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Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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I often receive the below error message when attempting to open Word files.  At the time of the latest occurrence, 67% of 8GB of RAM was in use.  Rebooting the Laptop usually corrects the issue.  I can open a new blank Word file even after the error is received when trying to open an existing Word file.  

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening?  

I am working on a Lenovo Laptop that has the attached system profile.  The laptop has not been performing as I expected for a quite a while, but I don't know enough to  isolate any issues that are occurring with the software or hardware.

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.
Try these suggestions.
* Check the file permissions for the document or drive.
* Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space.
* Open the file with the Text Recovery converter
(C:\...\{FILE NAME}[/b]

Thank you
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Determine the Perfect Price for Your IT Services

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Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers to help adit Mac.Audacity audio files?

My MacBook has little speakers and I need a louder set. Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers as output for my Audacity?

I connected the speakers to my Mac via BT but when I open Audacity, I do not see CREATIVE as an option on the speaker drop down.

Is this a connect that should work?

I had this question after viewing Citrix profile management issue.


i still need more info to under stand

1- Exclusion List - directories and files  in Citrix profile management

if i decied to exclude this list that mean this folders will be saved on the xenapp server local disk

and my xenapp server  disk less because it boot over network from PVS server  so the all Vdisk actual will use Xenapp memory

my question if i want to configure Exclusion List - directories and files so maybe i have to create for every work a local disk to use as a store for all of these excluded directories

so how can i tell this inside citrix UPM policy on Citrix director  

i really don't want the excluded directories to be loaded on drive C where it is coming over network from PVS server  

anybody here can tell me how this work why Citrix recommended this (( we have 10 G Ethernet so keep  the whol profile on the network share should make scene ))

the same question for  

Directories and files to synchronize

to synchronize to where ?

the same question for

Folders to mirror       mirror to where

sorry if anyone has any link will show the configuration for such configuration step by step or good links to explain this to me

i am using only citrix UPM on a shared file system and i know nothing about configuring

Exclusion List - directories      and files

Directories and files to synchronize

Folders to mirror  

thanks in advance
Using two microphones with Audacity (Mac High Sierra)

I have two microphones working as inputs with Audacity, via this box:


But, Audacity creates a single track with Left and Right sub-channels for a single channel, while I need each to have each microphone in its own channel.

Or, is there a way to convert a track with Left and Right to two distinct channels?

thinking to sell used laptop

Any good sites that give good price on them

Please advise
Brand new HP ProLiant ML350 Gen10 with 8 x 16 GB original HP RAM gives memory configuration error. OS is 2016 Server std. The server has one CPU and 12 memory slots pr. CPU. As per HPE documentation slots 3 to 6 and 7 to 10 shall be populated when using 8 RAM chips. This looks a bit weird to me as I am used to first populate all the white slots first. But this setup is documented both inside the server cover and on HPE website. I have upgraded to latest SPP (11-2018). Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the correct way to do this?

Alternatively, when I only use 6 x 16 GB RAM in all the white slots everything is OK. But in this scenario I cannot figure out where to put the last to chips. I always get a message that memory is unbalanced (error 510).

Pål Berg
i'm looking for a trickleloader for a car battery
model Varta 12V  model E11 -   64 Ah  - 640A
what should be the properties to look for?

as i understand, some have allso the option to renew a battery, from (near) dead; that of course costs more
and how much current does it use, say per hour or per day?
I have a Switched Rack AP8941 24-Outlets Pdu and I am trying to find the manual. There was a short circuit and half of the rack of this 24 outlets went down. The breaker on the top went to a off position. I guess this is a safety mechanism.  I am afraid by resetting the breaker, it will reset the whole 24-outlets rack. Any ideas how to do this safely? Thanks
I have 5 ESXI hosts. All EXI Hosts can see/have connections to 2 HP fibre Sans and a few ISCSI SANS.
Each ESXI has an add on HP 8GB FC to PCI Express HBA Card.

one of the ESXI host had the system board replaced. When ESXI came back up, it had no problems seeing the ISCSI SANS. But it was unable to see the 2 HP fibre SAN. Looking at the storage adapters, Vsphere client shows "VMHBA1 fibre Channel unknown" while "VMAHBA2 Fibre Channel online"

I have rescan for hardware changes. I see no options to re-attached/mount storage back. How do I get the VMHBA2 to reconnect to the HP SAN? All the other ESXI hosts can see it.
looking for laptop with intel i7 with widnows 10 and 1 TB disc space and 8-16 GB memory configuration around 500$
how and where i can set alerts to get emails on it to purchase
please advise
The 7 Worst Nightmares of a Sysadmin
The 7 Worst Nightmares of a Sysadmin

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I have APC UPS 1500VA Smart-UPS that is connected to my PC using a APC UPS Communications Cable. I have installed the software and the server and agent services are running on my PC (see screenshot2.jpg). I have also installed PowerChute Business Edition software and I was able to login to my LAN, but it doesn't detect the UPS battery (see screenshot1.jpg).

