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IBM i, formerly known as AS/400, is a proprietary, midrange, object-based operating and application system. It includes a relational database, a menu-driven interface, support for multiple users, block-oriented terminal support and printers, and supports security, communications, and web-based application servers including Websphere, Apache and Tomcat.

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i have program  is running on as/400  but data queue size for this program is over.
That is the reason , it is error , would we have any command to increase data queue or solve this for program runs?

Tks so much.

According to this link, DB2 does not offer the "Median" function that is available in MS-Excel for instance.

Does anyone know of an alternative method that I could run in my query to produce the "Median" result?  The SQL below better demonstrates what I'm looking to achieve if "Median" was actually a function that was available to me.

Select FIELD1, Median([FIELD2])
Group by FIELD1
This is a general question…. I’m posting it because of the tight timeline.  

I have a repair order master -  the only field I need off this file is location.  However, think of it as the header record.  Then I have three detail files labor, parts, and other.  Each contains detail costing information.  A repair order may have entries on each or only one of the detail files.  Each file is keyed by the repair order number and service date.

I want to create a report which combines all work from the 3 detail files groups by vehicle number and service date.  Providing total repair costs by vehicle subtotaled by service date.  

Does this lend itself to query?  I would normally right a sql to populate one combined file with selected information from all the detail files and then feed it to a print program or query format…… however the user wants this in query.  

Any input is appreciated….. Thanks
I have to login and out of AS400 sessions all the time and hate having to login everytime. Is there a way to setup some kind of automation where I dont' have to enter username and password on green screen? Maybe a setup in Operations Navagator?

Anything would help.

I'm not able to get my selection correct and this is something that is need asap.... I would normally use sql, but need it in query.  

please see attached
Hello everybody,

i have to make some automation application using the rumba activex (WdMfDsp.Ocx /  AxInterop.ObjectXMFDisplay).. i did manage to put something together besides that i have no documentation of it... but there is still several methods etc that i would like some more info, and also wanted to know if i can use the control outside the form (in a class library for eg).. but since im a 3rd party to develop this, i am given little to none resource for it..

so i after extensive google i gave up and now im here to see if anyone has the documentation of the activex or has managed to use it outside the form.. thx
We use Oracle ERP software. and we run it on AS400 server. every user who uses the software is setup so that when they go to print reports in the JD Edwards software it gos to an AS400 output Q and then prints to there printer.

Well, we have a user who has had there printer changed. Changed from a Canon copier to a Lanier LD225 printer. I am not familiar with how to change the printer definition or driver on the 400. But I did go out to there website to make sure that new printer was in the supported list and it is. see screen print below.

The printer that she is currently setup to print to is: QGPL/CTCFPRT01

if her printer has changed what will I need to change on the AS400? Where do I need to go or command (s) to use? Would I need to go into the printer definition of CTHFPRT01 and make a change there??

All I am currently in the process of migrating to from a virtual S36
machine to a S36 Environment.  I have found that the software appears
to be using external Assembler subroutines or I assume that is what it
is doing.  The OPT Code is EXIT and when I did the RSTS36LIBM it
created a QS36SBR source file.  Most of the members have a type DFU36
but some have ASM36.  If I view the source file it look all garbled

Does anyone know how to create the subroutine object from this source
or can point me in the direction I need to go?

I wrote a query for DB2 that takes about 4 seconds to run once and subsequent runs take 250 ms. I wrote another query that takes about 7 seconds to run once and 300 ms afterwards. If i UNION ALL them it'll take 90-120 seconds every time. I'm only producing a single result even. That's a tremendous increase in processing time for what seems like a simple operation. Is there a strategy to run it faster?

I've included the 2 queries in question. I just can't figure out why UNION ALL slows them down so much.
select oainv
left outer join TESTDATA.VARSHIP on rvcmp = 1 and rvcust = oacust and rvship = oaship
where obcmp = 1 and obdel = 'A'
and oacmp = 1 and oadel = 'A'
and oaord = obord and oabocd = obbocd
and oaord = mrord
and obitem = icitem and ictrln = i001trln and i001001 = 'manufacturer'
and rmcmp = 1 and rmcust = oacust
union all
select sainv oainv
left outer join TESTDATA.VARSHIP on rvcmp = 1 and rvcust = sacust and rvship = saship
where sbcmp = 1
and sacmp = 1
and saord = sbord and sabocd = sbbocd and saindt = sbindt
and saord = mrord
and sbitem = icitem and ictrln = i001trln and i001001 = 'manufacturer'
and rmcmp = 1 and rmcust = sacust

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Hi all,

I worked in Oracle Db and now work with as/400 .

In recent days , we use Mimix to backup all library to Test Machine but some library faileds and need to copy again. Unlucky , this library is used by 24/7 system . i wonder that if we don't stop 24/7 progam , can we backup data like in Oralce , we use archive log mode and can be backup online .

Please advise us ...

Using the unlink() and open() APIs from IBM, we are creating an IFS streamfile (IBM's open() api page:

If the streamfile needs to be replaced, the unlink() fails because the IFS object was not created with the authority to be deleted so we end up with either an error message or two conflicting entries in the streamfile (if we supress the error checking on unlink()). All object authorities must be controlled by authorisation lists, due to company security policy.

The authorisation properties of the open() api (and chmod() api) do not allow you to set the authorisation list of the new IFS streamfile, and the page linked above says that "Adopted authority is not used".

How do I set the Authorisation list when creating an IFS streamfile in RPG? Preferably to the same AUTL as the parent directory in the IFS.
I am trying to do a data refresh. I have removed all the locks on the LIB I need to delete.

