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For my home lab I'm curious as to the strengths and weaknesses of different Server Manufacturers that I'm contemplating buying off-lease.  HPE/HP for updates requires a service plan.. and paying $1500+ for the minimum service plan for a $500 server seems a bit excessive.
HP ProLiant DL380 G8
IBM/Lenovo X3650 M4
DELL PowerEdge R720

IBM/Dell's seem to be using LSI Raid controllers that I can use the Megaraid software on. Advanced ILO/IMM/IDRAC is something I'm looking at adding

I realize that this will be almost completely subjective but I'm looking for peers to share with their experiences so I can build out this lab making intelligent decisions. I've heard some bad news re: HP Proliants

I've had no issues with HP DL380G6 and IBM x3650M2 (had to upgrade the raid card to a 5015 for >2TB Support
Awaiting any and all recommendations/horror stories.
I have a Hp MSA 2040 SAN storage and there are 2 interfaces http that I can connect to manage it.

Right now, both of them are not working. I try to open the page and it is not replying

How can I fix that?
We have an Oracle 11g database running on HP UX.  A temporary file suddenly went from 4GB to 9GB and filled up the disk.  How do I shrink the file down?
The output from BDF and the db directory listing (db02/DATA) are below:

# bdf
Filesystem        kbytes       used       avail      %used      Mounted on
/dev/vg00/lvol3   1376256     425760      943160      31%           /
/dev/vg00/lvol1   1835008     204800     1617552      11%           /stand
/dev/vg00/lvol8   8912896    1626104     7239672      18%           /var
/dev/vg00/lvol7   7798784    3366744     4397480      43%           /usr
/dev/vg00/lvol10  12582912   6210586     5974795      51%           /usr/oracle
/dev/vg00/lvol11    524288    110703      387854      22%           /usr/cognos
/dev/vg00/lvol9    5242880   2199235     2853451      44%           /users
/dev/vg00/lvol4     524288     27368      493368       5%           /tmp
/dev/vg00/lvol6   11468800   6081280     5345552      53%           /opt
/dev/vg00/lvol5    6291456   1404456     4848880      22%           /home
/dev/vg00/lvol19  10485760   3250489     6783072      32%           /db08
/dev/vg00/lvol18  10485760   4821905     5309870      48%           /db07
/dev/vg00/lvol17  10485760    745704     9131308       8%           /db06
/dev/vg00/lvol16  10485760   1266390     8643163      13%           /db05
/dev/vg00/lvol15  10485760   2970481     7045579      30%           /db04
/dev/vg00/lvol14  10485760    772136     9106528       8%…
I am considering which Laptop to purchase. Here are the questions I can come up with for now. This will be a machine I travel with. Should be durable, lightweight, long battery life, quiet, not hot. Some processing power needed for extra large Excel files and VBA macros; some Photoshop image or photo editing, and some Camtasia or other video editing; Some software development with API development environment; May need for ROS2 robot simulator on Linux OS.


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1. HP Pavilion - 15z - What has your experience been?
2. HP Phone Tech Support & WARRANTY RETURNS - What has your experience been? I've seen LaptopMag review of tech support not as good as others, 28 out of 40. They are only open until 9pm weekdays, 6pm Sat & Sun which isn't ideal for my work hours (mostly nights).
3. Seems like a great discount this week until ship date of Dec. 16th.
4. AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U (2.3 GHz, up to 4 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) + Radeon™ Vega 10 Graphics
- Will the Ryzen 5 3400 be more than adequate? What is the Ryzen 7 3700 going to help with?
- HP site shows these as only 4 core CPU's. Elsewhere, I saw them as 6 and 8 core? see: UserBenchmark dot com
5. Is the upgrade to 512GB NVMe M.2 worth $150 upgrade from the 256GB NVMe M.2? or would Samsung-970-EVO-500GB be better at $90 from elsewhere? I wonder if there are two slots, one for OS boot, and one for data storage.
6. How cool or hot does…
Have a hp color laserjet cp4025 that keeps defaulting to tray 1 which is the hand fee tray on the side. Would like it to default to the main tray where the paper sits.

The settings on the printer do not stick when you choose tray 2.

The settings on the printer web page are all set to tray 2 with no affect/effect.

Did a cold reset of the printer.

No change.
I have an HP desktop and I don't know the model.
It has Windows 7 professional that has goes blue screen.

The blue screen has an error " IPEAKLWF.SYS - FFFF880049B25D2 " .
The IPEAKLWF.SYS belongs to HP Velocity which appears to be a performance tool.

1. Does the desktop need this program, is it safe to uninstall or disable ".
My work uses HP Switches and we needed to trace activity from a specific Network Jack.  The problem is we did not know which port on the HP Switch that Jack was connected to.

