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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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I would really like to understand what is going on here --

Background:  We print thousands of labels daily using both thermal-transfer and inkjet printers.  All of these labels are custom designed, mostly in Loftware Label Manager Design32 software.  Most of these labels include "standardized" elements which we save as image files and then link to in the label design templates.  Many of these standardized elements have been in use for four or five years; all are saved as .png image files.

Yesterday, I upgraded to the most current version of the Loftware applications and quickly found out that it was unable to properly display these images.  Generally speaking, they would be cut off width-wise.  So, for example, an image that was supposed to show "REF" surrounded by a bordering box displayed as "RE" with the right side of the box cutoff as well as the F.  Note that it didn't matter how big I made the bounding box; the image was still cut off.  Even the image selection preview window shows the image cut off.

Some investigation revealed that these images were displayed properly by Windows Explorer as well as Windows Photo Viewer whereas Irfanview displays just a black box of the correct dimensions.  

I found that if I open the image in Paint and then simply re-save it (still as .png), both Irfanview and Loftware now display the image correctly.

I'd like to understand what is happening here.  Anyone have any ideas?

I've attached one of the images in question.
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I had this question after viewing Windows 7 - png thumbnails display as generic image in File Explorer.

Please help, I have the similar problem. But I have never used FastPictureViewer and is running Windows 10 64bit Pro OS build 17134.165  
Reading the replies, I'm pretty sure it must have to do with a Windows update?
Since it seems that this latest win updates did run 02-05-2018, I've looked to programs and think that it is strange that a lot of programs, drivers etc. are reported as "installed On" this date, although they are installed up to several years before. see attached.
I reinstalled the Picasa Viewer (whole application, the last version Google maded - but it did not help.
So, I guess that uninstalled one or more of the programs "installed" on maj 2. this year will help? But which one - a graphic one perhaps?? I really think it must be a Windows 10 update issue.
Please help, anyone, I have no clue when the error came, but it was in june since I discovered it in start of july - and reinstalled Picasa 4. july, BTW.
my friend has an iphone 6 that when you power it on, it simply reads 'iphone is disabled' - connect to itunes'. I have plugged it into a windows machine and it loads the 'internal storage' of the device (quoting approx 1GB of 60GB free), yet when I click the 'internal storage' drive, nothing loads up. They are not overly fussed about getting the device to work just to salvage any photos files from storage. I am guessing the fact that windows can recognise the device and list the internal storage is a good sign from a hardware fault perspective, but I cannot see any files when I click internal storage. What can be done to view and copy off the contents of internal storage in this situation? I dont have the machine they may or may not of used to sync with itunes, although I could install itunes a fresh on my own windows machine and go from there... all I really need to do is copy the files from internal storage through whatever means.
When a user is exporting images using K-Pacs Workstation 1.6.0 the images mostly show up in dcm format. Is there a way to make them default export to jpeg or another more readable format?
Hi Experts,

How can I do a bullet image in TCPDF, for example like the finger bullet in MS Word?

I tried using the following code and extracted the followind bullets from Word, but it looks horrible. I added the border just to see how it aligns, but why does it not go all the way to the right?

Thank you,

My code is

function create_bullet($bullet_name, $bullet_text){
    /*Acceptable Bullet Names:
     *              - finger
     *              - rainbow
     *              - square
     *              - square-whole
     *              - star
    global $env;
    $img = $env['url'] . "images\bullet_$bullet_name.jpg";
    $bullet_html  = "<table style=\"width: 100%;\" border=\"1\"> <tr>";
    $bullet_html .= "<td style=\"width: 2cm;\"><img src=\"$img\" /></td>";
    $bullet_html .= "<td>$bullet_text</td>";
    $bullet_html .= "</tr></table>";
    return $bullet_html;

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Looking for desktop application to create PDF catalog (letter size) of photo images (thumbnails), six per page or more or less, with custom caption (file name normally) for each image.  A catalog with 600 images would be 100 pages long with six photos (3 up and 2 across) per page.  There should be a way to customize the header and footer.
I want to have a duplicate Lightroom setup on two computers in two different cities.
Macs at both ends.  High Sierra OS
Photos are divided into folders, based on the date of import
My base of operations is in New York City, and I have to spend some time away in Massachusetts
Lightroom has over 300,000 pictures, and the catalog is over 4.39 GB
I need my assistant to sync and review my collection, delete photos and add keywords, etc.
After the assistant does their changes, I will need the
In preparation, I did the following copying:
I duplicated all the LR files onto a removable drive  (CRU RTX)
I took the drive with me to the second city
I set up a VPN between the two locations.
NYC has a fast FIOS connection:  greater than 300 Mbps both download and upload.  Sometimes Speedtest will show >600 for each
MA has a cable connection - about 60Mbps Download and 20Mbps Upload
I connect from NYC to MA
Tunnelblick on NYC computer
Araknis Router in MA has OpenVPN
First Method of sync:
Mac File Sharing
"Beyond Compare" application to update from one direction to another
Too slow to compare files over a VPN
Connection would drop - I assume from the 'stress' of comparing too many files
Second Method of sync:
"Retrospect" application - Server in NYC, Client in MA.
The Client works locally on the MA computer to catalog changes,
Server in NYC compares MA catalog of files to NYC local catalog
Retrospect copies new and changed files
Rather than …
This video is almost 0% of what I see on my Instagram page,

I enter the hash tag for the company for which I need to post an image. I see the other 33 images posted already.

How to do upload my photo and share it with the company and be able to "see" it on their instagram page so I know they got it.
I have created labels using access 2010.  They have 4 across and 13 down.   Everything looks good except I inserted a picture on the label and it's only showing up on 32-42 of the labels.  There are 52 labels going across then down.  so the last 10-18 won't have the picture on them.  why would it do this??

