Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Do I need a water-water heat exchanger to run a shower off an Antminer S9-Aqua?

My hovel is currently heated by several crypto-miners but they all blow hot air out and do not provide hot water. If I get a water-cooled mining rig can I connect it directly to my hot water tank or do I need a heat exchanger?

I live in a hard water area. there is a lot of chalk in the tap water which makes it taste nice but tends to clog the pipes.
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Software recommendation for Bare Metal Restore of Dissimilar Hardware.  I have an older Asus VivoBook S500C running current version of Windows 10.  I would like to purchase a new laptop and do an image restore without starting from scratch reinstalling individual software packages.
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I recently added another phone line to my AT&T setup.  The hardware hookups are as follows:  The telephone/copier/fax machine has a direct telephone line connection to the back of the AT&T Gateway at the port labeled Phone Lines 1 & 2.  Then, I have another telephone line running from the Ext port of the  telephone/copier/fax machine  to the chordless phone.  That said, an AT&T agent explained to me that the  telephone/copier/fax machine with the direct connection to the Gateway will get the new activated number and the other phone, chordless one, will retain the old VoIP number.   Given this information, could someone explain what is meant by VoIP or Voice Over IP?  I did not want to bog down my AT&T agent with too many questions.  So, I decided to submit this one for review here.

            Any shared thoughts and explanations in simple terms with respect to the definition and function of VoIP will be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you

I think my motherboard failed. It just shut off and then it smelled bad as melted plastics. I thought is from the power supply connector, the yellow female jack in the back of the laptop, so I took it apart, dissembling totally, piece by piece.
I cleaned up everything, especially the fan full of dust, using air pressure jets and also dedicated spray for electronic components, PCB.
The components on the motherboard are covered with a black sheet of plastic/vinyl-like.
After cleaning I spotted 2 capacitors carbonized – most probably the cause of the smell and failure.
They are SMD ceramic capacitors, seem size 1206, most probably MLCC.
I have the tools to remove and replace them, but I do not know their value.
Can someone help with the values of these capacitors?
I have in mind persons that either had similar experience and repaired motherboards before, maybe particular for Lenovo T410s – by chance, or if you can find somewhere the PCB sketch with the bill of materials and or/schematic.
What cause that failure? Is it the only one?
I do not know, but I would like to try to replaces those 2 capacitors. On opposite side of the PCB everything is clean, the components are untouched by the temperature.
I presume the failure comes from the small WiFi board inserted in the nearby connector. Maybe has to be replaced with another one. What I remember is that I let for few days the laptop set with power on, even when the lid was closed, and was not always on the table, but also …
What is the part number to purchase a USB dongle for a Jabra Evolve 65 MS headset?

Got a new Z440 desktop, only had 16GB of memory so I got  some more which is exactly the same, howvever, the machine is NOT seeing it as quad channel memory and it's running it in single ranks.

I've checked the BIOS and can't find antyhing in there, I've completed a BIOS update in a hope that it'll sort out the memory issue, it did not. I've run CPU-Z on it and taken a solid look at it, Whilst the manufacturer is different the specs of the memory are exactly the same.

The only thing I can think of is HP have prevented people from using any memory other than  their own. Any advice would be great.

I am running a Server 2012 Hyper-V cluster on identical hardware that ran well for years. Recently, one of the OS'es became corrupt and the server had to be rebuilt. We named the two server in the cluster VM1 and VM2 and they use a FC SAN as CSV. I had to rebuild VM2. Now the cluster IP address is showing as offline- the rebuild was in-place, and I kept the same IP addresses and configurations so the servers are back to being identical. The error code I get in Failover Cluster Manager is "0x80071397 - The operation failed because either the specified cluster node is not the owner of the resource, or the node is not a possible owner of the resource."

The IP address properties sheet shows both VM1 and VM2 checked. I also used the "Get-ClusterOwnerNode" cmdlet to verify the same thing. Any ideas?
I travel around to several places that have DirectTV.

What model remote can I buy that will allow me to change the channels on DirectTV systems wherever I go?
Noticed that power banks that could charge laptops cost a lot more
than power banks that have USB output ports only though they
are of the same mAH capacity.

Eg: it's common to get 30000mAH powerbanks for USB devices at USD35 or less:

but those that could charge laptops are usually above USD60 (can go up to USD300
even for Hyperjuice for Macbook Pro of 8000 mAH only).

Even if they are from the same brand of same capacity, eg: Vinsic, the price difference
is stark,  eg Vinsic Warrior 30000mAH for laptop is USD60-90 but Vinsic 30000mAH
powerbanks for USB devices is about half the price.

What's the reason?  Isn't same mAH means the chemicals used to store the
electricity of about the same?

I'm asking this because if it's feasible to make laptop powerbanks cheaper
commercially, I plan to market it locally.
Electrical Interference causes the mouse to be jumpy.  When I remove myself from that desk and go elsewhere, the jumpiness stops.

Is there a pad or something that will potentially result in less interference?
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HP Laser Jet 5550

The printer was moved, whether something has been upset.

When you open the transfer unit, the toner cartridges open, when closed they close (this is the wrong way around).

Have tried all I can think of - removing all cartridges and replacing them, but the trigger on the left operates in reverse.

Obviously, the printer will not print
I'm exploring the use of drones to do delivery (for items that weigh up to 20kg
ie about 44 lbs) of dimensions up to 2ft long x 2ft wide x 10 inches thick.  

