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Home Security

Home security includes the hardware and software in place to monitor and protect property, and personal security practices. The hardware can include the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and cameras systems; the software can include applications connected to smart systems in your home or business or electronic surveillance systems provided by vendors. Personal security practices would be ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed and many other routine tasks which act to prevent misfortunes.

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The place I park in office is about 200-300m from where I seat:
I can't see the car as blocked by walls.

My car is parked along the street which can get vandalised (scratched, etc):
I wanted to be able to view my car from my office PC/laptop (or at least from
my iphone) remotely : the street is a straight one & if I sit in the car, I could see
if someone is approaching (even >100m away).

Anyone has any solution to this?  I don't want a recorded video as it's too late
& the vandal would have taken place.  I wanted a camera/device which will make
it like I'm viewing from within the car (but I'm viewing from my office seat).

Feel free to show me any eBay/Amazon links of the items you recommend.
Not something more than US$300 ideally.

I have an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6: perhaps one of them can be mounted in
the car (with a low-cost 4G data plan of US$20/month for 20GB data)?  If it's
something that don't need any data plan, will be better but I'm Ok to get one
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I have a SmartThings Motion sensor and a SmartThings Power Outlet.

I set these devices up so that when I would walk into a room, the sensor would sense my movement and turn on the Outlet.

However, if I do not have my internet for these devices, the Outlet will not be turned on.

I have seen devices such as sensor lights but was wondering if such things existed for a socket where WiFi was not needed.

Can you recommend any sensor sockets that work like these devices but do not require WiFi?

Here is what we have found so far along with pricing info, as well as pros and cons.  The sheet can be viewed by anyone.  Editing is restricted but anyone can comment here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MbA9eqdXcXtpFmdD4IrLR101vOgtA-fCZhhQ03yEPfw/edit#gid=0

I would like to monitor ingress and egress to my home and yard.

I need it to be able to notify me every time it recognizes someone that shouldn't be there.

The most important location to monitor is when people come up to the front door from the street which is about 50 ft away.  I would like the smartphone camera there to be good enough to see activity actually at the street level.

I am really looking for best in class here within reason cost-wise, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
My cars have been broken into and \i am trying to access my cameras on the DVR to see if it shows the culprit.
When I went onto the DVR it asked for a password but I never had one and assumed it would be something like 1234 or 0000 but it has now locked me out and I cannot access the system for when the police come round.

Please can you help if there is a master reset password?
Hi guys,

Im currently running what i would say is a "normal home set up". I have a router as my main incoming wifi as well as a extender which is a netgear night hawk.

I run all PC traffic though a paid for VPN.

I also have a smart home, thermostat, alexa, wireless sockets etc. I have been told that the smart home is easy to "hack" AKA some sitting outside gaining entry via the smart home device.

Ive been told i need something like this; Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway to secure my home.

Any suggestions.

Please bear in mind my technical knowledge is limited!
I would like to reset my password on my DVR, how do I do this. Is been more than a year and I lost my old password. I have a NVR 16 HD channels QC826

I just ordered Amazon Echo. I saw on the internet that Echo can be connected to Philips' bulbs and you can use voice to control them. I wonder if it is possible that I connect Echo with my Loxone Smart Home?
Thank you in advance:)
Inadvertently shut down my Qsee QT 5680 DVR and so when I power it back up the login menu pops up,I put in the default username administration and the password 123456 and it comes back with user name or password incorrect when I hit the login icon. I have tryed this several timed. I have also noticed when I click on the numbers they double up and I have to back space constantly.
I work for a small firm and we have offices in multiple locations. I am wondering if it is possible or advisable to use a single DVR to connect to IP camera's from different offices. Example, we have an office in Washington DC and an office in Bethesda MD, I was thinking that it may be possible to connect the DVR in the Bethesda office and use the Sonicwall to somehow connect camera's from the DC office. Both offices currently have static IP's from the ISP as well as Virtual Trunk Line and VPN between both offices. I assume it is possible but am not 100% on how to get it done and whether it is viable or I should just get 2 separate systems. Any help would be awesome.
Forgot admin password. Need to reset it. And no it's not 123456. I changed it when I bought the business 4 years ago. Please help.
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Who's Defending Your Organization from Threats?

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I'd like your recommendations on security cameras you may have CURRENTLY used. Nothing 7 years old please. ;) This will be a single camera system, not a DVR/mulitcam system.

