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Has anyone had any success challenging a Google Review (on G. Places/G.Maps) that is fake, and having it removed?
(I have a new client that has 2 reviews, from 2 different "people". The reviews are identical, one is from someone in Pennsylvania & the other is in Indiana. And my client runs a local business in California, a Doctors Office. Fairly obvious both reviews are fake).  

Along the same lines, if that fails, are there other options, like:
- Adding a comment from the Owner
- Ditching that Google Places account and start over fresh?
Need Free Satellite Photos of New York City

I found Google Earth displays perfectly the images I need to use. But if I used that image in a presentation, I could be sued by Google.

So, I would never do that, clearly.

Are there other ways to get Satellite Photos of New York City which are public domain? Or that have some easy to accept license such as putting a copyright notice at the bottom?

I heard some French company had some which were free?

Can you please give me any Satellite Photos websites I can check their terms??

Is there a way of exporting the list of recently visited URLs within Google Chrome to an Excel spreadsheet or to a CSV file?

The Google Chrome history can be viewed by pressing CTRL+H or by browsing to the chrome://history/ URL.
I am in Google Search console looking at statistics for my property. I would like to see where the queries come from but I don't see how. Google does say "See how your search traffic changes over time, where it's coming from, and what search queries are most likely to show your site".  It is important to me to know where the searches are coming from. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Hello, I have google suite customer that has about 30 users and the owner wants me to force everyone to change their email password. I haven't found a place that I can force the entire organization to do a password reset nor a way to go to each account and force a password change the only thing I could think of is send out an email telling everyone that we are planning on doing a password reset on a date and time your password will be abc12345 and when you enter that password it will force you to change it to a password of choice. This idea just seems like I am creating a morning full of phone calls. Also was going to send an email with instruction on updating email password for android and IOS prior to doing this to cut down on the calls for that issue.  Any thoughts on a better way or something I may not be thinking of?
User-generated content site.  New link structure.  Many links already existing in the wild.  All across the internet.

Page has good ranking.

Now, some sections are gone / discontinued.

Others still exist, but the links to the those sections and the pages within them have radically changed.

In some cases there are thousands of links.

Problem is, in the old link structure, the links can come in a variety of permutations:

Each of these links could point to the same page.

Seems like writing 3, or more, redirects for every page would get us punished by Google if we did that for a thousand pages.  Am I right?  

Our thinking was to just write a single redirect based on the locus=29 value.  Wouldn't get the user to the EXACT page, but it would get them back to the correct SECTION of the new site.  

Is that better than trying to add thousands of permutations of 301 redirects?

And, for the eliminated sections, send people to the home page.

Put another way: what's the purpose of the 301 redirect - only to deliver the user to EXACTLY the same place they were headed to originally?  Or, to avoid having a few thousand broken links lying around out there in the world by delivering the user to at least the place they wanted to get to?

Many thanks!

How do we add Google Analytics to Wordpress?
An organization completed a migration from Gmail to Office 365 email 9 months ago.

All incoming emails arrive in the user's new Office 365 email accounts and any time that corporate email accounts are set up these email accounts auto-configure with the Office 365 email settings.

This organization's public DNS records are being managed by a company named A Small Orange ( At this time we are not able to switch to a different public DNS record company or use Office 365 for managing this organization's public DNS records.

The Gmail accounts were left active since the organization has continued to use Google Drive and won't be migrating from Google Drive to Box for another couple months. As soon as this Google Drive to Box migration is completed the Gmail corporate account will be completely deactivated.

The problem is that users are still able to login to the website with their old corporate email accounts ( and send emails from the old Gmail email accounts and these emails arrive in the recipient's Junk email folders or sometimes within their Inboxes.

I need to make sure that these users are not able to send any emails from their old corporate Gmail email accounts while leaving these user's access to their Google Drive data intact.

How can this be done?
I use Google Chrome. I want to be able to store a group of Bookmarks that I can click and have all those pages open up.  Is there a way to do this? Via plugin?
(I used to use Firefox, which has that ability built-in.)

For example, if I am working on web development, I want the fastest way to open 4 or 5 Browser windows easily: Domain Registrar, Control Panel, CRM with my customers in it ...etc
THEN if I switch to balancing my Checkbook, I want to open Browser windows with Quicken,, my Bank's website ... etc
THEN back to Web Development ...
Youtube, asking me to accept that ALL i look at and ALL my computer/IP and other information will be sold to third parties......
Google trying me to sell stuff, instead of giving me honest non-commercial search results.......
Facebook cookies, banners, advertisements and so on.......

How can I just browse over the internet and find what I am looking for WITHOUT being tracked, stored and sold to companies I dont like or know...

