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Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Anyone has a project plan handy for building a Telco room for a small office.  Up to 50 users.
Just making sure not missing anything.
Stuff like electrical, cabling, A/C, racks, UPS, network gear, etc, etc.  Or point me to the good reference links if you have any.  
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Question -
company's IP phones/voice managed by 3rd party.  No PBX on-site.  
Is SIP Trunking still required for the calls or its just calling over the Internet?
I have a headset that has 2 male connectors.  I think one is for audio, the other is a mic.

Can you show me an adapter that will work with 1 female computer/phone
I have recently purchased a APC Back-UPS CS 500 to support a small system. I have a new Samsung CF390 curved monitor
but for the life of me cannot see how I can connect it so it is supported by the ups.

Does anybody no if there a way as there is no point in supporting the tower if the monitor will go off.

Thanks in advance
is there a reason  not to use a PS with a 12cm fan in a rack?
or can both 9 cm and 12 cm fan types been used  in racks?

I have a couple of 9260-8i raid HBA cards in different servers and would like to extend them beyond the default 8 drives.  The docs talk about an extender/expander hardware option but I've never gotten a clear idea of what it is, much less where to buy one.  


External Display not working well on Toshiba C850 Laptop. it flickers and keeps disconnecting frequently. Also, changes resolutions by itself.

Windows 7 32bit & Windows 10 same issue
I tested the same display with other devices and working fine.
I already updated drivers from Microsoft and AMD,

Anyone Help, please
I have a lenovo a10-70f that only boots into recovery mode. I choose a command and I get the dead android logo with a triangle coming out of its stomach with a caption "no command"

My diagnostic is that the OS updated and screwed up, I've seen it similarly before with Google Play soft-bricking the entire tablet.

There is an option to update from from, does anyone know where I can get a copy of the original android image for this device? And where can I get a copy of the fastboot adb.sh file? I had it a while ago, and I lost it when my server mobo died.
When a machine that was optimized for Bitcoin Mining is out of date, what is the typical use of that machine? I assume that when a better machine becomes available and whether to save space or prioritize the electric use on more modern equipment, companies (or teams) that are fighting to win the next blockchain update have little patience for old gear.

What can these machines do besides mine Bitcoin? Are they like super-powered PC's? What OS do they use? What kind of gear might yesterday's mining machine typically have?

And what does it cost to buy a new ASIC's machine primed for mining Bitcoin?

I am testing the deployment of BITLOCKER via GPO.
For the moment I want to just encrypt the fixed drives without using TPM
I have created a TEST OU and moved a single computer to it.
I have created a GPO and edited/activated the following
Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>BITLOCKER encryption
I have activated the following
Control the use of BITLOCKER on fixed drives:ACTIVE
Configure the encryption on the hardware level on the fixed drives:ACTIVE
Select the recovery method for recovery of fixed drives using BITLOCKER: ACTIVE
The rest is not configured.
Please note that I have the GUI in french so the translation might not be exact.

I have applied the GPO to the TEST OU
run gpupdate /force on the only computed within the OU
Restarted the computer
The GPO does not seem to apply
manage-bde -status and the bitlocker mmc show the the bitlocker DISACTIVE

What am I doing wrong or what do i need to add?
Please help.
Lenovo ThinkPad with running Windows 10

Are there any compatibilty issues with OPAL drives?

GPO Bitlocker
Looking for the Wi-Fi vendor that's right for you?
Looking for the Wi-Fi vendor that's right for you?

We know how difficult it can be to evaluate Wi-Fi vendors, so we created this helpful Wi-Fi Buyer's Guide to help you find the Wi-Fi vendor that's right for your business! Download the guide and get started on our checklist today!

I need to know hardware information of a remote Dell PowerEdge R510.
I can access to this host through vSphere (VMware version: 4.1)
For example, I see 4 GB RAM (total), but I don't know if it's a single memory module or two.
Similarly, I see "Dell Serial Attached SCSI Disk" - capacity 227.25 GB, but I don't know if it is a single disk or a raid volume (and in case, what kind of RAID).
I need this to evaluate how can I upgrade hardware resources (maximum RAM and storage space), and which ESXi version could I install.
Thank you!

p.s. obviously, I have no iDRAC access.
i have a two serially (COM1->COM2) AND (COM2->COM1) connected USB device . i transmit the information into com1->to com2 same-way to second device .  but i want  to disable/enable  device when its running period .  i am trying to solve this problem but when   i am running the code exception will occurred (" data is invalid" ) . how to solve this problem?
I had this question after viewing how to reformat 520 byte/sector to 512 byte/sector.

I am having the same problem.  Can anyone assist with the links? They are no longer active. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
When I boot up my Dell Latitude E5530 laptop, Windows Boot Manager screen appears after the Dell splash screen.   It says "Windows failed to start.   A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.   To fix the problem insert your windows  installation disc and restart your computer,etc."

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The boot Configuration Data for your PC is  missing or contains errors.

I do not have the original Windows disc.   If I download a disc image from Dell and put it on a USB stick, will this fix the problem?

