <%@ Register TagPrefix="uc1" TagName="ucMessageBox" Src="../controls/ucMessageBox.ascx" %>

Open in new window

All in all if you could help with with the exact implementation code, I would really appreciated it.
I have an SBS2011 server that with exchange service pack3 on it.  Some of our emails are getting delayed to a few different domains that we regularly send to.  I suspect one of the problems is the host name that the mail is going out as and what is in the public google domain host DNS.  
Our mail server send out email and in the helo connection is listed as cp-server5.nv.aa.aa. (example).  However, the domain name is (example).  So, in the DNS we can input with an A record of (example).

However, when I use a site like and it shows my cp-server5.nv.aa.aa address and is complaining about not having the correct A record.  

So the question is, can I change the hosted name on the server or in the exchange configuration without messing everything up.  I have numerous linux based mail server and this is fairly straight forward.  However, Microsoft exchange isn't the same I am guessing.  

Thanks in advance for any advise given.
Hello, I have a user that has g suite account and another pop3 account within outlook 2012, I had to set up the g suite account up using the google sync app so it would have its own inbox and pst file and the other pop3 account had its own mail file and inbox. My problem is today the mail from the pop3 account has started going into the g suite account mailbox, the default data file is the pop3 main pst file. I have tried to switch it to the g suite data file and back with no luck.  Any suggestions on what going on... I thought about setting up a new profile and start with the pop3 account but I can't do that with using the google sync app for outlook, becuase the google sync app creates it own profile.
Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)
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Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)

We’ve posted a new Expert Spotlight!  Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX) has been on Experts Exchange since 2006. Learn more about this database architect, guitar aficionado, and Microsoft MVP.

We have a single Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 running exchange.

We have been running for some time without problem. We have recently had several clients that are receiving an NDR stating that the account is unknown.

We noticed that the mail never arrives at our mail server, and that the NDR was issued from a google name server.

On checking our MX records, we see :-

mx records via

We can see that the correct MX record is shown as our preferred MX record, and we can see several google MX records with higher preferences.

We are currently unaware of where the google MX records have come from. We did have someone develop our website, who may have added these, but currently unsure as to why.

Will these affect our main MX record as it seems that some of our clients are hitting the google mx rather than our correct mx.

Should there be so many MX records, and do you think this is the root of our problem?

Any advice much appreciated.
If I am deleting cache from google chrome on a computer would it also delete all the cache of any other computer that is syncs with my google chrome account?
would that work as the bookmarks would?


We are looking to detect Bar code from android device in a live / recorded video along with Object on which Barcode is printed using ML based object detection.

We are using Google Mobile Vision to detect the barcode, but not able to detect the object (Box / Paper / Camera Image / Laptop screen image ) on which it is printed.

Looking for help.

Naveen Jain
I'm trying to read through our phone system log and increment a number in a Google sheet to track  how many calls we have for a particular hunt group "BState=Ringing" and then decrement the number when the call is finished "Deleted".  I would like to read a line from the log, check to see if the call is for "HuntGrp1", if "BState=Ringing" then copy unique identifier "16.12345.1" to an array, increment a cell in a google sheet.  Then I will have to check each matching "HuntGrp1" log line to see if that unique identifier is in the arrary and delete it from the array and decrement the cell in the google sheet when log line containing "Deleted" is encountered.  I have tried multiple ways to add elements to array/collection with  inconsistent results.  Here is what I have and some sudo code.

$RegexHG = "HuntGrp1\(304\)"
$UICollection = {$callid}.Invoke() #Collection for Unique Identifiers

Get-content "C:\Temp\TestData.txt" -Wait | where {$_ -match $RegexHG}| 
foreach {   
   If ($_ -match "BState=Ringing") {
    #increment counter Google Sheets
    #add unique identifier to arrary
   Else {
   	#If unique identifer in array
   		If ($_ -match "Deleted") {
   			#Remove unique identifer from arrary
   			#decrement counter Google Sheets

Open in new window

Sample Data
08:00:56 1299975656mS CMTARGET:     c0a800f40000a7bc 16.12345.1 11380 SIPTrunk Endpoint: LOOKUP ICR: DDI=1234567890 CGPN=0987654321@  Matched Time profile: Name1 (Destination 

Open in new window

I am battling to find a good smtp smart host for my exchange server.

Running exchange 2016

As a hosted solution for multiple clients, so have multiple domains.

Have tried sendgrid but way to many emails not getting to the other end.
Socketlabs wasnt too bad...

is there any others that are good? can you do it via google or something?
Hello all,

When creating meetings, we allow participants the option of joining the meeting in person, or via the provided Zoom link. When the participant receives their invitation, Google only allows for the following responses: Yes, No, or Maybe.

The problem with the limited variety of responses is that we cannot determine how many participants are attending a session, in person, or attending via Zoom; and this is really  important for planning. More than once, we have planned meetings where we thought that 80 participants might show up, then on meeting day, only 20 show up in person, while the rest have joined via Zoom. Setting up a meeting room for 60 additional no-shows is a waste of resources for our over-worked facilities team. :(

Is there any Google Calendar add-on or "hack" that will allow us to give our uses two "yes" options, "Yes (in person)" and "Yes (via zoom)?

FYI, Zoom is similar to GotoMeeting.

Thank you.