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Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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Hi all, I have a question about how best to approach my particular issue, which usually I can research for myself, but in this case I can't quite get my brain around it. If what I'm asking is only possible when working with the output in PHP, please let me know.

I have two tables: "releases" and "variations". The "releases" table contains many fields with extensive details about each release, whereas "variations" contains only a few fields describing small differences to the main release.  Both contain the field "pagename", which will correlate when the variation is tied to the release. Both tables also both share "item_creator_username", and this is the field I'm searching by the WHERE clause (WHERE item_creator_username = 'x'). However, any item from the "variations" table is going to have limited information about the release itself. So in addition to getting items where the item_creator_username fields match, I also want to be able to fill in the gaps about the release itself using the "releases" table.


If I'm trying to get all the items the user "Webmaster" created, I use a UNION ALL to get items from both tables:

SELECT pagename, id, titlesort, catalog, photos FROM releases WHERE item_creator_username = 'Webmaster' UNION ALL SELECT pagename, id, titlesort, catalog, photos FROM variations WHERE item_creator_username = 'Webmaster' ORDER BY titlesort

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So this is well and good. But how do I also get the missing information about the …
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Can anyone recommend a really good duplicate image finder that can compare some 100gb of photos by metadata e.g. exact date and time taken of the original photo rather than the name of the photo (as some of my photos might have different names after I changed them but they are the same photos).

Also is there a way of seeing a visual depiction of all the photos taken in a heat map style so I can see where there are large gaps (e.g. 1-2 months) where no photos are?

Also I am capable of doing a google search myself so what I am really looking for are recommendations based on what people have actually used and not opinions based on what they have read on a web site (as I capable of reading a blurb too).  Thanks.
Hello Experts -

Does anyone know a good Windows 7-compatible piece of software that will allow me to manipulate 2 jpg images (one on top of the other)  with the interactive ability to resize, crop, and label the combined image at varous angles?

Idealy the software would also allow the transparency of the background image to be varied in transparent intensity.

I can see some possible candidates by doing a Google search, but without some hands-on experience, I'll have no way of determining which particular piece of software really offers the desired characteristics.

Thanks for any advice you may offer.
My OS is win 10 pro 64 bit and one of my online sites I visit to make a purchase wants my DL ID, and further they want to activate my web camera so that they could take a picture of myself, my identity.  This site is for bitcoins.  The present small camera is a Logitech HD 720P.  The site says that the picture is not that good enough to compare with the  jpeg license I uploaded.  Thus the need to purchase a better one that would do the job, with the cost bearing in mind. Thank u for your suggestions. Regards
Preferences in firefox does not have files listed in file/applications. Every time I add a jpeg and then open firefox it switches the extension/app from preview to firefox as the open with. I have gone to fileinfo/changedtopreview/Are you sure you want to change all similar documents to open with the application “Preview.app”?/yes. Then the next time firefox is opened the jpeg files are switched back to open with firefox/default.
Good morning to whom this may concern,

We're currently in the process of upgrading our users OS from Win 7 to Win 10.
Some users have reported that when they've attempted to print images or documents from Microsoft Edge, or images from Photos on their system, the print option on their system is fine. However, when they go over to one of the network printers (Canon C5250i), nothing appears.
Other web browsers work fine (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and also users who still have Windows Photo Viewer installed on their system, are able to print from that.
I've done a test print to a local printer, from Edge and Photos, but they seem to print fine.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, and how they were able to resolve this?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
I am working on a project with a company that is using filemaker on the desktop. They want to upgrade the system since it is slow. The requirements are that it can be accessed from the web with security. The application stores images that will be shown on a web and printed in a book. Text is also collected for both the book and web.  There are adjustments made to the images like cropping or recentering which are currently done out of filemaker and then resaved into filemaker. The company uses both Mac and Pcs. I have been looking for a tool that would give them what is needed but have not found one. Is there a tool that would work? I am not sure if filemaker cloud is a good option. Thanks
Dear Experts

