Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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This Aspire 5742 laptop has a problem where shortly after coming to the desktop, when booted on battery, the screen blanks and nothing will bring it back to life, requiring a forced power-down. It doesn't happen on battery
Power settings in Windows are "Never" throughout, both on battery and PSU for sleeping etc.
Going to set up a server for a small company...6 employees...
Poweredge T130....two 4Tb HD's in RAID 1...
Server 2016 Essentials...
This will be my first time on a server with RAID1...

Whenever I have set up RAID1 in the past on a working PC....I've done a software RAID with the OS...

But on a small server...do you suggest a hardware RAID...???

Is there any real difference...???

Recommend a RAID card...???

Thanks in advance...
This is a real doozie! Dell T7500 workstation. Began with both front fans ramping up slowly from normal slow speed to full on. The computer seemed to operate normally. POST said the fan was defective. I replaced every fan in the unit except or the one in the power supply. No change. I replaced the video card with an unused Nvidia Quadra 4000. No change. I unplugged the hard drive. No change. At this point I am a bit desperate. I spoke to a technician that said the motherboard was the trouble. I then replaced the MB with a tested used one. Again...same problem. The ONLY components left is the power supply and the ram memory. So, I had an unused DEll identical part number PS available. After install? You guessed it. Same problem. Then the last thing I tried was a tested cpu that had identical numbers and specs. Again, a waste of time and money. ONLY the ram is left. I tested it using the long test and it shows as OK. Where do I turn at this point?
I saw these two LG 75" tvs at Best Buy



Which is the better tv?

The only thing I could see is the Model:75UK6570 has AI ThinQ technology  whereas the Model:75UK6190PUB has webOS.
Is that a big technology difference?

The price difference is 400 dollars.
I also noticed 75UK6190PUB doesn't have google assistant whereas the 75UK6570  does.

We have given an order to a small Client OEM System Builder to create 25 Clients with the same Image. They are new and have less experience.
I knew it is possible to create such an Image for Windows 7 as I worked for an OEM System Builder. Is it still possible to do this with a Windows 10 Build 1809 OEM? What we need is just to get a new SID and change the Computer name after each restore.

Thanks for helping me
I was alerted to a high temperature (probably about 82 degrees right now, but was higher earlier) in the IT room this morning and while it does appear to be an A/C issue, I noticed that none of the PSU fans on my five HP Proliant servers were actively spinning (10 PSUs). I didn't see any alerts either.

So simple question, is this normal, and I never noticed before, or should some of these fans have been running? How much does the external server room temperature affect whether these fans spin anyways?
Hi Expert,

I have a user MacBook pro which is able to boot but unable to click on anything using the keypad or mouse, also the screen will black flicker from time to time, unable to boot to safe mode, keep force restarting and now able to use but we have fear because the data is not backup.

This's the issue of hardware issue? Appreciate if any expert can advise me on.

I replaced the internal battery for the Dell Latitude E5570.   The laptop was fine all throughout the charge and removal of the plug for 4 enjoyable hours of battery life until bed.  However, today the screen flickers like either the cable is loose from me poking around and replacing the battery or the screen is about to go.   Just thinking I type, I'm going to run a hardware dignostics on the video but what could have I have possibly loosen up to create the flicker.  PS.  It seems as if it's not a loose cable and the screen is in fact going out.  The screen is no longer flickering.   Actually, it flickers when I execute applications, minimize/maximaize things but not when typing.  Basically,  thing get flicker crazy when the mouse is involved.   I see this getting worse through time.  Thoughts?
Dell R710 - PERC H700 Integrated Driver.

We formatted this server for the purpose of converting it into a Domain Controller for one of our other locations, (replacing a server that died) running Windows 2008 Server R2.

Once we installed Dell OpenManage it kept indicating that the current version ( is older that the required version ( of the controller, see image.