I am closing this question.   I had compacted and repaired the db and then opened it again and same problem.  But after a reboot overnight, it was working fine. I'm chalking this up to gremlins in the code.  Have a great day!
PaperPort installer detected previous installation
You did a proper uninstallation of PaperPort. You even ran the official PP14 Remover Tool. But when you try to reinstall PaperPort, you get the dialog box above, which you can't get past. There is simply no way to install PaperPort! This article presents a solution that has worked for many PP users.
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Where are my videos hiding on my iPhone 7?

I am using a few teleprompter apps and start the recording okay, but I can not find where the video is being placed for either app. I look in the Camera app since that is where I see videos when created with the Camera app, but I am sure they are elsewhere...

Any ides where I can find them?

PaperPort Splash Screen
Sometimes PaperPort will not even open. It displays the splash screen (above) and exits, or it may show an "Application Crash" dialog before exiting (sometimes with a dump, sometimes not). There are many reasons for this problem. This article discusses several of them and offers possible solutions.
Scan of 35mm color slides results in an image that is 7.5 MB and 8,300 x 29,000 pixels. Irfanview is able to open the file and in inches it is 2.60 x 9.10. I've tried Microsoft Picture Manager for cropping and the result is a blank image.
What can be done to capture the images on the color slide? The top one had been used to create a 4x6 inch print by a camera shop.

Revised: well upon loading here they can actually be seen fairly well. Except the second one from the top which was a closeup of someone's face and maybe a chest up shot of someone. That ones shows nothing.
i am using codetwo active directory photos to upload photos for users so they will be appearing in skype for business and outlook. for emails we use office365.
my senior has deployed this and its working for few users and not for others.

for few users pics are showing and for few not showing. i just want to troubleshoot. how do i troubleshoot ? any idea.
i found, whenever i close the application codetwoADphotos, i am getting an error. i attached the pic, please have a look at it.
even if i add a new photo for a user, its not showing in skype for business or outlook.

any help would be great.
Frequently I receive the message as shown in my attached jpg. How do I fix this problem?Screenshot of error message from Chrome
I currently upload hundreds of photos to Google + after each race I time and send a link to race participants so they can find their finish line picture.  Lately Google + is not sorting them in the order that they were taken which is how I think I have it set up.  Is there a setting on the camera that I need to change for this or is this something I am doing wrong on Google +.  Alternatively, are there other FREE pictures storage sites that folks can access their finish line picture via a link?

Dear Powershell experts.. Powershell script issue

We want to move .jpg files beginning with "DRS_" or "DRS-" from local computer directory to a remote computer directory, ultimately.
We want the script to check every 30 seconds (or loop if applicable) if the source folder has above jpg file types in it and if so run the PS "move-item" functions. Testing with just the "move-item" function lines on their own works.

My problem seems to be in the construct on logic of the section below which seems to be ignored right now:
$timeout = 120
$sw = [diagnostics.stopwatch]::StartNew()
while ($sw.elapsed -lt $timeout)
    if (Test-Path $Source1 -include DRS*.jpg){
        write-host "Found a file!"

Please help fix it.

Thankyou. See attached script.
Dynamics 365, On Premise

How can we sharpen the resolution of the large Ribbon buttons as shown below?

My cousin (who I have no way to contact) put his father's color slides on the father's computer so the many dozens of images could be viewed as the screen saver, one photo at a time.
I have slides I need to get to my computer.
There are Youtube videos using DSLR cameras and cereal boxes with a hole, piece of paper, shine a light to show the image and then use the camera to take a photo. These slides are not worth buying a new camera.

I doubt the cousin used a high powered camera. He could have used an actual slide projector since i know his father had one.

Any other methods?
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Why does my Canon SX720 HS NOT go into Record mode, and beep instead?

I record often with my Canon, and usually have no issue. But sometimes, pushing the Record button causes it to beep three or four times in rapid succession, and NOT record.

There is no error displayed. (Is there an error log somewhere?)

My only recourse is to power off then power up.

I do not have a clue what is happening, and fear that a longer video may be interrupted, where I am recording, only to find later it switched itself off.

How to delay the shutter on a Canon SX720HS

I can not find the option to have a 5 or 10 second daly on the shutter.

Streaming video from my Canon 40X SX720 HS to a MacBook High Sierra. I have not yet connected my camera to my network, but hope to figure out how to set up the streaming.

According to Canon, they do not support this but it requires third party software and works like other camera models from Canon.


Need a lower cost alternative to a Canon 40X SX720HS

This is a great camera, but out of my price range.

What is a good alternative that costs less money?

windows 10

how do I use photo filter to resize photos

need 20 photos to be smaller in size
Convert, Compress & Extract PDF Data by Free PDF Toolbox

pdf toolboxSysTools announces Free PDF Toolbox Software to reduce PDF file size without losing quality. This application can be used to extract data from Adobe PDF documents in batch. Any text or images from multiple PDF documents can be extracted with this professional utility. Another benefit offered by this free tool is to convert PDF into PDF/A format. Some highlighted features of the tool are given below:

                                                     1- Users can compress, convert & extract data from multiple PDF files
                                                     2- Facility to perform these task on:
                                                            a)All pages/Even/Odd pages
                                                            b) Page Range
                                                            c) Specific Pages
                                                      3- Provides the option to select the desired PDF Compression Algorithm & 
                                                           Compress Quality
                                                      4- Save extracted image as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc
                                                      5- Export multiple PDF files to PDF/A format

Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.