We would like to send promotional emails to the prospects . I understood it is recommended to have the content in the HTML versions as our creative agency provides us the image only, should we have to ask the creative agency to provide raw .psd versions and we have to hire  Htmlization services  and get it in the html versions. please suggest thanks in advance.
I am developing an ms/access database that needs to store images (simple JPEG, around  50K each. In total, we expect to have a maximum of 500 - 700 images, so I am thinking to use OLE or attachment fields and embed.
The images are stored in files.
Can anyone help me and let me know
1. should I go to Attachment or OLE?
2.  how to set up the field so the existing file will be incorportated
3. how to show the file on (i) screen and (ii) report
any help will be greatly appreciated

PS. I am ready to buy an Active X that helps me

I need some help on how to create a banner with separate colors and how to take a shape and put it in the image.

Sorry for the way of asking this question.

What I need is in the screenshot to explain it better
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Free Tool: SSL Checker

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I got hundreds of small rectangle image pictures of a words that I cut open from a letter-page.
Question is  how to allow User to rearrange images visually to reconstruct a original or alternative story?  

All kind of extras as game-like % to see how near constructed is to original would be good also, with print out option of final work.  

First i can just copy them all in to Word-Blog and start re-arrange in there, but this ended up with a freezed session.

Also was thinking about some image gallery scripts that would randomize images  and would fill a page by adding  the rectangle images after each other in flat view (there would be no option to re-arrange but at least would be able to display the output some-kind in readable format).

(image rearrange platform, web-script, flash puzzle like game where people can randomize images and then one by one order them up and down, after each other.  )
I have a website which is on process of being built with Wordpress.
I need to upload panoramic photos taken with mobile. So far the plugin that I found aren't good enough. The only solution which suites my need so far is the one implemented of Facebook.

Can anyone suggest a plugin or a solution for uploading panoramic photos and obtain the same effect is obtained with Facebook?

Thanks for any contribution.
Hi everyone, I wondered if someone could help me please, I am looking to start a new online business selling videos to local business owners but mainly selling videos that my customers can create / customise / edit and buy online kind of on autopilot.

I would like to create videos in formats for Facebook headers, instagram, everyday marketing videos, the kind where customers can upload their own images and videos to my templates if that makes sense, perhaps integrate stock photo and video options.

I was wanting to offer options for usual videos as well as facebook headers and instagram, providing templates and customers either upload their own images or video clips or could perhaps add direct from pixabay etc.

I note that there is various open source software available but I need to integrate and set it up inside my website.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
i have this old webcam, it worked fine in windows 7 64 bit.   model v-uax16
now in windows 10 it does not work - even if it is installed without error in device manager
what options do i have to get it running?
can i get it running in windows 10, or a VM ?

and plse don't say to buy another one - that does not answer my Q, and i know its old
Looking an an easy or automated way to put borders around pictures, black borders. In the perfect world would like to "select" all the pictures and "simply apply" the chosen black border to them. Possible? How? Thanks!
Friend gets the same e-mails we do from a company. One on Wed. and one on Friday. Mine arrives in my Hotmail account and all images are shown. He uses Thunderbird and he gets no images. He gets links to everything.
I have no access to their computer now but is anyone aware of the setting he can change to allow all images to be seen?
I've sent him single photos and they arrive as images.

He sees this:
Harris Teeter | Wednesday e-VIC


And on down the page with multiple links.

