Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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What the SSD speed difference?  
One is a card directly in the mobo, the other is at the end of SATA cable ...

This PC has this SSD card
Features: TCG Opal Encryption Interface Type: PCI Express Type: SSD - M.2

Considering swapping it out fo rone of these ..

Very difficult to get a PC with a 1TB SSD  (lots have 256 and 521 SSDs) so considering adding my own SSD
11/26 Forrester Webinar: Savings for Enterprise
11/26 Forrester Webinar: Savings for Enterprise

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Hi experts,

We were using a server without VMs with a Mainpine Faxboard. This more than handled out incoming and outgoing faxes. We moved to Windows Server 2016 Standard with Hyper-V and two VMs. Configuration of a fax board is not practical.

I have been using a Canon MFC as my fax server. It works OK, but first, it just isn't as efficient as a high-end fax server; and it only has one line. I know that other MFCs like the ImageRunner come with two lines, but then I am paying for yet another fax machine.

I have been researching standalone fax server appliances, and I have only come up with one brand: https://www.cimfax.com/products_T5.asp. The Cimfax Professional two-line fax server is the lowest in its lineup that has two lines and a 33.6 fax modem. I have found it for $600+, although it is listed on their site at a little bit more.

My question to the experts is do you have any other recommendations for a fax appliance? And, are you familiar with the Cimfax line of fax servers?

Thank you.


PS I do have two separate fax lines, and I am not interested in any cloud or internet faxing solutions.
Hi :)

I`m looking for a not so expensive KVM-ish that I can remotely control via the Internet, where I can also see the monitor via the web interface.

Thanks for helping me.

Here in the photo you see activate Windows, We have a Windows 8.1 laptop which may not have the hardware etc. to support that O/S. As we move windows around the message is the same. How can we disable that alert which upon opening is apparently to upgrade to W10.
The message is there 100% of the time and faintly covers what is seen in the lower right hand corner of a web page. Thanks.
I hope to see experts answering that are familiar with fTPM technology like Intel PTT in connection to bitlocker.

In our IT world, so far, we have only relied on discrete TPM ("dTPM") modules. Since all new mainboards offer fTPMs, we are doing a little research whether this can be used as securely as the normal TPM. What I would like to look at in this question is a single aspect of this comparison dTPM/fTPM:

1 With a dTPM, when an attacker steals a bitlocked hard drive (TPM+PIN) and connects it to a different system, bitlocker would immediately ask for the recovery password.
2 With an fTPM (say Intel PTT), when an attacker steals a bitlocked hard drive (fTPM+PIN)  and connects it to a different system that also has Intel PTT active, bitlocker would not ask for the recovery password but allow you to start the system if you know the PIN.

So from what I gather, the fTPM is software only, and although it relies on having Intel PTT hardware in this case, it is not in a part of the mainboard, but is part of the hard drive contents.

Can someone confirm this and tell me what part is responsible for validating the PBA PIN?

Why I ask: I tried this here in our lab and was surprised that you can simply move hard drives around from one board to another (same model) as long as Intel PTT was active. Before trying, I had thought that fTPMs would have the same "problem" as dTPMs: when the old mainboard dies, you will have to provide the recovery password - but I …
Hi Guys,

Which will be the best RAID configuration to run on a server with 2 x 1Tb drives as well as 2 x 2Tb drives?
Hi, i am looking for a thin client, with really just windows RDP on it. And a monitor, keyboard hook up.

What do you recommend?
I have 3 Backup Exec 20.5 servers. 2 are on identical hardware and identical tape libraries. One of the servers runs as normal as Backup Exec can run. The other one finishes a job, puts it in the job history as completed, but it remains as an active job for almost 30 minutes before it finishes. This is causing major delay's in our backups and is causing a high volume of missed backup jobs. I have an active ticket open with Veritas. Their conclusion is because there are hard read/write errors on some of the drives, it is causing the issue. However, the server that is working fine on the identical hardware also has tape drives with hard read/write errors. I let the tech know this, but he would not budge on on fixing the read/write errors first, then we will go to the next step.

We write directly to tape. I am currently in the process of creating a disk storage on this server to see if a disk to disk backup does the same thing. In the meantime, has anyone else seen this? Or have any ideas I can try while waiting on Veritas support to try and repeat this same issue in their test lab?

