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Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

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How to create a YouTube channel?

I created the GMail account but need to create a new channel for videos and podcasts

Introduction to R
LVL 12
Introduction to R

R is considered the predominant language for data scientist and statisticians. Learn how to use R for your own data science projects.

Concerning my Google Administrator's Reporting tools, is there a way to see the actual Senders that send the most emails within a given time? For example, if I wish to see which Sender email addresses are sending many emails to my domain users, can I find that information? These are not necessarily spammers that I am looking for.

I know I can do it if I know the email address, though I would like to just see the bulk senders each day without already knowing the sender's address.
Invisible recaptcha
I don't get recaptcha at all
I read google manuals an none
I try but fail
i want to start over with an expert guide if any can help me

we are setting up a co-managed IBM QRadar siem but i have 7 out of 200+ targets where i cant open the application or system logs remotely. they are fine locally. i can open security and setup so doesnt look like a larger port or security issue.
error message is event viewer cannot open the event log or custom view verify that event log service is running or query is too long (5)

the entity connecting is in local security with manage auditing and security log. there are 2008 r2, 2012 r2 and a brand spanking new 2016 server involved. i cant see any reason they should not be openable(??). i have tried with the service account and a domain admin account. same result.

cant find much in a google search but thats usually failure to ask the question correctly.  anyone have an idea?
I would like some advice on security.  I have recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.    Due to the nature of my work, I store a lot on it.

I use Google Drive to sync all documents and I am looking for the following solutions:

1) I am looking to find a solution to protect all of my data that is stored on the hard drive (synced with Google Drive), so if the laptop is stolen - the data is safe
2) I am looking for advice on how to protect log on - I am using Face ID - is that enough
3) I am looking for advice on recovery and tracing the laptop if it is stolen


In a Nation Builder nation, I have a 700-member e-mail recipient list. The majority of these recipients were imported when my nation was set up a couple of months ago. Email to these recipients is solicited because they all pay a monthly/annual fee for membership.

I've sent about a dozen email blast in this time without problem, and I get stats on how many people opened links inside the emails, how many bounces, how many are ad addresses. However a couple of weeks ago, I sent one out and it first reported everything to be OK, with zero bounced, but after about 4 days, the bounced shot up to 117. This was highly irregular because the highest number of bounces before this was about 8. I had a look at the 117 and they are all Yahoo, AOL or Sky addresses, and since AOL and Sky go through Yahoo, we can assume that this is specifically a Yahoo problem. Here's the message that appears in Nation Builder next to each bounce...

4.0.0 Email was deferred due to the following reason(s): [IPs were throttled by recipient server]

I've done two more blasts since this, and the same thing happens. I've checked with a few owners of these email addresses and can confirm that the emails are not being received.

Is there anything I can do to help this situation, either on Nation Builder, on Google G-Suite, or on Yahoo? I've contacted Nation Builder support, but all they suggested was that I send a handful of emails at a time in order to rewarm Yahoo. But this could take a long time, …
I am a jack of all trades master of none admin....We are using G-Suite within Google Admin to peel off some marketing CRM email accounts for analytics and our MX records are pointed at their DNS. I am using Office 365 Administration Microsoft EOP and running a hybrid environment with mostly On Prem Exchange 2013 mailboxes. My problem is that my SPF and DMARC are not setup the way Microsoft says is best practice and we are getting spoofed addresses bypassing EOP into our domain because supposedly the MX is not pointed 1st or only to mail.protection.domain. I am trying to accommodate everyone but not sure how to make sure we are protected 1st before our gmail using CRM marketing side.
Hi Experts,

Recently I have purchase an TP-Link VR900 for my HOme use, but its disconnect after 15-20 min. getting an DNS error, I tried to put google DNS (, ) but still the same issue. the Modem has a latest firmware. please advice.

Dear Experts
I am looking for cloud computing service to host the websites and have internally decided we go for Google Cloud Computing, few websites (word press /drupal are on dedicated VM’s and few are on shared VM’s ,  one of our customer runs multiple campaigns hence  based on campaign schedules the traffic would be high hence would like design the cloud architecture such that website experience to the end-users should not be slow on campaigns schedule.
1.Please suggest what to choose in Google cloud platform, to achieve website (word press/Drupal ) application load balancing and auto-scaling. Without load balancing can we still go for auto-scaling.
2.If we go for auto-scaling should we have to separately avail High availability OR does auto-scaling includes application load balancing and High availability.
please help, thanks in advance.
Hi,  my website got hacked a few days ago which has let to my site being blacklisted by Google http://medicaladvocates.ie i have cleaned it on Thursday last and have requested Google to delist and have outlined the reasons why it needed it be delisted and the actions i have taken but it is still blacklisted, i read somewhere that it could take up to 6 hours for them to delist it.

As you can imagine this is really really damaging for my business, does anyone know of anyway of speeding up the process? i have submitted a couple of times in Google Search Console.
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I have google wifi with the ISP connection going straight to my google device.  I want to setup a VPN.  I only want to route specific websites traffic through the VPN.  What would I need to do to make this happen.
Hi, i have an old nexus 6p, i want to use this only for google voice on wifi. How can i make it work?
Hello everybody. I have a question regarding the following problem:
We would like to improve our web site speed significantly. For this purpose, images (jpg / png), but also CSS, JS etc. are to be outsourced to the CDN. It is the easiest according to our IT, if we put the pictures etc. on another (new!)

