Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Care to share any thoughts on at what point you'd say - that computer is working, but too old to risk it failing and having to scramble to get a replacement?

Age comes into play I guess.  But also processor?

I have somoene using a machine with i7-2600 processor with a benchmark of 8212 AND 12GB of RAM


That benchmark is faster / higher than machines I am getting these days for small businesses: typically i5-7500 (benchmark of 8096).

But the machine shipped in Jan 2012.

Yeah, it's a mac truck so it's got the power still to carry your bikes on a bike rack (dumb analogy for lightweight office work in Word / Excel). But it's an old mac truck.
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We have a dell optiplex 390, shipped in June 2012. So 5 1/2 years old.

In June 2017 the OEM hard drive failed - not spinning at all.
Put in a couple / few year old hard drive that we had lying around.  Restored from backup.
Blew out accumulated dust (which wasn't much)

October 2017 - that hard drive failed. Not spinning at all.
Put in another couple year old hard drive

Used a couple year old digital power tester like this:
and power tested good per this:


Within a couple weeks - that 3rd hard drive failed -  put your ear to the drive, you hear it spin up for a couple seconds then silent whenever power is supplied.

Change out the original oem power supply? walk away from this?  thoughts?

the 3 drives were seagate and western digital (not fly by night brand).

yeah all 3 were not new when they died but I checked smart settings with crysttal disk info on the 2 replacement drives before putting them in. I forget the number of hours the app said they had been running.

I;ve taken the failed drives and connected to other power supplies - same thing - no sound or on the 3rd, it spins for a second then shuts down.
I have a Storage Spaces in two-way mirrors. I understand it should be able to sustain at most one single disk failure. My question is, once I identify the failed hard drive, can I simply unplug the failed hard disk and plug in the good hard disk without shutting down the server as I usually do on a hardware RAID1?  If not, what procedures do I need to do? Thanks in advance.
Tried to download the sata driver for the HP8200 Elite SFF mentioned in your Experts Exchange.  The site is gone.  Trying to Dual Boot XP onto a Windows 7 OS.  I need to Slipstream that driver onto my XP install disk to be able to use XP on the 8200.   What sata driver do I use for this machine and where can I obtain a copy.  The 8200 machine I'm working on has Windows 7 Professional installed with your bios v 02.06.  Any help will be appreciated.
Got an APC SmartUPS that when I turn it on:
- the fault LED goes on
- the 2nd and 4th Battery LED turns on too
- the UPS transfers to bypass.

I can cold start the UPS, but can´t make it go online.

What does the battery leds codes mean?
We have an old 2850 we are going to setup for a small client of ours, but this morning we noticed there is some kind of black goop on the motherboard (picture attached), its sticky and takes a good scrubbing to get it off your fingers.  I did some searching online and compared the area where the black substance is to pictures of 2850 motherboards online and I it looks like this little black pyramid/tower thing in front of the RAM slots turned to goop (I circled the black thing i'm talking about in the second picture attached).  Can anyone tell me what that thing is for, what its made out of, why it might turn to goop all of the sudden, and if it poses any threat to continued reliable operation of the server?  Thanks in advance for any help.
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I am wondering how long a controller for a PS4 console will retain its charge.  It is my understanding it will need to be fully charged via standard to micro USB cable when the PS4 console is removed from its box.  I believe the front LED area of the controller will be an amber color when needing to be charged and a blue color when fully charged.   However, I was unclear about the time duration for the retention of the charge.

            Thank you

Is this possible? I have a Windows 10 Machine at my business with wireless functionality. I also have a television in the same room that has WiFi Direct capabilities. Is it possible, with no external hardware, to connect these two devices to share display to the television. Let me preface this by saying that I also have an HDMI extender kit that I could use, but I would like to avoid running cabling if that isn't necessary.
I have a HP Probook 655.62 64bit Win Enterprise and when I attached it to the docking station, it shut off. Once I press the button on the docking station to attach the laptop, the laptop just shut off.  I just happened today. Any ideas? Thanks
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

           As an extension to my previously closed questions regarding Playstation 4 consoles, I am wondering if they support playback of DVD and Bluray media or disk.  I will be purchasing a PS4 this month and wish to harness all of it features and potential.  

           Thank you

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I bought an Acer 8th Gen core i5 8250u based laptop model A515-51G.

Does the laptop support M.2 SSD in the second SATA slot.

Can I have a configuration where I can install the OS from the SSD SATA slot and also have the 1 TB hard disk that comes with the laptop for storing data.

