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This is driving me nuts and no amount of googling has helped me find out what the heck is causing it!  It just seemed to start happening for no reason.

Whenever I open Chrome, it opens up the page ( I have in chrome://settings like it always has, but for the last week or so, whenever I open Google Chrome, it also opens up a second Tab which is my YouTube page.  I did not set it to do that!  I may have pressed some type of hotkey I'm not aware of that caused this, but don't remember doing so.

Anyone experienced this behaviour and know how to fix it, save resetting Chrome back to defaults or uninstalling/reinstalling it?

  • Windows 7 Pro - Fully Patched
  • Google Chrome Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Up to date at the time of writing this.

Does Powershell have you tied up in knots?
Does Powershell have you tied up in knots?

Managing Active Directory does not always have to be complicated.  If you are spending more time trying instead of doing, then it's time to look at something else. For nearly 20 years, AD admins around the world have used one tool for day-to-day AD management: Hyena. Discover why

I have a table with two columns containing a varchar(max) column (`vertices`) and a geography datatype column (`geography`).

in the varchar(max), i have a saved google maps polygon JSON string:


I'm trying to convert this into a SQL Server geography data type using an update script:

    SET [geography] = geography::STGeomFromText('POLYGON(('+vertices+'))', 4326)

Open in new window

This isn't working.
How do I make the conversion?


i have good quality in my camera that I want to store in a web based storage. Google Photos is good,, considering its  free service until you hit a storage limit.

1) What is the storage limit in google pics?

2) Secondly, while uploading my pics there if I want my pic resolution to be preserved and there should be no drop in quality in the pics - does Google reduces the quality or resolution while storing those pics? Does the original quality is maintained while uploaded?

Thank you
I will be migrating a Google Gmail email domain to Office 365.

I have gone through and completed all the required steps as documented on the Migration Wiz website to do this.

I have created the required TXT record within this company's external DNS provider ( and have been told by the Office 365 domain wizard that I need to add the records shown in the screenshot to our external DNS provider (

Is it possible for me to add these records to our external DNS provider ( while leaving the existing records for Gmail in place?

I want emails to continue to go to user's email accounts within Gmail. The only thing I want to do now is to finish the domain verification of the domain name that is currently being used by Google/Gmail so I can then use the website to migrate the email from the Gmail servers to the Office 365 servers.

Then once this migration has completed I will replace the external DNS Gmail email records with the Office 365 DNS records shown in the screenshot and will create new Outlook profiles for all users so Outlook will connect to the Office 365 servers for email.

What I need to do now is to finish the email domain verification within Office 365 so I can then perform the migration wiz migrations (while we coninue to use Gmail as our email service provider--but I don't want to interrupt any future emails from arriving at the Gmail servers until I officially cut the online DNS …
I want to do this for a customer.

I know I can access their Google Account from my computer (I have the email & password), I don;t remember how to do that (or even access my own Google Account, I know I have one)

How do I do that?

Hi i am running outlook 2016 and when viewing the inbox i see the following options 'All' 'Unread' 'Mentions'

when i look in my sent items folder i see lots more options - please see attachment below:

so here is my question. How do I make the sent items look like the inbox folder? many users here have it set up in this way and when using google i only find answers which refer to changing the view settings. i understand i can customize the view settings but how do i get it to match the inbox default. no view options have been altered. i know in the previous version of outlook you had an option to make all other folders look like the one you was in at the time you clicked 'settings'.

thank you in advance,

Dear Guys, please assist this scenario:
- Action: We changeed Email server from Gmail to Exchange 2016 On-premise, so we had to change the domain records in Domain control panel. We changed TXT, MX, @, mail records.

- Problem: After changes, the new Exchange server worked (send/receive emails) normally as expected, however we realized that we could still login to Gmail account, Google Drive and sent emails (but could not receive emails)

So can you please explain?
Everytime I try to load Facebook using either Google, IE, or Edge I get the following error

Problem trying to load Facebook
Any suggestions. This is the only web site with this problem. Pandora is my virus program.
I need to export about 300 users from G-Suite.  The most updated list is in G Suite Contacts.  Is there a way to export from there?

I need it in order to import it into the Azure AD.
What are the steps to export the list of active users within the Google Admin console to a .CSV file?
Ransomware Attacks Keeping You Up at Night?
Ransomware Attacks Keeping You Up at Night?

Will your organization be ransomware's next victim?  The good news is that these attacks are predicable and therefore preventable. Learn more about how you can  stop a ransomware attacks before encryption takes place with our Ransomware Prevention Kit!

I just noticed this seems to have changed with EE, as I Googled a question and noticed one of my EE posts showed up. I don't want that to happen. Previously EE gave a setting that caused the questions to not be searchable on Google.  How do I get back to that?
Hi Guys/Girls i'm having trouble with an exchange server, I am trying to upgrade to CU17.

