Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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I am running Groupwise 6.5.2 on a Netware 5.1 sp8 server.  The issue I am having is that when I am at work and I delete a message from my inbox within groupwise then download my mail on my Treo 650 using Versamail Pop3 it will also download the deleted messages.  Any help is appreciated.
We deleted some user accounts from the system of users that are no longer here.  Now it turns out that there were a couple current users that had shared folders set up to those deleted accounts.  Can we restore those email accounts?
I have a GroupWise server that is receiving mail properly but attempts to send produce the following error in the GWIA log (addressee is a mailbox at

    DMN: MSG 1721 Send Failure: 450 Host down (

- I have verified the BdrMgr filter exceptions against the Novell TID10013822
- I can initiate a telnet session from outside into Post 25
- I can initiate a telnet session from the GW server to port 25 on an outside server.
- I can use a domain name for the outgoing telnet session so the dns appears to be resolving.
- Contents of route.cfg: []  
   (where "myorg" is the org's domain and the IP is the GW server internal IP)
- Contents of resolve.cfg:

System is NW6/GW6.5.  GW, BdrMgr, DNS/DHCP all run on one file server.

I am looking for ideas on the possible cause and tests I can run to rule out possible causes.

A user would like to send duplicates of emails he receives at the office (not a forward) to his home email account.  Groupwise rules will let us forward, but it does not allow for sending a duplicate email.  When he receives the email at home, the user wants to be able to hit Reply and have the To address be the senders, not his own which is the case in a forwarded email.
I have a user that works from home.  She is using Outlook 2003 using a pop3 account to access her groupwise mail at the office.  Her account is setup with the Leave copy on server unchecked.  However when she downloads her email it leaves all of it on the server.  Is this the nature of the beast or is there a way to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.
I seem to have a big problem in that I can't get any pop mail after
installing the Groupwise connector.

While attempting to get mail I get receiving error 80040106 unknown error.

When I test the account the mail goes thru ok, as I checked my isp's web
email and the test message was there. Seems I can't receive at all using the
Groupwise connector.

Any idea's on this one? (My guess is that the mapi.dll is wrong or


is there a method of automatically updating GW7 clients to GW7.01?

thank ya
I am a consultant for a client here in Central Florida. In no way am I an expert on Groupwise so bear with me. This client has Groupwise 6.5 SP1 installed on her machine as well as Office 2003 including Outlook 2003. The machine is a Compaq Presario with Windows XP professional SP2. I have created 2 Mail profiles in Control Panel and assigned Outlook as the default profile to use so that when the client opens Outlook, she gets to see her usual mailbox, calendar, and contacts. They have State contracts and need Groupwise so that they can receive emails, through Groupwise, from the State. The client signs into a VPN and then launches Groupwise. She can view her Groupwise emails with no problems. If she tries to reply to an existing email or compose a new email, Groupwise crashes and displays a Windows error box stating that Groupwise had to be shutdown. If I reinstall Groupwise, and reconfigure the Mail profiles so that she can still see her Outlook Calendar and contacts, she can use Groupwise with no problems... until she reboots the PC. After a reboot, Groupwise crashes on replys and new mails just like it did previously. Every other person in this office uses Groupwise with no problems. The only thing that is different between the problematic PC and all the others is that all the others use Outlook Express instead of Outlook. Could this be the problem? Is there some inherent hate between Groupwise and Outlook that is causing the problem? My gut is telling me this is NOT the …

I have this problem with the webaccess of groupwise..

This is the error Message:

Service unavailable!
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to
maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 503
Monday, June 26, 2006 08:21:21
Apache/2.0.54 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.14


So, I look at Novell website to get the solution by this error and I found

Novell GroupWise WebAccess

Error: 503 on the Browser when users try to log in to GroupWise WebAccess.

Java periodically locks up and goes to high(er) util, though not
necessarily 100%.

Unload JAVA and reload TomCat to temporarily resolve the issue.
In some cases you might have to unload Apache and reload Apache to get it


There have been number of fixes put in GroupWise as well as NetWare
Winsock Modules to fix the above symptoms. To fix the above issue please
apply the following:

Apply the latest NetWare Service Pack. (Service Pack 5 or later).
Apply the latest GroupWise Service Packs.
(Service Pack 6 for GroupWise 6.5).
(Latest field test files for GroupWise 7).
Please make sure that all the GroupWise modules …
Anyone know what user move status 0x210000 means? Some of the users show this message in the user move status screen. We can login the user in there new postoffice but I was just curious about this code.