Is there a way to use a VPN connection (already have one) and a VM setup on a NAS in order to hide my computer specs and serial number etc, in order to just look on the internet without being haunted by datacollecters??

Kind regards to all!
Trying to convert Excel, with Macros, to Google sheets.

I can’t find a GoalSeek Equivalent in Sheets .

Sub Calculate()

Sheets("Amort").Range("N22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P10")

Sheets("Amort").Range("W22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P12")

Sheets("Amort").Range("AY22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P14")

End Sub
how to a web site or blog will be on indexed Yahoo, Google, Bing as simulteanously ?
Is there a way of modifying the Gmail view to list emails sequentially instead of grouping emails together when I view my emails within the website?

I would rather have each individual email listed as a separate email rather than having all replies and forwards to my original email grouped within the original email.

How can this be done?
Looking for a way to set-up google drive as a "virtual hard drive" where it would look like the "J:\" drive on my desktop and notebook computers but all the data would be "in the cloud"
Hello, I have a google apps user that I have setup using outlook 2016 using the Gmail Imap setting everything has worked well but we have just noticed that some of the mail on the google mail server right when the google account was set up is not in outlook 2016 how can I force outlook to do a full sync of all mail. The user doesn't use the Gmail web interface so they can't see the old mail from that time.
How do I set the address of a Hyperlink variable?

Dim strUrl As String
Dim hyper_Url As Hyperlink

'Start URL
strUrl = "

hyper_Url.Address = strUrl   '<------ this line errors out

What I'm trying to do
Build a URL for Google Maps direction.

The Whys
I can load the URL as a string in a browser, but when I try to send it in an email the email recognizes the first part of the URL and not the addresses I add.  So the user clicks on the URL in the email and doesn't get the map.  My thought is that if I had a Hyperlink variable to the email, it will work.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Is there a way to remove the google lock from a cell phone without knowing the previous gmail address ? I work for a company that has employees who added there personal gmail account to the phone. Is the phone bricked now ?
 In a service industry environment where it is legal office with several lawyers or plumbing company with several service technicians,  I noticed that some use online calendar such as Google Calendar or Apple iClould Calendar and wanted to sync with their Outlook software.
 I like to know why people use Google Calendar or Apple iClould Calendar instead of using Outlook Calendar if they already have Outlook?
 What does Google Calendar or Apple iCloud Calendar provide that Outlook Calendar does not provide?

I have written VBA code that reads a very complex email from MS Outlook, interprets it to extract over a dozen fields. The code then displays the info on a form giving me the opportunity to check and edit before I press the Go button. The Go button searches for the Key field in an Excel spreadsheet and updates it, or if it can't find it, adds the record to the sheet.

I am then using the Excel spreadsheet as a data source for an Appsheet form that is updated on mobile devices in the field. Unfortunately Excel is proving very unstable so I should use a Google Sheet instead which will make it very robust.

My problem is that, although I am very confident with VBA, I have zero knowledge of any code that will enable me to manipulate Google Sheets. Is there a way to manipulate Google Sheets with VBA, or is there any other solution that anyone could suggest?
I have a peer to peer Windows 7-10 network with 7 computers.  Presently all machines have Google Drive installed on them.  The users documents, picture and desktop folder are set to sync with their Drive account.  Also the main company share is called 'share' and is set to download to a folder within the users home directory.  Now that Drive is going to be discontinued I want to know the best course of action to ensure things run as users are used to.  Additionally if I can prevent a complete redownload of data that is preferred.  This is a GSuite account.

Our total drive share is approximately 30GB.  Thanks in advance.
When I try to visit a site  that has a video I get the following error: sent an invalid response

I don't know how to fix this. I'm using Win 10 and Google as my search engine.
Hello Experts,

I'm sure this is a simple question, but I can't figure it out.  I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.  It basically keeps a running total of payments and deposits.  I got the formula working as needed, but when I copy the formula in the balance column, the column displays "FALSE" if there is nothing in the payment or deposit columns.  I would like the balance column to be blank if there is nothing in the payment or deposit columns.  I think the formula will have to have an "ISBLANK" IF statement, but I just can't seem to get this to work.  Below is the formula I have and an image of the issue.'


Formula:  =if(sum(F7:G7)>0,(-F7+G7)+H6,(if(sum(F7:G7)="0",0)))

I'm on Android and my Gmail for one particular email won't give me push notifications on my phone like my other ones do. I've duplicated the notification settings my other emails have, yet I still get no notifications for that one particular email.
I found this one 
Cloudberry email backup for Google mail.

Anyone tried it before or recommend other services?
windows10 laptop

google earth latest edition

only open gl works

I uninstall
safe mode,
restore default settings
delete my places
turn off atmosphere

even though I uninstall/re install

direct x will not work.
start google earth many times






Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.