Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Intel NUC PC boxnuc7i5bnh USB ports not working

I have a new intel NUC, it worked ok out of the box, setup Win 10 and it looked fine. After about a week it blue-screened (don't have error) and restarted. Since then I have no access to the USB ports

I had assumed it was a windows update but I cannot get into the bios or anything else. There is no RDP or other remote software to access it. I have all DC Admin credentials for it.

The keyboard caps lock light does not work, there are only front and back USB ports which I have tried for all, there is a USB C but I dont have anything to connect to it with.

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I had this question after viewing Why Asus Motherboard asks for press del or f2 to enter BIOS on every boot on Windows 7?.

On every bootup, a message appears asking me to press del to enter bios or f11 to enter boot setup. It never did this before.  How can I fix this?
I have had two computers come in now that have attempted the 1803 Upgrade for Windows 10 through Windows Update, and both are having the same issue.  They are different machines with different hardware just to clarify.  They are stuck in a boot loop where you can choose Windows Rollback, Windows 10 on Volume 4, and Windows 10 on Volume 4.  Choosing the bottom option does get me back into Windows, but it takes a while to load into the user account.  The data is still there, but the Desktop does not work.  Explorer.exe does not work.  If I try to open Edge, it says Class Not Registered.

Now that you know the symptom, what I have tried on one of them is I copied the Default Desktop folder over to the SystemProfile folder (error that had popped up).  I have ran SFC /Scannow and DISM.exe which found no issues.  I have ran an upgrade through a Windows 10 USB which rolled back to the same issue.  Seems to be that I am stuck in between Windows, but yet the data, user profile, and programs seem to all be there.  Suggestions?
Hey I own an Arduino Uno and the led next to RX is not turning on , so I can't receive any serial data which means I can't upload a project. What  should I do to fix my issue?

Help very appreciated!
We have an APC AP9631 network card for a UPS that I think is defective. When I assign it an IP address through the front panel of the UPS, the settings don't save. I replaced the card with another one and it works.

APC wanted me to try doing a remote connect through a serial cable but that didn't seem to work. Now we have had to send the UPS to site and I can't get to it anymore.

APC says they haven't confirmed the card is defective so can't replace it. Has anyone seen the behaviour above and were still able to fix it?
  • Photoshop CC
  • Macbook

Whenever I save my file on Photoshop CC, my artboard turns upside down. I use a Macbook which is hooked up to two other monitors and this seems to happen when I disconnect it from the monitors (when I need to work elsewhere), then reconnect it to the monitors (when I'm back at my desk). I presume it's some resolution issue. The issue happens when my Macbook is reconnected to my two monitors. When I use my Macbook on its own, it doesn't happen.

What fixes it is minimizing and expanding the Photoshop program but the fix is temporary and the next time I save the file, it turns upside down again. A better fix is restarting Photoshop altogether, but the next time I disconnect/reconnect my Macbook to the monitors, it happens again.
I have Windows Server 2012 R2 configured with IIS, MySQL and PHP for hosting basic HTML5/PHP Bootstrap sites and a number of Wordpress sites.

Which CPU is better for this sort of use, and why?

  •    Intel i7-3615QM @ 2.3GHz
  •    Intel i5-4570 @ 3.2GHz

Both are running 16GB DDR3 RAM.
Hello All;

OK, I have been running VMWare 6.5 for several months now, and have moved all my sites from outside hosting to in-house.
Everything is running great.

This is what I would like to know.

When assigning hardware configurations to the new VM, the vCPU is what I am having trouble understanding.

The system is running
32GB Memory. (I think it might go to 64, will just have to test at a later date)
2 Physical Quad Core CPUs, totaling 8-cores

I have all machines assigned 1 vCPU and 4-6GB of ram.
This is an image of the CPU / Memory / Storage
VMWare ConfigurationThe above image is with 3 VMs running.
All running Win2016, with the following:
1 Web (IIS - Running 12 Sites)
1 Mail (MailEnable, running for 12 Domains, 3 contactly active)
1 SQL Server (Running 8 SQL Databases, 4 Constant activity)

How many vCPU's can I safely give to each machine?
And, the Memory, is that correct as well (4-6GB each) or can it be more?