We could use POE to power. Needs reliable (tested by you hopefully LOL) and easy to use SOFTWARE for offsite monitoring and time lapse (sent to FTP?). WiFi and tough, but cheap were also requirements.
Hello all,

I am looking for an all-in-one home security system that combines the following features:
- WiFi (I'm tired of the limitations with wired cameras)
- Cameras (minimum 720p) - minimum 4 channel
- Sensors (door/windows)
- App controllable from anywhere
- Compatible with Google Home and/or Apple Home App

So far, this is all that I've found. It's probably not a perfect fit but I am going to contact the manufacturer.

- Fuers FW1 Wireless WIFI + Telephone Line Home/House Burglar Alarm System

Acceptable compromise
- Two separate systems that work with Google Home / Apple Home App

Thank you :)

I would like advice or a recommendation for security cameras that would have good color detail at night.
My cameras show fuzzy images in the shadows. :)

What would I look at to pick a very good color detail day and night?
Zoom in ability?
180 degree turn ability and ? tilt 45 degrees?

I am thinking of getting a couple more cameras to see how I like them at my house.
Then may add to my rental house.

Should I look at anything else that I missed?

Thank you,
my qsee system keep alarm and theres a message no available hdd for recording
i need port 85 open to view my qsee camera when out of network, i got port 37777 to work and i can view my camera when connecting to same network, so i just copied and pasted port 37777 screen when setting up port 85, so everything is the same except port number, it could save it ok, but when tested on canyouseeme.org only port 37777 open, not port 85
I'm using Synology DS-1515+ with hikvision DVRs as a backup storage , the problem is : sometimes some DVRs (not all) change the status of NAS storage shared folder to "offline" instead of "Normal" and this will stop taking a backup of those DVRs.
my question is why this happens ? and how can i avoid this problem in future.

Note: I created multiple shared folders (one for each DVR)

thanks and waiting your reply
I want renovate my office in New York. I want something cool and positive structure. suggestion are welcome
I can't get into my user settings on my dvr. Changed the password and can't remember what it is now.
I'm using Synology diskstation DS1515+ with my hikvision DVRs, the problem is I cant playback mp4 footagestored in the NAS,
tried to use klite codec, WMP, VLC , VS PLAYER (with other tools from hikvision website) and gom player , but in vain

hope to help me out to solve this problem
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I have a Qsee QT228 home video security camera system and the admin password is supposed to be admin and 123456.  Not working??  I have no idea what that response is for...

I am looking for the DHS FIPS 199 CATEGORIZATION WORKBOOK.  I have attached a copy of the workbook guide for review.  I have been searching the WWW for the excel worksheet but no luck.  The spread sheet is a work book comprised of a couple of worksheets.  The goal is to answer a couple of questions on the first worksheet and on the last worksheet the system categorization will be identified.  during my search I found a version by CMS which is nice but will not work.  If any one has a copy that they can share please let me know or tell me where I can down load the FIPS 199 CATEGORIZATION WORKBOOK.

Thanks in advance.
My outside lights stopped working so I put a new security light bulb in it still did not work I thought maybe they sold me a bad bulb. I took a house lightbulb put that in and it worked  Can anybody explain this to me?
I have installed this system a couple of months ago and someone just tried to steal my AC unit.
I tried to get into my DVR for playback and forgot my password.

I really need help gettinga  passwordso reset without losing data so I can show footage of the attempted robbery to the cops.


Gregory Lopez
I have installed NHome home automation controller on my Synology NAS.

It all installed OK and under the logs it shows that it has found some of my automation products. The trouble is that there is no desktop icon on the synology desktop so how do I configure anything?


I was expecting an icon that would open up a standard looking 'app' as for all other synology pages as that link above shows.
Had brake lines cut on my truck iknow who it is and have Dna police need my cctv footage Help it's a dowson name on it h264  barcode is 6950061. 00065. Then 760 ed  English pal. Hd 500g. Made in China  then  seral nun g 110224202300025  police can't help emailed and spoke to company no help tried for three weeks all the passcodes and remote and rebooting  think the small cell battery died and now has password on it we didn't put one on it machine I'd is 000000 ther is a nother make which is the same hung sun  any help many thank

Home Security

Home security includes the hardware and software in place to monitor and protect property, and personal security practices. The hardware can include the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and cameras systems; the software can include applications connected to smart systems in your home or business or electronic surveillance systems provided by vendors. Personal security practices would be ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed and many other routine tasks which act to prevent misfortunes.

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