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Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

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For example I have a high level domain that godaddy when it points towards store.site.com it works.  But when on my internal dns record it doesn't point towards store.site.com which is a google apps form.  Now site.com isn't hosted on my internal AD network but I have records pointing outside about it.  Please advise.
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?

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Hi Experts,

I need to develop a scheduling software that will be used by several of agencies that are not related to one another, and the application will be using Google APIs.

I know that for the Google API I need to generate the service_key.json, and my question is what is the appropriate way to manage this:  should all agencies provide me with editor permissions and share privileges, or do they need to do it, or do I need to get them to give me temporary access?

With any options, I know that Google also charges fees if you go over a limit, so how would that work? As well, are the limitations per service key or per account?

Most likely I will be hosting the application for all, and none may have a technical person on site.
The user has a gmail account that they are connecting to on a MacBook Pro 13 with High Sierra OS.
They are using the Apple Mail App

They have noticed delays when sending email and reading attachments.

I have noticed  issues with their gmail setup:

Do they have too many messages in their inbox? They have more than 18,000 messages in the Inbox.  I can have them fix this by creating folders, moving mail, and using the excellent MailHub Mail plugin to rapidly delete and file mail.

They have created a lot of sub-folders to their gmail inbox.  Are these folders slowing down the Apple Mail? Do I need to relocate them?
gmail inbox subfolders
I also noticed, that when I moved old email to a separate folder, there was a lot of download activity.  What is the cause of that?  I only moved a few hundred, but it looks like several thousand are being categorized as 'downloading'


Archive mailbox with activityDownloading Activity message
I really want to know whether is it possible to get the website ranked at the first page of Google without doing SEO ?
I have exchange 2010 and g suite. We want to integrate both. What my organization requires is all emails to come to our exchange server and after that it should go to g suite. What is the best practice to get this done. All emails to be synced(incoming & outgoing).

we want to make our domain primary on our exchange server.

i have taken the following steps advised by gsuite support
1. You need to disable to default routing that you added for G Suite, if you need instructions on how to find the option, you can refer to this support article https://support.google.com/a/answer/2368153?hl=en.
2. You need to have the MX records pointing to your legacy server.
3. You need to create a routing rule for your exchange server to forward emails to the test aliases of G Suite that you can find in the aliases of each user.
4. You need to add the IP addresses of the exchange server to the inbound gateway. You can find more information about it in this support article https://support.google.com/a/answer/60730.

For number 3 routing rule what can i do to accomplish this task

number 1 has been done
number 2 is in progress by our ISP
number 3 is what i need help on
number 4 has been done on gsuite admin domain

Looking forward for your suggestions. Thanks in advance
Hi support

We have major issue that after being remove from the MPLS that some of the traffic unable to reach google or microsoft  DNS .

How to resolve fix a ip address to test out the DNS ?
Question: is it possible to cohost email between office 365 and google mail for business(google apps)
i would like to have a set of users / email address use office 365 and another set of users be based on the google platform.
again 1 email domain?
Hi All,

What is the best way to structure my Android Application


1. Media Player
2. Usage of Restful API's for getting metadata, categories, sub categories.....
3. Exception handling
4. Advertisement ( Google DFP, FB ADs )... I mean support for VAST is must
5. Logging
6. Do we need ROOM or SQLite ??
7. This app may be made available in Android STB's too

On top that If I have to whitelabel the app I have to build the app dynamically based on the themes, logo ,,, selected by customer from our web site.
Hello experts,

I have a user who is using windows 8 laptop and every time he is away from the machine, it locks but does not respond when he enters his password to let him back in.  He is able to enter it, but it stays locked.  This makes him have to restart to even get into his computer.

I have done some initial google searching and discovered that there are a lot of other people with this same issue, and that's it's a known Microsoft issue but what I can't find is if there is a fix, or anything I can do?

I did set his system in Group Policy to not lock but that appears to not be working.

Thank you for your help,

Good Morning Experts,

We have built a new RDS server in Azure.  We would like to properly license it to allow more than 2 users to connect to it at the same time.  We will eventually need to add more users and possibly turn it into a farm.

We have already purchased 40 Cals for our environment but I am reading that we need SALs to allow the users to connect.

Can anyone provide some insight and/or pricing or where to go to get it for what we need?

I do have a open ticket with Azure because I found on google that you can order or soon will be able to order then through the portal but I cannot confirm if this is possible as of yet.  I do not see that option in my portal.

Thank you,

Become a Leader in Data Analytics
Become a Leader in Data Analytics

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desktop computer

If the time is not right then I get ssl warnings with every browser
No connection to google earth pro

I try in ie, firefox, chrome

experts-exchange looks different

does not matter for me if time is correct
I had this question after viewing Increase performance of google earth pro.

Using same wifi
Why is google earth so much quicker on windows7 desktop than windows10 laptop
Specifically street view is so quick it is like I am walking outside. Hardly any blurry moments.