3 Machines are LIVE, and 7 are for teaching. (I will soon be bringing in another Server, but until then, this is all I have to work with.)

I'm looking for some help getting Unifi portal to https.  We already have a certificate created for other stuff, so I can't rekey it.  I found directions but it requires the CSR, which I don't have.  Any ideas?
Hi I have a microprocessor bought . I would like to connect my microprocessor to Arduino Uno . Is it possible?
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Worried about phishing attacks?

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Default Windows Bluetooth Stack on Surface Pro (2017) will not pair/function with a specific device (Heart Monitor, that will only function as a master).  Want to install an alternative stack such as Toshiba, or possibly Bluesoleil.
  • When I've tried a basic install of Toshiba 9.10.39 from a setup.exe after uninstalling the Windows / Marvell Avastar, it doesn't associate with the hardware.  
  • Same is true with Bluesoleil.
  • When I've tried installing the Toshiba 9.10.39 stack following the instructions at http://www.wiinupro.com/tutorials/Toshiba-stack and modifying the tosrfusb.inf with the device ID for the Marvell hardware, it does associate, but it won't function due to 'registry errors' reported by the device in device manager.

My source on the driver is a package geared toward Intel hardware, and I don't know if drivers are ever stripped down to apply to only a specific piece of hardware.
  1. What is the best source for the driver?  (latest I see via google search is 9.10.32 (or maybe .34))
  2. How to associate the BT stack with the on-board device?
  3. I'd love to be able to ultimately install from the command line.

Thank you.
how raspberry pi 3 model connect with UHF RFID Reader version ETS-IR O1 with using interface rs-232
After installing the latest Windows updates on my Lenovo T470 there is now an "Unkown device" driver conflict within Device Manager.

The Hardware ID for this device are   BTH\MS_BTHL2CAP\6&C873596&0&1

I have Googled this and have seen that this is supposedly the Microsoft Bluetooth Protocol Support.

However when I point Device Manager to my downloaded T470 drivers or to my backed up drivers (which I backed up using Driver Genius) the hardware conflict fails to resolve.

I have also run third-party driver update programs including Driver Genius and Driver Booster and have run the Lenovo ThinkVantage program and have also redownloaded and reinstalled the Lenovo T470 Bluetooth drivers but have not been able to resolve this conflict.

What else can be done to fix this?
Hi All,

I am looking for advice on a stock management solution, where the database will predominantly be IT equipment that moves from place to place.

As an example with have 4 offices, each office has 10 rooms and it equipment of various types will be in each location.

My idea is there would be a bar code on each asset and a bar code programmed and located in each room wall or door so equipment can be checked into and out of locations.

Ideally we would have gps or some kind of RFID system that detects equipment movement automatically but assume this would be way too expensive.

I would love to hear peoples ideas or recommendations but also examples of a low budget proof of concept kit that I could buy and test at home perhaps with a mobile app?
I'm currently in the midst of upgrading our server infrastructure. This is for a small company but they'd like as much redundancy as possible. This has led me to explore a 2 -node VSAN as our environment is already VMWare based. I understand that this also requires a a third host serving as a witness. Most of the related documentation I found deals primarily with larger implementations and also discusses what occurs during host failures etc but I've found little that addresses what happens when a witness fails with a simple 2-node implementation. Does the Witness represent a single point of failure? What happens if the Witness is offline/down as there's no redundancy for it in this implementation? Will the servers continue working normally or would it isolate the servers to protect them until the witness is back online? Would any down time be experienced by the users? If things function normally without the witness, what would the time window be to get the witness back online?

The hosts and the witness would all be running locally in a single data center. I've seen where the 2-node approach is often used from branch or remote offices. This wouldn't be the case for us as it represents  our "data center." Pursuing the minimum of one more host would provide redundancy for the witness but this isn't feasible financially with the additional hardware and software costs. Basically, I have to weigh the risks of the 2-node or stick with a traditional 2 hosts running on a direct …
Hi Everyone.

