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I have an ""UNRESOLVED"" question about Google Drive Backup and Sync[ GDBS ]. I would like to reclaim the space that was used up by the C Drive when I downloaded the GDBS. Please refer to the Unresolved question via the link below.

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Thank you,
Basem Khawaja
I'm not sure what website triggered this but I was looking for an owners manual for a Computemp 5.
If I click on the right arrow it closes but reappears
If I click on settings nothing in there that looks to be helpful.
If I click More I get another window.
It says related to Norton and I don't have Norton on this system.
Hi Experts

Could you point which Google tool is needed to obtain the result accordingly with the image bellow?

I understand that there must be a payment for the image to look like this, however I did not identify the characteristic "Add" icons (f.e.)

To reach the advertisement, the type of service and the name of the street was informed as shown in the image.

Thanks in advance!
Hello experts. I created a test pdf form in Adobe Acrobat Pro with three simple text field properties. Test1, Test2, and Test3. I have a table in ms access for office 365 call tbl_test that contains the identical field names as my pdf names. Test1, Test2 and Test3.

All I am trying to do is populate the pdf form field names with what every I put in my ms access field names. Everything I have tried to google or go on youtube (preferably since I am not a programmer) to view shows how to export from say an entire excel into a pdf to where I am looking for say some sort of mapping. Hope I am making sense and any help for a newbie would be great.
I have a client that deleted all of his deleted emails & swears that took alot of his inbox & folders...

I do have a backup of all his emails, but when I replace the .ost as soon as it goes it syncs with GMAIL it re-deletes all of his emails to its current state.

Is there a way to make the OLD .ost be the correct & the GMAIL sync to that ?  I could not find where it was talking about unchecking "cached email"

He is using Outlook & I want to use his OLD .ost to be the correct email & then update from there.

Any direction would be great.  Thank you.

I have some time back register an email along with a telephone number in Google Chrome.  However I have  noticed that when I used that same number in another website, it brings up and places the email I initially used for that telephone number.

So how can I stop relating the number with that email?
(FYI, the work around I am currently using is just when I enter the telephone number and places that initial email, I change it to the email  for that website)
Hi Experts,

Recently I upgraded to Windows 10 and Access 2016 Plus.  All of my software is totally up-to-date.

I have an Event that is is used to relink the FE to the BE Databases.  This code has been working for years both on a local PC and to network locations including Dropbox.  It still works on the local PC however it no longer works on Dropbox.

I have attaching a copy of the messgae and code for your reference although it is quite long and complex.

I checked Google and found numerous references to this error, none of which I was comfortable with as it is an area I am not well educated in so I have decided to come to you for a specific answer.

Bob C.Windows-10-Access-2016-Plus-Error-3.docx
I have a PDF file with a size of 175 MB that I am trying to send to a recipient from my Downloads folder using right click send to mail recipient and nothing happens when I do so. I tried a different file and it went through. after that I realized it could be the file size which in this case it was a lot larger than the file that got sent. I know Outlook had 25 MB file size but I was reading and I came a cross that there was an increase in limit to 150 MB using cloud based Outlook which I am not familiar with. See Google search hit""Microsoft has increased the maximum size of an e-mail message that can be sent by an organization using its cloud-based Office 365 services to 150MB. Previously, a single Office 365 e-mail message could be 25MB max. ... IT pros can change these settings for individual users via Office 365's Exchange Admin Center..
Can someone advise me on how to go about sending this file? hopefully an easy method if all possible.

