Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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We are searching for a new fileserver system.

The conditions are:

1. We need redundancy I.e HA/mirroring/etc. (we currently have a single overloaded file server)

2. Increasing the bandwidth from the server to the building infrastructure. The building infrastructure is limited to 1Gb in the walls. We are looking at a multiple server solution with distributed data delivery to overcome this limitation.

3. Improved performance on the server itself

4. Data is often large individual files ( > 10GB )

5. Sharing is done via CIFS, NFS and Samba/cifs

We currently have a bid for the following hardware.

Question: Is there a better hardware solution than the one offered?

Proposed page 1
proposed page 2
proposed page 3

Will AutoCAD 2020 run on a new 2019  model DELL OptiPlex with i7-8700, 8GB Ram, and on-board Intel 630 graphics?

This computer is for my boss... he uses AutoCAD to examine, review, and print drawings.. he does no design works whatsoever!

I have a new laptop computer with M.2 SSD drives.  The attached pictures show the errors that occurred in the past two weeks.  I’m wondering what this means and was this related to an update or do I have something wrong with my drive?
[embed=doc 1417978]
[embed=doc 1417979]
Hello Expert,

I am looking for a monitor with speaker (smaller the better), desktop, and/or motherboard that will produce the greatest internal decibel sound and will work with Windows operating system.  Also this sound will not be used for music or bass but rather an alert (that i need to investigate something) and I would rather not have to deal with external speakers that could unplug themselves.  The loudest that I have found so far is the  Sceptre E246 F series monitor which has 2 10W speakers.

I am also open to any other other windows device that will fit this need,

Thank you!
A customer brought an Hp all-in-one Model 23-h151 computer that will not see a motherboard or mouse even at boot-up.  would a motherboard reset work?  I have taken a picture of the board as I am confused as to which jumpers to use to do this.
Dell Latitude 7280
Dell Command Update only found  drivers for the docking station.
I executed a Windows update
Challenge: The system randomly restarts
Hardware diagnostic test passed
Windows memory test passed
The SSD diagnostic test said, Unused Reserved Block.
Dell Latitude 7490
The laptop screen goes dark when plugged into the docking.
I have a client that wants to use a large (>48" ) touch screen monitor as part of his presentations. He is the COO of the company and is in charge of all the project managers.

It would be a large wall mounted unit. He wants to be able to have it access files on the company servers. He wants to be able to display an EXCEL spreadsheet, among other file types and be able to move 'cell' contents around as the projects move forward.

I would be able to set up the computer its connected to and and the monitor itself, but am unsure what would be a reliable product for this use case.

Can you recommend a monitor that would full fill these requirements?
We have a bunch of MAC's using AFS formatting. We have a NAS that does not have the horsepower to keep up. So my question is is there any solution that we can add to the server that will allow AFS formatting and give us the performance we need? I know I can purchase a $1000 NAS and accomplish this, but trying to see if there is a simple cost effective solution that we can add to hardware we already own.( Server)
This is using a SPARC server hardware. This is using Solaris 11, with 2 VMs (using ldm). We used fiber-optics network-based SAN Storage, create LUNs, and allocated for 1 or more for individual VMs. We are using "ldm" commands to manage these VMs. On one of this VM - mcsat1, there is only 1 LUN allocated for the rpool. Now, we wanted to add-in one more LUN to form the "storage pool" (mirrored). After that, we wanted to remove the original LUN and use only the new LUN. Please see attached document for steps we conduct.

c1d3s2 is the new disk added in and kept, and c1d2s0 is the old disk and supposed need to remove. After the detaching, we do the system reboot. However, we faced a problem here - system failed to reboot, with the reason being "boot disk can't find". In this case, we already change the "boot-disk" with command - "ldm set-variable boot-disk=IBM2SAN2 mcsat1".

In "ok" prompt, we typed "boot /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/disk@3" with attempt to boot the system up via this new disk was successful. If you see the document, this IBM2SAN2 is actually refer to "/virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/disk@3", booting "IBM2SAN2" failed while "/virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/disk@3" passed, why?

Thanks in advance.
Challenge: Two external screen goes black about every 10 minutes, but not the laptop’s LCD.

Latitude 7490 connected to a WD15 docking station.

A hardware diagnostic test found no issues and the chipset drivers software was the only item that needed to be installed.

What caused the LCD screens to go black?
Windows 10 EliteBook does not find second monitor

I have an HDMI cable and got an adapter called:


But, when I plug it into the Samsung monitor, I only see the desktop of the PC displayed on the monitor.

So, I go to the laptop, right-click and select Display Settings.

But it does not detect a second monitor.

What am I missing?

How do you perform a hardware diagnostic test on a Microsoft Surface tablet?
Lenovo desktop diagnostic results. I ran another more comprehensive test later and mixed results.
Also there is an extra HD on this system so can that be utilized

User wants to get a Windows Laptop to run AutoCad 2019
He sees lots of well-priced i5 units.

