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I'm looking for recommendations for a online booking / scheduling system.  Needs to be simple to use one that you can recommend because you've used it and it works.  
I'm searching Google and have come up with quite a few options though I really want to get an opinion from you guys as to what's worked for you.

Our extended family owns a holiday house. With family in different countries and towns, email just isn't cutting it when it comes to booking the place for holiday periods.

All I need is a portal where family members can put in the dates they want the house and we're all notified of that request.

Any clarifications on requirements, just ask.

I have this JavaScript hyperlink example:

The hyperlinks work fine if I click on them.

I'm using Google Chrome web browser
But, if I click the right button on my mouse over one of the links, the chrome menu opens, and it looks like this

google chrome mouse right button click menu
if I then select Open link in new tab a new tab opens but it's just blank.
How do I fix my example, so if I select Open link in new tab,  the new tab opens with the url I selected in it.
On a new 2016 RDS deployment, I have an issue where any customization made by a user is lost when they sign off.

user pins outlook to taskbar, it's gone the next time they log in
all plugins to google are gone
desktop icons 'referesh' as if windows is just seeing everything for the first time

We are using User Profile Disks.

I originally had selected 'store all user settings and data on the user profile disk'
I've since tried moving to 'store only the following folders' and un-checking 'roaming user profile data' and 'user registry data'

Nothing seems to work and I can't figure out why this data is not being saved.
I currently upload finish line pictures from races I time to Google + and share the gallery with race finishers so they can find their picture.  I would like to take that a step further and share each finishers individual picture with them.  I believe Google Vision has the technology to do that...albeit for a pairing participant bib number with bib in the image.  Is anyone familiar enough with this api to give me some direction as to how to do this?  Also, any idea how this product is priced?
Is it possible to setup offline file sync within Google File Sync within Windows?

We would like to be able to store and sync our documents on our local Windows 10 computers rather than solely having to access these files within the Google File Stream Cloud.

If this is possible how can it be done?
Because of a new work project, I now need to sign in with Google to the email associated with my client. So, during working hours, I must be signed in that way with Chrome.

However, I listen to YouTube Classical music videos all day when I work, and my YouTube account's associated with my personal Gmail account. If I log in to YouTube (with IE) with that personal account, will it interfere with my work Gmail doings in Chrome?

Losing bookmarks on Google Chrome in the Citrix environment. Please suggest a resolution.
Citrix XenDesktop 7.15
Windows 2016
A friend had two google accounts.  She recently had one disabled and then added a new one.  Now, when she tries to log in to her remaining older account it seems to take her credentials but the actual account doesn't change, leaving her logged in to her current new account.  How can this be resolved?
Google drive will not install on my new laptop I get the following error when downloading Backup and Sync

"couldn't send a google prompt because we couldn't find an eligible device"

How Can I fix this
Hello Experts,

Can someone please take a look at my Task Manager and let me know if its normal for Bitdefender and Google to be taking up so much memory. At the moment, I'm only running one instance of Google and yet it shows 11 instances running.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
We have Google Tag Manager tracking code scripts installed on this landing page that we created a while back:

These are the specific instructions that we followed exactly:

However, .. the page is for some reason not loading or displaying  correctly in any of these browsers that I've tested it with (on a Windows 10 PC):

IE 11

The only browser that I've been able to get the page to load and display correctly in is Firefox Developer Edition v61.

Although you can view the underlying source code without any problems (and you'll see that there are many different javascript libraries being loaded), the only "invisible" stuff that's going on under the hood is PHP-based session management .. which I've already tried removing, .. though it didn't make any difference whatsover:


Open in new window

Why is this happening?  The only clue I came across with this message in the console when trying to load the site in Chrome -- although I'm having a hard time translating it:

VM32:2 A parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script,, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this …
We are currently using google sheets in our office. We are looking for other options to keep our data secured and accessible in our office alone. can anyone share the best options available?
Well established site.  Online for at least 10 years.

Many thousands of pages indexed highly in Google for key search terms

Never used sitemap.

What evidence is there for and against submitting an Sitemap?  The negative I have seen is that pages and places missed in site map, even well-linked ones, get cut out --> negative overall SEO impact.