Thank you,
Basem Khawaja
I have some questions related to Google Chrome.1.Why is Chrome managed by my organization. I am the only person who uses it for personal use. How can I change that?
2.Google Drive, is it supposed to be located in my user's folder? I had seen a tutorial showing that it is located in user's folder. The only place I see it is in the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome on the far left hand side in the square icon that is called Apps. Also, it is located in the send to context menu as well. How can it be added to the user's folder if that where it belongs and I don't mean as a shortcut either. FINAL question-when I right click on a file to be sent to Google drive then select Google Drive from the send to context menu "NOTHING happens, it does not get sent to the Google Drive. On the other hand I am able to upload it directly from Google Drive but that's not what I am attempting to accomplish.
Please help me figure out solutions to these questions.
Thank you,
Basem Khawaja

Chrome Managed by my Organization
Hi I am using Google Calendar
When I add events I would like to be able to send an email to the event requestor
Can this be done, and if so how
It seems to work if I cancel the event by adding the email in the guest box

After running the Google PageSpeed Insights several times, one of the first things I get "dinged" on is "Serve images in next-gen formats".

I read the directions: I took the image into Photoshop and saved as JPEG 2000 but when I replace that image in my HTML, no images show. This is true for both my local machine and in Production.

Aside from:

  1. Changing the File format from .jpg to .jpf (in Photoshop)
  2. Replacing the HTML (e.g. image2.jpf)

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, I am an old programmer so that's why I will ask a question that can be considered dummy for the modern colleagues.

I have an idea on a system I would like to develop, know everything that is required functionally and know how would it be done... In the old days (html, sql, etc.)

But I am fully aware the technologies have changed, and changed a lot! So I need an advise on what modern technologies to use.

These are my questions:
1. Allow users to connect from anywhere on internet.: So I supposed It should be a cloud based system.
2. Programming lang: This worries me the most! If I develop a system in C#.Net with SQL server, is it easy to move it to the cloud? or Should I develop with Azure SQLfrom the beginning?
3. If I develop the software for the Microsoft Cloud, is it easy to use it in other cloud platforms like Amazon o Google? or should I have to develop in different languages?
4. Is there a programming lang I can use to develop once and use it for Microsoft Cloud, Amazon and Google platfomrs, also?
5. Is it recommended to use C#.Net for the cloud?
Hi Expert,

I have a shared google sheet and I am getting "Could not open file. Try refreshing the page" can I check does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

I have tried on IE Edge and different laptop still the same, it seems like the google sheet is damage or just too big that caused the it?

Appreciate it if anyone can assist me.

I've downloaded the latest MS Edge because it seems quite good.  I had previously been using Chrome.

I'm able to set my home page to, which I want because I use gmail and my contacts and calendar are all also at google.

Edge will go to this, but only when I have one instance and only with my initial page.  All other times it goes to some MS page (not specified in the address bar, but certainly the bing home page).

Is there anyway to get all tabs in all sessions to go to something besides

I was informed to download on my iPhone Google Photo since it has some sort of AI to manage and document videos and pictures, but in additional, it's unlimited storage; that is, you can upload as many pix/vids as you want.  I did download it and saw that apps just displayed my iPhone camera roll.

Since I am not familiar with apps, I uninstalled since it seems that it might upload all my pix/vids to Google Photo.

So, what exactly is Google Photo?
What when installed it displays my camera roll?
Is it really unlimited?
Finally, if I have Google Drive (15gb) what's the differences with Google Photo, beside unlimited storage.
Hey there,  We have a cookie, setup in Google Tag Manager, which is supposed to follow a user through the site, and expire after 1 month.  

I.e  user clicks on an add,  goes to  Source Tag fires.
user then goes to any other page on the site, we lose the cookie value. Not sure why it is stripping the value ?

  //Get value from URL parameter "source"
 function getParameterByName(name) {
     name = name.replace(/[\[]/, "\\[").replace(/[\]]/, "\\]");
     var regex = new RegExp("[\\?&]" + name + "=([^&#]*)"),
         results = regex.exec(;
     return results === null ? "" : decodeURIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, " "));
 // Set Cookie
 var cookieName = "sourcetag"; // Name of your cookie
 var source = getParameterByName('source'); // Value of your cookie
 var expirationTime = 2592000; // One month in seconds
 expirationTime = expirationTime * 1000; // Converts expirationtime to milliseconds
 var date = new Date(); 
 var dateTimeNow = date.getTime(); 

 date.setTime(dateTimeNow + expirationTime); // Sets expiration time (Time now + one month)
 var date = date.toUTCString(); // Converts milliseconds to UTC time string
 document.cookie = cookieName+"="+source+"; expires="+date+"; path=/; domain=." + location.hostname.replace(/^www\./i, ""); // Sets cookie for all subdomains


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Can anyone please explain what would be the effect of samsite coockies policy on browsing

My understanding is that Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB4534271) update will enable samesite cookies policy on google chrome which means that 'SameSite=None' will change to 'SameSite=Lax.'
I know it could be very stupid question what how it will affect the user browsing  i.e accessing the websites . Would we have to add some website in trusted list for normal users.

