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Home Theaters

A home theater is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home. Components and attributes include home cinema, backyard theater, home theater in a box (HTIB), audio-video (AV) receiver, front video projector and projector screen, home theater (PC, HTPC or media PC), media center, and switchable projection window.

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I have a BluRay player with only HDMI out

In our church system I need an adapter so that it can go to VGA
Somehow split the audio

1/8" audio pin would be best ... that is what we have coming out of our audio system aoundboard.
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Client is having an audio system installed in their house.  The AV company is recommending a cable manufacturer that is quite expensive.  They will be running 14/2 jacketed speaker wire, Category 6a UTP, and Coax.

I looked up Belden, which I remember as a quality company.  They were significantly cheaper.

Is Belden a top manufacturer?

I read this article:

which said in March 2016,

"he calculated that a single bitcoin transaction requires as much electricity as the daily consumption of 1.6 American households, and that number has increased since then"

Let's use his numbers just to find what the rough cost of the electricity was, at the point, for a single transaction.

The article also states "currently about 350 megawatts according to my own calculations, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity demand of 280,000 American households."

I calculate that at 1.6 times the daily requirement of a household, there are 5.48 MegaWatts used.

Bitcoin electricity in terms of American household

Please verify this logic is correct. And what is the cost of that amount of electricity?

My computer is running Windows 7 pro.

Windows Media Center is discontinued.  

I want to find some program which allows me to use a remote and allows me to click on files and execute them.  Yes, I know there are wireless mice but I don't want to have to have a horizontal surface on which to operate the remote device.  A device similar to the Windows Media Center  remote would be ideal.  

No, I don't want to use Windows Media Center  .  I have had all kinds of problems with it because of Playready.  I DO NOT want to have to deal with Playready.  

What remote device can you suggest?
I have a Sky box and it is currently connected via a HDMI cable to my Denon AV receiver.

If the Denon AV receiver is left on 7 days a week it can be;
- Generating a lot of heat
- A fire hazard
- Using up a lot of electricity when not used

The Denon AV receiver is generally not used too much so would preferred to have it turned off until needed.

If the Denon AV receiver is not used, I would like the Sky box to use sound from the TV it would be connected too via a HDMI cable.

Is there a way to splitting a HDMI cable coming from Sky box to TV and Denon AV receiver so that when the Denon AV receiver is turned off, the Sky channels will still have sound?

trying to help a neighbor. they have speakers in the ceiling and walls.  they have a control4 system and everything was working supposedly.  They got a new 80" TV and put it up themselves. now they don't have audio through the external speakers.

I know computers. Not much of audio... or at least not on this level.

They have the FIOS cable box feed an Integra audio / video receiver.  The video comes through to tv. No audio through external speakers.

If you run the HDMI right to the TV, you get audio through TV speakers. (so a problem with integra receiver it seems).

I moved the speakers to a Denon audio / video receiver and got audio through the external speakers. so that's good, but switching between cable box / dvd player is a bit of a chore, at least with this dial selector on the denon.

Is theere a simple way to get the external speakers working with the TV and the input devices?!
It's the latest model Apple TV.
I am replacing a VCR with the Apple TV, and need the Audio and Video to be converted to connect to an old Marantz AV Receiver.

Is there an adaptor that will work and support Component as well as the 1-output Video?

Hello all,

My mother in law wants to watch a particular web based TV station but it doesn't work very well over their rather inept Samsung Smart TV. I think the TV's computer is simply not powerful enough to decode and play the H.264 stream (it constantly shows a refresh icon in the center of the video); it plays perfectly on a computer or iPhone.

The other problem with the Samsung Smart TV is that it is very "complicated" to wait about 2 minutes, press "smart hub", use the navigation buttons to find the Internet browser, then move the cursor to the bookmarked URL (that I set up), then finally navigate the web sight to start the TV streaming.

What I am looking for is a TV Box that I can pre-configure to minimize the effort required for my mother in law to watch her TV streaming.

Important features:
  • Minimalistic controller.
  • Decent built-in web browser with capable web video decoding.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • USB memory stick interface.

One candidate is the Minix Neo U1 + A2 Lite Air Mouse.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you
What is the best way to upload 2hours 1080p files to youtube?
I'm currently combining with Quicktime and make it one file and upload.
Combining takes 30 mins on Windows 7, Core i3
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Can someone tell me if the HDMI port on a Windows computer sends/receives a signal or does it send only?  I am trying to get the Roku to show up on my computer screen (like it does on my TV) but haven't been successful? Thanks
I am attempting to use the harmony hub to turn on my tv and have it MUTED

thanks !!!!!
I have the following
- 2009 Nission Cube with the factory stereo (.8" AUX in)
- Bluetooth to .8" converter
- IPhone with 16 Gb RAM, 5Gb data plan,  Plex Media Server client,
- Home-based Plex media server running Centos with 500 Gb  Music.
- Windows 10 Virtual Machine on Server running  Itunes with all media loaded in library.

Currently, I stream all my music from my home server to my iphone while on the road.
I use the bluetooth / .08" adaptor to get the music from the phone to the stereo.

- Sucks my data plan
- Plex interface doesn't lend itself to voice control.

I've considered ITunes match, downside is it still sucks my data plan.

I like the idea of a car computer. I'm an IT engineer and have lots of old laptops, etc.

Goal is to have 500 Gb of media local to my car and some sort of voice activated control to select it.

I'm willing to invest in hardware and software.