Thnak you in advance for any ideas I get from this post.
An old flat-screen monitor has only a VGA and a HDMI port with no USB port.  Is it possible to display a stand-alone slide show or something similar on a monitor using only an HDMI stick of some kind plugged into the back of the monitor?

Assistance in figuring this out is greatly appreciated.
Hello EE,

Please see attach some information about my computer for a quick idea.
What I am experiencing since a while is a "randomly" lost of my wireless adapter, sometimes my wireless keyboard stops working (battery is brand new..I have to unplug the little usb plug, replug and it starts to work again.

The wireless Adapter stops like I said, but in Network setting it's written something like : "you are not connected to internet but you can still see local network"
if I trouble shoot it says somehing like:  "windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary dns server)"

My drivers seems to be updated.... (or thats why im thinking..!? maybe not?)

My question is : I suspect my USB ports to have a problem..is it possible there is a "lack of power" ? is it possible the computer kind of randomwly disable a port for x reason and re-enable ?

This is the feeling i have when im on the computer.

Any ideas before I throw the box out of the kitchen window?
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I need some advice on speakers for my computer.

My current speakers are giving trouble, despite my attempts to deliberately avoid buying cheap low quality ones. Any tips on more reliable replacements are welcome, or maybe some advice on how to get the plug fixed on my existing ones.


Currently I've got a set of Logitech Z313 speakers (5 or more years old, I think) which sound pretty good, but there seems to be some problems with the plug. The speakers work fine sometimes when first plugged in, but soon afterwards the volume drops to just about nil, as if the electrical contacts aren't adequate. Unplugging it and plugging it back in can fix it for a short time, but sometimes it takes multiple tries. Also, when I plug it in or out of the computer, the speakers make a really loud buzzing sound (turning the volume down turns down the volume of the buzz) for the brief moment while the plug is being put into the socket. This makes for a pretty disappointing audio experience, when it needs replugging in frequently.

On the volume control for these speakers, there's a socket for plugging in headphones. When I use this socket with my headphones, there does seem to be enough electrical contact for the headphones to work just fine. These speakers are probably fine if I could fix the plug, but I don't know where to get a better quality plug or how to wire it safely. Advice is welcome.

I just read over this thread

We have drama departments and few other departments, and they record video on a HD camera.
The video gets saved on the. MTS format and would like to convert the videos to MP4 and few video editing jobs.

I would like to build a dedicated PC by myself and going to install the  Wondershare UniConverter  software on this  PC . Please post me the appropriate parts model \web link  that I need to build this PC for this purpose  and my budget is £600 including VAT.
Computer case-
Mother board-
SSD- 500GB

Any help would be great.
anybody knows where to find these?
they are crocodile which you can slide on any test probe, as you can see in the vertical view
hvertical view
Hello Experts,

I have a small project and I want to setup a lab, I need recommendations on the items below

1. I need a layer 3 switch but good one and not so expensive that is programmable and easy to be purchased from a store or online.
2. I need a good server hardware that can run ESXi with just 3 VMs . 1 ) AD 2) File server 3) data base server. Any thing small will do
3. I need you to recommend a storage for at least 2 TB only.

Please note that this environment is small lab to do some testing and I only have small budget.

Thank you,
There is a scheduled power-outage in my area.   If I schedule a shutdown on my APC Smart-UPS SRT 5000, (9600 network card2) to shutdown in 5 minutes,  will it wake when the power is restored?
Hi all,

I am looking for recommendations.   I have a client with a data closet only Cisco poe switches, patch panels, a Spectrum modem firewall no servers.   They are in need of a redundant UPS that will be enough to handle their equipment.   Can you make some recommendations?
We had an incident occur where power was yanked from our NIM LPAR. This along with what I believe to be age damaged some hardware. We purchased a exact duplicate cabinet and installed the hard drives on a hope of restore this system. The cabinet powers up and we can reach HMC however we do not see any hardware information. We have tried rebuilding from the command. We have also tried adding machines hoping to add the servers it hosts with no luck. Are there any further options or are we just sunk?
What's the file system in the latest Ubuntu OS?  Any issues installing Windows 10 on the top of it from scratch and formatting?   For some reason some folks afraid doing it because it may 'crash' the HD.

No data need to be saved.
Acronis in Gartner 2019 MQ for datacenter backup
Acronis in Gartner 2019 MQ for datacenter backup

It is an honor to be featured in Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Datacenter Backup and Recovery Solutions. Gartner’s MQ sets a high standard and earning a place on their grid is a great affirmation that Acronis is delivering on our mission to protect all data, apps, and systems.

