Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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I want to setup a test GroupWise 2012 system on Windows Server 2008 because I want to understand it more. I have been trying for a while to get this running, but I am missing something. I have referenced the eDirectory and GroupWise 2012 documentation but I am just not understanding something. It seems that I am missing a step, or something, because I am not getting eDirectory to work, and/or I am not able to communicate with eDirectory so that the Novell Client works, or so that GroupWise 2012 can talk to it.

Here is where I am again. I just setup a new Windows 2008 R2 vmware image. The system is in workgroup mode. The firewall is turned off and so is IE security. Nothing else has been configured on this image.

I have the following programs:

•	Novell eDirectory 8.8.7
•	Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Server 2008
•	GroupWise 2012 Installation files.

System information:

•	Computer Name: gw2012-1
•	IP Address:

My goal is to create a test GroupWise 2012 system on Windows Server 2008. I have tried this a few times but I am missing something. I am not sure if I am entering the correct eDirectory settings. Once I get past installing eDirectory and install GroupWise 2012, the GroupWise system will not start. I cannot access or see the tree or context so I entered it wrong, or I need to do something else. I assume I both. I am unable to create accounts with the console one app that comes with GroupWise. So, I am missing something and I …
This is using Kerio Connect 7.3.2 on RedHat Enterprise Linux server 32-bit. My management express interest in upgrading to the latest version - 8.1.0. How can I upgrade? How about the client side - Outlook connector, any downtime or incompatibility? Can I get the step-by-step instructions on how to get done?

Thanks in advance.
I have a SharePoint 2010 environment that is not allowing users to check in their Excel or Word documents over https.   Users can save their documents over http.

This is what they are experiencing:

1. click Excel document which opens in Excel.
2. User clicks 'Check Out' in Excel
3. Edit Offline Pop up appears (States that Offline document will be stored on your computer in SharePoint Drafts)
4. user clicks OK
5. User makes their changes.
6. User clicks save (which saves locally with no issue).
7. When user attempts to close Excel they are prompted to check in.
8. User clicks yes and a pop up appears for Check In version comments. User enters their
comments and click ok.
9. A bar appears as if it is updating SharePoint, but Excel does not close.
10. User attempts to close Excel again and same process is repeated from step 7 above.
11. If user Clicks No to Check in, Excel is closed.
12. The document shows as checked out in SharePoint and does contain the changes.
13. In SharePoint if the user attempts to check in a pop up appears for comments.
14. After user enters their comments and clicks ok
15. Another pop up appears notifying the user that they are about to upload the file to SharePoint, Do you want to continue. The user clicks yes.
16. The user receives the following message:

This document was checked out to your local drafts folder but the local copy could not be checked in to the site. Close any application that is editing the document and
We have a user at our company that gets this message "mailtips could not be retrieved" when he composes a new e-mail.  This appears just above the "to" box as soon as he clicks the new e-mail button.

We are running Windows 7 x64 and Office 2010.  Our e-mail is hosted through Office 365.  We have approx 100 users and only this one user is having a problem.  No recent changes to his computer.

I tried googling and found suggestions such as autodiscover or EWS url problems, but I don't see how that would affect only a single computer.  This computer is on the same network and same Internet connection as others that are working fine.  There are no differences between his computer configuration and others.

Any suggestions on what to check to fix this?
I have integrated HDX 8000 with Lync 2010 Server Stnd Edition. I can make video calls from Lync Client to HDX and vice versa. I have also registered calendaring service with exchange 2010. HDX can pull the meetings from the exchange mailbox calendar. But here is the problem I am trying to join hosted lync online meeting created by the same user but when I click join now button from HDX gui mode the message appears "No more sites can be added because the meeting is full"
Please help me to resolve this issue. I am badly need of support. I am scratching my head for now 2 weeks
Hi there,

I not sure how to fix this, or thereis a corrupt file...

but when i try to access webmail with the below address


I get the below message regardless at the local netowrk or outside the local network
PLease help

*** Message
Service unavailable!

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 503

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 07:27:03
 Apache/2.0.63 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.23
I have not tried programming and Groupwise. Basically what Id like to know is an answer to the following basic qiestions.

1. Id like to open a groupwise mailserver, eg. name is 'GwStaff'
In that server, I'll open the folder 'Pending'
In the mails in the folder I'll open each mail and check if there is an attachment.
If there is, I'll detach the attahcment if attachment starts with '9' or'8'.
save the attahcment to a folder in my c drive.

Is there a code to start with?