Here is what I see:

How to know, how many users up-loaded their photos in their outlook/web-mail. I need that report. currently we are using exchange 2013  
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Google has Search by Image (https://www.google.de/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi ) and another online service is TinEye (https://www.tineye.com/ )
Do you know any good software for desktop PC Windows that’s I able to do similar search?
I found some small applications, but are so slow:

Here is my situation.
I have an external HDD 1TB with almost 100K photos taken along the years.
Some of these photos were uploaded also on some social networks as Facebook for example.
Recently I decided for a long slideshow with about 2K photos. I saw some of the photos on my Facebook account and I downloaded from there. But they are low resolution compared with original photos, for example 200K size instead of 2.3MB and besides that the name given by FB at download is not meaningful for me to find original photo. The original photo has also the date stamp (EXIF) in it and will help me a lot for slideshow. The idea is I want the original photos and I have them somewhere on the external HDD, but searching among 100K photos is not easy. I identified some photos visual, just looking, browsing them on the external HDD, under 100, but is hard.
Then I was thinking that if I do a kind of reverse image search starting from downloaded FB photos and find the original, then I am saved. Right now I have a mix of original photos and low resolution FB download photos.
What are your …

Bad situation. Daughter's iPhone was re-set to factory settings without a backup, neither icloud nor iTunes backup.

2 years of photos gone.

Is there any hope of recovering the photos from the device?

Any advice very welcome...
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

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$mysql_hostname ='localhost';
$mysql_user ='root';
$mysql_password ='';
$mysql_database ='buddies';
$conn  =  mysql_connect($mysql_hostname,$mysql_user,$mysql_password);

mysql_select_db($mysql_database,  $conn)  or  die("Could  not  select  database");
//$mysql_hostname ='localhost';
//$mysql_user ='root';
//$mysql_password ='';
//$mysql_database ='buddies';
//$conn  =  mysql_connect($mysql_hostname,$mysql_user,$mysql_password);

//mysql_select_db($mysql_database,  $conn)  or  die("Could  not  select  database");


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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Add news rss feed</title>

*{margin :0px;
padding :0px;}
	width: 90%;
    margin: auto;
    float: none;
input[type=text] {
		width: 90%;
		padding: 8px 20px;
		margin: 0px 0;
		box-sizing: border-box;
		border: 2px solid grey;
		border-radius: 10px; font-size:20px;}
	    color: cadetblue;
    font-family: sans-serif;}
textarea[name=description] {
		width: 90%;
		padding:5px 20px;
		margin: 0px 0;
		border: 2px solid grey;
		border-radius: 10px;
textarea[name=descriptioncontain] {
		width: 90%;
		padding:8px 20px;
		margin: 0px 0;
		box-sizing: border-box;
		border: 2px solid grey;
		border-radius: 10px;
	    width: 306px;

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I need to draw straight lines with arrows onto an existing graph image.

see attached


So, I need to draw a line, but use arrowheads mid-line using PhotoShop..
I dont want outlook blocking any attachments. These are invoices sent from customers. This is bypassing my settings in Junk email settings where I have set it to "no automatic filtering". And I have added all senders to "Safe Senders", but it still moves almost all email with attachments to junk email. jpgs, png, pdf. I have Exchange 2010 on premise, and I use Outlook 2016 from Office 365.
I would to get this turned off as most of my invoices now go to Junk Mail for a couple of months now.
I am looking for a script where 5 levels of user can upload video and photos with title,description, caption and search all media using filter searching system. 1st level user can upload and set permissions whether lower level user can see it or not and whether it'll be public or private.

It's has no problem if you it's based on wordpress or raw php.
I have two Photo Library files and need to purge them. That's because i have all the pictures I want on disk as a JPG or other format. These are duplicates.

When I plug in my phone or camera. it imports to the library. I export the ones I want. So they are duplicate!

How do I purge these files?

I worry about simply deleting them, unless this is the correct step.


45 GB
and I need it to highlight duplicates and make it easy to purge duplicates.

I have 48GB clogging my disk with pictures and think I have many duplicates.  Know many images exist in both the Photo Gallery AND on my disk. And often there are multiple copies in both places.

What kind of automation is there I can use to save disk space and not spend time going through each picture. I really do not have the time, but I want:

1) grouping by person to be an option, and will train the system later, when I have time
2) remove from disk when safely stored in this program

Can I use Photo Gallery on the Mac for this?

Shall I consider the Google program, the name of which I forget?


Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.