Do we have to fear a disadvantage in the ranking google? Does someone have experience with that? And what happens to the JS integrations, are they then executed correctly and, for example, are all the data recorded by Analytics?

I look forward to feedback!
I have a client with an on premises Exchange server.  They use a third party spam filter, but only for incoming.  Outgoing goes straight out from their IP address.  One user is saying that a lot of emails he sends to recipients with gmail addresses aren't being received. I am told the recipients have checked their spam folder.  I have tracked the emails through Exchange, and they all show 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK.   The sender receives no bounceback.  I have sent emails from the administrator account of that domain to my own gmail address and they come in fine.  A couple went to spam, but only if I just typed "test."  Another user in the domain did the same thing and she received her test emails as well.  The IP address is not on any blacklists.  I am out of ideas.  I don't think there's a way to get Google to track these emails from their end, is there?  Is there anything else I can do from my end?
Hi There, I'm having a little of an issue with two users. We recently switched their PCs to Mac, for whatever reason Google Chrome autocomplete feature not working, meaning that when users type in information on websites, especially on forms, that information does not come up automatically next time they need to enter the same on the same form. I've poked around with the system settings but don't what would be preventing this.

As simple as this is it's a real issue for users who need to enter the same information over and over in forms. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Users have Mac OS X Mojave and Google chrome v.70.
I'm using Goggle Maps API I learned from here.

This works fine when the UK Post Code is complete (eg. SE9 6AU). I find that sometimes partial Post Code works. (eg. SE9) but sometimes they don't.

Here's my problem. I got some Post Codes that are only partial - ie. only have the first part of the UK Post Code. How can I get Google to return the result assuming a default location that is at the centre of that Post Code?

Dear All,

I have a device (installed on vehicle) which sends latitude and longitude on the Server through GPS. I have a route of that vehicle which is successfully plotted on Google Map.

My Problem is how can I plot latitude and longitude at runtime on Google Map in PHP dynamically on Desktop Application. I want to plot fetched latest latitude and longitude on Google Map to show where the vehicle is running.
Hi All,

I want to open a google chrome browser with a web address into a scheduled tasks make it 1 min delayed after someone logs into the computer.
I have tried on a personal computer but when I try on a domain connected machine it doesn't run. Not sure if group policy is blocking this?
Any suggestions would be good to know thank you.

i can't resolve the hostname like google.com or private cloud hostname as well.


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Big Business Goals? Which KPIs Will Help You

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is this google domain name second login a backdoor?
what is difference between organizational and individual account
I am trying to clear space in my gmail. I have deleted a load of photos and videos in Google Drive.  Having subsequently emptied the Trash, the space used has now gone down from 30GB to 20GB. See the details of my Google Drive usage below. The size of my files stored in Google Drive is ~3GB. I found this out using the Google Drive folder in my windows profile. There are various folders that have been shared with me. One folder has been shared with me but I have write privileges and so I have uploaded some photos to it. Do those photos use up my Google Drive space even though the folder is owned by someone else? (This folder appears in "My Drive" and in the "Shared with me" folder.  All the other folders that have been shared with me appear only in the "Shared with me" folder.)

The main problem that I have is that I am unable to establish where my storage space is being used up, owing to the fact that Google Drive has no "right click > properties" function. I am wondering if there is some kind of Chrome Addon that would enable me to have this kind of function.

Thank you

20.11 GB used
Drive      14.97 GB
Gmail      5.13 GB
Google Photos      0 GB
30 GB total storage
Your plan      0 GB
Provided by your domain      30 GB
I am looking for an application which will allow me to tag and filter internet search results, which are found using a Search Engine such as Google, or DuckDuckGo, or Bing.

I do lots of searches, and I'd like the ability to filter out sites I've already visited.
I'd also like to create custom tags for certain sites, such as "This is a great one", or "no good." etc.  I'd like to be able to filter and sort by those tags.

I feel as though this tool must exist somewhere!    From what I've read, Google used to allow to filter out "visited" sites, but it is no longer an option for the last several years.

Thank you for suggestions!
User is has Google Earth Pro installed, but when they access Google Maps in Chrome they see heavily pixelated images when in 3D mode. I have reset cache in Browser as well as resetting cache in Google Earth Pro. I have also toggled Open GL/Direct X settings, no luck. Google Maps runs fine in Internet Explorer.
Can anyone help with this?

Thanks All
I need help to add a little functionality to a google sheet i created.

Rows on the google sheet are dynamically added by a Zapier zap. There are several columns on this google sheet. when a row is added with the zap, sometimes the cell in the last column isn't populated with any data. I need to add some sort of automated function in the google sheet so that if a cell on this last column is emply, it would be filled with the string "No Comment". Please see the attached graphic, to see what I mean.

This string can not be added manually because when each column is populated using a zap, another zap takes the info in the row and sends it to another application.

I am not to familiar with any of the advanced features available in a google sheets, so if this populaing these blank fields with this string is possible, i could use detailed instructions on how to do it.

thanks for any help,

One of our techs deploy 6 Windows 2016 servers. After deployment:
  • when using Internet Explorer and google.com it defaults to Arabic text
  • when using Google Chrome, ALL pages default to Arabic text and the only work around was to enable translation to English

We have checked the system language and regional settings and it is set to US English.

Even when we sent a 2FA code from GMail it sends it in Arabic text.

We are not experiencing this on any other systems.

Has anyone seen this before?