Home Security

Home security includes the hardware and software in place to monitor and protect property, and personal security practices. The hardware can include the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and cameras systems; the software can include applications connected to smart systems in your home or business or electronic surveillance systems provided by vendors. Personal security practices would be ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed and many other routine tasks which act to prevent misfortunes.

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I am looking for a WiFi enabled home webcam that allows me to save screenshots and video to my PC or via FTP. I'm finding a lot that support either local SD cards or cloud storage, but I don't really want that. Basically, I want to hook up an old PC to use as a DVR, rather than buy a dedicated one.

Looking through the camera choices on Amazon is pretty exhausting, so I figured maybe somebody here would know more.
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

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I just need to know how to reset my password for my DVR so Lorex 1600 model
A friends father died a few years ago and i ended up with this Qsee DVR box that has im assuming his fathers user code with i was never giving so is there a way to reset it ? Its a Q-see h.264 4ch
I forgot the password for my electric 4 channel mini DVR system and can't get it unlocked
I need a single outdoor camera to watch a gate.  We will need emails with video's sent to us when people are going in/out.

night vision - 100 ft
day vision - 100 ft and need to be able to make out license plate numbers
capable of sending email alerts with short video
capable of sending video's to an onsite storage (windows file storage on site, which will connect via a wifi link to the camera)
power needs should be plugin
weather proof
web interface to interact with device
do not want or need a camera cctv system*

I need a single indoor camera to watch an IT server room.  We have about half of our server rooms setup with camera's now, I am going to have camera's put in the rest of them.

poe capable
night/day vision
capability of sending email with video alerts
capability of sending video's to a local storage location (windows)
web interface for interacting
not cctv

I am looking for a seamless way to start a program at startup automatically for normal user as administrator in Windows 10 Pro so the user can interact with that software. The program in question is Hikvision CCTV software.

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,
The place I park in office is about 200-300m from where I seat:
I can't see the car as blocked by walls.

My car is parked along the street which can get vandalised (scratched, etc):
I wanted to be able to view my car from my office PC/laptop (or at least from
my iphone) remotely : the street is a straight one & if I sit in the car, I could see
if someone is approaching (even >100m away).

Anyone has any solution to this?  I don't want a recorded video as it's too late
& the vandal would have taken place.  I wanted a camera/device which will make
it like I'm viewing from within the car (but I'm viewing from my office seat).

Feel free to show me any eBay/Amazon links of the items you recommend.
Not something more than US$300 ideally.

I have an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6: perhaps one of them can be mounted in
the car (with a low-cost 4G data plan of US$20/month for 20GB data)?  If it's
something that don't need any data plan, will be better but I'm Ok to get one

I have a Synology with a webserver (port 80)and other applications like mailserver at other ports which I would like to make public.I have a firewall router on which ports 80 and others are forwarded to my Synology ( and all works fine.
However, I worry about security though. There was some ransomware targeting Synology a while ago and hackers are everywhere.
(How )can I safely put my Synology out in the open?


I have a SmartThings Motion sensor and a SmartThings Power Outlet.

I set these devices up so that when I would walk into a room, the sensor would sense my movement and turn on the Outlet.

However, if I do not have my internet for these devices, the Outlet will not be turned on.

I have seen devices such as sensor lights but was wondering if such things existed for a socket where WiFi was not needed.

Can you recommend any sensor sockets that work like these devices but do not require WiFi?

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Will You Be GDPR Compliant by 5/28/2018?

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Here is what we have found so far along with pricing info, as well as pros and cons.  The sheet can be viewed by anyone.  Editing is restricted but anyone can comment here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MbA9eqdXcXtpFmdD4IrLR101vOgtA-fCZhhQ03yEPfw/edit#gid=0

I would like to monitor ingress and egress to my home and yard.

I need it to be able to notify me every time it recognizes someone that shouldn't be there.

The most important location to monitor is when people come up to the front door from the street which is about 50 ft away.  I would like the smartphone camera there to be good enough to see activity actually at the street level.

I am really looking for best in class here within reason cost-wise, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Hi, I have a questions regarding which type of networking device to use for a particular situation.

I have a security camera system that works over IP. Each of the 16 cameras plug into ports on an NVR switch. The NVR streams to the  Internet via a Netgear ProSAFE 8 Port unmanaged switch.  So in recap,  we have each camera, plugging into a port on the NVR and then streaming via Ethernet cable to a single port on the Netgear unmanaged switch. The switch has another cable that provides the IP address from the ISP's router.

Via a software application provided by the camera vendor, each camera is assigned a channel via IP address. Each camera also has a MAC address, but I cannot assign channels via MAC addresses - only via IP.  Once manually set up, each camera will takes its place in the assigned channel lineup for viewing. In other words, camera 1 may be on channel 7 and camera 2 may be on channel 10, etc.

The problem is that when I have some sort of power outage, all the IP addresses get resigned by the switch and the cameras fall offline.

Hence, my cameras which may have been on x.x.x.1 to x.x.x.16, may now end up on new IP addresses such as x.x.x.17 to x.x.x.32 and so on. However, the channel is looking for the old IP addresses to make the connection for viewing.

