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SPF text record question.
I have an inhouse mail server  that over the past two or three weeks has some users email going to spam folders on Google apps hosted email.
Everybody else's  hosted email seems to be fine.
My servers IP is not on any blacklists,so I'm thinking Google has tightened up spf  records.

Not quite sure how to edit syntax for record to see if that makes a difference.  gave me a generic txt record of  v=spf1 a mx -all.
MX toolbox wizard gave me  v=spf1 ~all

Any ideas?
I have this link where in Microsoft Excel, I can import its data via the XML and also via power query both way works.

my boss asked me to make this work into Google sheets.  I used IMPORTXML but it does not work, perhaps due to the limitation of function.

the total rows are 16422 rows data.  I searched a lot in forums and failed to find a solution.   I would greatly appreciate your help on this.  I can use Scripts or anything that would make this work in Google Sheets.
I have been using MalwareBytes for many years.  I purchased the product and have the Premium version installed.

I use Firefox as my browser and the Google '' page as my search screen.  

This combo has worked perfectly over many years but now I'm getting these popup on every search I try from the Google page.  It does not happen when I try to search form another page such as MSN.
MalwareBytes Message 1Malware Bytes Message 2

This is only happening in Firefox.  It does not happen when I google search from with Explorer 11.
I have a list of email addresses with 4 separate domain names and I want to use google sheets to sort them so i could split the list into 4 seperate lists of email address based on the same domain name.

I tried this but this will not do what i want or else i am doing it wrong. Anyone got any other ideas?

Thank You In advance
I am trying to import this relatively small table into the Google Sheets


I am not familiar with the XML Xpath syntaxes.

All i want is to get the table in my google sheet.

any help is appreciated

what should i change in "//table" the second argument of the IMPORTXML function to be able to make it work?
Get Google maps to show our new location in Wordpress:
We have recently moved our office. I have sent the change to Google maps and they have accepted the change. When I enter our business name with the new address, it shows our business name (Jane Barnwell, MD) at the new location:,+MD/@35.2208126,-111.6242339,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x872d89798e4cf657:0x9aa08eb3ead6fee2!8m2!3d35.2208126!4d-111.6220452

However when I enter our business name with the new location in Wordpress in our website, the map does not show our business name at the new location. You can see that map at the bottom of the home page at

Any ideas how I can get google maps to display our business name at our new location?
I am teaching myself visual basic using visual studio. Please help a newbie.

I have created a form with a data-grid bond to a data-set. It populates perfectly. (I am not using all the fields in the table though, just the ones that might need to be edited)

I just realized that what I update on the data-grid does not update the sql table.

Is there a way that when a data is changed in any cell, a row is removed, or rows added, that it will update the sql table on the fly. Maybe through an event.

If so how??  I have been combing through google videos and haven't found a thing that doesn't use a button to accomplish what I want.
Please give me step by step. If I can fire an event with code which do I use?
I am using google API 3. I am removing all controls from Google Maps, but I only want to keep Full screen icon. How can I do it?

Here is my code which hides all controls
function initialize() {
  map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map_canvas'), {
  center: {lat: 25.263856, lng: 51.497131},
  zoom: 3,
  disableDefaultUI: true

Open in new window

What is Google sandbox in SEO term?
I need to know if it is possible to have social media symbols like #, @ and such things like emoji put on a blog and picked up by Social Media.  Can someone help me to do this along with an explanation?  I want to create a blog where I have an enormous advantage over those using social media to get traffic to their website just by using the link to social media.  I want to have social media symbols on the blog to social media.  I hope I am getting my point though.  

So, I have decided on my website's domain name being careful to make my point clear that I am not a scammer.
Next, I have uploaded the wp script to my site.
OK, I plan to use the Point theme or something similar.  

After some advice from an Expert, I think I will make a note that my website is from a Techie stand at the header.  

So, how can I get a leg up with this social media thing? Any thoughts, I know that after searches are done online you can bring up # and @ signs in the search box of Google.
what is the link for google voice
for iphone app

I cant find and share link because i dont have an iphone
how do I get email with domain name

how much is google per month

is it called gsuite

dont want additional features
PGP for free?

Absurd question maybe but if I Google for "PGP Windows x86 32 bit" I am not presented with a list of freeware products but presented with several paid for products. I am a cheapscate  and expect everything for free including a PGP encrypter program for my crappy 32 bit Windows version 10 notepad.

So where do I go to (my lovely) to get free encryption for my Windows 10.0 32 bit craptop tablet?
Can YouTube force a user registration before a viewing?

I have a 15 minute training session video that I will offer for free, and will use Facebook to advertise it. But I only hope to show it to people who have registered.

I created this video to help build my opt-in list, so after they register (name and email) I send the URL for the video.

I expect to need to hide the video as Unlisted, but wonder if YouTube can only show a video to users who reveal themselves tome in the form of a name and email address?

2FA enabled, password already changed and I didn't receive any security alert which Gmail sent me whenever I logon to new devices to check the activity.

