Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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Hello, I installed windows 10 on a  formatted m.2 ssd fine and then updated windows and drivers, I then got a blue screen of death during the restarting process, so I formatted the ssd again and tried to install again, however now it's on a infinite install loop. I have unplugged the usb and then i get a black screen until it loads into bios boot showing the ssd.

I have tried installing on the second m.2 ssd and the same thing happens.

Any help would be massively appreciated I have been struggling with this for 10 hours and I have gotten nowhere.
New SSD drive freezes computer for 15-60 seconds.  I tried to change SATA from AHCI to IDE and it didn't work.
I have two HP ML350 servers, one is a Gen9 and one is a Gen10, at a client site.  The Gen10 is a brand new server with ESXi 6.7U2 (HP custom image) installed; the Gen9 originally had ESXi 6.0 installed and was upgraded to ESXi 6.7U2 (same HP custom image).  There is no VCenter server involved; these are stand-alone ESXi servers.

I'm trying simply to pass through a USB 3.0 controller and/or an add-in PCIe USB 3.0 controller card, to be used with external USB drives.  The Toggle Passthrough option on both of these servers is greyed out.  I've checked the BIOS options and Virtualization and VT-d are both enabled. No matter what I check on the hardware list, the toggle passthrough option stays stubbornly inactive.

I've done this many times before, and I currently have a Dell PowerEdge T430 at another site with 6.7U2 on it and the passthrough function works fine, so I don't think it has anything to do with VMWare, but I could be wrong...
I have a person with an SSD drive on their computer getting the following error under Maintenance and Security:  Restart to repair drive errors (Important)

How would an SSD drive have errors?
I have a Commodore 64 working with video cable and 1702 monitor. Will the same cable and monitor work with a Vic20?
A client has an Asus ROG GL753V that was somehow bricked during the latest Microsoft upgrade.  When turning the laptop on, it sits at the Asus splash screen and goes no further.  F2 is not effective to enter the bios.  It just sits there at the splash screen.  I've seen another post online from two days ago with the exact issue (Same laptop) after the latest Microsoft update.

I'm at a loss here and have found no useful info to guide me.

Any idea how to fix what the N#RX(&D MS Update did to this poor laptop?

Thanks tons for any guidance..


Dell Latitude 7390 power down when moved/ the entire laptop lost power.
The laptop was connected to a Dell WD15 docking station.
The system passed the hardware diagnostic test.
Dell Command Update was ran and most of the items that needed to be updated were installed, including the BIOS.
What is defective, either the laptop or the docking station?

OS: Windows 10
My laptop which is a about three years old, (Dell, I5, 4GB RAM, 300GB, 87GB free) is behaving strangely when I type.  The cursor jumps to ANYWHERE on the document causing untold errors in the text if I am not careful. Runs Windows 7 Pro.


Is it more LIKELY a Hardware or a Software issue?  The Event Viewer shows "hundreds" of errors emanating from the Event Control Manager.


I'm looking for an old IT article about using the ECSPhone modem as a "poor man's" paging modem.
My 2400 baud BOCA paging modem has finally bitten the dust.  I read the article years ago but can't seem to locate it now.  My specific issue is that I'm unable to get the modem to return to a ready state after sending the page.  It's async and it's supposed to vary on the line, send the page, and then vary off the line and return to a ready state without setting the modem to autoanswer.  It's running on a dual-purpose line, my transmit line is also used for incoming faxes, hence this modem must not answer incoming faxes.

I'm the sysops for a V5R2 running on an AS400 720.

If someone can give me the link to that article it would be much appreciated.

Hi Experts,

My client has forgotten her boot password, what needs to be done? Replace motherboard.?

What if she only wants the hard rive contents and not the laptop?

Thanks Laptop
My laptop (New, HP, Windows 10):
Has been slow and bogged down frequently. When I open task manager, I see 90% CPU, system interrupts is most of it. If it's important, usually once I open task manager, the CPU usage drops rapidly.

I've done these things:

1.  Disable USB Root Hubs one by one. No change
2. Reboot into safe mode. No change
3. Disable your network adapters. No change.
4. Disable wireless altogether. No change.

I was looking at this page: https://superuser.com/questions/1378289/system-interrupts-process-using-high-cpu  and I've downloaded and run LatencyMon. I'm not sure if the Directx Graphics kernel is running high or not, I'm not sure what's normal. This is after a about a minute.

I have an LG G3 which has now become unstable even when restarted into safe mode. The process system is now crashing right away, having got progressively earlier in its crashing behaviour. Using a different battery had no effect. The phone is rooted. I run termux on it

I'm wondering if it might be time to start over and install say a Lineage image. The problem is that i'm as yet pretty ignorant about phones at the hardware and system land level. What are the best sources of information? Do you have any suggestions about fixes?
I need to decide on a brand and model for a new monitor. The computer is a Dell Precision Workstation T3600 running Windows 7 Ultimate. The graphics adapter is an nVidia Quadro 600 with 1GB memory and DVI and DisplayPort outputs.

The usage is basic - Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Publisher, some PowerPoint), email, web surfing. The monitor needs to be about 27" to perhaps 30" - it has to fit some tight space constraints on the desk due to an overhead hutch. Single monitor - no dual configuration.