Host is Server 2012R2

i have prepared AD via;

setup.exe /PrepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms
setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

then once running the setup for CU17 i get through all pre req checks etc, get too around 94% and the process hangs before Exchange will finally tell me upgrade has failed with this error;

Error occurreSystem.Exception: Failure configuring SearchFoundation through installconfig.ps1 - Error occurred while configuring Search Foundation for Exchange.System.TimeoutException: Timed out waiting for Admin node to be up and running

I have googled, until i can no longer google. Only references i see are firewall issues or permissions issue, none of which are a problem for me, firewall is off, and i am using full permissions.

I think the problem has something to do with my Exchange HostControllerService, It will start but stops immediately after, event viewer reports no problems in regards to it.

I Noticed OWA also will not search mail, So sure that these two problems are related, With search issues i normally expect database index state, but all is healthy.

im all out of things to try, was hoping for some advice. Cheers.
My friend says her MacBook locks up when she start using Dropbox. And neither of us like Google, so Google Drive is out.

"Large": 250 MB or so...

What is a good free platform for large file sharing?

I could delete the file after transferred, if there is a cap on the file space permitted...

It needs to work on Windows also, but mainly Mac.

I installed and configured IMAP in Outlook.  I can send-receive messages now and even see most of the calendar meetings.
How can I sync the Contacts so I don;t have to type the full email address?
Is there a repository or anything like that of old versions of your website?  Indexed pages with old content?  Is there a way to "Purge" the internet of any old versions of webpages?  Meaning, there some old pages from my website that are indexed that I have changed and or deleted that still come up for some reason.  Thanks in advance,.
How can I get Mac Outlook CompanionLink set to sync all of my Google contacts (including the "Most Contacted" & "Other contacts" within my Gmail contacts account (see the screenshot)
Currently only the My Contacts folder syncs. I need all of my Google contacts folders to sync.

How can this be done?

I currently have the CompanionLink "Contacts" set so that "Records will be synced both directions" and Contacts folder set to "All Contacts Folders."

Here are screenshots from the current configuration:

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4
I've done this in Excel with a bit of manipulating, and I'm hoping there's a way to reproduce it in Google Sheets.

I am tracking seasons stats for a sport.  On the first sheet, I list the season totals.
In the same format, I list the match totals on separate sheets, labeled accordingly.
I want to have the season totals sheet calculate the sum of those specific stats for every other sheet.
I don't plan on having any sheets that won't be setup this way, so if there's a possibility to have the Season Totals sheet show a sum of (example) Sheet2!A4 + Sheet3!A4, etc... that should work.
The last time I received Adsense approval, I invited a lot of people interested in my blog topic to post, to get Adsense approval.
Is this the only way?

Is Google only interested in constant visits, traffic, not blog posts?
We have a client who can not get an email, I have sent test emails and they throw codes below.

They are using Network Solutions for DNS, and Google Email hosting - not the paid version 10 users, the user can send me emails and I receive them but when I reply I get this message. I have also checked to see if the IP is blacklisted - seems fine.

The response from the remote server was:
550 5.0.0 <>... User unknown

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Remote-MTA: dns; (,
 the server for the domain
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.0.0 <>... User unknown
Last-Attempt-Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2017 18:45:44 -0700 (PDT)
Is Your AD Toolbox Looking More Like a Toybox?
Is Your AD Toolbox Looking More Like a Toybox?

Managing Active Directory can get complicated.  Often, the native tools for managing AD are just not up to the task.  The largest Active Directory installations in the world have relied on one tool to manage their day-to-day administration tasks: Hyena. Start your trial today.

A client with a Mac is having problems with his Outlook calendar and contacts syncing with his Gmail calendar and contacts. His organization is using a corporate Gmail account.

Items added to his calendar or contacts within Gmail's calendar and contacts on the internet don't appear within Mac Outlook 2016.

Google G sync for Outlook isn't available for Macs.

What can be done to fix this issue?
I am using an independent 3rd party to submit a map to google and I cannot get it to do it because of some robot.txt file
There is none in the root of this site, I can't find it anywhere and there is no reference to it in the header section at all.
What am I supposed to do.  The SEO yoast plugin doesn't have the option to submit  a sitemap?
This is the site I am trying to submit a sitemap for
I will be using Migration Wiz ( to migrate user data (emails, contacts, calendar items, etc.) from an existing Google corporate email account into Office 365.

Since some of these mailboxes are quite large I would like to do this migration in stages and then once we have completely migrated over to Office 365 (and switched the MX records to point to Office 365 instead of Gmail) I would like to do one last pass with Migration Wiz to make sure that any newer items have been migrated.

The company I am doing this migration for wants all emails, calendar items, and contacts to remain within Gmail since we will be keeping the Gmail accounts for about one more year to make sure no information is lost.

Is it possible to do this and to leave all emails, calendar items, and contacts within Gmail or do all email items (such as emails, calendar items, and contacts) get cleared from Gmail during each migration pass?
Does Migration Wiz ( require that IMAP be enabled for all Gmail users in order for those user's data to be migrated from Gmail into Office 365?
I would like to enable IMAP access for all email accounts within a corporate Gmail account.

Is there any way of enabling this for all users through the Admin console or does this have to be enabled for each and every user through their individual Gmail email settings?
Does have an RSS feed?  Google searches are not yielding me any results on if they do or not.  I assume that's because they do not, but is there something hidden I'm missing?






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.