HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information to be displayed in a web browser, providing both the structure and content for what is sent from a web server through the use of tags. The current implementation of the HTML specification is HTML5.

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Hello. Do anyone know how to solve when I use Gii generator by Yii and want to create such as such as form generator, it always fail and state that the model class may not exist or have syntax error. After generate the model class, I did not change anything. everything was just okay before this. it happen around this few days.  may experts can help. I really need to solve this problem as I need to use it. I am now in an internship so I want to do my best here for me to complete my study.
I want to play different sounds on different keypress through keyboard. I have created a code for "a" but all the keys play the same the same song. I want different songs on different keypress.
<!DOCTYPE html>

<audio id="audio">
<source src="ed.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element.

<p>Click the buttons to play or pause the audio.</p>

<input onkeypress="playAudio()" id='audio' type="text">Play Audio
<button onclick="pauseAudio()" type="button">Pause Audio</button>

var x = document.getElementById("audio");

function playAudio() {;

function pauseAudio() {

//to play on the key A do this(using Jquery):
document.addEventListener('onkeypress', function(e) {
  if(e.keyCode == 65){


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When I wrap phone numbers in hyperlinks with the tel: schema as described here

I receive  

Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource 'tel:05356449491'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

How will I overcome?
Thank you.
I need help with the following code:
<section ng-init="getPlanAreas()">
  <div class="panel panel-primary">
    <div class="panel-heading">
      <h4 class="text-center">Plan Area Details</h4>
    <div class="panel-body">
      <div class="col-lg-12">
        <table class="table table-condensed table-bordered">
                <thead style="background-color: #E0E0E0;">
                <th style="padding-left: 15px;">Plan Area</th>
                <th>Total Tasks</th>
                <th class="text-center" ng-repeat="row in monthMaxDays">{{}}</th>
                <th class="text-center" width="60">Total Hours</th>
          <tbody class="summary-body">
          <tr ng-repeat-start="planArea in planAreas">
            <td style="vertical-align: middle;" ng-click="planToggle(planArea);">
              <a href="">
                <i ng-if="planArea.isCollapsed" class="fa fa-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i>
                <i ng-if="!planArea.isCollapsed" class="fa fa-minus" aria-hidden="true"></i>
              </a> {{}}
            <td align="center">{{planArea.countActivity}}</td>
            <td colspan="12"></td>
            <td class="text-center">{{planArea.totalHours}}</td>
          <tr ng-repeat-end uib-collapse="planArea.isCollapsed">
            <td colspan="15">
              <table class="table 

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i am facing this issue but really dont know how to solve it. please tell me the solution even if its really simple for you as i am having a hard time solving it. whenever a customer sign ups to my website magento confirmation email have some code file in attachment .is there anyone to stop that code file in attachments
I need to route an HTML-formatted e-mail from a Red-Hat server through a client's Office 365 instance.  At the bottom of this post is a command that I can use to reliably route e-mail through their server, it also works with 'mail'.  However, when I attempt to run an HTML file through, the e-mail displays the HTML code, not the rendered page.

I've tried adding MIME and Content-Type into the HTML file (putting the MIME and other header stuff before the <html> tag, and attempted different command line parameters to try to force the output as HTML.  The -a option in this flavor of Linux is to attach a file, so I can't use that to specify the content-type.

Thanks for any help or advice!


echo "Test Message 2" | mailx -v -s "Subject" -S smtp-use-starttls -S ssl-verify=ignore -S smtp-auth-login -S smtp=smtp:// -S -S -S smtp-auth-password=MyPasswordIsHere -S nss-config-dir="/etc/pki/nssdb"

Thanks for any help or advice!
Hello guys,

I have a PHP dashboard (not designed by me) that include a window to put in an external URL. This window uses embed method to include a web page, but, as you can see, is created a white space below. How can I remove it??

Screenshot example

This request is very similar to this one: stackoverflow (.) com/questions/21025319/iframe-creates-extra-space-below


// embed method
echo "<object data={$exturl}?ver={$dtime} width=\"100%\" height=\"auto\"> <embed src={$exturl}?ver={$dtime}> </embed> Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. </object>";

I also tried with iframe method but I have same result:

// iframe method
echo "<iframe src=\"{$exturl}?ver={$dtime}\" width=\"100%\" frameborder=\"0\" scrolling=\"yes\"></iframe>";

Thanks in advance


$db_host = "localhost"; // PROBABLY THIS IS OK
$db_name = "idcard";
$db_user = "root";
$db_word = "";

$mysqli = new mysqli($db_host, $db_user, $db_word, $db_name);

if ($mysqli->connect_errno)
    = "CONNECT FAIL: "
    . $mysqli->connect_errno
    . ' '
    . $mysqli->connect_error
    trigger_error($err, E_USER_ERROR);