Once local authority approves it, thought of sourcing/purchasing some of these
drones but will need to look into the cost effectiveness (ie its  gasoline/petrol
costs, maintenance/repair) or is there any that uses rechargeable powerbanks?

Has Amazon or any country done it & what's the safety & regulatory requirements?
I'm opening a repeat question to get the correct part# of iridium spark plug
for my Toyota Sienta (not Sienna) 1.5L 2015 make, 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 hybrid :

it's the 2nd gen.

Will need an eBay link to buy it;  last best attempts are either
FK20HR11 or  SK16R11
I have a Bluetooth speaker that can also be hardwired. When I plug it into my PC, it emits a high pitched sound. But when I use it for my phone via Bluetooth, it sounds fine. What could be causing the high pitched sound when plugged into my PC? Note that my PC doesn't have Bluetooth and that's why I have to plug it in.
I'm looking for a product that is the combination of the following 2 items:

ie an adapter that could connect to iPhone/iPad's Lightning port or Android's microUSB
& can output to TV HDMI as well.

Can point me to an eBay/Alibaba/Amazon link that has photo & selling that item?
I need a new external drive for a Dell T5810 Precision Workstation running Windows 10 Pro. The external drive is used mostly for onsite data backups. I want a drive in the 2TB to 4TB range.

The T5810 only has USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. I am willing to add an expansion card – for example, for USB 3.1 ports.

The computer presently has these expansion card slots open:

PCI Express 3.0 x8, 8 GB/s
PCI Express 2.0 x1, 0.5 GB/s
PCI Express 2.0 x4 2 GB/s
PCI 2.3 (32-bit, 33 MHz), 133 MB/s

I want a highly-reliable, reasonably fast external drive.

1. Do you recommend SSD or conventional drive? Why?

2. USB 3.0, USB 3.1 / USB C, or other interface? Why?

3. What brand and model do you recommend? Please include why you recommend it.
I drive a Toyota Sienta Hybrid, 2017 make.

Regular mechanic told me the engine / motor oil (he used synthetic type)
for hybrid is different from non-hybrid cars.

What about spark plugs (I'm looking at iridium) : is it different from non-
hybrid cars'  iridium spark plugs?

Can point me to an ebay, Amazon or Aliexpress link that sell Sienta
Hybrid's iridium spark plugs?
Do usb storage devices have any sort of internal clock on the device itself, or do the date modified/accessed/created dates shown on files stored on the device get populated by the PC's they have been plugged into?
A Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2nd Generation, the one with the touch-bar in place of the FN keys on the keyboard) we have will power up but will not POST or display any signs of booting an operating system. We had replaced the original Samsung PM851 SSD that was faulty with a new Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD, and it worked for two weeks after that. Here are the facts as we understand them:
-The new SSD is still functional and has been tested in another system
-The issue happened following a restart for a recent Windows update.
-The touch-bar, keyboard backlight, cooling fan, and indicator LED on the SSD all turn on when we try to power the system.
-The system will shut down automatically after a couple minutes if left in the powered state.
-The system does not produce any beep error codes.
-The user has not indicated any liquid damage, and none has been observed internally or externally.

Things we have tried:
-Shutting the system down, and using a paper clip to trigger the hard reset switch on the bottom, as detailed in the service manual.
-Draining power from the motherboard with mains and the battery disconnected for an extended period of time.
-Powering up the system on mains with the battery disconnected, and vice versa.
-Observing the internal display for any LCD activity with a torch to rule out screen backlight issues.
-Connecting an external display via the HDMI port to rule out display issues.
-Powering up the system without the SSD installed in its M.2 slot.…
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Redefine Your Security with AI & Machine Learning

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Good day,
                     I have an APC 600 voltage regulator that have the 3 lights blinking. Does this have a fuse to change or something?
Need to buy a USB To SATA Hard Drive Adapter kit. What's a recommended adapter kit?  I need to recover data from an old SATA drive to my Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop.
Note: this is a follow-up to another thread posted yesterday and located here:

        Identify desktop PC ports


Yesterday I posted images of the front of my computer and shown below are images of the back. If someone could identify the ports labeled by letters (and numbers), as well as which of them can be replaced individually if faulty, I'd appreciate it.

By the way, the panel near the top (labeled x in the first screenshot) appears to be removable. What type of component is that designed for?

Also, I've always been curious about the multiple different-shaped (but mostly rectangle) openings in the video card (see 3rd image). Do they have some purpose?



We have a HP PageWide Pro 477dw printer which we use for scanning and printing and have no problems with printing word or excel documents.

When we go to print a report from Linkedln using our Windows 10 Pro PC, we get a page printed out which states "PCL XL Error" with "Error: InsufficientMemory".

How do we resolve this problem?


Can someone help me identify the types of ports shown in the next few screenshots?

I apologize that the images are so blurry but hopefully with the zoomed-in shots each port (with its icon) will be recognizable to a person familiar with the hardware. If possible, I'm also curious to know which, if any, of the ports can be easily replaced if faulty (ie are any of them built into the tower?). The last image is of the side of the tower in case that's helpful. (I'm sure it's obvious that label g is for the DVD drive and needs no comment.)

Thanks a bunch!

I need to deploy 10 mini PCs in a shop environment (no cooling and lots of dust).
Windows 10 Pro (need connection to domain). connecting to a monitor; USB ports and Ethernet ports required as well.

I will be running a single small application on each computer so basic specs would be fine.
What are your recommendations?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.