Can anyone give me a quick overview on how I can add Google Ads in WP, but also in general?

I know there a lot of plug ins, but can I filter out certain types of ads, like X-rated, and how do I get paid? Is it like monthly through PayPal?

Finally, can I add the Ads to a freshly-built site with no content.  I know the client will fill it up quickly. The website will be mostly in Macedonian using what I think its Unicode(?) characters (found under Language Settings --> Keyboards in most OSs), but some older content is using custom fonts that overwrite the Latin characters.
Google has detected a weird new hack on my site. they sent me an email about it with a link to the page

Now if I go to that URL, I end up at my 404 page.

but I do a google search of that link, it brings up a Japanese language search results on my site, yet clicking the link goes to a 404 page...

I check my server, it is clean,
no compromised files anywhere,
 no files changed recently,
error log has nothing to report,
 ithemes security detects nothing wrong.
 I log into worpdress, no posts or pages or anything.
All my index pages are empty
htacess is untouched
.well-known and cgi bin are empty

I did find a suspicious file 2 weeks ago and did a full security sweep, is it possible that Google is just 2 weeks late and showing that file that I cleand up 2 weeks ago?
How to use google analytics in to my angular js project. I am new to angular js . Please send me steps and links to use the google analytics into my angular project.
We have about 200 users in a Microsoft environment.  We would like to consider using Google G Suite as an alternative to Microsoft.

I would appreciate links to great documentation on the pros and cons, and what it would look like to begin that migration.

I found this link but I'm sure that there is a ton of great information available - which articles and white papers etc. have you found to be "the best"?

I need to figure out how to add some additional markers to the embedded google map that's on this page:

I've already figured out how to add the image overlays that display the addresses when clicked.  All I have to do is add an additional unordered list item similar to the following and then change it's X and Y coordinates and the image file name:

<li data-x="-95.380427" data-y="30.115507" data-basic="images/BLE-map-marker.png" data-active="images/gmap_marker_active.png">
                    <p>3440 Riley Fuzzel Rd, Suite 150, Spring, TX 77386 <span>Call 281-364-7440</span></p>

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What I can't seem to figure out is how to insert some additional red markers by updating the Javascript:

The section that needs to be re-written -- I suspect -- is the following:

defaults = {
            map: {
                x: -95.3726757,
                y: 30.1183008,
                zoom: 13
            locations: []

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.. but I'm not entirely sure.  Can anyone here be of any assistance?  How would I add - say - 2 additional X / Y coordinates to the Javascript so that it shows 2 additional markers in the embedded Google map?

-- Yvan
I am using the IMPORTRANGE function to pull in three columns from another sheet. The columns are:

Name, Option 1, Option 2

But I need a way to filter out any names that include N/A in both columns. In other words, filter out content when two conditions are met.

I prefer a formula based solution, rather then using Conditional filtering. The solution can use hidden columns if needed. Failing that conditional formatting is acceptable.

Your assistance is appreciated. :)

Here is the working sheet:

Thank you.
Hi expert,

Sheets was last year so easy to use, so fast & simple.
But I don't know why formulas aren't working anymore as used to.

I was using the formula "find" in combination with "filter". When I use the formula "FIND", it searches only in the 3th row in its range instead of the whole range.

If I use a combination of Index & Match formulas it works for certain parts but on others not.
I have the formulas that are not working properly shown in red, in sheet "Dashboard".

Can you help me understand what is happening and how to solve it?