From what I understand, there is no way to restrict IP addresses within the switch. So, I think my problem is that the switch is issuing IP addresses sequentially each time it power cycles and it …
My cars have been broken into and \i am trying to access my cameras on the DVR to see if it shows the culprit.
When I went onto the DVR it asked for a password but I never had one and assumed it would be something like 1234 or 0000 but it has now locked me out and I cannot access the system for when the police come round.

Please can you help if there is a master reset password?
Hi guys,

Im currently running what i would say is a "normal home set up". I have a router as my main incoming wifi as well as a extender which is a netgear night hawk.

I run all PC traffic though a paid for VPN.

I also have a smart home, thermostat, alexa, wireless sockets etc. I have been told that the smart home is easy to "hack" AKA some sitting outside gaining entry via the smart home device.

Ive been told i need something like this; Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to secure my home.

Any suggestions.

Please bear in mind my technical knowledge is limited!
Some of the locations we are thinking about putting security cameras are close to existing power, but NOT close to existing Internet, threfore we were thinking about doing POE on the ones close to existing Internet and WIFI for the ones close to existing power, but NOT close to existing Internet

 1. Do you think wireless cameras are good for BUSINESS use or should I stay with WIRED cameras ?

 2. If wireless cameras are good, what brand do you recommend for a 3 story building ?
Hello Team,

Please assist to get a password reset for my DVR

Build Date:2016/4/21 16:32:23
System: V4.02.R11.00031114.10001.130600.00000
Serial ID: 3be17a59f9e5afff
QT5440 or QT5682 DVR

Any other information that you might need I can provided

Thanks Christopher.
I cannot log into my Qsee DVR to check to see who ran into my fence.  I do not know if I even set up a password.  If I did  I do not remember it.
Hi Experts,

I am trying to DIY a home camera surveillance system. I need to figure out what IP camera I should buy, such that the IP camera can automatically store the recorded videos to somewhere in the local are network (like Network-attached Storage).

Below is the situation of my home local area network.
-- a router with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) ports;
-- there is NO Active Directory controller;
-- the location to place camera has CAT6 data cable connected to router PoE port, and there is no extra source of power, such that only PoE IP Camera will work;
-- the computers on the network are set the same Windows workgroup;
-- the computers on the network can share folders to the network;.
-- eventual I am planning to setup a reliable Network-attached Storage in the network.

I want to buy an IP camera that can be configured to automatically store the videos, how ever, I don't know how to select IP camera that works this way. When I look at the specification/description of an IP camera advertisement online, I don't know how to find out whether it will work for me. Can you:
-- Show some example that works for this purpose? You can give me a link of IP camera and tell me why this works.
-- If my idea is not going to work, please let me know why?

Thank you!

I have a few electronic devices in a room which do not need to be on when there is nobody in the room.

The times are variable for when people would be in the room.

These devices are plugged into an extension lead which I would like plugged into a sensor socket.

Ideally what I would like is for when someone walks in the room, the sensor socket would switch on and the devices would in turn switch on too.

The opposite would happen when someone leaves the room for a few minutes.

I would like one that does not require a hub or Wi-Fi as I would have a switch connected to this sensor socket.

Also, it would be an advantage if the sensor socket did not turn off if people were sitting down watching TV but not making much movement.

What would you recommend?

SMB Security Just Got a Layer Stronger
SMB Security Just Got a Layer Stronger

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Dear Team,

I'm facing an issue in a client site where I setup a DVR with some cameras. I have created the proper port forwarding and everything works fine. When I configure the camera application on a mobile device i entered the dvr's public ip address (in order for the cameras to be viewed from anywhere) and it works when the mobile device is not in the same network where the dvr is. But as soon as I try to connect the the public ip of the dvr from within the same network it doesn't work. Any ideas why this could be happening?

Thank you.
How do i reset my password for my dvr qc308
I would like to reset my password on my DVR, how do I do this. Is been more than a year and I lost my old password. I have a NVR 16 HD channels QC826

I just ordered Amazon Echo. I saw on the internet that Echo can be connected to Philips' bulbs and you can use voice to control them. I wonder if it is possible that I connect Echo with my Loxone Smart Home?
Thank you in advance:)
Inadvertently shut down my Qsee QT 5680 DVR and so when I power it back up the login menu pops up,I put in the default username administration and the password 123456 and it comes back with user name or password incorrect when I hit the login icon. I have tryed this several timed. I have also noticed when I click on the numbers they double up and I have to back space constantly.
I am looking for a hidden camera of sorts for a business I work at.  We have had certain issues and would like to monitor an area to figure out what is going on. We would like one that is wireless preferably with some sort of app for windows.  I can't seem to find anything decent for under $100. Does anyone have any recommendations for some sort of hidden security camera one that is not obviously a camera?

Home Security

Home security includes the hardware and software in place to monitor and protect property, and personal security practices. The hardware can include the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and cameras systems; the software can include applications connected to smart systems in your home or business or electronic surveillance systems provided by vendors. Personal security practices would be ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed and many other routine tasks which act to prevent misfortunes.