Received the below message in my personal Gmail account.


I'm a member of an international hacker group.

As you could probably have guessed, your account was hacked, because I sent message you from your account.

Now I have access to all your accounts!
For example, your password for PASSWORD

Within a period from July 31, 2018 to October 3, 2018, you were infected by the virus we've created, through an adult website you've visited.
So far, we have access to your messages, social media accounts, and messengers.
Moreover, we've gotten full damps of these data.

We are aware of your little and big secrets...yeah, you do have them. We saw and recorded your doings on porn websites. Your tastes are so weird, you know..

But the key thing is that sometimes we recorded you with your webcam, syncing the recordings with what you watched!
I think you are not interested show this video to your friends, relatives, and your intimate one...

Transfer $800 to our Bitcoin wallet: 1F5csJmyf3yJs5s25tZmYKoFXznR452er9
If you don't know about Bitcoin please input in Google "buy BTC". It's really easy.

I guarantee that after that, we'll erase all your "data" :)

A timer will start once you read this message. You have 48 hours to pay the …
Windows 8.1
ASUS T100 Notebook (10 inch screen)

The problem I am trying to solve is difficult to search for on Google.

Problem (1): (SOLVED)
I need a magnifying glass app to enlarge the font on my small screen.
> > > > The native app that comes with Windows 8 is adequate for this issue.

Problem (2): When I read a paragraph that is enlarged, the text overflows out of the magnified reading area. This can be text in a PDF reader, text in a Word document, or text in the browser. (These may not be only text but text plus images, usually.)
Can you help me find a tool or utility or application (.exe) that runs on the Windows Desktop that will re-flow the paragraphs of a page so the text does not overflow the viewing area (allows it to wrap, perhaps) when either using the zoom feature (such as two finger gesture) or a magnifier?
I've always been under the impression that Google Chrome's incognito mode does not remember any of one's activity on the web.

Yet, when I sign on to Gmail, and enter my email address:

1, When I type a few characters, it displays my email address on the next line (scrubbed screenshot below):

2, It remembers my password.
 password remembered
What would explain this behavior?
Something strange seems to be happening with my email.
1. I am not receiving some emails which I know were sent to me by certain people (because they confirmed so, and the email address was correct, they had sent to a group of persons, including me, but I only received a 'reply all' email from one of the other recipients
2. I sent an email to a friend on Tuesday night and he didnt receive it.  I checked and it was sent, in fact I received the cc copy.  He checked and it didnt go to spam etc.

My email system is:
- I have set-up Google G Suite to receive my emails and synchronise them with MS Outlook on my PC.  (The email arent showing in GMail or on MS Outlook)

Does anyone know what the problem might be, and/or what steps should be followed to identify the problem?
To whom it may concern

One of my clients have an employee that has left their company and I need to give the manager access to the user’s e-mail account.  
The client uses Google APPS and is on the G Suite Basic Package.  Some of the users have 2 Step Verification enabled on their e-mail accounts.
I am struggling to disable 2 Step Verification for a specific user.  I am logged in as a G-Suite Administrator.  Every time I try to disable 2 Step Verification for the user, the slider just goes back and I receive the following error message at the bottom of the screen.
Failed to turn off two sv for user.  Indicated in red.  I attached a screenshot of the error as well (2SV Error).  I could disable on another user account, but not this one.  I did reset the password, but every time I try to log onto the account, it asks to enter the G-Suite code send to the mobile number.  I have also updated the account with my cell phone number in an attempt that the code will be send to my phone number, but it still keeps sending the code to the original user’s cellphone number.
Please advise how I can disable the 2 Step Verification and gain access to the e-mail account.

Kind Regards
What is When I look in ARIN, it is registered to Google ( but when I search to see what the purpose of it is, I can't find anything. The issue is our security tools are triggering on possible data loss but it looks more like a user maybe storing to google cloud but the is tracking it forcing the alert. Any thoughts?  

How to STOP DropBox from automatically publicly uploading and sharing my pictures as soon as I connect my Google Pixel 2 xl phone to my computer.
I have a single user in Active Directory using 2 Google Apps emails.

I would like to use Google Cloud Directory Sync (formerly GADS) to link my AD with my Google Apps.

What would be the best way of dealing with 2 (or more) email accounts for a AD single user?

Create a separate AD account for each gmail account, so that they sync?

Add a proxyAddresses attribute to the user?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi All,

I would require to restrict users in a domain to prevent deleting the history in google chrome browser through Group policy. Is there anyone who could help me on this?

PS - We are running with Server 2008R2 and client machines are Win7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10

Also Google ADMX has been installed in Group policy server.

Kindly advise and thank you in advance.
How can I either:

1. Find and read these 2 unread emails


2. Mark all of the over 80,000 emails in the Gmail Inbox as read to reset this unread email count?
With URL below, cannot view passwords for OS X 10.13.6, High Sierra.
This URL was suggested by Apple is items returned by Google search

I have tried others from Google Search - none return values of Passwords in my set of Keychain items.