Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Hi all I know this isn't so much an technical IT question as such but I have a Honeywell CT50 mobile device that was shipped with a USB charging dock for a PC/Laptop.

I have found over the years that computer USB ports are slower to charge than wall sockets plus they stop charging once the computer is off anyway and these devices can take 6 hours to charge.

Am I right by thinking they will charge faster if I use a USB wall socket plug and what rating plug would get me the optimal charging times?

On the back of the device it says 5V --- 2A.

And I have a USB plug which is 5V --- 1A

Am I best to get an exact match of what the device sticker says or can I get a higher rating?
IoT Devices - Fast, Cheap or Secure…Pick Two
IoT Devices - Fast, Cheap or Secure…Pick Two

The IoT market is growing at a rapid pace and manufacturers are under pressure to quickly provide new products. Can you be sure that your devices do what they're supposed to do, while still being secure?

Hello -

I have a DELL PE R710 and it currently has 6 HARD DRIVE, 146G, SERIAL ATTACHED SCSI, DU, 15K, 3.5, SEAGATE, HUR and a PERC H700 Integrated RAID Cont roller, 512MB Cache, x6. I would like to use two Samsung SSD 850 EVO (Model: 75E120) as a RAID 1 (OS), and 4 more drives as a RAID 10 (DATA FTP). My question is if I replace my existing drives, what hardware will I need to convert the server drive bays and will this work with my existing PERC? Will it recognize new drive and speed capabilities?

Thank you so much!

Is there a piece of code I can put in a href which when you click the link shares the page in facebook or twitter?

I know you can use:

<a href="http://twitter.com/share?url=<URL>&text=<TEXT>via=<USERNAME>"><img src="tw-circle.png" border="0" height="36" width="36"></a>

But I want it to know the page it is on as it is for a page template.

asus specs
Please tell me how I should identify this computer so I copy paste the words you tell me

computer purchased 5 months ago
battery died
I tried restarting many times
less charge and then eventually stopped.
No battery detected now.
How would I get a new battery
No warranty was purchased at store
But maybe manufacturer has warranty
I used this Note 5 for 2+ years with a great experience.  Great phone - large bright screen 5.7" 2560x1440 pixels, fast 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage, 16mp camera.   All good except.. battery life is terrible.  Time for an upgrade.  
Should I stick with Samsung and go with Note 8 or what would be other recommendations?  

Thanks in advance.
I am running Slackware64 14.2, kernel 4.4.75. I have a relatively new ASRock 970M Pro3 motherboard (bought 6 months ago, but not used until now).

If I have a USB drive connected, I cannot boot. I get the error
error: no such device: 83880a6f-3e10-4c41-b4a1-1e5fd5ef026a
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue >

Open in new window

If I remove the USB drive and reset or CTL-ALT-DEL it boots fine. btw I don't find the UUID listed in the error message on any drive, including the USB drive.

In examining the Bios, I don't even see USB as a possible boot option (image). The BIOS shows boot option 1 as the DVD, option 2 as the Samsung hard drive and option 3 disabled.

This LQ thread mentioned there might be issues with ASROK http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...3/#post5639598

Does anyone have any ideas on fixing this? This seems like incredibly stupid behavior for a motherboard as people leave USB drives connected for all kinds of reasons -- in my case, for backups.
I have purchased plenty of external drives and never had a problem making them work with Time Machine. Until now.

I pleaded in the drive, selected "Encrypt", added the password...

I was then told it would delete everything on the disk and said OK.

Then, it generated an error.

When I insert the drive get the attached error:

Disk error
What shall I do next?

Is it safe to plug 90 watt power adapter directly into a Lenovo T440 laptop?

Or can this power adapter only be used and plugged into a port replicator?
Is it safe to plug 90 watt power adapter directly into a Lenovo T450 laptop?

Or can this power adapter only be used and plugged into a port replicator?
I'm putting together 2 new servers for our business.

I'll be using HP or Dell hardware but have some generic questions.

The servers will be running some Windows Server VMs. One will be a Domain Controller, one will be an RDS server and another will run a business specific application.

The business specific application uses Firebird SQL of which its' databases are not large.

One question I have is RAID. I've read that RAID 5 is pretty widely disliked these days and that RAID 10 is the way to go. Does that sound correct?

Should I use SAS or SATA disks? The current servers use 15K SAS disks.

 The current servers don't hold alot of data, maybe only 100 - 300GBs of data and as mentioned there are no significant databases to speak of.

Thanks for any help.
NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows

Backup and recover physical and cloud-based servers and workstations, as well as endpoint devices that belong to remote users. Avoid downtime and data loss quickly and easily for Windows-based physical or public cloud-based workloads!