- A car receivers that have a USB external storage and some sort of  IOS interface
- Running MAC OS on a laptop with itunes /all media and some sort of hook into itunes on the iphone with audio coming out of either the Ios laptop or the phone?
My daughter has a cochlear implant and hearing aid with a necklace/microphone that pair via bluetooth. Her portable DVD player does not have bluetooth (nor does our home DVD player). Is there a way I can make her DVD player bluetooth compatible, so she can have the sound go directly to her cochlear implant/hearing aid? I have seen the Bluetooth Adapters, but they don't say whether they would work with a portable DVD player. Thank you in advance for your help.
I have a PC sending audio to an amp via a 3.5mm/phono cable. The amp then amps the audio and sends it to a subwoofer via normal speaker cable - and +

Works great.

I wanted to introduce a low pass filter after the amp, before the SW, and I've hooked it up as in the image below. Even though the filter is getting power (LED works), the SW isn't getting any audio.

I have a feeling I am doing this completely wrong, and was wondering if anyone had any advice to get it working? Happy to buy more cables but if I need to by more equipment, unless it is under £5 I will just abandon the project.

Thanks for any and all advice
Am trying to hook up a vcr to my home stereo. Running rca cables from the vcr to my sony receiver (STR-DG810). My LGTV (65UH770) is connected to my receiver via HDMI cable. I can get audio through my system but no video. Are there any special settings required either on the receiver or the tv? (The vcr is connected to the dvd outlets on the receiver and the receiver is set to DVD).
Hi Experts!

Have this Panasonic Plasma HDTV from back in 2008.

There are only two HDMI input ports; can we attach something (adapter) to create more HDMI inputs?
And if you do attach it and on the TV when you select your Inputs will it show the extra HDMI?

By default it shows only the two HDMI inputs (#4 and #5):

Input Select (From Remote Control)


I have a Samsung-UF6470 Smart Tv.
I downloaded Samsung Smart View so as to watch films from my computer.

However most of the times the subtitles cannot be seen (9 times out of 10).

-the subtitle name is exactly as the film name (except the extension of course)
-I tried to drag and drop both the film and the subtitle file
-I also tried to give the whole folder in which the film and the subtitle files are

What can I do? Is there an alternative software which handles the subtitles well?

Thank you.

wife chooses romantic and holiday movies

husband chooses old detective tv shows

should husband and wife have separate netflix profiles
or use the same profile because maybe combination of data will provide suggestions of something they may watch together
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Technology Partners: We Want Your Opinion!

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Black friday shopping!  Walmart and Staples has the 3600 on sale.  But there's a 3700.  higher number, I think is better?

But wikipedia says 3700 is only b/n/g (2.4GHz) and came out in October 2016.  the 3600 came out in april 2016 but has 2.4 / 5GHz.

trying to see the differences beyond that.  Can you help?

Is there  a Overhead Projector that has the ability to adjust the screen size without moving the projector.   I understand it is the len that controls this but cannot find a projector with this adjustable len capabilities.

We have a projector mounted in at the ceiling 18' from wall,   it is used at this point for full size screen 7'X12' image for  a simulator software program.

We need to use this same room for  Meeting/conference/presentations also  the projector needs to adjust the projection screen size to approx.   5'x5'  image.
I'm in the market for a new projector for the company's training room (ceiling-mounted). The screen that it projects on is a 4:3 screen, but the PC currently used  to display most of the time is widescreen. Most laptops too, I would assume to be widescreen. I couldn't tell whether it's better to buy a WXGA projector that would then convert the image to 4:3, or if I should get an XGA projector to match the screen, or maybe something else? My concern with a widescreen image on the 4:3 also is that someone in the back probably would not be able to read text clearly. Short of getting a new wide screen (which I suppose is an option), what would you recommend?

Also, there is a VGA cable currently run to the ceiling mount, so I was hoping to use that, but I guess I may need to bite the bullet and get an HDMI cable to be run?

HI, I bought a Panasonic Viera a few years ago. I have the recommended Panasonic wireless adaptor, and I have a good DSL connection, 20MB.

It's a  VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV. The adapter is a Panasonic LAN Adaptor N52Z028. My network is Telmex, and my Netflix is a Mexican account, as I'm in Mexico.

Problem 1: It won't play Youtube videos. The simply won't buffer.

Problem 2.: It loses connection to Netflix about 50% of the time. Some days I can watch Netflix for a few hours, other days it reloads the program once or twice, then says, "Sorry, we can't connct you to Netflix". Some days it just won't connect at all.

When it won't connect, sometimes it says it can't connect to the router, sometimes it says it can't connect to the Viera Server. I can always watch on my laptop, but I don't want to. That's why I bought a smart TV.

Do you have any recommendations to improve performance of this TV? Thanks.
We are potentially going to be moving into a building that has some unique features to it.  In it are several classrooms.  Each classroom has what looks like an IDF in each classroom with switches and audio/visual equipment that I am unfamiliar with. The new office building has an ampitheater that has a whole audio/visual setup like a theater where they can show presentations or play movies.  This theater is able to tie in to the separate classrooms and play the same presentation in the theater.

We are not experts at audio visual equipment.  We may not have access to the previous tenants to know how the setup works.  I know this is not enough detail, but what are some basic components that I need to get familiar in order to know how these projectors and system work?  Is there a diagram online that can tell me how these systems are setup?
Has anyone ever come across a HDMI switcher that also switches Audio Optical TOSLINK

Ideally 4 HDMI + 4 Optical Audio inputs ....  to one HDMI +  one Optical Audio Output (Remote controlled)

Home Theaters

A home theater is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home. Components and attributes include home cinema, backyard theater, home theater in a box (HTIB), audio-video (AV) receiver, front video projector and projector screen, home theater (PC, HTPC or media PC), media center, and switchable projection window.

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