Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.

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I have a JVC video camera GZ-HD40EK and we had video recordings of exams  on the camera. Somehow the videos have been deleted or may  be formatted.

Now the examiner wants the videos.

Guys please help , is there any way i can recover the videos from this camera.
Thanks is advance
I am aware of paint fumes damaging circuit boards.

I am still going to ask this question.

Is there any type of paint out there that I can use to make my server room ugly walls look nicer? Is there anything that I can do?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated.
Hi there!

I'm currently working with an HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 printer with a client and we've been having repeated issues with black streaking occurring across the page each time we attempt to print out a document. I've attached a scanned PDF document of a printed page from this printer for context.

We've already attempted to replace the ink cartridge as well as the drum, however the issue is repeating past both of these changes. For the ink cartridges, the client is using a Premium Imaging Cartridge CE255X.

Does anybody happen to have any ideas as to why we're not able to get these streaks to go away? Is it just a matter of using a genuine HP ink cartridge instead or does something else need to be done here?

Thank you for your time!

If I am giving a presentation using a Surface - what key - if any - do I use to mute the screen for the audience?
Ok Experts here is a dozy for us...
Unlocking domain accounts on our computers takes about 20 seconds, doesn't matter the hardware, old computers, new computers, doesn't matter. Started Monday, no changes to Group Policy were made.
Additional info: Remoting (RDP) into the computer is instant, like it should be, being physically at it seems to cause the issue. Any computer is doing this doesn't matter the specs, how many monitors, and/or what video card make/model. All the computers are Dell and the hardware firmware and driver versions doesn't matter either.
Background: We needed to turn off the AppReadiness service due to several users getting black screens after login, you could run commands manually however explorer wouldn't load.
We were very behind on updates on all of our compute devices and seem to have caught up, however this is annoying us now.

Please let me know if any additional information is needed, the whole RDP is OK but physical is not is really puzzling us. Logon does take a hair longer as well, but folks aren't complaining to us about it.

Thank you!!
What is the correlation between virtual Nics and physicial nics?  I have  the following:
wrmnic0 - 10 gig fibre
wrmnic1 - 10 gig fibre both connected to my NAS
wrmnic 3,5,6 & 7 all connected on a VMswitch 2
wrmnic2 connected on vmswitch 1

I'm trying to add 2 more servers on the same vlan however, I don't have any more nic cards.  I have 4 ports on a seperate nic on the hardware but it's just not showing up.  
On my vmswitch2 I created VP port group and the server is up and running - but is the correct?  Will the traffic get slowed down.  I'm enclosing a screenshot
I have a laptop Sony Vaio Model SVF152C29M (Product Name: SVF1521B4E) as described here:
There is Windows 8.1 64bit installed on it.
I start it up, it works normal and after a while, random time, but within minutes, max. 30 min, the keyboard is frozen. I cannot type anything. All the keys are out of functionality.
The mouse pad and the buttons of the mouse pad work without problems.
If I reboot the laptop, then everything is fine again.
If I sign out (log out) from Windows and log in again, then also the keyboard works fine.
For the moment I use the sign out method of reset the keyboard, because is faster than reboot method.
The logout/login takes less than 30s.
Now I have to do that regularly, each 30-60min.
I suppose there is not a hardware problem, but I need your confirmation too.
I expect is a software/driver problem, a clash within Windows registry related with keyboard driver.
I have tried all kind of tricks to make it run, but seems hopeless, including: delete keyboard from Device Manager or tried to update the driver (that takes infinite long and nothing happens) or Windows Repair install. I also used some software to see the keyboard virtual on the screen and check if no key is stuck somehow, pressed down, but all the keys seem to work fine.  Nothing helped.
I did not reinstall the Windows from scratch. Maybe that would help, in case is not a hardware problem, but I …
When I turned my AIO dell on this morning, the monitor was solid green. No text, no beeping..nothing. I tried unplugging the power to it for 15 sec. then a second time for a full min. I also tried unplugging all peripherals and then restarting it. Still green. Any thoughts?
I have never seen this one.
On my son's laptop, you can login to win8 with the keyboard.  Once the system boots, the keyboard stops working!
Trying to mount a failed drive on Windows

I have a friend whose Windows 7 disk crashed. So, I hoped it was a bad sector on the OS loader.

