Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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We have a Dell Inspiron 5570 with Windows 10 Home.  

We are unable to adjust the brightness through the control panel nor the settings.  The function keys appear not to work either.

I am let to believe there is some sort of power saving override or automatically adjust brightness option I have to turn off in order to manually adjust the brightness.
Hi there ,

I have western digital 2.5" 320gb laptop hard disk that seems dead.

I connect the hard disk externally to my laptop .

I opened disk manager and message says : disk 2 unknown, not initialized.

When I click on initialize disk,  a message pops up device is not ready.

So the Microsoft disk manager recognises the disk, but it is unable to initialize the disk.

Is it possible to revive the hard disk and initialize it with some software tools  for windows 7 ?

I'm having issues with my mouse buttons
It went wrong after running XP in a VM

I use a Roller Plus Joystick

It has left, right, double click and hold (Drag and Drop)  buttons these function the same as a standard mouse button and require no special driver

However something has gone wrong

In order to keep left and right correct I've had to switch primery and secondary buttons Control Panel -> Mouse

This has caused the double click  button to function as right click

Looking at the mouse driver properties  See pic there are 3 ?
mouse.JPGI've attempted to rename these in safe mode but got access denied also tried to uninstall
Is it possible to completely remove the mouse drivers forcing windows to download a new driver?
I am looking for a very simple piece of software, but having no luck finding it.

I want a software that will track warranty and support on my hardware devices.  It needs to send me email alerts saying "Your warranty is expiring in 60 days" or whatever.  I have no problem manually inputting everything into this program.  All the automated programs have issues trying to gain access to different devices.

Does such a program exist?

Thank you!
Wondering if anyone has noticed something like this with a PC that has a PCI-e NMVE M.2 Drive.

The PC has a very slow network speed compared to other PCs at that location. When physically moved to a different spot in the building, the network speed picks up to be on par with the rest of the PCs. I’ve eliminated the network cable as an issue by making a brand new Cat6 cable and running it directly from the switch to the PC (bypassing any other equipment) and not seeing any changes.

The oddest thing, when we take a different PC from that location and plug it in where the problem machine is, then it slows down. Put the machine back where it came from and everything is fine.

So we are basically chasing our tails and this was brought up. Are M.2 PCI-e NVME drives susceptible to electromagnetic interference?

Or should we call an exorcist?
We have jumped from a 17 inch monitor to a 22 inch. The 22 model is black in color and 1/2 inch thick and the setting buttons are on the bottom of the screen and not clearly marked. We went to the control panel and there are about 20 resolution settings. We played around with some of those and on those far higher than 800 x 600 got us "input not supported."

What would be the best place to start for step 1 in getting the settings the way we desire: Control panel settings for displays "or" the settings offered on the monitor.
The width is fine but the height is leaving off too much.
We have experienced organic growth within our environment for graphical rendering type use cases.  We have about 12 users that have a requirement for cpu intensive or gpu intensive workloads.  At the moment we have purchased high spec'd machines which they use locally.  Im looking at future growth and wondering what the next step up in architecture would look like.  When would we reach the tipping point in terms of price and value to moving to a more enterprise approach.

The programs we use are:
3DS Max
Cinema 4
Revit LT
SKetchup Pro
Creo with Windchill
I do not feel that I can get an accurate answer from HP regarding a matter of concern. I have a very seldom used HP8620 printer. It has been enrolled in the "Instant Ink" program for more than a year and a half along with an HP extended warranty plan. I have not utilized the original cartridges that I had purchase as the first replacements yet. ( I bought them prior to joining the instant ink program). HP has sent me a set of the Instant Ink cartridges ready for their first use many months ago.  Since these are the first set I have not been charged the monthly fee yet. I accidentally let the hardware extended warranty expire by one month. The question: If I discontinue the instant ink program and attempt to utilize the new cartridges does HP have the wherewithal to prevent them from functioning?
NOTE: I have two other HP printers under extended warranty that DO utilize the instant ink program and the cartridges.
Someone lost their power cord for their laptop.  (HP Pavilion x2 Detachable)
It's a usb-c charger.
They tried using their android phone charger for about 5 minutes, but didn't work.
I ordered a new power cord, but the laptop still won't power on.  The little orange light blinks, but the laptop does nothing when trying to turn it on.
Did plugging in the phone charger wreck it?  What should I do
One of my co-workers brought in a shoe box full of old 1.44 floppy disks.  Every disk that I put in to the drive says "You need to format the disk in Drive A: before you can use it". Is there a dynamic fix on this or do I need to do something to every disk to get it to work?
Have a 4yr old box running server 2012 with HyperV and running 5 VMs - am replacing with a New server 2016 and moving the VMs across.
Can i just enable replication of the VMs to the new box and then turn the old off ? Am I better to export and import in ?
Will I get issues with hardware being different / Host server name being different ?

Any pointers appreciated - its a live system so dont want to mess it up and have downtime.
I'm using a SATA hard drive adapter cable to use a known good hard drive for external storage. My PCs (Windows 7 and 10) see the adapter as "USB Drive" but show the drive capacity as 0 bytes.

When I view my drives in Disk Management, it shows Disk 1 as Removable with "No Media."
"No Media" image from Disk Management
I've gotten the same results using another known good drive. I've also had similar problems with other SATA hard drive adapters - including ones whose IDE adapters worked flawlessly. So far I've always given up and gotten an external case to make it work. But I liked the convenience so much in the past that I'd really like to know why this isn't working for me now.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
I'm helping a client purchase a new server and have a question about single- vs. dual-CPU systems and the number of cores.