Good Day All

I am going to ask a simple question:

What is the easiest way to apply the sp1 to an existing Groupwise asyatem?

Thanks in advance
Having a problem adding a word to a user's spell check dictionary in GW 6.5. Any thoughts, anyone?
our Groupware server keeps crashing. we're running Netware 5.1 with GroupWise 6. We're pretty sure we narrowed down the issue to that fact that Small Memory Allocations grows very fast,  so after a few days the server goes down. Initially the Small Memory Allocations starts off at about 25 Million, which seems to be normal when compared to other servers that we service. However, this number grows to over 150 Million in a few days and then the email server goes down and we have to restart everything. This is a small business (less than 40 users) so they don't get that much traffic. If we unload/reload the POA then it seems to keep things at bay, but it keeps happening. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

NOS:  Novell NetWare 5.1 SP6
Email:  GroupWise 6.5.2

Scenario:  Need detailed information on users mailbox.  Ran Mailbox/Library Maintenance/Mailbox Statistics for the user and gwckeck.log was auto emailed upon completion.  I am trying to determine EXACTLY how the utility is reporting each statistic.  For instance, under Items Breakdown|Mail the report shows 3,942 'In' emails, however there are nowhere near 3,942 emails in the persons In Box.  The person has access to several other users Shared GroupWise folders.  Is it possible the statistic reflects all of the other users In box mail as well?  I have scoured the web for an explanation of how each statistic is tallied but no luck.

Below is a part of the email attachment:

                    GroupWise System Information

Number of Users...............    1   Number of Post Offices.........    0
Number of Mailboxes...........    1

Item statistics:           TOTAL  /MBOX   Mailbox statistics:     TOTAL  /MBOX
   normal items........   7433 7433.0       Boxes with mail.......    1
   forwarded items.....  572  572.0     IN box entries:
   reply items.........      972  972.0       read................          6058 6058.0
   total items.........      8977 8977.0       unread..............            2    2.0
                                          new.................  538  538.0
Distribution statistics:                  …
We have a GW 6.5 Sp5 system with 800 users and we setup a new GW 7 system in a Cluster environment in the the same tree. We want to move the users from the GW 6.5 sys to the new GW7 system. What if anything do we need to do prior the user moves? PS - We have tested the new users in the GW 7 system and  they work OK. Is their some steps we should follow to make this move smooth as possible?
I am a network administrator recently placed over a network where another "collegue" is the email postmaster, and is very shady and sneaky. Our mailserver is NW 6.0. Everyone is suspecting that their mail has been re-routed by this individual for sometime and I am in the position to try and investigate these matters. I have admin rights in console one, though I have almost no groupwise experience. Is there a simple way to determine if any host relay or mail routing is taking place from the inside of this network? Emails that are critical of this man seem to never "get" delivered, from anywhere in the network. I am not in a good place, and I just need a little help. Thank you.
I've just taken over administration of a Groupwise 6.01 system and am having trouble with just 1 user from a total of 25.

The particular account is regularly accessed by 12 Sales staff, and a high percentage of their work is email based. Emails are then Forwarded from the central account to their individual accounts for action.

They have NEVER deleted anything from the 'Sent Items' folder since the system was installed in 2002.

The Sent Items folder was huge, MONSTROUS......... literally hundreds of thousands of entries in the one folder...

I have now deleted all but the last few weeks....

However, the 'Mailbox' folder now takes approx 20 secs to open. Sometimes longer. There are never more than 10 or 20 emails in it, they are always promptly forwarded to the appropriate account.
If I rightclick and bring up 'Properties', there is a 1 to 2 minute delay, the Contains: label says Counting Contents, please wait.
An error Box then pops up 'GroupWise Error [D11B]' with the messsage 'There are too many items to display them all. you may use filtering.......etc'

The property then reads 'Contains: 0 Received Items, 65535 Sent Items, 0 Posted items, 0 Draft items.

