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hi, im using google chrome last time when i search something in chrome it will show google search algorithn but now it show other search algorithn call how to fix. i try to uninstall and install back cannot.please assist.
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Hi Expert,
I need to get how many man and woman access the our sub domain and how to configure sub domain  for that
For example
Woman - 30
Men  -14
any idea much appreciated
Can you point me to someone or a group that can help with a GMAIL question.  Google is very difficult to get help from.  When composing a new email in GMAIL, if you click on the "TO", which allows you to view the list of your contacts, the list is in first name order. Even though when going to Contacts separately via the 9 dot matrix, the list is in last name order.  Are there GMAIL options to show the list in last name order when clicking on the "TO" when composing a new email.
Hello Experts,

Here is the Ask:  How do I get the below code to run without utilizing the ‘sp_configure’ stored procedure in Microsoft SQL server 2016?  I have the ability to create new stored procedures, but I cannot use the stored procedures that natively exist in SQL Server.

Additional Context/Background:

I have about 200,000 addresses in a Microsoft SQL server that I need to geocode.  I am operating in a highly restricted environment that does not allow the use of unapproved applications.  The approval process for a new application that I might develop in Visual Studio to geocode the addresses utilizing Google’s Locations API would take about a year for approval.  

I do however have access to SQL Server Management Studio and the database itself.  Here is the kicker, in this highly restricted environment, I have the ability to create a stored procedure, but nearly all of the native stored procedures in SQL have been disabled due to security concerns.

Using the innerwebs, I created the below SQL code to geocodes my addresses.  It works like a champ in my test environment utilizing a Cursor in conjunction with the ‘Ole Automation Procedures’ stored procedure ‘sp_configure ' .  The problem I have is that in my production environment, the stored procedure ‘sp_configure’ is disabled.

I realize that I will probably be cursed up and down for using Cursors and ‘sp_configure’.  It wasn’t my first choice, I am just trying to play the hand I have been dealt in the…

One of my users is having the issue that Google chrome doesn't ask to save passwords. I checked his settings and I could see that this option is enabled. I tried creatiing a google account for him so google chrome syncs with his account but this didn't work.

This is an RDS user, he is connecting to a Windows server 2016 using a Thin client Wyse 3040.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I want to migrate 50 users from Google suite to Office 365.
- emails
- Calendars
- google drive - to OneDrive
- Groups
- Aliases

What would be the best tool that you used to complete such as task?
I have been asking Google to help me with this for 4 weeks but even though they say my set up is correct, data is not importing and we have spoken for hours at a time yet they say they need more time to fix the problem.

I have First Click attribution e-commerce sales showing up in my Google Analytics account, which is linked to my Google Ads account for automatic import.   The conversions I am importing I have specified as First Click attribution conversions.

Despite this, only 4 of the 30 transactions recorded in Analytics have imported and I can't seem to identify a pattern.   I thought it was ignoring the First Click setting and just using Last Click, but that didn't seem to add up, then I thought maybe it was only for non-mobiles that it worked but that's not conclusive either.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Kind regards,
I need some enlightenment and clarification. Three of the serverless and cloud-online providers are amazon , google and Azure. I would like to build a e-commerce website(on-line selling) but I would like to build it quick, and affordable, practical and not complicated. Can I use Amazon or google to build it? Or What tools do I need to make it happen? Need Advise. Should I buy a space fro a provider  or can I do it with AWS or google?
My goal is to create a Google document that is automatically populated based on user selections from a <Google form, spreadsheet, any Google G Suite product>.

Here's the use case:
I have a Business Requirements Document template, but users don't need every single section each time they use the template. What I'd like to offer them is a form/method for them to check the items they need and have a document populated with those sections vs. opening a template and deleting the sections they don't need. I've attached an example of my Business Requirements Document, and would like to keep the template formats in tact, too.
It is super easy to schedule a calendar event and invite multiple people from my google contacts using

However, notifications of the event only occur by email and not by SMS.

Since I also use labels to group contacts, thereby making google contacts and absolute necessity, this is a problem.

I would be encouraged to hear if anyone has a solution to using Google calendar that would allow Google calendar event notifications to be delivered both via email and via SMS?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

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New to GCP and would like some help and clear instruction on how to do the following:

I would like to copy an entire buckets sub directory (say bucket-1/folder-1/folder-a) when a file is uploaded into this sub directory only. Not the whole bucket.

The entire sub directory should be copied to the root of bucket-2 skipping any existing files/folders.

I've successfully run a few functions that copy single files etc. to get my bearings but struggling to work out how to do more indepth stuff like copying the entire directory tree and skipping existing files and folders. As well as it being event driven in just the source directory NOT the entire bucket. Unfortunately the Cloud Functions UI doesn't allow you to select a sub directory for the trigger event, only the Bucket.

Thanks in advance.
We are using Google Vision in one bar code reading projects, Google Vision is not able to recognized the bar code values with black Colored background. Please help in resolving the issue.
Hello EE,

Can someone tell me if Microsoft Power BI can be implemented with Google Cloud Platform for visualization?

