Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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Hello Folks,

I was asked to check a client's domain name for spam blacklisting on RBLs.

I normally use which I've always found to be reliable, as it first finds the MX record then checks the IP against RBLs

The IP passed the 35 searches, then passed the 106 searches when "check against all blacklists" option was selected.

However, I used another service which I must admit is unfamiliar to me, but seems popular, it's called  
The results from was perplexing, running it multiple times, it either returned "no results" , or more worrying, ALL of the 100+ results came back as "bad ip" ?

I have tried this again and again at different times, and same thing happens.

Considering it's more or less the same RBLs it gets its results from, points more to issue, than the actual IP, but obviously it is something I would like to resolve.

Does anyone have any ideas, or have any experience of using

many thanks for any suggestion.
I have email that comes to me with client information such as Name, address, phone etc and I need to gather that info into separate variables and be able to take that information and then place it into fields in another program that is the admin tool for my product.  I need these variables of info to be pasted into the fields in this separate Windows based program.  Willing to work at this in order to learn but struggling with where to start..

How do you configure Groupwise to use IMAP?

  I have enabled IMAP in my GWIA and I have restarted the GWIA and now I can Telnet it from a command prompt.
  I open up a cmd prompt and type:
         telnet 143 and I receive an OK GroupWise server Ready.
I then type:
         login password and hit enter.
I then get:
        "login BAD RBSANCHEZ@SOUTHSANISD.NET Command, state, or parameter"
Where do i go to allow users to log in or activate my account so i can log into IMAP via telnet? We are trying to migrate our mail to Google App gmail but this is keeping me from doing it.
Shop with Novell Zenworks Config Manager, Windows 7/XP clients, and authenticating to NDS.
Users log into Novell systems, ZCM Dynamic Link User policy creates a local Windows workstation account.
We currently use GroupWise but are going to migrating to a hosted Exchange. So far I have been trying to use ZCM to create a bundle that calls Outlook.exe /importprf etc. The PRF has the Exchange Server name and makes the connection but I need to be able to tell the user their new username for Exchange. Within the PRF file I have been using %username% to create the mail profile, named using their local windows account.
I would like a way to tell the user their new user name. It may end up being their email address or an employee ID number but it will not match their current username. I think I could reference a table once I have the right information but am unsure how to do so. I have been attempting to use a vbs that returns the correct information and I can return %username%. I would rather call the table though and lookup the correct information
The transfer from an old computer using Office 2003 to a new desk-top HP  captured all the contacts, but unfortunately did not register them in the Office 2007 Outlook 'Address book'. Can anyone help me open the the address book with all the contacts? Is it necessary to create a new one that is accessible when sending email?
Hello, I am looking for software that will hold a customer database and enable the assigning of contact related tasks (such as phone messages/call back messages) to other users in the office.   Most CRM packages are too heavy and lean too much towards the marketing/leads  aspect.  There are 4 laptop users in the office and no file server, so the master file has to run in something like DropBox or online software as a service.

If there is such an example out there, then I would be pleased to hear as I have spent hours searching on Google!  If there were a software that also helped create the query/quotation/order/delivery process then even better!
I am running Groupwise 7.0.3
on a Netware Server 5.70.4
with Apahche 2.05.54 and Tomacat 4

After a restart yesterday we can no longer access the website internally or externally.

I can not find anything in the logs as to why it is not working and the server looks and acts like it should be.  I can ping the server, and it shows that the correct ports are open, but there is no response to http inquiries.

It has been working for years and within the last month i noticed that i could not access  the servers admin web interface iManager. (that port is now not open, but I have not had time to trouble shoot it until yesterday when I tried a restart).

Any suggestions on where to begin (again)?

We are trying to export the user notes out of our contactwise database and we cannot find them in the database. Does anybody know where they are stored?
Hi There!

I am a little lost as to how I upgrade from 4.1.7 on Windows 2003, to 5.01 which requires 2008. I have a server I can use, but I am not sure how to get the database across, I see a few methods but quickest and easiest would be ideal since this is my first time.