I have issued the following command to delete the LIB:  DLTLIB TESTDTA

It started running for about 25mins. Then it just gave the error message below.

Can someone please help me get past this error? I assume I need to enter some command for that table. I'm not an AS400 expert so I will need some guidance.

We need to look at activities by the end-user in terms of Data sent to the AS/400 applications and response received from the app by sniffing the TCP/IP data packets being sent on the wire.
Is there any document/library that gives the message formats that will enable us to do this.
I'm getting a size error and don't see why it is happening.  

Thank you for you help.


Dear Support Team,
We are using AS400 DB2 on OS/400 V5R4. for a application we want to upload impages of employee or some other photos so the same can be viewed while doing transation. how we can upload  images and then view same. please advise us.
I am trying to transfer an Ascii file from a PC to an AS400 using FTP and need to translate to EBCDIC. Not familiar with the AS400. What mode do I need to use and/or should I be using something else to perform transfer.
I am trying to add a linked server for our AS400 to use with SQL 2005. So far I have not been sucessful. I am attaching what I entered and the error I received. Any help will be greatly appreciated. as400-Linked-Server-error.docx
Hi Experts,
I am trying to write a stored procedure in AS/400 which shuld insert records in TableOut, based on some condition from Table1 and Table2.  I am listing source code below for the procedure. The procedure TestProc is compiling fine and seems like it executes, but doesn't insert the records as it is intended.  I see no errors in the compilition spool file.  When I copy and paste the insert statement in SQL Statement command prompt, it works just fine.  Any idea.  Please let me know if you have any question.  Thank you in advance for trying.

IN pItemType VARCHAR(10))            
LANGUAGE SQL                      
SPECIFIC DEB100PR          
NOT DETERMINISTIC                  
MODIFIES SQL DATA                  
CALLED ON NULL INPUT              
            COMMIT    = *NONE  ,    
            DYNUSRPRF = *OWNER ,    
            OUTPUT    = *PRINT ,    
            SQLPATH   = *LIBL  ,    
            USRPRF    = *OWNER      

SET vItemType = pItemType;                                                    
(SELECT ItemNum1, ItemName1 FROM MyLib/Table1 WHERE ItemNum1 IN
(SELECT ItemNum2  FROM MyLib/Table2 WHERE ItemType = …
I would like to  use an SQLRPGLE stored procedure to return all the fields in a particular record, plus some other fields that I will add, to a web-based application.  What I had hoped to do was a) define an externally-described data structure, based on the file that I'm using, and then b) define a field in the data structure that will be my returned record set using the LIKEDS keyword and referencing the externally-defined data structure.

My code looks like this:

D MSIADS        E DS                  ExtName(@MSIA) Qualified                                
D  OUTPUT         DS                  DIM(1) QUALIFIED                                        
D   MSIA                              LIKEDS(MSIADS)

But when I tried to compile it, I got the message "Host structure array OUTPUT not defined or
 not usable." from the SQL compiler.

Is it possible to do what I want to do, or should I try to work this out some other way?

Thanks very much for your help!
Hey guys,

I need spool files to print to laserjet printers throughout our office from a AS/400. I read on the IBM website that you can send the spool files to a printer share on a Windows machine. I was wondering if it is practical to configure all of my remote printers to point to shared printers on a Windows Storage Server 2008 print server. I am finding it difficult to get the settings right to send directly to different types of printers.

The types of printers range. We have a couple big Panasonic copier printers, some HP and Kyocera laserjets, and some home office printers.

If this would be practical, are there any quickguides besides IBMs or can anyone provide some fast configuration steps to get it going?

Why after ran go save 21, My system, like every day, starts but telnet service is down? I can no start it again and musty rboot the server.
I originally asked this question back in March on trying to get a certain font and point size to print.

I thought I had it worked out but they don't like the way it looks and they want it to be exactly like it was from the old AIX Unix computer.  Which I believe is sending Escape strings to the printer.  Which I have.  I am trying to create a work station user customization from the HP8000.  Here is what I've done so far.


2. Converted the acsii string s1p85v4s3b24580T to hex 73317038357634733362323435383054.  I believe is supposed to be Helvetica Bold Pointsize 85 condensed and I'm not sure what the 2458 and 0T are for.  This is the string that came out of the Unix system we are move from.

3.  Added the a new custom FID to the HP8000 source (see code below)


5.  Changed the device description of the HP8150 Lan printer to use the new WSCST.  

6.  Changed the Font keyword in the DDS to 176.  The printer file is an *AFPDS.

This is close but not exact.  Am I doing something wrong or is it just the hex string I am using?  If you look at the attached PDFs you can see the font is the same but looks narrower.  The AIX_Print is what it is suppose to look like …

I did a full system backup option 21 go save.

Everything was fine using a slr 60gb.

How to re-check all system was backuped up fine?

Is possible to promtp this command to an external ftp server? how?

Best regards
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Hi Everybody

Actually we have the label Printers Zebra Z4M in our environment under AIX but i am unable
to understand some of the Commands in the label file. Can anybody explain the 3rd line in the zebra
printer.  what is * used for and here what is the meaning of the line ??

there is a way,
a CL command to change status of a scheduled job?
I try chgjobscde but it seems do not change status.

IBM System i

IBM i, formerly known as AS/400, is a proprietary, midrange, object-based operating and application system. It includes a relational database, a menu-driven interface, support for multiple users, block-oriented terminal support and printers, and supports security, communications, and web-based application servers including Websphere, Apache and Tomcat.

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