Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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where and how i find cheap and best gaming laptop with good configuration with ram around 16gb for future uses and windows OS and intel i7 or above and good memory

please advise
I have a Dell DMPU2016 KVM and I'm not able to find what dongles I would use to connect to the servers. Just need the RJ45 to USB/VGA dongle part #.

I was told this is just a rebranded Avocent KVM but I don't know which one. But are these dongles product specific or can I use 3rd party?

Thanks in advance.
Last call before the new changes to the website.
Pros and cons of this business desktop which would be bought now and avoid January 2020 end of support for Windows 7.
Intel graphics and integrated.
Which specifications would be obsolete a year from now?
Considering that we currently have 8 ram, i5, two hard drives adding to 500.

We'd be slow to start using it but there is only a 90 day warranty on this refurbished tower.
Use: no video games, only video files, music files, photos, email, internet.

We got a refurbished laptop (Lenovo and Amazon) and have had no issues. It does have W8 but can be upgraded to 10.
Any better sources for a 2nd hand unit?

We have accumulated reward points through a checking account and therefore this desktop would cost us nothing.


The specs are at the bottom of the web page.

Why would bit locker prompt a user to perform a recovery every time the system is restarted?
I believe the system board is the problem, or I just need to update the BIOS.
I did not run a hardware diagnostic test, but the SSD was  decrypted and re-encrypted, which did not resolve the problem.

The system was replaced, but I am still trying to find a root cause.
Any ideas, beside mine?
Exchange 2016 search problem.  After upgrading our Exchange  Server hardware the search function in Outlook and OWA are not working.  The upgrade of the server was done by building the new server and performing mailbox moves from the old server to the new server.  The search issue started immediately after the upgrade over this past weekend.  I have noticed the issue on multiple network pcs in Outlook. In Outlook if a search is performed, it states "Something went wrong and your search could not be completed".  When I try to search in OWA, it says "An error occurred while searching.  Please try again later".  Prior to testing a search in OWA (since no one in the company uses OWA), I had tried to do a re-index on one pc.  Now that I see it is effecting multiple pcs and OWA, I am assuming it is a server level issue.  Not sure how to resolve this.

Any help would be appreciated.
Putting together quotes to replace a 12 year old phone system and VOIP is an option, specifically Ring Central. They claim they have no hardware to install and don't even require QoS which I find hard to believe. They use Polycom phones that come with a high rating as well a Cisco option that comes with a high rating.

Question, has anyone actually witnessed a VOIP phone work without any additional hardware and call quality is excellent? My approach is if this is an option great for all parties involved. If it's too good to be true I prefer to put the right equipment in place to avoid any frustration after installation.

If you've used Ring Central even better, if you haven't but have success with another company please share.
how can mac book be missing usb.

what to use instead
[embed=doc 1408170]
Need ip camera interrogation utility. I need the name of a generic or brand name utility that I can run that will identify as much information as possible for a totally unknown camera plugged into the router. Info such as its ip
Need speedy IP camera solution. I have a close friend that needs a security camera setup as soon as possible. The family is in a remote area and they are experiencing an issue with trespassers, weirdos or parties unknown and fear for safety. I am thinking that I saw some sort of software that would enable a person to simply plug in an IP camera into the router and use the software to monitor and record 24/7. Law enforcement has been notified of this problem but cannot do much until they can identify the vehicle that is causing the difficulty. It is very worrisome  to them since they have two very young children. As an immediate albeit temporary solution I have two IP cameras that I was going to let them use. If an expert could view the specs on the camera and does know of a software program that would suffice that would be most appreciated. I do own Blue Iris software that I never used. I do not know if Blue Iris is capable of doing this job or not. The cameras that I have available are:
1. IR NETWORK CAMERA   DS-2CD2032-1   4MM   12/2014    V5.2.0_140721  Bullet camera  (Actual manufacturer unknown)

2. HOSAFE BRAND  1MB1W  720P  ONVIF H.,264  Bullet camera.

What they are looking for is an immediate solution using one of these two cameras if possible.