I'm thinking to buy one of those 2 mobos:


I can't find a big difference between them although the price difference is around $30, can you enlighten me if there are something I'm missing?

I'm upgrading from MSI H170 Gaming M3 to a motherboard that supports SLI.

Processor: i5-6500 (Going to upgrade to i7 later)

Best regards,
Does the side pans have to have water in them for system to blow cool air
We need to migrate about 60 VMs on 15TB of storage from one vCenter cluster to a new one. Both clusters will be on the same management / VM subnet ( - latency < 1ms) - basically, we are just upgrading / replacing the hardware within the same physical datacenter because it is nearly five years old.

The old vCenter cluster consists of three hosts and a 3PAR SAN (7200). It is running vSphere 5.5 Standard.

The new vCenter cluster also will consist of three hosts and has a Nimble SAN (CS3000). It will run vSphere 6.5 (probably Enterprise Plus).

On each cluster, the SAN network (FC) is local to the cluster itself - so, one cluster cannot "see" the other cluster's SAN (each cluster has its own FC switches). The vMotion VMkernel network on the old cluster (, however, could be made visible on the new cluster via vLAN (i.e. the new cluster could use that same subnet for its vMotion VMkernel, with three unique 192.168.100.x addresses).

What would be the easiest and best way to migrate VMs from the old cluster to the new? Ideally, we'd like to be able to storage-vmotion from the old to the new, but doubt that that would be possible (as the two clusters would not be able to see each others datastores - would they?)...

I read this article:

which said in March 2016,

"he calculated that a single bitcoin transaction requires as much electricity as the daily consumption of 1.6 American households, and that number has increased since then"

Let's use his numbers just to find what the rough cost of the electricity was, at the point, for a single transaction.

The article also states "currently about 350 megawatts according to my own calculations, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity demand of 280,000 American households."

I calculate that at 1.6 times the daily requirement of a household, there are 5.48 MegaWatts used.

Bitcoin electricity in terms of American household

Please verify this logic is correct. And what is the cost of that amount of electricity?

I have an HP Laserjet, CP2025dn, and it is printing off slightly in the vertical direction ... and only in Black. See attached Photo ...
Does anyone happen to know if there is a adjustment or fix for this? I replaced the Black Cartridge and no change.
Efficient way to get backups off site to Azure
Efficient way to get backups off site to Azure

This user guide provides instructions on how to deploy and configure both a StoneFly Scale Out NAS Enterprise Cloud Drive virtual machine and Veeam Cloud Connect in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What technology was way ahead of its time?

Adidas "Feet You Wear" technology basically introduced what most performance shoes are trying to achieve today. This was the first shoe line I can remember that created support by natural motion. Prior to this, with the exception of Reebok Pump technology, support came from straps all over the place, high ankle collars, and option lacing systems. Lines can be drawn from FYW to more recent innovations like Nike Free outsoles, Adidas Primeknit/Nike Flyknit, and clearly to Vibram FiveFingers.

It's fitting, pun completely intended, that Kobe Bryant was the poster child for FYW because he continued to introduce new innovations and trends with his Nike line. The Kobe 4s popularized low tops, the Kobe 9s started an interesting trend of ultra high(not really purposeful) collars, and the Kobe A.D. NXTs introduced a hidden lace lock system. But I digress.

How to fix that error in chrome?
I'm getting rid of a Lasterjet 1320 and am about to hook up a Laserjet Pro M203. HP printers can be tricky to install. With the 1320, you can neither install nor uninstall drivers when the USB is connected. However, I just got off a chat with HP wherein they insisted that I should hook up the new M203 to USB BEFORE I run the disk with the driver. Anyone know which is it. Rule of thumb with most hardware is, install the driver then connect it with whatever connection, USB, snap in etc. Thanks.

We deployed an IBM System X 3550 Server some years ago.  The server has 3 SAS disks in a RAID 5.  One of the disks has now failed so I began the process of finding a replacement drive.  I intend to buy 2 so as to have one as a spare. The Disk I need is A System X 300GB 10k rpm 2.5" SAS Part No 42D0637.
HOWEVER!  The distributor just informed me the the cost of each disk will be €413.00 plus VAT@23% plus Delivery - circa €500each!.

Can any Server hardware specialists tell me if I need to replace the disk with the original or is there any alternative?
Now I need this server as it runs some critical applications so I need to act quickly.  Thank you
I have this huge screen sitting next to me.  Is it possible to utilize it as an extra remote computer.  Remote Desktop to it and see a large design blueprints?  Need a large screen to see design documents.  I see it has an Ethernet port.
Model 1597
I am currently setting up my home cinema room, where I want to control everything using my Echo Dot. I have set up Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV stick, Blu-ray player, etc.. to my  receiver, where each device has its own channel. All of that works perfectly.

As I`ve mentioned, I want my Echo Dot to control everything. Because of this I want the Output from the Echo Dot to come through the receiver, no matter what channel the receiver is on,  i. e. if I am using Sky Q I still want to be able to talk to and hear the Echo dots.

Does anyone have a solution I could apply?







Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.