The immediate need for the server is not very strict.  It will be a Windows Server 2019 host with a DC and a File/Print server as two VMs.  I figure that an 8-core Xeon should be more than adequate.  Because the client may want to add VMs in the future, I'd like to have more than 8 cores.  I have two options to accomplish this with the Dell T440 we're considering.

The first is to use a Xeon 4116, which runs 12 cores at 2.1GHz and has 16M of cache.  The alternative is to have two Xeon 4110 CPUs, which have 8 cores each with 11M of cache each, and also run at 2.1GHz.  I expected the dual-CPU configuration to be significantly more expensive (both because of the additional hardware as well as having 16 cores total vs. 12 cores), but the difference is negligible in this context ($80).

I realize that 12 cores is likely overkill, but the client likes to buy more than he needs to ensure he can expand the use in the future.  This has served him well in the past.

I also realize that we could add a second CPU in the future, but that can turn into an expensive and disruptive upgrade he'd like to avoid.  The (list) cost now is about $525 to add the second CPU.  That's an acceptable expense to avoid a future upgrade.

My other concern about the 12-core CPU has to do with Windows Server licensing.  Though not likely, if we did want more cores in the future…
I have a user with a HP ENVY Notebook - m6-p114dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR).   The battery will not charge past 43% from 0.   Is this battery replaceable easily in the unit or is it integrated?  If so would the entire laptop need to be replaced?
Hello Experts - I'm working on a SAN upgrade and we're going all fiber to gain some performance.  In order to benefit from this, I need to add a dual port fiber NIC to each of my 3 ESX servers.  I have the hardware here and can physically install them but that's as far as my experience goes.  I'm familiar with how this would work on a Windows server but have no idea how to configure them so they show up in VMware.  Is there an article that details how this should be done that someone can point me to?
Hello Experts,
I have a quick question(s), i have a client with an HP DL380 G6 running ESXi 5.1 and I need to upgrade the system to ESXi 6.7. The question is:

1) Is the hardware compatible with v6.x
if so, would the version u6.x be able to run the 5.1 vms?

My plan is to run the newer version from a usb key.

Many Thanks,

I am evaluating Nutanix for client. I have a couple of questions regarding Nutanix:
- What do you consider when evaluating Nutanix? From Strategy, Architecture, use cases prospective?
- What are the pros vs cons for Nutanix?

Your help is appreciated.

My camera is currently set at 1080i/59.94. I have the ability to change it to 720p and 50 fps. I understand the difference between 1080 and 720 is 1920x1080 vs. 1280x720. I suspect that using 720 instead of 1080 might allow my processor to be slightly less utilized because I currently am downscaling from 1080 to 720 to stream to Facebook. Is there any advantage in that situation to using 50 instead of. 59.94?
Does anyone know how to display the current temperature for an IBM i server?
When purchasing a cable modem, I know that the Number 1 X Number 2 (i.e. 16x4) is the downstream and upstream channels that it is capable of handling.

However, is it possible to correlate those numbers to the speed package that we are receiving?  I don't want to over or under buy a device for the current tier we are on, which is 200/20.

Also, what are the opinions on DOCSIS 3.0 vs. DOCSIS 3.1?  Do we really need 3.1 to future proof ourselves?
I have SC-LC orange from carrier's DMARC to the patch panel.  How to know for sure is it a single-mode or a multi-mode?
Problem: The laptop has to be restarted each time it is re-attached to a Dell WD15 docking station, the laptop is not shutdown when it it re-attached to the docking station.
Things already tried: Dell Command Update was already executed.
2.The system pass the hardware diagnostic test.
3.The appropriate power saving options were set, however, I did not disable hibernation.
4. Confirmed that the firmware on the docking station is already updated.

I suspect that the system board will need to be replaced since a I believe the system is undock and re-docked often.

What am I missing?
I have Power Supply and Motherboard from HP Z420 workstation. I bought a case for it: Corsair 275R. The problem is that HP's PSU will not fit there at all and even if it did, the CPU cable would not reach the top of the motherboard where it is supposed to be plugged. So I have a new PSU: Corsair VS550. The problem is that ATX and CPU plugs are different on HP's power supply and Corsair's one. See attached pictures. Does it mean that HP is custom that I won't be able to get PSU for that motherboard or I can't use that specific Corsair I have and have to get something else? or am I missing something else?

Thx in advance
I used to be able to make my Thinkpad x270's  LED screen dimmer or  brighter by pressing the F5/F6
buttons on the keyboard.

However, for the last 3 days, pressing this buttons don't result in any change to the screen anymore
though a little bar on the screen pops up showing the bar moving (to lower or higher) : see attached
for this bar.

I don't recall any change that I've done other than there's Win 10 patches being deployed.  I have no
privilege to undo the patch.

What can I do pending getting help from our corporate end-user support.

I did not plug into external monitors/screens : I'm referring to the X270's built-in screen;  For sure
when I plug its HDMI to an external screen, F5/F6 wont brighten the external screen : will need to
press the external screen's Brightness buttons to adjust it
i'm looking at a pc that is rather slow; it has following hardware
mobo P8H61-M with i3 -2130 cpu and  8 Gb Ram + 1 TB WD drive for OS and data
when i open taskmanager, i see lots of spikes on disk usage, cpu and ram seem rather normal
the disk shows several AVG processes - can that be the cause ? -it's AVG free btw
is Panda Free AV better ?

 - the system seems virus free, but the disk is about 60 % full -  - disk is tested with WD diag and passed !
what should i also look into?






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.