$result = mysqli_query($mysqli,"SELECT value FROM combo1");
$num_rows = mysqli_num_rows($result);

//echo "$num_rows Rows\n";
if ($result->num_rows > 0) {
     // output data of each row
  $array = Array();
  $array1 = Array();
     while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
         //echo "<br> value: ". $row['value'].  "<br>";
          $array[] = $row['value'];

$sql = "SELECT static_name FROM static_values";
$result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $sql);
if ($result && mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) 
 while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){
                //echo "<option>" . $row['static_name'] . "</option>";
                 //echo $source;
              // print_r($array1);
               foreach ($array as $row)
  if(in_array($row, $array1))
$sql = "SELECT 

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I am using iFrame in my application's html, with ng-src=",/portal?token=theTokenID&language=en&embedded=true"
This iframe is not loading on IE bubt works in Chrome.

I have already tried adding:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE11">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">
New Jquery library
but getting nowhere.

ANy help appreciated.

I'm not finding anything from searches so far, maybe I am using the wrong verbiage.
I am building an internal webpage using html5 css3 standards. The problem I am running into is that many many many of the companies IE browsers have added  the .local domain to compatibility view, or checked the toggle to render pages using compatibility view.
Is there a way to catch those behaviors and send those browsers to different page?  (One that is very simple page, and also gives them the info about compatibility view.)

ini_set('display_errors', TRUE);

$myUsername_dep = "use";

$myPassword_dep = "pass";

// specify the LDAP server to connect to
$conn_dep = ldap_connect("") or die("Could not connect to server");

ldap_set_option($conn_dep, LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS, 0);
ldap_set_option($conn_dep, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);

$bind_dep = ldap_bind( $conn_dep, $myUsername_dep, $myPassword_dep );

    if ($bind_dep) {
// echo PHP_EOL . "LDAP bind successful...<br>" ;
    } else {
        echo PHP_EOL . "LDAP bind failed...";

$base_dn_dep = 'DC=xxxx,DC=com';


$result_dep = ldap_search($conn_dep, $base_dn_dep, $filter_dep) or die ("ldap search error");

$info_dep = ldap_get_entries($conn_dep, $result_dep);

for ($i=1; $i<$info_dep["count"]; $i++)
$index = $info_dep[$i];

echo PHP_EOL . "<strong>Department</strong>: <span class=text>". $info_dep[$i]["department"][0] ."</span><br/>";

<select name="departments">
foreach($info_dep[$i]["department"][0] as $value) {

  echo PHP_EOL ." <option value='{$value}'>{$value}</option>";

We were using the following css style to achieve verticle text in our sharepoint list app

.style80 {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      font-size: 8pt;
      font-weight: normal;
      writing-mode: tb-rl;
      transform: rotate(-90deg);
      transform-origin: 100% 0%;
      background-color: #D6E8FF;
      text-align: left;

we migrated the site from SP2010 to o365 and the vertical text is now horizontal, are we missing something?
I have tried using this code:

      set @HTMLText=_HTMLText;
      while locate('<',@HTMLText)>0 do 
      end while;
      RETURN @HTMLText;

But i get this error:
SQL query: 

      set @HTMLText=_HTMLText

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MySQL said:  
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 4
I have table in database
one column has text with html   like below
<label class="label_conv">    <span class="label_title"> <a href="" target="_blank">Grapevine, Texas</a> </span><br>           (Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center)<br>           Tuesday, April 17 - Friday, April 20 , 2018    </label>

When  I create Excel table from the table , I see plain text  .
Instead , I want Excel to show me this text in HTML  like on attachment below

the code I use

HttpResponse response = HttpContext.Current.Response;

                        //clean up the response.object
                        response.Charset = string.Empty;
                bool inline = true;

                        //set the response mime type for excel
                        response.ContentType = "application/";
                string filename = "survey6_" + System.DateTime.Now.ToString();

                        //add a response header
                        const string header = "{0};filename={1}";

                if (!filename.EndsWith(".xls"))
                    filename += ".xls";

                        if (inline)
                              response.AddHeader("content-disposition", string.Format(header, "inline", filename));
                              response.AddHeader("content-disposition", string.Format(header, "attachment", filename));

                DataTable table = dt; // datatable which I receive from database
                              StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
Hi Experts ,

Am trying to make the canvas responsive when the Jquery UI Dialog resizes . but some how it didn't work  and i know someone already reinvented the wheel . Please share if anybody did .

Thanks in Advance Experts
We have a web page built using angularJS where we are showing the videos of the uploaded videos using JWPlayer,

but When the web page is loaded, the JWPlayer doesn't load the video instead it shows half the width of the actual video width and when the play button is clicked, video is not played instead video starts to download.