Some of the sites I need to upgrade are <5 users, so I am tempted to just setup a new system and activate them on that, but I am worried duplicates will occur if I do this.

I have heard that perhaps setting up a brand new install on 2008 would work and then there is some form of import tool available. There is a lot of talk in the manuals about domains and such which 4.1.7 doesn't seem to have.

I have posted this in two groups because I wasn't able to determine which related to GW, moderator feel free to remove whichever is the wrong entry with my apologies.

I have worked a fair bit with 4.1.7 for Groupwise, but nothing with v5, so please be gentle with me.

Thanks in advance.

I want to better manage my Exchange mailbox store as it grows by about 1gb per day. I want to strip attachments older than say 30/60 days from every email on every mailbox, by a centrally managed console. I don't want to save the attachments, just strip them off. We use Symantec Mail Archiving so I have copy of the attachments in the cloud and I don't want to populate my file shares with PST files or old attachments, so I just want to strip them off.

Once i've done that i'll bring quotas in to manage sizes going forward.

Im sure there will be some third party software that will do what I need. I've just downloaded a trial for a product from MAPILab, however i'd like to know what others have used and any advice on a product I can use to achieve my goals!


Hi All,

This is a followup to Q_22913506 as I need to accomplish the exact same thing. Currently running in an Outlook 2010 / Exchange 2007 environment and I have entered the below script into Outlook. Need to copy emails from within folders or the folder itself to public folders. The path being -
\\Public Folders -\All Public Folders\_TEST

Dim olkArchive As Outlook.MAPIFolder, _
    intAge As Integer

Sub ArchiveFolderTree()
    Dim olkRoot As Outlook.MAPIFolder
    'Change the default age on the following line as desired
    intAge = 10
    'Change the folder path on the following line as needed
    Set olkArchive = OpenOutlookFolder("\\Public Folders -\All Public Folders\_TEST")
    Set olkRoot = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Parent
    ArchiveFolder olkRoot, olkArchive
    Set olkRoot = Nothing
    MsgBox "Archive process complete.", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Archive Folder Tree"
End Sub

Sub ArchiveFolder(olkSrcFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder, olkDestFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder)
    Dim olkSubFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder, _
        olkArchFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder, _
        olkItem As Object, _
        varErr As Variant
    On Error Resume Next
    Set olkArchFolder = olkDestFolder.Folders.Item(olkSrcFolder.Name)
    varErr = Err.Number
    On Error GoTo 0
    If varErr <> 0 Then
        Set olkArchFolder = olkDestFolder.Folders.Add(olkSrcFolder.Name, olkSrcFolder.DefaultItemType)

     I'm having some issues with a groupwise server at a new client site.  It can receive but not send emails.  The only thing thats changed is I changed the administrator password to prevent the old disgruntled IT guy from going into it.  I'm sure its a simple fix but I know absolutely nothing about groupwise, we plan on tearing it out but for right now i just have to get them up and running.  Thanks in advance for your help.

I installed a Netware 6.5 system under vmware. I created a default admin account called Oper1. I also created an additional volume called DATA and now I have a SYS and DATA volume. My next task was to install GroupWise 7.04 onto this system. So, I setup a Windows 7 computer and began to install GroupWise Server 7.04. Each time I tell GroupWise to write to my Data share or my SYS volume I get an Access Denied message. Why is that? How can I ensure my admin user, which is Oper1, has access to all my volumes and will not be denied access? This should have been enabled by default, so I am very curious what the problem is.

By the way, I looked at ConsoleOne and it appears that Oper1 has access to all of the volumes.

Thanks in advance,

I am setting up a Windows Server 2008 R2 system with GroupWise 2012 and I am having many problems. I

My first hurdle is with eDirectory. I installed eDirectory but it does not appear to be working. How will I know if it is working? I installed the Novell Client and also installed GroupWise 2012 but I cannot find my Tree with the Novell Client nor with ConsoleOne, nor can I authenticate to it.

First, how do I know when eDirectory is installed correctly, and how am I supposed to authenticate to it when it is on a Windows 2008 server?