I already have the version installed as you can see from the image but OpenManage isn't seeing.
I have a number of production workstation running Windows 7 Pro.  One started freezing up a few times each day and I've been trying to troubleshoot it.
(Please don't suggest a new computer or a new operating system as these are definitely worthy of consideration but are *not* the purpose of this question).
"Freezing" in this case means it requires a hard reboot to recover.  Nothing is responsive.  I presume that the remaining display comes from the monitor's buffer.

Any number of things have been done:
cleaned up accumulated dust
Refreshed the CPU heatsink compound.
driver updates
new power supply
HD testing and monitoring
RAM testing

Last week, I took the machine into the lab and ran it for 4 days straight without any indication of freezing - including stress tests.
Then, figuring that hardware and some software were eliminated, returned it to production.
The freezing while in production resumed and I've witnessed it / experienced it.
Event Monitor shows nothing leading up to the reboot.

Now I have it back in the lab along with its charge card machine, wireless mouse, wired keyboard.  Other than networked printer, everything should be here.
It's been running now for 15 hours nonstop and I have to be planning the next steps.
This question is as much about considering approaches as about fixing this immediate issue!!

We have a machine that freezes in production and does not freeze in the lab.  What's different?
- Environmental: Does the …
A customer brought in an hp Pavilion dv7-1245dx running windows vista and the issue is that when they start it up nothing will come on the screen for at least 15 minutes or so and then it will boot into windows fine and run fine.  I removed the keyboard, hard drive, wifi card to see if that would make a difference but it is still the same.  I did a bios update but that doesn't seem to help either. I also changed out the memory sticks. Nothing seems to help.  I have not taken the MB out of the laptop yet.  Can someone help me with this?
Nuts and bolts question,
I have 3 DVD discs that I believe a not copy right protected.  I have a regular DVD drive and a Burner DVD in my PC.
How do I copy these DVD discs?  Years ago, I owned Nero, but is that necessary in today's world?
I have a Excel user using 2016 Professional 64bit ….     her spreadsheets are fairly large and with 50K plus rows in multiple tabs.    Her computer is running and i7 processo with 32mb of memory and a M2 solid state drive …..    

Some of the time when she goes to filter, sort or create a pivot table the program locks up and eventually closes excel.    I have looked on the web for settings to increase the performance of Excel with lots of data and was able to disable hardware acceleration which helped for a bit …..

Any thoughts on additional excel settings to solve the issue ….

How to quickly reset/wipe lenovo windows laptop?
bios, startup options, etc/?
VMware displayed fan hardware error message but HP Proliant never ever shows any diagnostics errors when running the full hardware diagnostic at boot.  We have had periodic issues of server shutdowns a couple times a year w/ again no diagnostics errors but this particular one caused a couple virtual machine to get really corrupt to the point we had to perform a Veeam restore.  Anyway, here's the message below from VMWARE about a hardware fan issue but I don't understand why I can't any event logs or diagnostics to reveal a fan error too.  I ripped out the chassis panel and all four fans are blowing hard, no signs of slowing down.  I really don't this type of corruption to happen again causing catastrophic to their most application in the environment.  Any ideas of what needs replacing?  Is this masking a motherboard issue?   I am purchasing 4 fans that are not HP as a start. HP stopped selling for this particular Proliant unit.

Battery warning on Dell Studio XPS laptop tag # DBMZKL1
"Warning the battery cannot be identified"
it's the original battery and it no longer charges
The laptop power Adaptor works fine and I also tried another power adaptor
I have not tried another battery because I do not have an extra one
I tried to update the BIOS from Ao1 to A11 be this will not install, it says "BIOS update failed the battery must be charged above 10%
anyone know a work around before purchasing a battery?
We have a brand new Lenovo P330 Thinkstation, with a Xeon processor that does not support on-board graphics (so the two display port sockets are "blocked off" with a label). The unit was ordered without a separate graphics card, but when we fit a graphics card (which is known to be compatible and is known to be working) it does not show up and we get no video output. I suspect the problem may be to do with a BIOS setting but we have no video, so we can't access the BIOS. We have contacted Lenovo but they are being very slow in dealing with this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can get out of this "Catch 22"?
I have a Dell T7500 workstation I use as spare. The only thing wrong with it is that the largest of the two front facing fans will after powering up slowly go to full speed and remain there. I had an exact factory spare fan and installed it, but got the same behavior. The environment is 67 degrees and the unit is spotless inside. Is it fair to assume that my motherboard is toast?T7500 large fan
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