We did know the client computer's MAC address its IP address.  I was told to plug in the device and then un-plug it and then plug it back in several times.  That was how my team discovered the port on switch was connected to from that specific data jack.

I believe my team used a port trap or something like.  My quesitons are:

1.  What tools on the switch can be used to find which switch port that client device is plugged into?
A user has a Windows 7 professional desktop that is using a HP P3015 laserjet network printer. - The printer is having problems and I was told to update the drivers.
The printer is installed on a Windows 2012r2 print server.

What is the best way to update this printers drivers - And How.

Update - The description from the user was not accurate. - The problem was resolved by setting the default tray from envelope to the main try.
However - Management wants the driver updated.      

If I download the basic driver - how can I update the printer on the print server.
I am trying to swap a 500GB SSD from a HP EliteBook 840 G1 to a Dell latitude 3590. There don't seem to be any issues with the SSD but when its installed in the Dell, the boot drive is not recognized.
I am able to open files though when its connected externally.

Is there anything i can do to retain the files/data on the drive and have it work when installed internally in the dell?

the dell has Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz, 1992 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s), 8 GB RAM and windows 10 PRO
HP laser printer, Product number CB537A says INITIALIZING when remove and restore power and  doesn't proceed to READY state. Pls advise.
I have plugged in this dell dual pcie nic card ( Link ) into port 0 of my pcie slot on my HP Z800 Workstation and it is now beeping 5 times when i start the server and it also shows the following during boot:

207-incompatible DIMMS Detect
       slot CPU0 DIMMS
203-Memory module failed self-test and failing rank was disabled
       slot CPU0 DIMMS
207-incompatible DIMMS Detect
       slot CPU1 DIMMS
203-Memory module failed self-test and failing rank was disabled
       slot CPU1 DIMMS

When i allow the workstation to load it states that it is only using 8 GB out of the 12 GB that is actually installed on the Workstation

When i remove this PCIE card the workstation will load without any beeping or reported errors as above and will show it is using all 12 GB of memory installed!

Any ideas how to resolve this?
Hey all, has anyone had any experience working with the HP Laptop model Notebook - 15 - db0004dx.   The machine is only about 3 months old and running horribly slow.   I have managed to run all updates including the HP support assistance for drivers.   I have ran malware scans to see if anything was slowing it down there was nothing, as well as running CCleaner to remove any large amounts of crap unfortunately there were none.   A coworker gave me a ps script that removes a bunch of Junk from windows 10 pro which is the OS its running however that made no difference.   I have cleaned up any old profile on the unit verified fast boot is enabled made sure there were no unnecessary services running that did not need to be running and yet the laptop runs terrible.   I found some Microsoft store apps that I removed including McAfee which has been a culprit a lot but that did not fix the issue this time.  I really don't want to have to wipe and reinstall this unit as I have spent a couple hours trying to fix this startup slowness error.   There isn't much on this unit with the exception of a couple local profiles.   It has all the latest Windows updates on it, just takes about a minute to boot when it should only take about 30 seconds.   I have removed anything I considered bloat ware as well so pretty much there is windows updates HP driver updates and some 3rd party apps the client uses.  

The SN of the unit is CND90137DG if you want to see the specs, it DOES have an AMD …
Hi there!

I'm currently working with an HP LaserJet Enterprise M506 printer with a client and we've been having repeated issues with black streaking occurring across the page each time we attempt to print out a document. I've attached a scanned PDF document of a printed page from this printer for context.

We've already attempted to replace the ink cartridge as well as the drum, however the issue is repeating past both of these changes. For the ink cartridges, the client is using a Premium Imaging Cartridge CE255X.

Does anybody happen to have any ideas as to why we're not able to get these streaks to go away? Is it just a matter of using a genuine HP ink cartridge instead or does something else need to be done here?

Thank you for your time!

How can I change from a wireless to a wired connection to my HP Officejet Pro 8210?   I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the printer.   I ma running Windows 7 Professional X64.   The printer works wirelessly,  but I want to use the ethernet connection.   When I try to do this, the device does not appear in the list of devices.
How to get out of HP install nightmare.

I tried to install a Brand New HP Envy 5-55 today.

I cannot print. The printer says "to print, you need to finish setup"

Then, you have chosen to enroll in HP instant ink, finish your enrollment.

When I saw where the were going to FORCE me to do that, I tried to opt out. Guess that's not allowed.

It's a shame, I used to think HP was great, it's HORRIBLE.

Ant clues on how to get out of this?

Hi guys and gals has anyone had exposure to setting up scan to email using an HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M455fnw?