I am looking to create an internal 'Experts Exchange' for an IT technical department where they can share information along the lines of Experts Exchange. The features I am looking for in particular are:

ability to create categories

ability to create 'threads' on topics within categories

ability to send links to specific threads to specific topics via e-mail - the way that Experts for instance sends notifications that there has been activity on a topic;

ability to archive/create knowledge bases

ability to have someone act as the administrator of this 'forum'

The closer the product can be made to mimic Experts the better.

This product will be used by a small group of people so I don't need a product that is built with a capacity to have  hundreds or thousands of participants hammering questions at it relentlessly - the package should be light-weight in resource requirements and easy to setup and administer and be Windows-based.

I would especially like to hear from folks who have done something like this for their own IT departments. I am also not opposed to buying this functionality as a 'service' from third parties.

Moving a users mailbox from one Post Office to another.  How can I monitor the status of the move to ensure it completes successfully and allow  the user to login again?

How do I view the user move utility in Console One?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Can anyone help me out and provide the steps necessary to migrate/move emails from a groupwise client (ver 7) to 2007 microsoft outlook

thank you
hey guys,

one of my users got a message appointment in .ics format. when we try to open it it says, "not supported calendar message".

we are using outlook 2007 here and can someone please tell me how to open these messages?

I hear that GroupWise or Netware supports Trusted Applications. These are applications that are running on behalf of a user or something. I don't know. How can I tell if a trusted application is running in Netware or GroupWise? How will I know if I have a trusetd application installed? I know that I have one installed because I can use it from the workstation. But, I don't know how to see it running in ConsoleOne or anywhere else. How can I see where the Trusted Application is running?


I have a Zimbra server running on version 6.0.14.

Currently users have there own calendars that they share with one another but they would like to have one common calendar that could be shared between all users without having to share calendars with every other user.

Is it possible to create a common calendar that would share all the information from all users ? There are approx 20 users that I would like to share their calendar with a common calendar and then subscribe to this single calendar to see all the other users calendars. Is this possible ?

What procedure do I follow to set this up ?

Using Novell OES2 (SLES10.3).  Zenworks 10.3

My Zenworks Config Manager is reporting that my LDAP directory server certificate has expired.  I did some reading on the web and found some points about this issue.  The most popular being I should update the certificate by just refreshing the server.
I went onto the server through iManager, then to the Novell Certificate Server menu - Repair Default Certificates.  I selected the certificate server, and followed the steps.  It indicated that the process was successful and I then restarted the server.
My ZCM is still reporting that it cannot communicate with the certificate server due to expiration of the certificate ( on 17 Jan 2012).  I restarted the Zen server as well, but no luck.
I am not that clued up with this, so I am not sure what next to do?  Possibly create a new default certificate?

Does GroupWise 6.0.1 have the ability to export the calendar to ICS file? If so, how?

I need to run a report against our Grouwise 8 database to show account activity. Is there any way to find out when the last time an account was used? I need to clean house and i am not getting any reports from HR on staff that are no longer employed here.

I use Console One to monitor Groupwise environment.
We run GroupWise v7, some users use the find tool extensivly. recently I have users reporting  the find soluion either has stopped working or will find items upto a certain date.

Is anyone aware how to build/rebuild the indexes? can they be done per account basis ?

Tried Dsrepair (automated and local database)  Sys:system\dsrepair.log has 8 errors.

File  Partitio.nds  pos:0000a0, rec...
ROOT object does not have mandatory flags set
Object ID...
Partition Root identified in the wrong partition
Partition id changed frokm 00000 to ffff
object id:  
partition root object does not exit.

7 errors on entry.nds  

I CAN DELETE THE NDS and start over - there are 55 users.  I can give everyone root access for today and later on, can work and fix the rights.

would the login script work if I start over ?

PLS HELP... It is a production server and it needs to be up in a couple of hours

I don't know if it is appropriate to post here, but I am willing to compensate monetarily if some one can call me and walk me through it

I am unable to restore directory services files from the back up.  All data files are backed up and is restorable




Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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