Note: I am posting another semi-related question  within a hour.
I am looking for a switch which, when turned on, automatically switches off after a predetermined time like 1 minute or two minutes. The application is a door light which is turned on when someone rings the doorbell.

What would such a switch be called.

Any link would be welcome from which I can purchase it. Ali Express is preferred as it definitely delivers to my country.
I am looking for a wireless mouse and keyboard that will work through walls at a distance of at least 40 feet.  Are there any models available that will do so?
Everything that comes out from our HP M227fdn is powdery. We leave it sitting to maybe dry but it doesn’t help and if the printed area is touched the ink smears. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
The size of our data sets have been getting larger as time passes and I have reach the GB mark (750,000+ data rows); the computer runs to slow and one of the monitors will go blank for a few seconds and comes back on, but processing does continue as expected. In some instances I am unable to do other things while it is parsing a data set; even checking e-mail can bog it down.

Current Workstation Config
HP ProDesk 600 G2
Intel i7-6700
Intel HD Graphics 530
(x3) HP E273
(x2) 1 TB Internal Hard Drives
(x2) 1 TB External Drives (USB 3.0)
Windows Enterprise 10 64 Bit
MSO Pro Plus 2013
SQL 2016 Express.

During my research I found this thread, but the issue there seemed to be more application processing related than hardware and I can process these large data sets in 1-2 hours.

Our IT department says I have the best workstation available in their inventory. If I wanted to get something else I will need justification; so what are my options?

Some suggestions pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
I have a 750GB hard drive that just seemingly filled up overnight.  It is a headless desktop used as a "server" for a specific industry.

I select all the folders on the hard drive and it shows about 45GB of data.  (I have made sure that show hidden folders and files is on.)   I run WinDirStat (as an administrator) looking for the huge file, malware, temporarily files and it also shows around 45GB total.

I run CHKDSK c: /f in CMD (as administrator) and reboot it.  That doesn't fix it either.

I go into DISKPART and it shows the full hard drive.

In "My PC" it shows 10GB free out of 640GB.

I run a local defender scan and an online ESET scanner and shows clean.  

Therefore, I have a 750GB hard drive with less than 50GB of data on it verified by two different programs and it is almost full.

I haven't ran a SMART test on it (yet nothing is being reported on boot up) nor plugged it into my Linux server box for a second opinion.

Is this a hardware or SMART error?  NTFS?  

The drive is old (probably about 8 years old) but still works except for this issue.
Hello all,
I have a client that is using Tekla Structures (similar to AutoCAD but in doing bridges, etc. instead of buildings).
We replaced his old computer with a new one.
In the new system they have an nVidia Quadro P1000 video card and in the old system they have an nVidia Geforce GTX680
It seems that there is a rendering issue when doing a selection box on an existing model on the new video card whereas the old video card does not have this issue.
Is there any settings that need to be done on the new system inside of Tekla Structures to fix this?
Or is the Quadro P1000 a card that doesn’t work correctly with Tekla and I have to get an old GeForce GTX card?
I know that the GeForce card will cause crashes and that the Quadro card will not.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kelly W.
Hi hardware experts,

I have a cheap bluetooth speaker (brand: N:CHE, model: N1).

It has recently stopped charging, and the feel of connecting to the micro-USB connector is not firm as it used to be.  From looking in the micro-USB hole, I think the inside of the connector may have fallen inside.

I would like to get inside the unit so I can see what's happened and hopefully repair it.

I tried removing the 2 "feet" at the bottom of the unit, but there are no screws or anything hidden under them.
I've tried pulling off the speaker by levering it against the plastic side with my finger nails, but it's not moving.

Any ideas how I can take this apart, preferably without damaging it?

See attached photos.

