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Hi Experts,

I'm a new Android user and recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB for myself. All worked fine for a while on Google Play website, where I could download any app from the store and have it installed on my phone. Recently though, I'm getting the following error whenever I try to download an app via the Google Play website:

Error on Google Play Website

I've checked and triple checked that my Phone is associated with my Google Account. So why am I getting this error and how can I resolve it? I've tried it in all browsers installed on my Windows 10 Pro box.  Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Same problem with each browser. I did nothing with my Google Account that I'm aware of that should cause me to have this error. The phone is connected via USB and I can download any app I want using the Play Store icon on the phone, just not from the website?

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can resolve it, please?

Many thanks for any help.
After many years of using iPhone's, I'm now a new Android Phone user and have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB 4GX for myself and I'm finding the transition to be difficult.

A mate of mine on EE has explained how to get apps from the Google Play store but rather than bug him privately all the time with my endless questions, I thought I'd raise a question here and hopefully get some answers to my most pressing questions at the moment.

1.  On my iPhone, I had utilities and was even able to just use Windows File Explorer to transfer things like pictures and videos to and from my computer. Yet I'm having a lot of trouble finding something that will allow me to do this with my Samsung.

What I basically want (and I'm more than happy to purchase) is something which will allow me to view my Samsung in a Window/Utility that lets me copy individual things like Movies, Pictures and so on, both to and from the phone. Surely a tool like that exists for Androids as well?

  • Recommendations for tools that are available for my Samsung would be highly appreciated.

  • Please provide links and advise if you have personal experience with using what you recommend.

  • BTW, I know how to google, but doing so just makes it more confusing :)

2.  I currently use Smart Switch which was recommended to me by Samsung Support Chat as a way to Backup my Samsung (and restore if needed) and more importantly, to be able to Syncronize my Outlook Contents with my phone.
After the most recent windows update, my default search engine for searching the internet has been changed from Google to Bing for all of my browsers. New browsers are set to use Bing. This was done without my permission. Very annoying. So I would like to delete Bing from my search providers and re install google as the default search engine. The advice i get on the Internet directs me to do this individually for each browser i am using. I use different browsers. Is there not a way in Windows to make Google the default for all browsers. They do this for Bing why can't i do it for Google?
Windows 10 when joined to the domain seems to lose some features.. The windows button does not work and several default apps are missing. The local user works fine. I have tried many things including full blown admin rights to domain and local machine. Google search shows a million things but none seem to work. Very frustrating and it is bringing my progress of adding machines to a halt.. Any ideas?
How can I email a web page via Outlook with an extension in Google Chrome?
I read below url and basically saying I have to use Google Form to insert data into Google Sheet. Is it true?
I have my own web form for data entry., do you know there is a way to use my web form to insert data into Google Drive?

Overall, I just want to have some free service to the people and store the data in the cloud.

Google Sheet.

I'm looking to setup a trigger alert service based on images from an ip security camera. I want to alert if some objects are present during a specific time window. The objects are bins, the time window is during the night, and i have put reflective material on the bins so you can easily see the marks on the IR of the camera, see attached.

example ip camera image
I could use iSpy to set this up, but i'd like to use a google script running the check. i can pickup the images with a google script, so i "just" need to be able to perform a check on the image. In my case the average brightness within a specified rectangle of the image would be enough info. I guess i need to call some kind of image processing tool for this, as i'm probably not looking to do all the coding from scratch.

Any suggestions? I'm new to scripting with google so any example code would be great.

Many thanks
FlintOS on ASUS Tinker Board provides a good ChromeOS experience however we have run into a brick wall hoping to enroll as a device on Google Management Console (G-Suite). "Oops! The system failed to determine device model or serial number" is the message we get. The environment is K12 school district where budget constraints are always present. Single Board Computers could be an alternative to Chromebooks if they can be centrally managed.  If not Google Management Console (G-Suite) then something else?
I cannot connect my MS Outlook 2013 to my Google gmail account. I had no problem with this until yesterday. I have three gmail accounts and this is the only one having this problem.

I even deleted the account that was causing this issue and tried to add it back  and this is the error I continue to receive.

"Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Please log in via your browser:
https://support.google.vom/,mail/accounts/answer/78754 (failure)

When I click the OK button I receive a dialog box tat asks me to enter:

 Server: imap.gmail.com
User Name: ldufresne19

and then click ok

From that point mothing happens

 On the google side I have changed my password and tried to wade through the information they are looking for but nothing I do has corrected this problem

Any Advice on this matter would be appreciated .

Hi All,

we are using google mail. I am currently looking into a solution that makes user MUST label an email before sending in google mail.

any suggestion would be appreciated!

If I decide to do a blog that is Sci-Fi / gamers discussion and such,
will Disney / ILM / Lucasfilm send Imperial droids after me for the following on my blog...
- using Star Wars font with the long footed 'S' - There are StarWars Font sheets on Google
- discussing their characters, - eg. the need for Rose, or Leia flying through space as if on Ex
- using images of X - wings or Chewey or yes,  ! Jar Jar ! The battle of Hoth?
I will need Adsense spaces

Is ILM still an entity?
Are their lawyers vindictive? I presume so.