Have a customer that wants me to build him a PC and he will be taking it to Europe.  Will a standard voltage converter work or should we be looking for a special power supply?  He mentioned that his place over there will run it at a different frequency than here, such that 50 Hz AC won't be compatible with 60 Hz AC.
I have a hp proliant dl380p gen8 server. The fan has been very loud for a couple days. I was hoping to boot into a diagnostic utility to run hardware tests.  I thought I was supposed to boot into intelligent provisioning to get to the diagnostic tests.  I cant boot into intelligent provisiong though.  I downloaded an update ISO from hp for IP. I booted from the dvd and attempted to update but got an error message that said iLO unresponsive - unable to continue.    Should I be booting into IP to run diagnostic tests?  I dont use iLO. Is IP dependent on iLO?
Why certain combinations of keys doesn't work when pressed together? Sometimes there is also a beep.

While playing games, for example Tekken on a PC, I need to press 04 keys together for combos etc but it doesn't work.

I am wondering what could possibly be the issue and how do I solve it.

Thanks for help
Is there any real benefit in setting a BIOS password on laptops/desktops to prevent your staff messing around with boot sequence if the disc drive is full disc encrypted (bitlocker)?

I have seen numerous boot discs and USB which can exports/crack or even reset local windows password hashes, and booting from linux type distro's  for unencrypted systems bypasses windows login so you could access any sensitive local information. But I am not sure if there is any benefit in doing so if the drive is encrypted, as a boot CD/USB wont be able to pull hashes/sensitive files until the C drive has booted and the encryption key entered to make the data accessible?

Are there any remaining risks with not BIOS password if the drive is encrypted, or any benefits still in setting a BIOS password?
I have two identical win12 servers- the storage is via LSI mega Raid 5/Raid6 adapter.  I have no network storage between the servers. Just the local network.

Will this work with just the two servers on the lan?  CAFS will only be for file sharing availability not hyperV maintenance or SQL hosting.

I've read through this failover guide but it's unclear because it goes on, "if you use iscsi" so i'm taking it that an iscsi san between the two servers is not required but other blog posts say that it is.


thanks and regards!
I upgraded from vista to 7 to 10.  (32 bit).
I read there is an issue with the reserved memory taking up most of your RAM, whether it is 32/64 bit.  I have 8 gigs RAM and 5 of it is reserved for hardware.  So I end up with 2.9 available upon loading.

I had tried several things that were said to work, but in the end I had to recover my PC from the original install.

I am needing to find the right answer to fix my dilemma.  

Any and all help is extremely appreciated. (I did not find an open thread on this based on my searches)
Hello Experts, I've just started a new job they currently have an Avocent DSR1021 KVM Switch in the server room.  I'm drawing a blank on how to toggle between displays.  I'm used to tapping "Scroll Lock" "Scroll Lock" then either up arrow / down arrow.
Hi,  Please see the USB adapter picture attached. This adapter has one male port and seven female ports. As we know, usually we plug the adapter's the male end into PC etc, and mouse and keyboard USB's male end plug into the adapter's female port.

Now I want to use a male-to-male usb cable to replace the adapter's male port. That means one end of the cable plug into the PC and other end of the cable plug into the female port of the adapter. Do you think this would work well? Thank you
We are currently running on ESXi 6.
We are adding in a new blade server for  the vm host and will be installing ESXi 6.5 onto these host.
Is the best way to migrate from 6 - 6.5, is to just build the new host on the new hardware one at a time and then add them to the existing cluster, of course after upgrading the virtual center to 6.5, and then just migrate the vms over to the new host?
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I am unable to boot into the BIOS on a Lenovo T450 laptop.

The laptop has the fast boot option disabled.

On the laptop I press the Enter key when prompted and instead of taking me to the computer boot menu the laptop boots into Windows.

I have done this both during a complete shutdown and during Windows 10 reboots.

I have also tried using an external keyboard but am still unable to boot into the boot menu or boot into the BIOS.

What are some other ways of booting into the BIOS or choosing an alternate boot device such as a USB thumb drive?
My OS is win 10 Pro 64 bit.  I bought a new Micro USB Charger/Sync cable because my mobile LG phone would no show up on iTunes despite having the latest copy.  Then while researcing one of the solutions was that possibly the drivers are out of date, and this should be the first port of call.
      Is there any free utility for me to scan my pc to see if all my windows 10 drivers are uptodate or not and then go to the particular site and update the driver.  Thank u
Hi Guys,

i have a Cisco IP Phone 7945 which is used for H&S reasons within a factory. the factory environment is very noisy and the staff can not hear it ring.

I want to use a bell or siren or flashing light or a speaker or something to indicate that the phone is ringing.

i have spoken to Cisco and have been advised that they do not sell any additional products which meet our needs.

so has anyone got an alternative solution? maybe some compatible hardware?
A customer of mine wants to install computer speakers inside of a bathroom that receives a lot of steam from the shower.

What are the best speakers that can be installed in and handle receiving all of the steam in a bathroom?
Hi Guys,

I am trying to do some data recovery on an SSD 256GB which was pulled from a Dell XPS 13 laptop. it looks like a stick of RAM more than a HDD!

anyway I cant seem to work out what connectors it is using its not SATA its a lot smaller and I hope its not a dell specific connector...

please see photo attached.

HP Elite 8200 SFF
Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz (Quad Core)

Link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA5YV5HN1867

I would like to add dedicated gaming video card that would fit and be compatible in this machine.






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.