He is not working with 3-dimensional objects in AutoCad - mostly for 'blueprints' for construction.  Revet sometimes does 3D stuff that is relevant.

I know that the cheaper the laptop is, the less complex the graphics circuitry.

He saw a good deal on a Lenovo
Intel i5 mobile processor, 8 GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620

Is this acceptable for his floorpans in AutoCad?

I'm having a problem with the audio output on my Windows 10 system, which is signified by the following message: "No speakers or headphones are plugged in." But it's a little more complicated than that.

I'm leasing a "high-end" computer from Blade, on which I'm running a couple of games. I'm new to cloud-based gaming, so I'll let them explain it…

Shadow is a high-end streaming service for games. What does this mean? Any game you can play on a Windows 10 computer, you can play on Shadow using virtually any device you want! Turn a laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet or even a 5-year-old PC into a high-end gaming rig through the Shadow app. Then, all you have to do is download your current game library to your Shadow account and start playing all your favorite PC games on max settings! We provides all of the power you'd get from a gaming computer at a fraction of the cost with none of the maintenance!. Our data centers are upgraded with every new generation of technology at no additional cost to you!

I can connect to my Shadow server in either of two ways: There is a client that runs as a Windows desktop application. Alternatively, there's a physical appliance that Blade has named "Ghost." The Ghost  connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and includes several USB ports (both USB2 and USB3) as well as an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and a headphone jack. When I'm accessing the cloud server (i.e., the Shadow) from the Windows desktop application, everything works fine.…
What can cause a laptop to shutdown when the lid it close?
I changed the power setting to do nothing when the lid is closed, but that worked briefly.
I will update the drivers next, execute SFC,  and updates Windows 10.
If I have time, I will run a hardware test and disable hibernation, run DISM and scan for malware.
Any ideas?
Hi, I did a chkdsk on the main C drive, results attached. I've been having a freezing problem, and have put up a few questions here about it. In the most recent one, it was recommended that I have Windows reinstalled.  My tech locally hasn't looked at the laptop, but he says freezing is most often a hardware problem, and I should replace my hard drive.

I'm on Windows 7, and have been fighting going to Win 10, because it honestly seems to be a pain in the tush. My partner runs it, and has had all kinds of issues.

Anyway, I also tried running HDDscan, and got the attached SMART report. If you want me to run anything else to show the health of my hard drive, I'll be happy to oblige. Thanks.
I currently have an issue with 3 thin clients that are not maintaining wireless stability and constantly disconnect.   I am told updating the firmware will fix this however I wanted to check with the pros to get their opinion.   I am not familiar with any of these units as far as the admin console on how to manually flash the firmware as well as obtain the actual correct firmware itself.   Could someone assist?  I have attached the screen shots of all 3 units.
I have a staff member using a Dell latitude 3590 which was upgraded to a 250SSD and is running windows 10 Professional, who has reported that the machine is running loud.
It sounds a little like white noise, like maybe the fan is running high.

checked the task manager and nothing (disk, etc.) was running higher than 65%.

machine seems to run fine. its just loud.
Laptop: lenovo_mt_20378_bu_idea_fm_idea y50-70 how to play dvd external (i.e., Lenovo Y50-70
OS: Windows 10
Media Player: Lenovo USB external dvd

Got a DVD but couldn't play it. Found Cyberlink PowerDVD18 app and downloaded it. But it is a trial version. Does Windows 10 provide a free app to play DVD's on external USB DVD player.
We have a Dell Inspiron 5570 with Windows 10 Home.  

We are unable to adjust the brightness through the control panel nor the settings.  The function keys appear not to work either.

I am let to believe there is some sort of power saving override or automatically adjust brightness option I have to turn off in order to manually adjust the brightness.
Hi there ,

I have western digital 2.5" 320gb laptop hard disk that seems dead.

I connect the hard disk externally to my laptop .

I opened disk manager and message says : disk 2 unknown, not initialized.

When I click on initialize disk,  a message pops up device is not ready.

So the Microsoft disk manager recognises the disk, but it is unable to initialize the disk.

Is it possible to revive the hard disk and initialize it with some software tools  for windows 7 ?

I'm having issues with my mouse buttons
It went wrong after running XP in a VM

I use a Roller Plus Joystick

It has left, right, double click and hold (Drag and Drop)  buttons these function the same as a standard mouse button and require no special driver

However something has gone wrong

In order to keep left and right correct I've had to switch primery and secondary buttons Control Panel -> Mouse

This has caused the double click  button to function as right click

Looking at the mouse driver properties  See pic there are 3 ?
mouse.JPGI've attempted to rename these in safe mode but got access denied also tried to uninstall
Is it possible to completely remove the mouse drivers forcing windows to download a new driver?
I am looking for a very simple piece of software, but having no luck finding it.

I want a software that will track warranty and support on my hardware devices.  It needs to send me email alerts saying "Your warranty is expiring in 60 days" or whatever.  I have no problem manually inputting everything into this program.  All the automated programs have issues trying to gain access to different devices.

Does such a program exist?

Thank you!






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.