I get the following error when I boot a brand new Lenovo System x 3635 M5(operating systen not installed yet).
A RAID Card together with a ServerRAID M5200 Series 1GB Flash upgrade also have been installed on the server.

Error is as follows:

F/W in fault state - MFI register state 0xFFFFFFFF

Any resolution for the above?
I have a computer running windows 10 in disk C.
I installed another OS: windows 2016 server. This windows 2016 was installed on a VHD disk.
The VHD file is located in the same disk C where my Windows 10 OS.
Now I have a dual boot system and I can choose one of this 2 options at startup:  1) windows 10 and 2) windows 2016. All works fine.
Now I added a new SSD disk to my computer. I run the Acronix software and did a backup image copy of my system disk C into the new SSD disk.
The SSD disk now contains a copy of windows 10 system disk which includes also the VHD file.
After reboot with new SSD disk I get again 2 options to choose the OS: windows 10 and windows 2016.
When I choose windows 10 it works ok running faster from the new SSD disk.
When I choose windows 2016 it works ok also but it is running from the original VHD file location i.e. in the hard disk .
Now comes the question:
How to fix the boot so that when I will choose windows 2016 option at startup, it will run the OS from the VHD file located in the SSD disk and not from the VHD file located in hard disk.?
Thank you
Does anyone knows if it is still possible to mine ETH with nvidia gtx970 and what about the configuration. I can provide a small amount of coin to the one who can solve the problem. Thank you!
Since I've pretty much owned my 2010 MacPro it's had slowdowns when accessing any network functions.  When doing file transfers I can't do anything else otherwise pretty much all the apps freeze and I have to wait for the file transfer to finish.  When I remote control it with ARD, it responds very sluggishly.  File transfers themselves are relatively fast as is browsing the Internet however some local pressure is being put on some internal hardware component when doing network intensive tasks.  Any ideas?  I've gone through a number of operating system and PRAM resets.
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Cloud Class® Course: SQL Server Core 2016

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One PC's internet connection on my home network is terribly slow.  All others are fine, even if they are sitting next to each other.  Speedtest generally shows good speed immediately upon a reboot, but within 30-45 seconds, it's down to like 0.2 Mbps download.  It's a wireless connection, but I've tried a different adapter and it acts the same.  I assumed it was a task or process that had either gone bad or something had gotten downloaded that shouldn't have.  Antivirus and Anti-malware found nothing, but I was sure that had to be it, so I completely reinstalled Windows from my restore disk.  The issue is still there.  Is there some other piece of hardware that might be causing the issue aside from the adapter? It's just a USB wifi adapter and I have tried other usb ports and a different adapter all together.  I've tried changing about ever combination of adapter settings as well.  Any suggestions?
I need to set up a cordless phone system that is entirely wireless other than the main base, no cords or connecting to wall jacks for ext bases. I need to connect it to the jack on my Spectrum cable modem that is for phone. It connects to their VoIP phone system. They say I can plug any phone into it. I need to be able to completely silence the ringer and the answering machine monitor on the main base as it will be in my office where the cable modem is and I need silence in there. I need the additional bases to connect to the main base wirelessly, no cords or wall jacks. I will use the extension phones and bases for calls in other rooms but not use the main base or phone. I still need the answering machine on the phone base to work, record messages, I just can't have it playing out loud as it takes messages. Is there a phone system that will do all this?

Our staff carry data on USB drives and portable hard drives. Please can you let me know if these any free software that I can encrypt or password protect these devises.

Many Thanks
I’m trying to figure out how to manage our networked APC UPS devices.  They are running the original network card.  For some reason the smtp won’t work with our smtp relay.
I tried downloading the business edition of power chute but that just try’s to install an agent on windows and the agent doesn’t have any network options, only local.
we have our main database server i.e. windows server 2008 r2 with sql etc. I had created a bare metal backup . now i want to restore this image to another server as part of disaster recovery process. let me know as how can i restore the bare metal system image to a another dissimilar hardware (server)
Dear sirs,
Would someone like to recommend a FingerPrint time and attendance reader?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Omer P Ntumba, CMA






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.