What proof is there either way?


In Column A, I have got an English sentence. In Column B, I'd like to get a Word Count of Column A. Is there a Simple formula or method to do this? Please provide simple instructions for a novice in Google sheets, thanks
How to block a phone number (text or phone call) using TrueCaller?

We downloaded, installed the program successfully. Today two incoming text messages were caught by TrueCaller and we had choices, view, block, etc. We first used to Google to try to identify the senders and then let TrueCaller block them.
Then a 3rd text comes in from a phone number with a different area code than the first two. This one did not cause TrueCaller to open and catch the call. We have searched all programs on the phone and all sites inside of Google Play and we can not find TrueCaller.
As well as watching videos on how to use TrueCaller. If it fails to open itself when a call or text comes in we are not able to find the program.

The only feature we desire is to be able to open the program and insert an undesired number. These numbers may have originally been a phone call or a text. Some of our received text have 6 digit numbers and others have the complete phone number.
Any help?
Hi guys,

I have been trying to remove an ad from a site we manage but i cant find it anywhere in the code, its like its being inserted from Google.

It shows in IE certain times and it shows on Firefox the odd time, it wont show on Chrome for me as i am using DuckDuckgo extension

but it is showing here on IE

i really want to remove it
I am trying to find which of my Google accounts,, contains a certain one of my domains, call it ""

In my hosting account cPanel, I see there is a file that Google uses to confirm that I own the domain.
e.g., google123456789abcdefg.html

I have also identified the Google Property ID for this domain.
e.g., UA-12345678

The site is built on the WordPress platform, in case that is relevant.

Is there a way I can figure out which one of my (many) Gmail Accounts is the correct one that owns this domain, without logging into all of them one-by-one?
I have created a spreadsheet with QR codes in Google sheets (I don't think this is possible in MS Excel?).  Now I need to do a mail merge so I can print labels.  I can't download the sheet into Excel and get the QR images to appear.  I tried to do the process in Google Docs by adding the avery add in and, again, it does not include the QR image on the labels.  Does anyone know how I can generate QR codes onto labels (I need codes for the numbers 1-2000).

Hello Experts,

Noob wordpress user here. I'm trying to verify my domain name with G-Suites, I need to copy the meta tag and paste it on the home page, how do I do that in wordpress? I tried the following:

Go to tools> available tools > Scroll to website verification services. Now here the problem I don't see website verification services. Attached is what I get when I click on available tools.
Hiding labels on Google Maps / Street View

There is a label in exactly the wrong place and I need to hide it.


How to download a 20 minute video from Facebook. I've saved it but Google steps in from the 3 vertical dots with some add-on.
Any other way for the download? Thanks.
I want to use 1 SPF record for a site that will work for Gmail and self-hosted email.

My hosting company gave me this:
v=spf1 +a +mx  ~all

AND Google gave me this:

So making 1 SPF record out of the two, I write as this:
v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +ip4: ~all

1. The basic SPF syntax checkers tell me that is correct (I I start thinking that I am GOOD)
2. The Email Header of an email received by Gmail from the above domain says "SPF Neutral  ( is neither permitted nor deniedby best guess record for domain of (Now I am thinking that I am NOT GOOD!)
3. I am also confused as the difference between using "include" vs. "+include" vs. "ip4:"  vs. "+ip4"

Thanks in advance for any help with this !!
- B
We have a ZTE phone model N817
This article did not help us:

Nor did the manual for the phone:

A call to the service carrier got us a comment that there was a Google app that could be downloaded to block phone calls and phone numbers on any phone.
Anyone know of such an app?
I just switched hosting companies, and now my Google RaCaptcha stopped working. When I fill out the web form, click the "I'm not a Robot" checkbox, then hit "Submit", I get the error message:
     Incorrect 'Not a Robot Check'
As far as I know, the change of Hosting Companies is the only thing different.
Can anybody steer me in the right direction to troubleshoot/fix this?
I want to upload photos on social media from my Google Drive account without having to download these photos on my computer first. Is there a way to do this?






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.