A thin (in front-to-back depth) model will be helpful given the space constraint.

I want a highly reliable brand. Presumably a fairly basic or intermediate performance monitor will suffice.

In the past I have always used Dell monitors. Should I continue that? Or do you think there is a different brand/model I should consider this time? Please share your reasoning.

Thanks, Pete
recently i received an ASpire 7715Z laptop with only 2 USB ports -  both completely destroyed by the owner
i wanted to restore some usb ports - but could never find the proper connector - Always wrong format
so i decided to solder the usb points to a flat cable that connect on an OLD usb extension board ( i believe it stems from a P5B style ASUS board) like this :
pwhen i connected a mouse - it works on both ports
but - when i connect any usb 2 or 3 stick it reports the device is not recognised - though it gives me the notification sound ok
can i get this working?  if so how?
i installed windows 10 fresh on the laptop -  which runs fine
Hi Expert,

I have my HDD gone missing, my windows 10 is booting on SSD though. I have check BIOS it's there and it's spinning, however, from disk management, I am unable to see any of the HDD. My pc has 4 fans and temperature was low, appreciate is any expert advice how can I bring my HDD.

I have have and HP probook 450 G1 that I replaced a power cable on.  After reassembly I have some keys on the keyboard that don't work.  The keys are q,w,e,r,u,i,o,p.   All other keys appear to work.   I purchased a new keyboard with the same issue.   I reset the cmos to factory settings, disassembled it to make sure nothing was touching the back of the motherboard but still have the same issue.

Any suggestions.
Is there any downside to enabling jumbo frames by default on all hardware switches in your environment?
Hi, I started working on a wordpress site recently, using Divi theme. I noticed it gets very slow after a while, and checking my task manager shows that System Interrupts is taking up 90% of my CPU. I closed down the wordpress site and that number slowly (over 15 seconds or so) went down to .04%. (EDIT: Please read further down, we have taken Wordpress out of the equation. Wordpress doesn't seem to be involved).

What could be causing this, any ideas? Site is on siteground on godaddy.  I am on Windows 10 on a 3 month old HP laptop, Processor: AMD A909425 Radeon R5, COMPURE CORES 2C + 3G 3.10 GHz, RAM: 8GB
Do any of the Adobe software’s  have a maximum capability when it comes to usage of GPUCPU or memory

What I’m trying to get to his is there any point in putting 256 memory on a workstation

can the  software even use it in use it  
Is there a limit on the GPU capability
I have a digital land line for my business, and I'd like to add an auto-attendant to that phone line, without changing my hardware, my existing phone number, or my telephone company.  The telephone company can convert my phones to a VOIP system, with an auto-attendant feature, but the cost is prohibitive.  I have heard about using Google Voice, and a VOIP converter device.  Would this be a reasonable solution, or is there another suggestion?
Hello experts.  I've never placed a hardware post on EE before but thought I might give this a try.  Is anyone familiar with any of the Actel/Microsemi Pro ASIC3 FPGAs?  I'm hoping to learn something about where these parts are commonly used, and what type of company may use them.  I have a customer who owns brand new factory sealed inventory that he can't use.  I believe most of these parts are now obsolete.  If anyone can give me any ideas as to what type of company may be able to use these I would be very grateful.

Also, if you know of a better place for me to place this post, please help.  Thanks.

Discontinued Actel/Microsemi A3P060VQ100
This is about the new virtualization using VMware with simplivity hyperconverge. My parent company is heading toward this direction, probably with HPE hardware solution. We are looking for 6-8 hosts implementation. Where can find more and further information about the technology?

Thanks in advance.
I've tried 3 different brands of inks (for Brother MFC-J680DW) : all of which claims
they're compatible, including 3 from Amazon which won't get detected & would
give message like "try reinstall again": Blake,  IKong & Jarbo.
(I must say Blake's ink won't damage my Brother printer & was successfully
 detected in older models of Brother printers of 5-8 years ago;  actually
 Brother did not build chipsets on those old models at that time)

A local dealer ink999.com.sg claimed the same & I took my printer to test on
the spot & it failed to detect: he claimed my printer is not made locally & thus
his cartridge can't detect:  well I've bought original Brother cartridges (at four
 times pricier than those compatibles) from eBay Hong Kong & Singapore
online & they are detected.

does it really matter which country the printer & cartridge is made in.

There are still a few brands in Amazon including Inkjetcorner & Vmosgo:
anyone know if they'll work with MFC-J680DW ?

One way is I drill hole in original cartridges & use syringes to transfer
over but this often results in drips/spills : very messy
Set up a Color printer to print in Black and White

I have Color printers that I want to set up to print as Black and white by default.

I am testing this operation on a printer: HP Color LaserJet CP4520 Series

In Color tab, I have deselected "HP EasyColor" checkbox and selected "Print in Grayscale" checkbox.

However the printer is still printing in Color.

Any Help on this issue?

Thank you
I would like to ask if there is any application which can define , which server can support specific nvidia (GPU)?
I would like to find which server can support the following Nvidia:

1)Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING OC 11G
2)Nvidia Tesla P100 12 GB card
3)Nvidia Tesla P100 16 GB card






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.