Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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I have a 64GB usb memory stick that I want to make a image of my C:.
What is best way to do this. It doenst have to be bootable
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Introducing the "443 Security Simplified" Podcast

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I have 6 Xerox 3115 Scanners w/ Docking Stations at a site.  They run them off of Windows 10 Version 1803.   They freeze up at least 3 times a week.   To get them working again. I have to completely uninstall the driver and then reinstall it.   Xerox has not put out an new driver for this model in well over a year.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Hi EE,

I have a peculiar problem, to say the least. Let me describe the environment:

- Windows IoT devices connect to SQL server to sync their date/time which is done by query
- When the IoT devices can't connect to the network, they revert to their BIOS date/time

We have series of Windows IOT devices running Windows 10 Embedded when they lose wireless network connectivity which infrequently happens they revert to the bios date/time.
However, the bios date/time is always out of sync and from prior analysis points seems to be set to last time the Windows ICD shell was disabled when configuration changes were made to the system.

Any ideas what could be causing this any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I am using below extended monitor.

screen looks very bright to my eyes

i could not find any option to reduce brightness.
on right hand side bottom corner i see some buttons like 5 of them.
First one from last is to switch on and off
other four are very clear to me
i played around but no luck to reduce bright ness

Please advis
I banged my fist on the table (LOL i know right?) and my laptop blue screened.  My fist was about 20 cm away from my laptop.

What I'm baffled about it why it would when there's no moving parts (e.g. it has a solid state drive)?  

It rebooted and was fine... Would the RAM or SSD become unseated temporarily?
Can anyone recommend a non-APC model of UPS.  Specs should be similar to this:

The dimension I need so its not sticking out so much.  Taller and wider OK.
I'm not familiar with non-APC brands.  Hence asking.  
Thanks in advance.
i have here a KVR21R15D4/16 module - and would lliek to know what motherboards accept this ram type
i could not find such a search on crucial, kingston, or corsair sites ( but i know it exists)
How to find out the level of thunderbolt hardware support via a command line, or via a diagnostic utility.
Looking for anything that when run, will say something like, "Your system supports thunderbolt, etc, etc. and possibly gives more detailed hardware info.

This specially address a problem of detecting thunderbolt features on some of the newer Dell laptops, e7480/p5510/p5520.

I know that the e7480 has to be requested to have thunderbolt enabled for the USB-C port at time of purchase, but wondering if there is some type of diagnostic like Speccy that just tells you the hardware supports thunderbolt tech.

Sorry for sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about--cause I don't, lol
Our firm sends employees to client sites to perform audit work, and common practice is to use the guest wifi at the client location (or even the client's primary network if that is what is offered).  We have concerns over the security implications  of these arrangements.
 The work is rather data intensive, so prior attempts at using our own cellular hotspots proved expensive (not sure unlimited data is still an option).  Is there a way that we could equip audit teams with their own hardware (wireless AP, etc.) or any other method that would allow them to use the wifi at client sites but essentially segregate themselves from the actual guest network?  Like a VLAN type arrangement?
What are luxury technology that can be added for apartment (not hotel) residents.
One example is an outdoor buzzer that rings to phone.
Another is content management system on computer that allows resident to notify management company that toilet is overflowing.
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The Ultimate Tool Kit for Technolgy Solution Provi

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HI, I was wondering if there was a hardware way to make my laptop show the display of a vga.  Hard for me to explain, but if I have a server that has no monitor, can I see the display of it on my own laptop?  like a vga to usb with a program or something like that.

Thanks all.
Hello - need ideas/options.  I have two large juniper 9000 switches to mount to 2-post racks.  Each switch is about 130lbs.  Is it possible to achieve that?
I know its possible to find shelves but not clear how to secure it.  Please advice if possible at all.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Expert,

I have a user which is getting the no internet access with a ! mark but in fact, they can surf the internet. I wanted to resolve this issue because I need to install office 365 on user pc. From our side when we uninstall the LAN driver from the device manager and go to action click scan for hardware changes can resolve the issue but somehow failed to reinstall the driver after a scan for hardware changes.