I'm not sure if this is a cable issue or a driver issue.  I opened device manager to look at the connected devices and I don't see the APC UPS battery listed. I believe it should show up under Human Interface Devices or maybe Universal Serial Bus Controllers (see screenshot3.jpg). I also ran a USB app to check for missing drivers called USBDeview and it shows the USB UPS as not connected (see screenshot4.jpg).

Am I missing a driver or is the cable or ports bad?  If I'm missing drivers, which drivers do I need to install? If it is the cable, did I get the wrong cable or should I buy a new one? If it is the ports, then  what should I try as an alternative? I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue, but have been unsuccessful and not sure what to try next. There is limited information that I have found to help resolve the issue.

The goal is to get the agent running on my local PC that is connected to the APC UPS battery so I can monitor the battery usage and power.

Any help on how to troubleshoot or fix this issue  would be appreciated.

I have a circuit with a transistor and a light emmiting diode:

My source voltage is 11.6 volts

My transistor is in series with 2 resistors and the light emmiting diode.

The resistors values are 1000 Ohm each.

The base is connected to a 0.7 volt supply.

Voltage drop in resistors is 2.7 volts each.

The voltage drop in the light emmiting diode is 2.7 volts

Why is there a 3.4 V voltage drop between emmiter and collector?Shouldnt it be 0 and the voltage drop in the resistors be (11.6-2.7)/2 volts ?

What am i missing?
Can someone tell me what this plastic desktop computer part is called?

I am looking into purchasing AWS dedicated hosts for licensing reasons. I am assuming that when the hardware running a Dedicated Host fails, all instance hosted on it also fail. Does anyone know what happens in this event?

Good day,

I am trying to configure a Brother ADS-2000 USB scanner on a Raspberry Pi3 with Raspbian OS. But i am getting an error when i download the driver that it is not supported. Architecture is ARMHF and the driver will not work.
I am in the market for an used computer for the purpose of having a "Lab purpose" Hyper-V server and I find these CPU mark/rating very confusing.
Unlike in the past when things were simpler (286,386, 486, Pen3, Pen4, I3, i5, i7 ... etc,), Xeon series are not all that simple to choose from.
Having said that, what is it that I need to consider? # of cores? Avg CPU Mark? Date that CPU was released in the market place?
For example Xeon E5-2640 @ 2.50GHz w/ 6 cores has highest Avg CPU mark of 14682 from the list below, but it has 6 core. Now compare it to Xeon E5-2660 @ 2.20GHz w/ 8 cores, but Avg CPU mark is only 11098 even with 8 cores.
Xeon E5-2609 v2 @ 2.50GHz has 4 cores and is the most recent release date of Q2 2014, but Avg CPU mark is only 5149.
Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.60GHz has the highest GHz, but but Avg CPU mark is only 9055.

CPU                                      Cores      First Seen      Average CPU Mark
-------------------------------------      --------  --------------       ----------------------------
Xeon E5-2650 @ 2.00GHz                8      Q1 2012       10145
Xeon E5-2609 v2 @ 2.50GHz      4      Q2 2014             5149
Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz            6      Q2 2012             7923
Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.60GHz             4      Q2 2012             9055
Xeon E5-1607 v2 3.00GHz               4      Q1 2014             6199
Xeon E5-2640 @ 2.50GHz            6       Q2 2012            14682       
Xeon E5-2660 @ 2.20GHz            8      Q2 2012            11098      
Xeon E5-1603 @ 2.80GHz            4      Q2 2012             5546
Xeon E5-2630 @ 2.30GHz            6      Q2 2012             8839
Xeon E5-2643 @ 3.30GHz            4      Q2 2012             8423
Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.60GHz             8      Q1 2012            …
I need to learn embedded software and hardware development life cycle and use it to create electronic hardware/software component.  I need to approach this job systematically.  For example, what is the order of tasks.  Probably requirements should be gathered and documented.  Then, what's next and so on?  At what stage should we select hardware components.
Dell lap to 5510 do not work keys "G and H" those bettween the mouse thing

Is any idea what happend, the keys seems well without no damage, I thik is software problem.