The value '65535 Sent items' looks much like an integer overflow to me......
There WERE obviously far more than that but now there are only 3250 (approx.... I'm not THAT sad).

Anyway, I'd really like to tidy this up as soon as possible. The boss is back off holiday soon, therefore... 500 …
I am running Groupwise 6.5 and approximately 99.9% of my users are setup with Groupwise email accounts with webaccess.  The remaining .1% are still using Earthlink pop accounts for email for various reasons.  The problem that I have is that those people often get missed when sending emails out to distribution lists because I can only add Groupwise users to the distribution list.

I am looking for a workaround for this?  One consideration I had was if there was a way to set the users up with Groupwise mail accounts and then forward all mail from their GW account to their Earthlink account.  At least that way they are a GW user and can be added to a distribution list.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks for your help!
Sister company installed new server, renamed and re-IP'd.  Caused issues with one seconday post office.  got that fixed and back up and running.  However, when we tried to add user about a week later, could not add, delete or modify users.  Always got Pending Operations and nothing would go through.  Over weekend, did a rebuild of Groupwise system according to procedures on how to rebuild groupwise from top.

About 18 hours later, secondary MTA's start bouncing intermittently.  Servers get Groupwise Language Resource DLL encountered a problem and had to close.  Some mail goes thru to some of the secondaries.

Am running a GWCHECK standalone on 1 secondary now.  It appears from my inet research that should solve issues.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  
Can a webcam be used for video teleconferencing in groupwise messenger?
When a user forwards email GroupWise does not show on the forwarded email the original email recipients.  Is there an option to fix this ?

I installed GroupWise 6.5 on a client workstation.  And it has been working just fine for 3 months.  Then, the user wanted to have Outlook installed so he can use his palm-pilot scheduling software.  I installed outlook 2000 and when prompted '... Do you want to setup outlook for e-mail ...'  I selected 'No'.  This user just wanted to use the calendar.

Ever since then, in GroupWise if one wanted to type an e-mail address of a user that is in the address book, GroupWise does not auto-fill in the name.  If you find the name in the 'Address Book' feature.  Then, you can select the name and then it will be imported in to the e-mail or the Appointment.  

1.  Is there a setting to look for that will enable or disable this?

2.  Will un-installing GroupWise and then re-installing it take care of the is problem?
  a.  But if I do that will the gentleman's existing folders go away?

Thank you,
Per the solution in:\\

Novell GroupWise to Exchange Gateway v7.0.0 BETA

I have configured my Netware box using CIFS and it is verified working.

Per the TID above I am trying to use CIFS instead of installing the Netware client on the Exchange
box for Exchange to Netware connectivity.

Both the Exchange connector and Groupwise Gateway are configured for:

Mail is getting routed, but the directory
syncronization is not working. I delete the dx file and nothing happens.
Everything was working with the novell client installed on the Exchange box, but MY client does not want to
install the novell client on the Exchange server.

Any ideas?

I am having a performance issue with my WebAccess interface.  I have
noticed a dramatic decrease in response time of the interface loading in
IE over the past few weeks to a month or so.  Half the time, only the left
pane of the window loads up, displaying all the folders very slowly (one
at a time, as if you were on AOL and an old 28.8K modem line), but the
right pane remains blank.  Then, if I close IE and open it again
everything will snap open in two seconds.  Other times it simply takes 20
seconds or so to display a message after clicking on it.  And again, there
are times when it all operates very quick, and response times are
perfect.  All of these symptoms are apparent from various locations on the
Internet (from home, from another school building, in the school building,
or a friend's house).

Any words of advice?

Groupwise 6.5 SP4, running on a Novell 5.1 SP8 server.


I have a client that has about 10 people on the system, and it is growing way out of control for teh backups. Is there a way to see why it is so big, and a way to clear some of teh space it is groupwise 6.5


Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is a type of application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. Software products such as email, calendaring, text chat, wiki, and bookmarking belong to this category whenever used for group work, usually in a workplace environment (as opposed to a social networking environment). Most popular groupware applications include Contact Management,MS Server Apps, Cloud Computing, Version Control, Chat/IM, Email Software, Conferencing Software, Outlook, Office Suites, Project Management Software, Content Management, Virtualization, and Cloud Services.

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