Is there a super computer where google earth is quickest
Is video card responsible?
If I spent $100k would I get an experience that is so optimal that street view would be same as driving in same area?
Please provide me with instructions on how to use  Cirrus Insight to record Gmail email contact info.

I'm most interested in recording people's information that is found within their email signatures such as name, job title, company name, address, phone numbers, etc.

How can Cirrus Insight be used within Google G Suite to do this?
I am a heavy user of offline Google Maps when I'm travelling. Is there was way I can tell Google Maps to constantly monitor where I am and create a line on a map to show all my movements?

I'm pretty sure that Google Maps is always collecting this data anyway for its own purposes, so I don't think there is a privacy consideration here.

If this isn't possible with Google Maps, is there any 3rd party app that could do this? If so I would still want the map created in Google Maps format so that I could open it in My Maps.

If a cell contains the word "Yes" (with a few other words in it), we want it it to be "Counted". What would the "countif" be?

We actually will be using the formula for excel and for Google Docs. Is that possible?
I had this question after viewing phone calls and google voice.

How can I use audicity to record a google voice (it is called google hangouts now) phone call
on windows 10
I had this question after viewing phone calls and google voice.

on windows 10 desktop
I am looking for a browser addon that can record google voice phone calls

Related question is how to do on google server by pressing "4".
using windows 10 and google voice (pick one browser)

how can I record phone calls
Hi, having an issue where the Android phone I am testing my Google Play Store link from has a different result from two different domains, not sure why?

On my staging setup, Google play doesn't seem to register that I have already purchased the App, but on the clients live site it recognises that the App has already been installed, IOS devices work perfectly on both domains.

Device and browser information of the Android phone my client has tested with:

From live site:

http://mynonoi.com/about-nonoi.html Google Play button links to:

Google Play from mynonoi.com
From new staging site

http://sandbox.digiscape.co.nz/nonoi/ Google Play button link to:


Google Play from staging server
A point in the right direction or troubleshooting advice would be great, has anyone experienced this before, if so how did you fix it?
[Video] Oticon Case Study
[Video] Oticon Case Study

Open office environments can create the dynamics for innovation, but they also bring some challenges. With over 1,000 employees in an open office, Oticon needed a solution that would preserve the environment while mitigating disruptive background noises.

Watch how they did it.

I had this question after viewing small downloads folder.

samsung galaxy s6
android 7


has many items in download folder.

I have a related question because airbnb app only shows 9 items in download folder (newest nine).
Older items with same name have no picture.
I can not attach these items.
Airbnb does not recognize these files as images.

So it is an airbnb app error.
Starting yesterday evening, I'm frequently seeing the following message. Seems to occur when opening/working with Chrome.

Google msg (1 of 2)
When I click to show details, i see:

Google msg (2 of 2)
These msgs persist even after restarting.

How can I tell if this thing is a legitimate Google update, or a virus/malware?
How can I turn off this notification?

Additional info. (May or may not be relevant):
1. My machine restarted overnight without my asking for a reboot.
2. When I first stated up this morning, I saw a msg that my snipping tool was not functional....including something about contacting my system administrator. That issue resolved on its own.
3. While not actively working in Chrome, I saw it (on its own) navigate to my default page (page that comes up when I start it. Not sure if this behavior was a delayed start, or something else.


Google spreadheat doesnt have Clam or Immunet listed.. Hate to have machines Bluescreen.  Anyone know yet?
Hello dear friends. I started to study Java and want to make the program "hello", but not quite simple.
I've already learned how to write simple programs, but with more complex programs I have problems.
Therefore, I am asking for help. My question (it is highlighted) is below. First a short introduction.
Now I'm learning Java (I'm using Eclipse) and I came across the following learning example - a variation of the text-to-speech (TTS) program in Java.

The essence of the program (it contains 2 classes and 1 referenced library jl1.0.1) is as follows:

1. Link your project with JLayer library for mp3 playing from java (I used jl1.0.1.jar).

2. Create instance:
GoogleTextToSpeech gtts = new GoogleTextToSpeech()

Open in new window

3. Use:
gtts.say("Hello everybody", "en")

Open in new window

First argument is phrase to say, second is language.

I added my comments to the code and commented out unwanted line, now the program (`Main class` and `GoogleTextToSpeech class`) looks like  

I am starting the code by press `Run as → Java Application` on `Main.java`.

I have this (in Eclipse console):

java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: 

Open in new window

I just got a google pixel, replacing iphone. On the iphone, it had "VIP" function, where all emails from specific addresses would pop up and alert me on the screen and stay there till i swiped and removed them.  I really need this on the pixel, but don't see how to do it.  I'm using the outlook app on the pixel.
I need to run some google searches on some names but because of the EU data protection rules, some data cannot be displayed.  I need to be able to search google.com as if from outside the EU.  hidemyass dot com used to be a site anyone could go to and use their data entry box to visit a site and appear as if from another location.  Thats not available now on their web site.

Any recommendations by others of other sites that still offer this for free?






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.