Does this model support dual SATA configuration?

Does this laptop support booting from the M.2 SSD SATA slot with the default hard disk as the data disk?

What is the size and specs. of the SSD that I can install in the second SATA slot and whether I can make it bootable?

Please reply asap for this question.

Thanks for your support.

Warm Regards,
Please provide me with a list of the best 27" 4k Windows monitors.
I need to wipe several SAS disks from some servers, can I just connect them up to my SATA interface on my PC? The connections look the same. I obviously am not expecting the same speed, just need to wipe the data off them.

Thank you
We have just recived a new HPE 380 DL server and got no cables for the PSU, the PSU has a strange connection:-

Any ideas what this is?
Hello experts,
This customers simply does not want to work with windows 10...
its psycologycal ... has no cure...

the hp prodesk g3 is so small has no dvd drive ...
it has a ssd 256 Mb with win 10 ...

the customer has purchased a ssd 1 tera ...

we can replace it but how to install windows here ?
please your advice....
steps to follow if possible.
Does the Gigabyte Z87X-ud3h motherboard support TPM?  If so, how do I enable it? I ran tpm.msc and I got an error. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Why do you think the below #3 would fail after I made
sure HP says the server can handle up to four 8GB sticks ?
1.  My Windows 2012 HP ProLiant ML10
      server came with one memory stick
        **  2GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800E-11-13-D1

2. I then installed three of the below, making
    sure it showed 5GB total after booting
        ** 1GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600E-9-10-D0

3. I then replaced ALL of the above, having only
    two of the below, but the system would NOT boot
        ** 2GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600U-09-10-AD
I'm looking at Dell Latitude 5580's, latest gen laptop... comes with USB-C (no more e-style port replicator).

I had spec'ed a PC with the following CPU:

Intel® Core™ i7-7600U (Dual Core, 2.8GHz up to 3.9 GHz, 4M Cache, 15W, vPro)

I contacted chat sales to see if I could get a better deal.  They sent me a quote that was more expensive... because... it's got a quad core in it.  And obviously, this also requires Win 10 workstation because of the number of cores.

7th Generation Intel Core i7-7820HQ (Quad Core, 2.90Gz,
8MB cache)

On the one hand, I say, "Kewl!"  Plenty of power for the future.  Yet, these laptops will only be running Office Apps... I don't think they'd ever see a PhotoShop or Captivate app on them.  On the other hand we do use large Excel spreadsheets and Excel supports multiple cores.

I had originally considered just using i5's... my home Toshiba laptop is an i5 and quite a few years old and puts up with most I give it, but, the HP G450's I have at work with i5's are not exactly beloved by anyone.

I also wonder about heat... 15 watts TDP for the U model, vs 45 watts TDP for the 4 core HQ.  To a lesser degree I wonder about battery life, although most of the time, the laptops will be plugged in.

Thoughts about the quad core?  Is this turning into a penis measuring contest?
I bought several of these servers off ebay and need to configure RAID (50 hopefully). After pressing F9 how do I get to the 410i controller (or whatever it is) to configure a RAID level?
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We require software / hardware for a small business that we support.

We need software that will block access to social media sites etc . We are aware that DrayTek routers have a web filtering solution which we have used but we need a more advanced software / proxy program to control which users access which websites on our network.

We want to allow for example some pages in youtube but not all so it needs to be fairly advanced.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated :)
Can any one share the details job discretion on the above two titles . coz my primary job is looking after the end user computers and overall  hardware and some backups verticals . Which one more wider area covering  ?
ESXI host is experiencing random disconnects of VMs. The host itself is still powered up and VMs on it are reachable via RDP.  This has occurred periodically with this and other hosts within the same physical rack (and most likely the same switch). I believe it is a hardware networking issue or a configuration between the host and vCenter. The VMs within vCenter will gray out for approximately 15 to 20 seconds.  Any idea where the solution is or where I should begin looking to resolve this problem?
I looked at my laptop and i noticed it has these ports.

I know one is the hdmi port. I plug in a monitor to that port.

Anyone know what the other port is?
It's via HP auto updater

Can't believe it's taking this long on an i7 with 32 gigs ram

And there is fast broadband here

Anything to be concerned about ?
I may be buying a laptop from Amazon or locally.
Is it pretty standard today (2017) that the computer can be used in countries with 220 volt power sources without damage to the pc.
As well as laptops that may be several years old?






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.