Method I tried

- Remove the scan for hardware changes using the local account.
- Remove the proxy server.
- Plug out LAN cable and restart and plug in back.
- Manually Download LAN driver from officially Acer website and install and don't work.
- PC model Acer Veriton, Windows 7 32 bits

Appreciated if anyone can assist me on.

I own a Dell 5810 Tower Workstation. It does not have bluetooth. Can anyone suggest from personal experience the hardware item I would need to give this machine bluetooth capability? I would prefer an item that is available from Amazon. I have free slots in the machine and naturally free USB slots available.

I've got a connection (compatibility) issue between an HPE 16Gbps Fibre Channel HBA and an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel LTO-7 Backup Tape Drive.

The supplier of the hardware said that the FC HBA would connect to the Backup Tape Drive at 8 Gbps (it would negotiate a lower speed and is compatible with slower devices), but this does not seem to be the case. It shows "link down", and I also tried to force the speed on both devices to 8 Gbps.

Any ideas on how one goes from here to troubleshoot or get the connection to work?

In summary:

We have a new HPE DL360 Gen 10 Server with the HPE SN1200E 16Gbps FC HBA.
This connects to the IBM/Lenovo LTO-7 FC SLED (Tape Drive) in the TS-3100 Tape Library.
I’ve set the connection speed for both (FC HBA Port 1 and LTO-7 SLED) to 8 Gbps (it did not connect when set to “auto” on both devices either).
The port link status on the FC HBA shows “link down”.
The SLED status shows “negotiating link”.

I will attach some screen shots as well.

I play PC games a lot and I have a fairly powerful rig to do this, however, I want to monitor and record CPU and GPU temperatures and PSU voltages.  Is there a safe, high performance, low resource hogging program that I can run in the background while I do normal activities and most importantly PC gaming?  I want it to be able to record these readings so I can study the readouts over the course of several days/weeks and under different load scenarios from no activity to normal to PC gaming.

Here are my rig specs:
Asus Maximus Hero VIII Intel Z170 based chipset, ATX Motherboard
Intel Core i7-6700K Processor, 4-core @ 4.0GHz with HT, 8MB L3 Cache
16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-2400MHz (2 x 8GB), CAS 16 latency, low voltage
512GB Samsung 950 Pro PCIe 3.0 Solid-State Drive
Integrated Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2201 LAN chip (10/100/1000 MBps)
650 Watt EVGA SuperNOVA Power Supply, 80Plus Gold Certified, > 90% efficiency
Windows 10
I have some NEMA 23 stepper motors here I want to use in a CNC fabricator.  The motors are Minebea / Astrosyn 23KM series.  The specs are readily available from Minebea - except for the thing I really need to know, which is the connector.

The connectors are the same on all motors.  The connectors are about twice the size of those found on the very common NEMA 17 motor cables sold on fleabay

They are six pin connectors with 2.54mm pin spacing  The square pins readily accept Dupont type connector wire sockets.  The connector external size is 18mm length by 6mm width.  Two slots are cut on one side of the connector for keying -- unlike a NEMA 17 type motor connector where the single side key is over pins 2 through 5, on this connector the two narrow keys are over pins 1 and 6.

I do not want to solder directly to the pins.  While Dupont sockets fit, imo neither those sockets nor the associated wires are to be trusted with 5 amp inductive loads.

1.  What is the designation for this connector?

2.  Where can I find the connectors, or cables, at a price that won't break the bank?  At this time I only need four.

Minebea stepper
recently acquired an HP DL380 G6  (2x E5649/96GB) and an IBM X3650 M2 (x5570 x 2/74GB) and am looking for information on getting these two machines updated to the latest bios and other versions without getting a support contract for either
It appears that the IBM documentation is now on the Lenovo site and the hp.com links are now somewhere on hpe.com
I think both computers hare maxed for CPU but open to upgrading the cpu's
I have an APC UPS and I was trying to load the software to monitor the power supply usage. The software didn't install I think because I have to have the cable connected between the UPS and my PC (see attached images). What type of cable do I need for the serial port on the UPS to either a serial on my PC or USB?