        I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a 3rd party piece of hardware, like a special remote control, which is voice activated to manipulate basic cable tv functions like adjusting volume, changing channels, carrying out searches for specific television shows and movies, etc.  I did contact my cable provider, AT&T, and found out that they do not have a voice-activated remote control.  That said, is there any other options to consider here or am I at a dead end?

        Thank you.

I am planning to buy a new laptop. I want to do high frequency, low latency, high-performance, multithreaded, L1/L2 cache development using Java/j2ee technologies like jHipster, Spring, Spring Boot, JMS, JDBC, Angular, React and more. Apart from traditional backend development, I will be developing web services as well microservices. I will be using Eclipse, STS or IntelliJ as Java IDE. I may also do C++ programming from time to time and will install some tool for that. There will be Android and iOS development as well and I will be installing necessary tools. I will be using many open source tools from Apache as well. I will be installing Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and few NO SQL databases like MongoDB also. Also, I will use CI/CD pipelining using git, Jenkins, docker, kubernetes etc. I will be having Linux as a virtual machine also. I will also be using MS Office a lot and chrome browser. There will be some paid antivirus running all the time. There will be a lot of things open at the same time.

I want a minimum powerful configuration which will allow me to do smooth development and testing. My current Lenovo machine, with 4GB RAM, i3 Processor and Windows 8 is giving me a frustrating time. Can someone help me with what could be the ideal configuration for such a requirement? Thanks.
I need to separate a bunch of stuff into VLAN's for my ubiquiti based network which I am aware of how to do. But just need to know if the correct way of doing this is to put all networking hardware on its on VLAN.

I only have Ubiquiti gear and they are a USG, Unifi Switches and AP's
Can anyone tell me where I can obtain an online user manual or application manual for this timer? A friend is particularly interested in incorporating this timer in an Electronic Project.timer_02timer _01
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I have an HP ENVY Photo 6200 All-in-One series and wondering if it would be okay to leave it on all of the time.   It seems to have a power management feature because of the fact that the control panel touch screen blackens out after a certain period of time.  That said, it seems like it would not hurt the printer to leave it on.  What does everyone think about this?

          Thank you

I was asked to help setup some TVs for a small restaurant. I wouldn't be doing the actual install of the physical TVs but was asked to figure out the best way to control the TVs. There will be 6 TVs spread across the restaurant.

I was asked for a couple things: That each TV be able to play it's own "unique" media and that any number of the TVs could be set to view the same channel/input(ie Channel 200 on a Reciever, or a DVD on a DVD player).

What are the best solutions for something like this? I know that places like Applebees and Buffalo Wild Wings have "sophisticated" racks that they use to control all the channels on all the TVs from, but for something this scale I don't think it needs to be that "sophisticated". I know that some of the newer smart TVs can also receive signal by Ethernet, but we will most likely go with HDMI for this Application.

Thank you for the help!
Concerning the program "CAMTASIA". I would like the opinions of Camtasia users only please. This program is the one that is the most memory intensive application that I have. Is it your opinion that utilizing a Nvidia video card  P5000 and 32 gigs of ram more than sufficient to have smooth operation of Camtasia? My ONLY decision is if I should go with 64 gigs of ram instead of 32 gigs. I do not do any heavy duty intensive work with Camtasia. I think that 32 will be just fine but wanted the opinion of actual users before I made a final decision. Note: The publisher of Camtasia recommends a minimum of 2gb  of ram. Experts?






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.