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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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I had this question after viewing Photoshop CS6 Export Multiple Layers with Fixed Top Layer Effect on All.  I have an extremely large (383mb) psd file with over 200 layers.  I created the file using photoshop CC (current verison is 2019).  In it I have several base layers that I use for the background for the other layers.  So if I export the layers as a png file I might select layer 6 (which has several styles applied to it) and layer 10 as one image, then layer6 and layer 11, then layer 6 and layer 12, etc.  Sometimes I select the base layer (layer 6) and 2 to 3 other layers in combination.  I want to be able to automate this as much as possible.  I could save a copy of the psd and then flatten each layer so there would never be more than 2 layers selected (the base and the one I am selecting).  There must be some way to do this within photoshop!  Any ideas would be appreciated (I also wouldn't mind getting this large file downsized a little - over 380mb is far too large).
Google Drive has gone a long way in allowing you to set up default folders in Windows for backup to Google Drive through the Google Backup & Sync 'preferences' selection.

This seamlessly creates checked folders for Desktop, Documents, and Pictures by default and allows you to add additional folders for automatic backup to Google Drive as well.

Google Drive then lists out those items very clearly under your 'Computers' section inside of your Google Drive online so that you can easily find what you are looking from when you are not at the computer being backed up.

Contacts from your Android phone can also be automatically backed up to google contacts which takes care of that problem.

My Bookmarks in Google Chrome are now also automatically backed up which takes care of that problem.

Photos can be automatically synced with Google Photos which solves that problem also for both Windows and Android.

How do I obtain a similar solution for handwritten notes so that I can also pull those up on my desktop if needed?
Hello experts.
I got an image size 150 x 150 pixels BMP or JPG
when I make it bigger using mspaint or paint 3d

it loses resolution, becoming bigger blurry

is there any software or visual c, or visual basic source
that i can use to make it  sharper again?
Hello fellow Experts Exchange members:

I have a user with an iPhone and a Yahoo e-mail account who is having difficulty sending images via the Photos app on her iPhone.

The user reports that she used to (as of several weeks ago) be able to e-mail her G-mail account photos via the Photos app but that she abruptly started encountering difficulties doing so roughly around the same time (or so she thinks) as a new DC/file/application server for the corporate LAN was installed.

All of the e-mails she sends without any attachments go through fine, but most of the e-mails she sends from her Photos app simply disappear.

The e-mails appear in the Outbox folder in her Mail app but abruptly disappear (along with the Outbox folder) and never appear in the Sent folder nor in the recipients' mailboxes.

There are no error messages that appear on her iPhone or bounceback messages that appear in her Yahoo e-mail.

(The user does not use her iPhone to access anything - workstations, servers, printers, etc. - on the corporate LAN.)

Images sent as attachments via her Mail app fared slightly better, but she would like to be able to e-mail from her Photos app directly.

I asked the user to try e-mailing photos from her Photos app with WiFi disabled, and one time I (and she) did receive an e-mail from her Yahoo account with the attached images.  However, she tried several more times (with WiFi disabled), and neither of us received any of the other messages.

Have any Experts…
Hi, I am using a perl script to connect to my IMAP server and retrieve my unread messages. I am using Net::IMAP::Simple .. when I find an unread message, I get a full copy of the message. Here is part of my script:

for $i (@mylist) {
$msg = $server->get( $i );
print "Message Number $i contains:\n";
print "$msg\n";
$ret = `rm -f /tmp/msg.txt`;
open(TMP,"> /tmp/msg.txt");
print TMP "$msg";
close TMP;
$line1 = `grep "Subject: " /tmp/msg.txt`;

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I can see the attachment in the "$msg" .. but this is what the attachment looks like:

Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="20190421_132835.jpg"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="20190421_132835.jpg"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <16a45e7d6e23c578d131>
X-Attachment-Id: 16a45e7d6e23c578d131

Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="20190421_132835.jpg"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="20190421_132835.jpg"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <16a45e7d6e23c578d131>
X-Attachment-Id: 16a45e7d6e23c578d131

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The data for the JPEG follows after that.

I just downloaded that script to take a look at it. It is not doing exactly what I need to do, and the script has no documentation on how to use it and run it

What I'd like to do is to modify my script so that any attachments are downloaded into a folder.