Please Help!!

We are currently creating a conference room to be used for meetings.

We have many cables coming to our board room table which can be used for people's laptops during meetings.

The table we have ordered has no slot for a connectivity box so we will be making a hole in the table to fit a connectivity box.

The ports needed for the connectivity box are:
- Cat 6a/ 7
- Display port (version 1.4)
- Power socket (Irish/ UK or universal socket)
- Audio in (for 3.5mm cable)
- HDMI port (version 2)
- USB (Type A) (version 3.0)
- Telephone port (RJ11)

This is what we were recommended:

EVOline FlipTop Push Large brushed stainless steel, brush strip

Socket Modules:1 x 75mm

Multimedia Modules:
1x USB Type A 200mm Cable (50mm) (version 3.0)
1x HDM-I No Cable (25mm) (version 2.0)
1x Display Port 400mm Cable (25mm) (version 1.4)

Data Modules:
2 x CAT 6A No lead
1x Main Lead 3 meters.

Price: €350.42 less 10% net before vat €315.38, Transport charge included.

This is fine except that the price is a bit high and we were told delivery would take 6 weeks.

Is there an Irish or UK companies that sell the EVOline FlipTop Push Large brushed stainless steel, brush strip or something like it for around €100 with a much faster delivery time?

10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Did you know that ransomware is the most widespread, destructive malware in the world today? It accounts for 39% of all security breaches, with ransomware gangsters projected to make $11.5B in profits from online extortion by 2019.

Experts I am trying to create a boot disk on a 16GB USB flash drive.  I am following these instructions http://woshub.com/create-a-bootable-usb-flash-drive-for-installation-windows-server-2016/  I have UEFI drive (6 TB) and I am trying to install Server 2016 onto a partition.  I kept getting an error with the 2016 disk so I am trying to create a USB boot disk.  

I am following the GPT part of the instructions on the site.  Everything is fine but each and every time I go to do xcopy e:\* m:\ /H /F /E I get an error "File creation error - The parameter is incorrect.  It has only copied 722 MB when it bombs out.  I am not sure why this is the case, any ideas out there?

can anyone recommend any file/data recovery apps for NTFS formatted USB sticks, to recovery user data that has been accidentally deleted. There seems an awful lot of choice, but I'd rather test out any freebies before committing to a paid solution. Anything which could recovery data / files from an image of a USB stick taken using something like FTK Imager  as well would be most interesting.
looks like HDD failed on old laptop. very old dell Latitude.
Hitachi DK23EA-20 ATA HDD.
Bootmgr error.
Can anyone help to find a connector for USB to save old photos befire trashing it?
I have a clients 2TB Hard Disk Drive that is failing.  My W10 PC can still read the Recovery partition OK but slow.  There is one file on there that I was able ot copy over to my drive.  However the main operating partition is showing up as a Drive on my PC but there is no partition showing.

I have tried to get GetDataBack for NTFS to read the drive but it comes up reporting significant unreadable sectors and then cannot read any data on the main partition.

I am wondering if there is any other software people recommend to attempt data recovery from a failing hard drive.  

I would like to do everything I can before I need to recommend to client to take the drive to a Clean Room at significant cost.
I have a laptop that is dead but I do have a Veeam full computer backup and I wanted to restore the volume from the old laptop to the new laptop (different hardware - one is a Latitude 5580 and the new is a 5590).  I did see this article and followed it, but it's a physical laptop, not a VM:  


I used the recovery media from the new laptop and restored the C:\ volume from the backup - no errors in this process but when I boot the new laptop, Windows wants to try and do a repair (Preparing Automatic Repair) but can't.  I did have to use there "manual restore" option and map the C:\ since the volume info on the old laptop is most likely different from the volume info on the new.  Any ideas?  My guess is there's something wrong with the partition so it can't boot off of it.
Dell precision m600.
24GB Ram
Windows 10.
SSD 1TB hdd

I just replaced the mechanical drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and it was slow running that install. When Windows finally booted the start menu was very laggy to pull up. This is a Brand New Hard drive and Brand New Ram. I did add 16GB to 8 GB existing.






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.