1 gbs modem giving 900 on new Dell Server but only 160 on Dell 12 core T5600 workstation next to it

Same cables, Router tried integral card and addon with workstation 5600 Workstation 5 years older than new server but cannot see it being hardware - capacity age thing. Any thoughts appreciated
Our SQL query for reporting on SCCM machines is pulling machines but its not filtering dupes.

SET @Today = GETDATE()

SET @BackInTime = DATEADD(DAY, -900, @Today )

SYS.Name0 'Name',
 SYS.AD_Site_Name0 'ADSite',
 CS.UserName0 'User Name',

WHEN U.TopConsoleUser0 = '-1' OR U.TopConsoleUser0 IS NULL THEN 'N/A'
ELSE U.TopConsoleUser0
END AS TopUser,
OS.Caption0 'Operating System',
 REPLACE (OS.CSDVersion0,'Service Pack','SP') 'Service Pack',
IP.IPAddress0 'IP Addresses',
CS.Manufacturer0 'Manufacturer',
CSP.Vendor0 'Vendor',
CSP.Version0 'Model' ,
CS.Model0 'Product ID',
BIOS.SerialNumber0 'Serial Number',
SE.SMBIOSAssetTag0 'Asset Tag',
 (SELECT CONVERT(DATE,SYS.Creation_Date0)) 'Managed Date',
 SUM(ISNULL(RAM.Capacity0,0)) 'Memory (MB)',
 COUNT(RAM.ResourceID) '# Memory Slots',
REPLACE (cs.SystemType0,'-based PC','') 'Type',
SUM(D.Size0) / 1024 AS 'Disk Size GB',
CONVERT(VARCHAR(26), OS.LastBootUpTime0, 100) AS 'Last Reboot Date/Time',
CONVERT(VARCHAR(26), OS.InstallDate0, 101) AS 'Install Date',
CONVERT(VARCHAR(26), WS.LastHWScan, 101) AS 'Last Hardware Inventory',
CONVERT(VARCHAR(26), CH.LastPolicyRequest, 101) AS 'Last Seen Online',
SYS.Client_Version0 as 'SCCM Agent Version',
CPU.Manufacturer AS 'CPU Man.',
CPU.[Number of CPUs] AS '# of …
I'm looking for a good product to run on my existing servers to backup our Office 365 email. I'm seeing lots of cloud to cloud offerings. I'd like something cheap to simply backup to my tons of existing TBs on site. Synology has a solution that fits, but I don't need more hardware because I already own it.

I'm trying to enable the passthrough on my graphic card (nvidia RTX 2080 ti on CPU I9 - 9900k) on the Debian 10,following this tutorial :

These are the commands that I gave :

nano /etc/initramfs-tools/modules

adding this line :

vfio_pci ids= 10de:1e04,10de:10f7

below you can see how I have got that numbers :

ziomario@DESKTOP-N9UN2H3:/home/mariozio# lspci -nn | grep 01:00.

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation TU102 [GeForce RTX 2080 Ti] [10de:1e04] (rev a1)
01:00.1 Audio device [0403]: NVIDIA Corporation TU102 High Definition Audio Controller [10de:10f7] (rev a1)

and then :

update-initramfs -u
update-initramfs -u -k all


nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

adding these lines :

blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset-0

the tutorial does not explain if I should modify also the file /etc/default/grub. Anyway I tried,adding this line :

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash intel_iommu=on iommu=pt"

instead of the old one,that was :

and then I did again :

update-initramfs -u
update-initramfs -u -k all

but the result does not change. During the boot I see the blinking cursor hanging on the screen and nothing happens anymore. I have even removed all the changes that I made and I did again :

update-initramfs -u
update-initramfs -u -k all
I have an server and I have some 2 TB external had disks ,I want to use them as offsite back up to store data . and I want to generate money of providing data back service form some clients

Things I want to know

1- What is best software to manage the back up
2 What  type of hardware and software setup I need  to do in order to utilize the old server and external hard disk to  back up the date from remote location
3- The software I want  should has the  ability to generate report  about the size of backed up  data and used internet traffic

Thank you

We have a HP Compaq dx2400 Microtower PC.

1. Which is the best power supply to buy for this PC?
2. Where would be the best place to get this power supply?







Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.