This behavior is seen across different browsers, across different systems. However, on certain systems it is playing fine. Also, on certain systems it is playing fine in Chrome but not playing on firefox. The browser setting across the browsers on different systems is the same.

When the element is inspected, different HTML tag is shown for browsers where it is not working and a different HTML is shown for browser where it is working.

For half width player (not working): The 'a' tag is shown with the with href path where the content gets downloaded when clicked on play.(half-image.png)
For full width player (working): The video is wrapped in div container with default player embedded in it and content is played when clicked on play.(full-image.jpg)

After updating the browser and re-logging in, the JWPlayer loads the video with full width in some cases.

versions used:
jwplayer : 0.2.1
ng-jwplayer : 5.9.2118
I have (I think) quite easy html question
I have a background image that is 1000x1000px on my page - it all ok

When I enter text on this page i want a vertical scroll bar to appear, as soon the text it is in the bottom of the 1000x1000 picture. So when text is longer then the image,  a verticla scroll bar appear with the background keep staying

Hope you understand
I want to edit my adobe muse website's code on Netbeans and J2EE. I want to convert the HTML code of my site into a JSP I exported the HTML code of my site but don't know what to do next. Please help me
I have created a google map. A user clicks on his location and pins the marker at that location, now when he clicks on the marker a info-window pops up with a form asking his details.
I have created a table in mysql with all the columns asked in the form.
I have also created the python script in PyCharm CE that is required to process the form details and store in the mysql table I created. However this does not happen.
When I click on the submit button in the html web form, instead of storing the data in the mysql database table I created, It displays the entire python code that I had created, and it is not storing anything in the mysql database table.
Please help me at the earliest.....I have been stuck on this for many days
Help would really be appreciated.
I am pasting all the codes below for reference, if possible please do correct them and let me know about the mistakes as well or anything else that I'm missing.
Thanks in advance.

HTML/JavaScript Code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
               <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" />
          <meta charset="utf-8" />

                  #map {
                        width: 100%;
                        height: 100%;

                  html, body {
                      height: 100%;
                      margin: 0;
                      padding: 0;

                  #description {
                      font-family: Calibri;
                      font-size: 15px;
                      font-weight: 300;

                  #infowindow-content .title {
                      display: none;

                  #map …
I have a webpage written in html 5 using bootstrap. As part of my requirement, we use the tab format using the div tags. and I place each of the web controls in each div tag which is accessible when the user click on the web tabs.

Now I have submit button for each of the web controls forms but it is not firing the post event since it is checking the validation of all the web controls forms at the same time.

How can I avoid this and have the validation be specific to that web user control only. I am using microsoft framework 4.5 and visual studios 2013
Can anyone describe their experience with embedding powerBI visualzations into a website?  I want to have client specific visualizations that show up when they log into the website.  (Probably using HTML5)  Thoughts?  What concerns me most was the description from the powerBI website about publishing to the cloud.  It is imperative that only the client can see their graphs...

Thank you,

I have a basic HTML website that I am trying to add Google AdSense banners to.  I creates an AsSense account, and created some Ad units.  I copied and placed the code in the body of my HTML as per instructions.  But only blanks show up.

I tried some 3rd party tools like
They all show Ads for my site.

So I thought maybe some other  code on the page was conflicting.  I simplified and went vanilla with a test page.  Still does not work.

Here is the test page code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">



	<!-- Google AdSense Widget -->

		<script async src="//"></script>
		<!-- Responsive -->
		<ins class="adsbygoogle"
		(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
		responsive ad above this line


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On this site here you will see the logo is so small in safari on PC, I just don't  know how to begin to fix this?
Please can someone help?
I have the following code and no matter what I do the darn column is much wider than I want and wider than the field...

.style19 {
                        font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
                        font-size: 11px;
                        background-color: #F2F2F2;
                        text-align: left;
                        font-weight: normal;
                        white-space: nowrap;
.style35 {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      font-size: 11px;
      background-color: #F2F2F2;
      white-space: nowrap;

<th class="style19" valign="bottom" style="height: 90px; width: 5%;">RAPTID</th>

<td class="style35" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; width: 5%; background-color: #FFFFFF;" valign="top"><a href=" RAPTs/RAPT_View.aspx?RAPT={@RAPTID}"><xsl:value-of select="@RAPTID" /></a></td>

We have a form that uses regular expression to request that the user enter a simple answer to a question to submit the form, like 2+2=?. Some users report that it will not accept their entries. I have tested it multiple times and cannot replicate the problem. Is there any setting in a browser that can create that issue? Or is there something else we should look for? We have had a similar issue with captcha.






HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information to be displayed in a web browser, providing both the structure and content for what is sent from a web server through the use of tags. The current implementation of the HTML specification is HTML5.