So, I bought a harness which lets me plug the USB port into my PC and mount the drive on my Windows 7. But, I get this horrible messages:

Device I/O Error
Do I have any options?

Windows 8-8.1 Lenovo Thinkpad T430s on two occasions yesterday tried to boot up but a black screen with "fan error" top left appeared and it shutdown itself.
I'm not sure where to find the internal fan. There was no error number.
I have an exterior Belkin USB fan which has worked fine.

The laptop has booted normally 4 times since "fan error"
I have large building that is really 3 old building tied together.  Wiring from one building to another is difficult, not impossible, but very difficult.
The goal is to have the background music in all building playing the same thing (from one source).   Currently there are speakers in each building and each "building's speakers" go to an old stereo tuner of some sort amplifying the signal.  

We have a "Music on Hold" device that allows music and "ads" to be loaded onto a USB and this device has a simply RCA Out jack that feeds into one of the tuners.
We have standard 14ga SPEAKER WIRE running from the center-most tuner to the other 2 tuners.  If looking at the attached PDF, we have speaker wire running from A to B, and from A to C.
If that wire can be used to connect them together that would be AWESOME.  If I need to run a different kind of wire because of new equipment needed, so be it.
I have attached a rough diagram that hopefully will make clearer my situation.

My question is what device(s) can I get to make all these speakers play from one source?   Either new amplifiers, or something that could go from an output of one amplifier to an input of another.   AND.... of course I'm trying to do this as inexpensively as possible.  
Thans for any help.AudioDiagram.pdf
Hardware diagnostics software?  What is the best hardware diagnostics software out there
that the average computer user can utilize...paid for software or otherwise.  i am starting
to run into a lot of hard drive failure and I would like to test these hard drives in order to verify
my suspicion.
I have a laptop, docking station and two desktop monitors.  When I dock my laptop to the station my two desktop monitors turn on.  My laptop is 1, my middle monitor is 3 and my far right monitor is 2.  I open Chrome and the window appears on my laptop screen 1.  I move this app over to middle monitor 3.  I open Outlook and the window appears on my laptop screen 1.  I move this app over to my far right monitor 2.  I open my Slack app on my laptop screen 1.  I do my work and eventually I need to go mobile.  I remove my laptop from the docking station and all windows are now on the laptop.  I get this.  All apps have to go back to laptop screen 1 because there are no other monitors.

What I don't get is why when I dock my laptop on the station again that my middle and far right monitors are not retaining my aforementioned Chrome and Outlook designations.  I have to move them from my laptop screen 1 to the other monitors over and over each time I re-dock my laptop to the monitors.

Is there a way to get my laptop app windows to remember what monitor they were on previously?
I have a PC that rebooted unexpectedly.  It's brand-new, out of the box.  I'd like to "stress-test" it to check all its hardware components - motherboard, memory, etc.  Can you recommend a product that you've used?  Thanks very much.
Need to deploy an itel firmware file.

File is sp80103.exe (this file shows as an exe but is an extractable file which when runs creates a folder with a bunch of subfiles)..

Need to be able to figure out how to use a PowerShell code I have in place already and edit it such that the exe file can be extracted then executed silently.

Note you cannot run the sp80103.exe silently with /s or -s parameters. The help switches don't work either -? or /? or -help /help

I'm not sure the correct syntax for extracting the exe file via PowerShell then executing it.

If ($PSVersionTable.PSVersion -like '2*'){
    $model =  (Get-WmiObject -Classname Win32_ComputerSystem).model
Else {
    $model =  (Get-Ciminstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem).model
$folder = "c:\SOFTWARE\INTEL"
If(-not(Test-Path $folder)){
#if folder doesn't exist
New-Item -Path $Folder -ItemType "Directory" 


#hp models

        "HP Compaq 6200 Pro SFF PC"
    # DOWNLOAD FILE --------------------------------
    $url = "https://dl.dropbox.com/s/q8j286d5wfleawm/sp80103.exe"
    $filename = "sp80103.exe"    
    $target = Join-Path $folder $filename   
    (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadFile($url, $target)
    # INSTALL FILE --------------------------------
    $exe = "c:\SOFTWARE\INTEL\sp80103.exe"
    $extract = "Expand-Archive -Path sp80103.exe -DestinationPath C:\SOFTWARE\INTEL"
    $switches = "-f ME7_5M_UPD_Production.bin -generic"


Open in new window

I have a folder on my hard drive C:\DownloadRes\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\U346C8QQ
I contain thousands of files. They appear to be leftover internet files. What is this folder and if they what I think are then why doesn't ccleaner get rid of them? Can they safely be deleted?  Would it give a lot more free disk space.
I have a new Gigabyte B450 AROUS M motherboard.  Everything seems to work fine, even installed the OS on the SSD with nothing else connected.