Also, I have three Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor with a 16:10 ratio. I have windows behind me that create a pretty bad glare in the afternoons and I was looking for some good anti-glare/privacy screens. Any recommendations? I was wanting one that used a frame instead of the sticky tape. The monitors have the controls on the front of the frame of the monitor, so I wanted something that could accommodate the control. Just looking for recommendations on good anti-glare screens.

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Looking for a better security solution for home directory listing buzz in.  
Due to the increase mail package thefts, HOA proposed to completely remove remote buzz in option.  Currently visitors dialing the code downstairs, call comes to resident's cell phone,  and by pushing '9' the door unlocks;  If we remove that option the resident has to go downstairs to open the door to the visitor. Definitely inconvenient option.  But could be safe. Recently we even noticed the food delivery guys stealing packages on the way out.

My idea to improve it is to add a small cam downstairs.  When someone dialing in the call comes to resident's smartphone.  Resident immediately see shows coming in and make a decision to buzz person in or not.   Can this be implemented for a building of 50 units?  

Any ideas appreciated.   Thanks!!
Where exactly is a computer cache placed. Please suggest a good article on cpu cache.
Can i determine the speed of cache/RAM/disk on my laptop through some software ??
Also can one programmatically store data in cache ?
Normally we can use program to store data in RAM or disk. But is there an alternative to this ??

What power parameters do I need to know before bringing the equipment into the server room?  Want to make sure I plug things in and not kick the breakers.
I'm bringing two large switches, two large firewalls, and UPS.
Do I need to ask electrician for watts available, or Amps, or VAC?
Dell Precision 3620, i7 with ssd and 32GB RAM seems to be losing connection with the network more often than much less powerful and older machines on my network.  It's simple enough to restart an ssd in 30 seconds and get things back, but I was expecting these machines to be thoroughbreds for the partners and owners and they are acting more like donkeys.

I've noticed this type of behavior on a handful of Dell ssd i7 machines ordered over the past 6 months or so.  dell tech offers some advice on updating drivers and running a hardware diagnostic, but says there is absolutely no "known issue" or history log of this type of complaints on these systems...so I'm appealing to the experts.

One ssd user even had a corrupted user profile that I now have to rebuild (only this profile only this machine).  Could be a string of coincidences, but it's enough that I don't trust these high-end ssd machines to hold a mapped drive or connect to a redirected home folder or open a server-based CRM reliably.  Could even be a bad network card on these systems or some type of bloatware Dell installs?

any advice on troubleshooting or similar experiences is appreciated.
Does anyone has experience with flashing your own fiber optics SFP?  I see some network engineers using this.  Flexoptix.  Instead of buying brand named optics from the manufacturer.  They make their own for fraction of the price.  


You need to buy a flexbox to code the optics. ~$2K/each.

I've never done this before and not sure what entails.  Is it the best player on the market?  Any risks or other issues doing it?  
Please advice.  Any info appreciated.  Thank you!
I'm working on a Gateway DX4860 that has a few issues.  One that has been around for quite a while is that when trying to do a restart from WIndows 10, it will turn off instead of restarting.  Powering it back up gives a normal startup without any error messages.

I've tested the RAM, tried a different power supply, looked for bad caps (didn't find any), done a new installation of Windows 10 on a different disk, run from Safe Mode, used a new user account, cleared the BIOS, set the BIOS to always start when power is applied, and have reset the BIOS to defaults.

I used the Linux-based Nordahl password reset program to clear a password.  When done, I did a ctrl-alt-del to restart it.  It shut down.

I tried to do a BIOS upgrade, but get a message that the file size is incorrect for this system.  There are three different BIOS files on the Gateway site for this model, all of which give this error.  I've seen other posts online with the same issue on this model.

Any thoughts on how to get restart working again would be appreciated.






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.