I am having an issue with one email address that stays in the groupwise client sent items.  When I check the groupwise MTA i see this error "MTA

MTP Unable to open connection 8906 addrees folowed by port 173" this only seems to be happening with this email address, any thoughts?

I am trying to choose an online file-sharing vendor  for a group of 10 users.
The program will used to share and collaborate on files and requires enterprise-level security, ideally, working dual-factor authentication, version control, needs to be 'user-friendly' (that is a relative term, isn't it?).
Outside of Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Office365 and SkyDrive, I am reviewing these 4 vendors below (in no particular order):
1. Syncplicity
2. Egnyte
3. Citrix ShareFile

I have reviewed websites descriptions and prices but looking for Experts experiences in implementing and using these 4 products.

Thanks in advance!
I have a content database on my SQL server that is stating that it's size is 75GB in SQL Server enterprise manager.

The Properties of the database are displayed below (i believe it was split up)

The user is wondering where i am getting my 75GB figure when he sees the following. (usage of 60.9 GB approX) Can i get some clarity on how exactly i can break down the differnce for him.

Are there any examples to code an email program of Groupwise using
What are the steps to accomplish this?
I have 65 mailboxes that I want to migrate into a new install of Exchange 2010. I have concerns about local archives, shared folders, proxy, shared calendars etc. Looking for software that will do a real good job on this. Anyone have resent (good) experience with software they can recommend?
My organization has acquired a few Nokia 822 phones running Windows Phone 8.
My attempts at syncing our old GroupWise 6.5 SP4 email server with the phone have proved unsuccessful.

I've tried using the advanced setup option for IMAP4 mail. There is an option to use two different IMAP4 servers for the incoming and outgoing mail. What I do is use IMAP on GroupWise as the incoming server and Gmail's IMAP for the outgoing server. I can set it up so that mail recipients think the message came from my domain instead of Gmail.
This requires a Gmail account for the user.

I've used this technique to sync Android phones to my mail server using the K9 App from Google Play. It works wonderfully. I can send and receive mail from the Android phone using this technique.

While the native mail client on Android will at least download mail from the GroupWise server, the native mail client on Windows Phone 8 will not communicate with the GroupWise server at all.

This will all be moot in two months, as we are moving to Google Apps for Business and Gmail. But until then if anyone has any ideas of how to get this device to sync with GroupWise 6.5 SP 4, I'd appreciate it.
I need a macro to attach a file when the user clicks on send.  There are criteria involved: I need to check the recipient to see if an email has already been sent to that recipient(s) on that day, and if so, send the email without the attachment.  Also if the user is internal to the Exchange (2007) system then never attach the pdf file.

If there are several users and all are internal then don't attach.  If only one is external then attach the file.  Outlook is version 2003.
I have Groupwise ConsoleOne version 1.3.6 installed on a Windows 2003 Server Standard that used to be a domain controller. We recently migrated a SBS 2011 server into the network. ConsoleOne was able to find the server until I recently ran DCPROMO on the Windows 2003 Server and removed Active Directory. This is when ConsoleOne began not being able to find the server. Is there something simple that I need to add into Active Directory on the SBS server? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Groupwise version is 7.0.2
Has someone done using Groupwise as email program?
Can someone show some code or link how to call Groupwise library and perhaps tutorial?
I can't find any documentation that does this connection..
I use Groupwise 8 version.
Id like to know how to use the methods and properties that GW provides for programming such as sending email,attachment,cc,bcc.etc...
I have created excel pivot table reports with Year and Month filters and then uploaded to sharepoint site.I want to change filters programmatically.

Is there any way to update filter values using C#?

Can any body help me out to accomplish this task?

Any help would be apprecited.

Attached screen capture,

Thank you,
We have two Novell 6.5 sp6 servers.  All they provide are file services.  They do not provide any other network services (e.g. dhcp, dns, groupwise or ssl).  I have been given a third server that I would like to use as a hot spare.  The idea would be if SERVER1 or SERVER2 goes to byte heaven, this spare server would be ready to take its place. Novell 6.5 sp6 and the backup software would be installed.  

This is my quandary.  What is the best way to rename the hot spare server should SERVER1 or SERVER2 fail?  I see two methods.

Method 1.

 Install SERVER_BACKUP in to the production NDS.  Assign it a R/W replica.  Take these actions when SERVER 1 or SERVER 2 fails.

1. Use TID 3338221 - to remove the crashed server from NDS.
2.  Use TID 10080951 - to rename SPARE_BACKUP to either SERVER1 or SERVER2.
3. If need be, make SERVER_BACKUP (now renamed as failed server) the master replica.

Method 2.