I just want to know if I need to contact the ISP to setup an additional outbound email address to assign the printer.
Also the ISP is Verizon does anyone know the correct SMTP and port number for sending?

Any help would be appreciated.
We use HP Elitebook G2 - G4's in my environment and they are imaged using SCCM 2012 which work without issue. I've recently purchased the HP ProBook 650 G4 and when I try to PXE boot, it begins to load but it returns to the boot menu shortly after. The BIOS has been updated but I still cant get the PXE to work. Any advice/suggestion is welcomed. Thanks!
HP printers suddenly go offline.
Recently three client computers running Windows 10 with HP printers have had the printers not reconnect after a reboot.  Have to go into Devices and Printers and add the printer every time.  The fix here is setting the printers up with a static ip address or via usb cable.  In one case the computer doesn't see the printer when connected via usb cable.  
That this suddenly started happening in the past few months seems like too much of a coincidence.  I suspect it has something to do with the HP direct feature or a Windows 10 update.
I’ve found many online discussions with people saying this has happened to them, but I haven’t found any discussions pointing to it being a recent problem added by HP or by Windows.  The client whose Windows system can’t see the USB connection had had his HP printer for about five years. This began happening a month ago. I had him pull out the usb cord and try in various ports.  No luck.
I work mainly from home. Most of my clients are older people. They aren’t computer literate.  This fellow lives a half an hour from me so I’ll be able to drive over and set up the static ip. Have any of you seen this suddenly popping up with your clients?  Can you find anything pointing to it being due to a recent change in HP software or Windows 10?  
A user was trying to print to a network connect HP LaserJet 2035n but could not.  They've been able to use this printer without fail for years now.

The user is running Windows 10 Pro Build 17763.

There were some oddities when trying to print to this printer.  Control Panel showed the printer online, the user can PING and access the printer's web interface.  When trying to do a test print from the printer's preferences window in Control panel, the panel would just vanish.  Nothing gets stuck in cue, nothing shows up in the spooler foler, the printer shows no response.  When trying to do a test print from Notepad, not pad closes when the printer is selected.  There are no error logs for this.  Word acts like the printer is there, allows you to send a print but flashes a dialogue box that looks like it's trying to tell you that the printer is offline, but it vanishes real quick.  Word does not crash.

I uninstalled the driver package in device manager and rebooted the PC.  I downloaded the driver from HP's site.  When trying to run the installer package, it crashes immediately with the following three lines in the application log:

Profile notification of event Unload for component {B31118B2-1F49-48E5-B6F5-BC21CAEC56FB} failed, error code is See Tracelogging for error details. 

Open in new window

Profile notification of event Load for component {B31118B2-1F49-48E5-B6F5-BC21CAEC56FB} failed, error code is See Tracelogging for error details. 

Open in new window

"Event Load" …
Hello Everyone,

HP Proliant DL380p G8 server has started (last 24 hours) showing a blinking amber light indicating degraded health. Upon further examination the iLO and array reported that the "Cache Module Status" (on a Model HP Smart Array P420i Controller) has failed and that it is "disabled because a capacitor has failed to charge to an acceptable level" Please see screenshots from iLO and Array diagnostics below for details. The server is out of warranty (we will just pay the cost), but what I am really trying to figure out is how serious this issue is. Everything seems to be working okay and we have no plans on rebooting this server (read that it might not come back up). Is this something that we can live with for the next 10 days or so or is it an A.S.A.P major situation? Appreciate any/all insights to help me determine the severity of the context as an external HP tech might not be available for a few days. Cheers as always
Hello Experts  ,
We currently have a HP Page Wide Pro 477dw Multi function Printer in the office, after turning it on every morning , and trying to print a few minutes later , it seems to have turned off or gone into sleep mode (power button light ON screen OFF), We have updated the firmware and had HP remotely work on the settings and  made sure SLEEP mode is completely OFF and the settings are configured properly but the issue persists , do we have any other alternatives on the matter?
Again thanks in advance and happy seasons to you guys .
We are implementing the Canon secure print option on our copiers to help reduce cost etc, can the HP printer do the same?
HP Eitebook Folio 1040 G1 w/ Intel I5-4200U.  User shut down laptop and would not turn on. I removed battery, pressed and held power, restarted the laptop and it booted.  However, it gives an HP Message "Machine not in a committed State" each time it boots.  I know this can happen with a motherboard change but nothing  changed.   I tried changing from legacy boot to UefI cms but it didn't help.  

How do i get rid of this message?
How do I switch my HP Officejet Pro 8210 from wireless to Ethernet?
Looking at labelling a port number on the HP 1910 switch but cant seem to find the command for CLI or GUI.
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