We work with a law firm that uses Google Chrome as their default web browser.  Yesterday, after years of problem-free use, one of the partners began experiencing problems with blurry text on web sites viewed via Chrome.  His computer has Windows 7 for the OS and is a standard Dell OptiPlex machine.  He has no focus problems with anything run from the desktop, only with Chrome displaying web pages.  He has tried two monitors (same problem on both).  I also had him try  Chrome web page display on a different computer on their network (which looked fine, no problems with video quality).

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about this problem in terms of cause and potential solutions?  Thanks very much.

I have Windows 10 and iPhone & iPad all with same iCloud apple account.  All sync apps works fine across the devices except my Google Chrome.  I have latest iCloud apps installed. latest Chrome installed and the icloud extension installed and enable.  However, my chrome and devices safari is not syncing.  When checking my computer iCloud settings I notice that Chrome is unchecked.  When checking it gives me this message:

How can I get my Chrome and apple mobile safari syncing?

Our company has very important spreadsheets created in Google Sheets that they would like to protect.

My employer wants the ability to password protect these Google Sheet spreadsheets.

Each individual sheet has sensitive information.

Google accounts should be secure but in case anyone got into it, they would like to know of a way to protect these spreadsheets for added security.

How would we do this?

Hi, I have been trying to Build a 64 bit Delphi project with a Bamboo Continuous Integration Build Server.

The weird thing is that I'm able to build the 64 bit project on the server machine itself using MSBuild in the Windows Command Line, but not through Bamboo.

But when making Bamboo run the same cmd script as on the server itself it always returns the error:
'error F1027: Unit not found: 'System' or binary equivalents (.dcu)'

Searching Google said that this was a problem with not including the right paths for the relevant Delphi components. But after including all of the paths it still doesn't compile a 64 bit Delphi project.

Here is the cmd batch script that Bamboo executes:
@SET BDS=C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0
@SET BDSINCLUDE=C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\include
@SET BDSCOMMONDIR=C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0
@SET FrameworkDir=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5
@SET FrameworkVersion=v3.5
@SET FrameworkSDKDir=
@SET DXVCL=C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress VCL
@SET PATH=%FrameworkDir%;%FrameworkSDKDir%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\bin64;C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\InterBase\redist\InterBaseXE3\IDE_spoof;$(BDSLIB)\win32\release;$(BDSLIB)\win64\release;$(BDSLIB)\win32\fura;$(BDSLIB)\win64\fura;C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\source\rtl\sys;C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress VCL\Library\RS25;C:\Program 

Open in new window

We have a site at https://www(dot)franchisebookofmentors(dot)com/ 
I've added it as a validated property on Google Web Master / Google Search Console. When I live test inspect any public URL, Google states that the URL cannot be found / cannot be indexed due to Failed: Redirect error. Does anyone know what to check to works towards a fix? This site is using an app we have limited control over, but I'm looking for any tips on what the issue is or where to have the app vendor check. Thanks

I have an app that has a native login, google login, facebook login, and login with apple.
Right now, the flow is that the authentication request  hits our auth controller, and then is directed to their respective function based on a authentication parameter. Is this best practice? Or should we create different controllers for each? The issue is for some fields we have username and password, and other (like apple) we have an UID and a Token, so we can pass the UID and Token as "username and password" but it seems hack, would there be a better way to do this?
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Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features

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Hello everyone. I am looking for a way to send automated emails a certain time after an appointment to follow up with clients.  Ideally it would be free...

Here is my situation:

Clients schedule appointments with me on (Square).  If I accept their appointment, the appointment gets stored on my Square calendar. Those appointments sync automatically with my Google calendar, and eventually sync (using GSync-it) from my Google calendar to my Outlook Calendar at work (Exchange). Outlook is the client that I use most often to see my entire schedule.

What I am looking for is some application that can automatically send pre-written emails to clients at certain intervals following a scheduled appointment. The first, a couple of days later, then maybe another one a few weeks later.  I see web-based scheduling services online that can do it, but i would like to stay with Square because it is free, and seems to be working fine.

I am thinking that maybe a MAPI addin to Outlook/Exchange could offer this type of functionality for appointments that I "tag".  But if I can do it through Google Calendar or Square, I will try that. Any ideas?

Thanks very much,
Hi whenever I start google chrome, there are a lot instance occupying Memory. Please see attached screenshot. Any suggestion? Thank you
I have been trying to using "Internal Promotions" within google analytics and it does not seem to be working correctly for some reason and I was curious if anyone had any idea on what to try next.  I have it setup so I am firing a custom event that triggers within Tag Manager to track both the "Promotion Views" and the "Promotion Clicks"

Here is the data I am passing in the dataLayer.

Promotion View:
Promotion Click:
From my understanding the promotion should be attributed to the next transaction/purchase that happens.  However I never get any transaction associated with the purchase.  However if I look at my Product List View the products are still getting the attribution.  I didn't think I had to do anything else except fire those when they occur.  

If anyone has any ideas on what to try, I am open to suggestions.  Thanks.
Google's contact labels and details are changing on the desktop but not on my android phone.

I thought I had everything going to Google but apparently something isn't set up quite right.  

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Dear All,

    after updated latest version of Google Chrome, it shows below, try to go to setting, it doesn't doesn't response, any idea ?

Aw, Snap !
something went wrong while displaying this webpage;

I need to change chrome "enable native notifications via GPO", can you please guide and let me know which Google Chrome policy should I be looking?