When installing Novell 6.5 sp6 put SERVER_BACKUP into its own NDS. When SERVER1 or SERVER2 fails take the following actions.

1.  Use TID 3338221 - to remove the crashed server from NDS.
2.  Remove SERVER_BACKUP from its NDS.
3.  Rename SERVER_BACKUP to the failed server's name.
4.  Install the newly named server into the production NDS.
5.  Extend the replica to it.

Server name is critical to all …
We have IMAP clients--Outlook on desktop and MailDroid on Android.

They seem to work fine, but the MailDroid tends to hold onto old mail that was already deleted by Outlook in the INBOX.

We have checked all the settings and everything seems to be working/set correctly, but again, it is retaining deleted items already deleted by Outlook (and are no longer in inbox).
We migrated all of users from Exchange to google Apps couldn't be happier. We have two left. We migrated all of their contacts manually its was grueling. We would like one user to be able to share her contacts with another user. We delegated User A to User B. No matter what we try User B doesn't see user's A contacts. I had a theory that Google Apps for Schools doesn't allow this feature. Maybe there is something I have to enable on our end of the google Apps?

Is there a good 3rd party that would do this?  We used a 3rd party for the migration it wasn't worth one dollar they used the free google tool. Then got us to the point where we are stuck on this contacts issue.

Yikes it looks like Expert Exchange doesn't have a Google apps section can this be true?
Hi Experts,

I regulary use code to email across Novell from within MS Access bur have never done it in excel.

Has anyone a simple piece of code that i can easily adapt.

Are LDAP and NMAS two different versions of eDirectory?

Is LDAP more open source?

Why is one chosen over the other?
Hi -

I am currently transferring a groupwise system to suse enterprise.

The following is my thoughts for the server setup. Looking for advice/critique.

Users have huge mailboxes. I would consider most power users. We have approx 250 Users total.

System: 4 post offices at different locations:

Server 1 -MTA / Postoffice 1 - Current PO(300GB) - 150 Users
boot (200mb)
/ (10GB)
swap (2GB)
/var (5GB)
/tmp (5GB)
/var/opt/novell (10GB)
/groupwise (650GB)

Server 2 Postoffice 2  - Current PO(150GB) - 50 Users
boot (200mb)
/ (10GB)
swap (2GB)
/var (5GB)
/tmp (5GB)
/var/opt/novell (10GB)
/groupwise (250GB)

Server 3 Postoffice 3  - Current PO(30GB) - 25 Users
boot (200mb)
/ (10GB)
swap (2GB)
/var (5GB)
/tmp (5GB)
/var/opt/novell (10GB)
/groupwise (120GB)

Server 4 Postoffice 4  - Current PO(20GB) - 25 Users
boot (200mb)
/ (10GB)
swap (2GB)
/var (5GB)
/tmp (5GB)
/var/opt/novell (10GB)
/groupwise (120GB)

Thanks For your time -

We use Novell GroupWise 8 as our email client.  All our employees are in caching mode.  We have one employee who is having the following issue.

He can use online mode no problem, however when attempting to use caching mode he gets the following:

2:31:17 PM Send/Retrieve Novell GroupWise
2:31:18 PM Connecting to XX.XX.XX.XX:XXXX
2:31:19 PM ...connected
2:31:21 PM User Database access has been denied

How can we resolve the access denied issued, so he can go back to caching mode.

I am attempting to keep an ancient GroupWise server up and running until we port over to Google Apps early next year.

I have an issue where the IMAP service in the GWIA randomly shuts down, preventing any IMAP traffic to or from the server.

If I restart the GWIA, or, toggle the IMAP service in ConsoleOne, IMAP comes back. I've verified this by doing a telnet to the email server name on port 143.

I've noticed the gwia.cfg file in SYS:SYSTEM is different from the gwia.cfg in Domain\wpgate\gwia. The gwia.cfg in SYS:SYSTEM is titled "GroupWise 6 GWIA". The gwia.cfg in Domain\wpgate\gwia is titled "GroupWise 6.5 GWIA".

This must be the issue I'm thinking. We upgraded from GW 6 to GW 6.5 in 2005.

So, I thought the easy way to resolve this was to:

1. Shut down the GWIA.
2. Rename the gwia.cfg in SYS:SYSTEM
3. Copy the gwia.cfg from the domain\wpgate\gwia folder to sys:system.
4.  Restart the GWIA.

However, when I did these steps, the GWIA would not load. So, I reverted to the former gwia.cfg.

Perhaps its a path issue, not sure. I can send copies of the two gwia.cfg files and the gwia.ncf files if required.



Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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