However, right out of the box the board (with older firmware), I had a HGST Ultrastar He10 10TB drive that wasn't detected.  So I thought maybe it died even though it is brand new. However it works on a USB 3.0 to SATA adapter fine on this computer with this board as well as another computer.  So I updated the firmware from Gigabyte to the latest version.  Now the BIOS seems to hang at boot with the drive connected.  However, when I disconnect it, it is fine.

This is a new drive and a new board and both seem to be fine until they are connected together.  

I have tried multiple different power plugs in the case as well as multiple SATA cables and SATA ports.

Any ideas on what to try now?
I want to use the Veeam VUM to upgrade all of the vms Hardware to the latest version since we just upgrade our VM host from 5.5 to 6.5
If I select the vm hardware from the baseline, will it shut down the vms one at a time to upgrade the hardware and then will it power them back on once complete?
hi peeps,

I'm working on getting some starter forms (or procedures) and leaver forms (or procedures) rolling for out I.T department. I guess the most important thing is to get procedures and processes in place and content will follow.

We don't have anything like it and I want to standardise something across the business. From what they will need in terms of applications, to hardware (like laptops/phones) to credentials they need set up for them.

We do have various service desk systems along with O365 and Sharepoint that we could use to enforce such a thing.

Do you have anything in place that you have created or what you deem as being an excellent way of keeping track of things? Would you create forms on things like Sharepiont? Does your HR department have anything similar that they use?

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks for helping
Which hardware items do I need for the following situation. I have a Linksys EA9500 Version 2 router that is new. Connected to it is a Ubiquiti Tough Switch POE. On the router there are two sockets labeled USB1 and USB2. They are not being used. There is also a USB port on the Tough Switch. My need is to attach to my system one very high gain yagi antenna. I don't care how to achieve this since the antennas on the router are non removable without destroying the antenna housing and voiding my warranty. My hopes were that I could simply get an adapter for the 17 dBi yagi over to one of the 8 antennas on the router. Since that will not be possible can any Expert recommend a dual band device that is rather inexpensive that I can cobble this yagi onto the adapter instead of the single antenna most of them have? I am in a somewhat remote location. I want to determine how many wifi signals I can find only to determine how many can find ME. With the high gain antennas available I am just curious. The yagi I have is only a 2.5 gig antenna. If any Expert can give me an Amazon item number or description of one that might work for this please do so. This yagi is an 18 element antenna.
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           I am wondering how to extend the amount of battery charge left on my Acer laptop running Windows 10.  At the moment, I seem to only get about 30 minutes of time when the battery is 100 % charged and used as a stand-alone power source.  I can access the battery settings and battery saver within my toolbar of Windows 10.  However, I am not entirely sure how to tweak these settings to get the most of my laptop battery life.

           Any tips or suggestions given will be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you

I have a VM host running VMWare ESXi 6.0, which I usually access for maintenance with VSphere Client 6.0.0. The account I use has admin permissions.

I'd like to set up the server to send email notifcations in case of i.e. hardware problems, but I can't find out where to set that up, and VMWare documentation is not very helpful with that.

Any hint ?
Recommended video card, on a budget.

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010. I5 processor, and I've put 16GB of RAM in it.
This system is low profile, and doesn't have anything more than stock power supply.

I'd like to give this to my kid to use until they can afford the buy their own computer.

Is there a budget video card that will allow this system to play games? Doesn't have to be great (Running on lower settings is fine, as long as it's playable.)

Daily right lower corner is a notification window.  ManyCam is loaded on this system and I do not want to remove it but I'd like to stop getting the notifications for this specific device,
The same message appears daily.
I click dismiss and it's back the next day.

I do want to keep getting notifications so as to know of any vital ones. Thanks.






Hardware includes cell phones and other digital living devices, tablets, computers, servers, peripherals and components, printers and scanners, gaming consoles, networking hardware such as routers, hubs, switches and modems, storage devices and security equipment such as firewalls and other appliances.