I have a server running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
I have a directory with a number of jpg files taken with an IP camera. I am trying to concatenate the jpg files into a single mpg video file using ffmpeg with the following command:

ffmpeg -f concat -i /tmp/myjpegs  /tmp/myvideo.mpg

I get the error message:
/tmp/myjpegs: Invalid data found when processing input

There is nothing else in the /tmp/myjpegs folder apart from the sequence of jpg files.

This the the output from the command:

  libavutil      55. 78.100 / 55. 78.100
  libavcodec     57.107.100 / 57.107.100
  libavformat    57. 83.100 / 57. 83.100
  libavdevice    57. 10.100 / 57. 10.100
  libavfilter     6.107.100 /  6.107.100
  libavresample   3.  7.  0 /  3.  7.  0
  libswscale      4.  8.100 /  4.  8.100
  libswresample   2.  9.100 /  2.  9.100
  libpostproc    54.  7.100 / 54.  7.100
/tmp/myjpegs: Invalid data found when processing input
Hello - I am having trouble syncing my Mac photo albums with my iPhone 8. It was syncing a few weeks ago, but now appears to have stopped syncing updates to my photo albums and photo library from Mac to iPhone. The calendar still syncs, but photos do not. I have no idea why this could be. I have everything turned on (i.e. Photo Stream and iCloud Photos) on both my Mac and iPhone. Both area also completely up to date. The Mac just suddenly stopped syncing my photo album updates with my iPhone. Do you have ANY idea whatsoever why this might be? Help!
  Right now I'm working on a basic Django application, I am learning how to upload an image from a User and serve it onto the web-page.  I have no issues when I create a new Topic (class) and upload an image through the Django Admin GUI.  It adds the image into my files structure perfectly, however when I try to upload the image through my html <form> I get a multvalueidictkey error from the enctype="multipart/form-data" on my  (form) action function.  If i remove that enctype from the form I get no errors but the image doesnt seem to append the media_root url.

Error Page
HTML form
HTML form  (form action function triggering error) (form action function triggering error)
I’ve yet to experience this error yet, but for some reason when trying to open a jpg file or a bmp file I get the error on the picture that’s included. I can open the file by right clicking and choosing open with using paint, but just double clicking the file gives me the error on the picture included.error when double clicking pictureshows apps set as default.
Somehow the picture view is TWINUI, but what seems to be the problem is when I change the default apps settings from TWINUI to paint the screen goes away. Because the screen goes away the settings never stays as paint for the picture viewer, and TWINUI remains the default for pictures. TWINUI is also the default video player for some reason; included a picture.

I tried copying and pasting the below into power shell but didn’t work.
Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode - Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}


get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage

If I log in as me on the PC with my active directory admin account I can successfully change the photo viewer, but I do not believe this applies to a group policy considering how long this problem has never happened before.

Is there a way to remove the TWINUI picture viewer? I do not see it listed in the add/remove programs, or listed as a feature to add or remove.

Maybe TWINUI picture viewer comes with an update?

This is on Windows 10 1809 Enterprise.

I install a Panasonic scanner, but I …
JPG Image BrokenHi,
  I have Windows Server 2019 and it can't display JPG image files when I changed the view to Large Icons.
 How can I make it display the contents of the file automatically?
 Current file type association of JPG is Paint. So when I double click the file, it opens in Paint, but I can't view them automatically in Windows Explorer.
 Can you help?

I use Photoshop to open a png file and want to add some circle on the image file.

When I draw a circle and select copy and paste, another image is created but they are moving together as a unit. How to separate it ?

How to select a circle ? I click on the circle but it can't select ?

I have a new PPT presentation and just created a group of photos for an animation slide.
Why is it numbering the group as 11 and 12 when this is a brand new presentation and a brand new slide.  This should be group 1 and 2?
I have a problem converting pdf to jpg via ImageMagick.

The following command works successfully by producing a pdf file from a jpg file.

convert.exe -density 300 "C:\TEMP\testing.jpg" -depth 8 "C:\TEMP\testing.pdf"

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However, reversing the process by converting the pdf file back to a jpg file does not seem to work.
Errors are not shown, but no output file is produce.

convert.exe -density 300 "C:\TEMP\testing.pdf" -depth 8 "C:\TEMP\testing.jpg"

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I have installed the latest imagemagick (ImageMagick-7.0.8-37-Q16-x64-dll.exe) from and ghostscript (9.27) from both for Windows x64.