15+ years ago we ran Webposition Gold software with a list of 100+ keywords that automatically reported results from all the engines like the below so you could easily see how your ranking was trending, but Webposition Gold was blocked (http://www.aimclearblog.com/2007/06/11/google-makes-it-official-webposition-gold-is-dead/) since Google/etc wanted to start selling their own Analytic Reporting services

What software do you recommend now so I can find out what rank each one of my 100+ keywords currently have like the attached shows ?

I am OK with using Google Analytics/etc if that will work

Researching on options between G-Suite vs. Office 365 email.      
Anyone can comment on drawbacks and benefits?  Also wondering the pricing structure and difference would be.  

Loaded question I know and I can comment if any follow-up questions.
So, I've done some AMAZING research and found...some VERY out-of-the-way places.  I'm thinking of building a Google map.

But, seems like then anyone could take the same data and recreate it.

Don't want to debate the merits of information be free.

Need suggestions about to monetize the work that I've done.  Sharing it puts it out there.  I can see that.  But...what can I consider to do with the page that holds the information?  Or, even the map itself? Should I even MAKE a map?  How can I use what I've got?  One suggestion I can see is...if my page is popular enough, put the map in there and let people who would copy it...go ahead.  A more popular page will always win the day.


I'm looking for a powershell script that exports security logs with Event ID 4740.
I'm new to powershell and failed to find any on Google.

Thanks for your support!
I have ordered a Google Pixel II XL smartphone. It does not have a 3.5 audio jack. It does come with an adapter from C USB to 3.5 audio. That is fine for audio, but I wish to be able to charge the phone at the same  time. I am assuming that if I can locate a "One in, two out" C USB adapter box then I could charge and listen to audio at the same time. Can anyone search the multitude of items on Amazon and recommend a device that will accomplish this goal? Also acceptable would be one C input and a 3.5 output along  with a C USB port for the charging cable. I have no idea if such an item exists. Can you locate either or both of these items for me on Amazon?
Is Microsoft Edge more secure than Google Chrome?  If so, why is that?  Will Chrome or other browsers catch up?  Doe it make sense to use Edge since is ships with Win 10 and may be more seamlessly integrated with Windows Defender?  Looking to reimage some pcs in a small private school and I want to increase our security as transparently as possible.
hi, i am working with the wordpress website and am facing some issues regarding the browsers,
 if i open my website link in the google chrome then the product price coming including tax in the index page, if am open the website with mozilla firefox then its showing product price without tax, i want show in the all the browser same price means in the same way but its showing in fractional values, help me to solvethis

thank you
Good Day,

I am thinking of sharing internet between two different offices. Kindly advise the best device to use, because we got fiber into the first office and don't want to pay multiple internet fees for the other office.

Based on google maps the distance is roughly: 250Meters, these buildings are the tallest around.

I need a 95% always working system , as internet is very key to e-commerce operation.

Do I run another fiber or simply use a bridge?
Internet Explorer 11 doesn't allow me to download Google Chrome.
 When I attempt to do so - I receive a message that says something about this page or site can not be contacted or found from IE.

However I can download FireFox from Internet Explorer  successfully. And I can even download Google Chrome from FireFox.
Note : This is on a Windows 10 and 7 workstation.

So whats wrong with IE 11 not being able to download Chrome ?  And How can I resolve this problem.
what are google the most searched words for city airport taxi fare info website to use as meta labels ???
I'm looking for recommendations for a online booking / scheduling system.  Needs to be simple to use one that you can recommend because you've used it and it works.  
I'm searching Google and have come up with quite a few options though I really want to get an opinion from you guys as to what's worked for you.

Our extended family owns a holiday house. With family in different countries and towns, email just isn't cutting it when it comes to booking the place for holiday periods.

All I need is a portal where family members can put in the dates they want the house and we're all notified of that request.

Any clarifications on requirements, just ask.

I have this JavaScript hyperlink example:


The hyperlinks work fine if I click on them.

I'm using Google Chrome web browser
But, if I click the right button on my mouse over one of the links, the chrome menu opens, and it looks like this

google chrome mouse right button click menu
if I then select Open link in new tab a new tab opens but it's just blank.
How do I fix my example, so if I select Open link in new tab,  the new tab opens with the url I selected in it.
On a new 2016 RDS deployment, I have an issue where any customization made by a user is lost when they sign off.

user pins outlook to taskbar, it's gone the next time they log in
all plugins to google are gone
desktop icons 'referesh' as if windows is just seeing everything for the first time

We are using User Profile Disks.

I originally had selected 'store all user settings and data on the user profile disk'
I've since tried moving to 'store only the following folders' and un-checking 'roaming user profile data' and 'user registry data'

Nothing seems to work and I can't figure out why this data is not being saved.
I currently upload finish line pictures from races I time to Google + and share the gallery with race finishers so they can find their picture.  I would like to take that a step further and share each finishers individual picture with them.  I believe Google Vision has the technology to do that...albeit for a cost...by pairing participant bib number with bib in the image.  Is anyone familiar enough with this api to give me some direction as to how to do this?  Also, any idea how this product is priced?