Hey, I'm looking to replace a processor in an HP P7-1003w.  It has a Athlon II X4 650 (3.2 GHz) in it now.  I was looking to bump it to some type of Intel i7 Processor if possible.  Can anyone help me with what will work in it?
My laptop has a card reader slot.  Specs say:
Memory Card Reader 4 in 1 (SD Card, MultiMediaCard, SDHC Card, SDXC Card, SDXC UHS Card)
What are all the differences?

Should I just get this and be good?

What's better
There are more than one type of solid state drives available. I wish to be able to describe and identify the drives that I am involved with using the correct terminology I have included photos of the drives. Could someone please give me the full correct description of each of these shown three types? If they are identified by more than one name please give me both names so that no matter what company I happen to be speaking to they will know what I am speaking of.Photos of solid state drives #1Photos of solid state drive #2
Running Windows 7 Professional SP-1 32-bit, the system has started to freeze, randomly, since yesterday.  No new hardware or software has been installed.  Freezing happens randomly, not consistently with any application or activity, and requires rebooting.  Checkdsk found no problems on the system drive.  All the components are new: Asus P8H67-M PRO/CSM (REV 3.0) (Socket 1155) with the latest bios, Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz  6MB Cache, LGA 1155, (4) Corsair Vengeance 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800); (2) IDE HDD:  WD 3200JB  320 GB (Master) + WD5000AAKB 500 GB (Slave); SATA HDD:   WD30EZRX  3TB;  SATA REV 35GB USB Drive.  Using the Western Digital diagnostic tool, all hard drives passed a quick test.  Using Intel's CPU testing utility, the CPU passed all tests.  Restoring the system drive with an image saved from before this issue, the issue persisted.

I suspect a hardware problem, but I'd appreciate some guidance about how to troubleshoot this systematically.

Thank you.
I often receive the below error message when attempting to open Word files.  At the time of the latest occurrence, 67% of 8GB of RAM was in use.  Rebooting the Laptop usually corrects the issue.  I can open a new blank Word file even after the error is received when trying to open an existing Word file.  

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening?  

I am working on a Lenovo Laptop that has the attached system profile.  The laptop has not been performing as I expected for a quite a while, but I don't know enough to  isolate any issues that are occurring with the software or hardware.

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.
Try these suggestions.
* Check the file permissions for the document or drive.
* Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space.
* Open the file with the Text Recovery converter
(C:\...\{FILE NAME}[/b]

Thank you
Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers to help adit Mac.Audacity audio files?

My MacBook has little speakers and I need a louder set. Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers as output for my Audacity?

I connected the speakers to my Mac via BT but when I open Audacity, I do not see CREATIVE as an option on the speaker drop down.

Is this a connect that should work?

I had this question after viewing Citrix profile management issue.


i still need more info to under stand

1- Exclusion List - directories and files  in Citrix profile management

if i decied to exclude this list that mean this folders will be saved on the xenapp server local disk

and my xenapp server  disk less because it boot over network from PVS server  so the all Vdisk actual will use Xenapp memory

my question if i want to configure Exclusion List - directories and files so maybe i have to create for every work a local disk to use as a store for all of these excluded directories

so how can i tell this inside citrix UPM policy on Citrix director  

i really don't want the excluded directories to be loaded on drive C where it is coming over network from PVS server  

anybody here can tell me how this work why Citrix recommended this (( we have 10 G Ethernet so keep  the whol profile on the network share should make scene ))

the same question for  

Directories and files to synchronize

to synchronize to where ?

the same question for

Folders to mirror       mirror to where

sorry if anyone has any link will show the configuration for such configuration step by step or good links to explain this to me

i am using only citrix UPM on a shared file system and i know nothing about configuring

Exclusion List - directories      and files

Directories and files to synchronize

Folders to mirror  

thanks in advance
Using two microphones with Audacity (Mac High Sierra)

I have two microphones working as inputs with Audacity, via this box:


But, Audacity creates a single track with Left and Right sub-channels for a single channel, while I need each to have each microphone in its own channel.

Or, is there a way to convert a track with Left and Right to two distinct channels?

thinking to sell used laptop

Any good sites that give good price on them

Please advise






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.