Your kind help would be appreciated.
I have an s3 url which is of the image in jpg format. I have the following code :
        BufferedImage image = URL(url));
I need to calculate the sizeof this image.
How do i do that.
I tried the following :
 public static Integer getSize(BufferedImage bufferedImage) throws IOException {
    ByteArrayOutputStream byteArrayOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, "jpg", byteArrayOutputStream);
    return byteArrayOutputStream.size();

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It gave 18183 bytes for an image of 14Kb which is wrong.

Mainly i need to detect if the size of the image is more than 1 MB.

Please suggest any ways to do it in java or any alternatives to achieve this ?

How do I copy (move is OK) single photo from iPhone [iOS 12.1.4] to Mac OS Mojave [Mac OS 10.14.3] with minimum effort. No 'Continuity Camera', No Air Play, No iTunes.

Click 'n Drag would be ideal, but likely not possible :-) - I do this infrequently and would like simple method to get 1 photo from iPhone to Mac OS. Copy to Desktop/Folder OK - just want simple method. iPhone is connected to Mac with Lightning/USB cable. Seems Apple must have solved this...

I have spent too much time with no photo copy/move - Help!!

I have a php script to upload photos to the server and the link to the database. I want to adjust this. What I want is that this form can be used to take a photo with a mobile phone and then upload it to the server. It is possible to get the name in the database, but not to upload the photo to the server. Does anyone have an idea how I can do this in the script?
oracle forms- alert window

I have created an alert . Code is here below

But the glitch is this alert window has a x that users can click to close. So in my code I added ELSE to make the alert pop up again if button 1 or button 2 not chosen. But this alert only comes 2 times and third time i click on x, the message on the third jpeg shows. How to avoid closing alert window? Help appreciated.

 answer := show_alert('NO_LINES_WARN');
         IF answer=ALERT_BUTTON1 then
		            raise form_trigger_failure;
         ELSIF answer = ALERT_BUTTON2 THEN  
                             code to delete invoice(works fine)
                             answer := show_alert('NO_LINES_WARN');  	
       END IF; 

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An Access mdb file has a Table containing (among others) the following field:

PixFullPath which contains the path to a .jpg file:   G:\....\abc.jpg

I have a Form and a corresponding Report both based on the above referenced table which must display the picture abc.jpg using an Image Control called PIC thus:

me.PIC.picture = me.PixFullPath


ComputerA (Win10Pro, Access2016) displays abc.jpg on BOTH FORM and REPORT

ComputerB (Win10Pro, Access2016)  displays abc.jpg  only on the FORM

On ComputerB running the Report returns “You entered an expression that has no Value.  2427”

QUESTION: Any ideas  why doesn’t the IDENTICAL REPORT under IDENTICAL CONDITIONS , not run on ComputerB? and any suggestions what to do about this?
How to organize iOS/OSX photos from iCloud, 2 Macs and several iDevices (iPhones, iPods, iPad) so that all photos are always available on all devices - without any organization (grouping by date, type, etc) except chronological order by date entered, if possible. Future images are to  be added to iCloud current date with no grouping. No organization by Google (etc.) to be allowed. Just as in earlier days, when photo prints added to Album in order received.
Dear Experts,

I work with Coldfusion and from an input type file, i uploaded an image show in the current page. i would like that a resizable rectangle appear when this image upload and be able to crop the image by clicking on a button attached to it when the resizable rectangle appears but still in the current page, without load it by a submit form.
does anyone have some suggestions to do it with Coldfusion and may be Javascript ?

I have a TIFF image file and I need to convert it to a .eps file.  Anyone know how to do this FREE?
I have this picture of a cute, cuddly koala and I'm trying to use Photoshop to alter it to make it look ferocious or sinister. One of the things I want to do is give it large fangs (like that of a sabre-tooth tiger). Is this possible?
     I tried to research doing this myself but all I see are tutorials on how to turn existing teeth (on an image) into fangs. This koala image has his mouth closed, so you can't see its teeth, which means I'd have to make the fangs from scratch (something which I specified in my search phrase but which still led me nowhere).
    I've attached the image if anyone wants to play around with it. But I wouldn't mind someone just TELLING me how to do it.
I need a basic simple movie maker to be used with Windows 10. The purpose will be to supply the program with 10 to 20 photos that I wish to display for (xx) seconds then fade out and in to the next photo. I plan to uplink the "movie" to YouTube. Can anyone recommend a free or very inexpensive piece of software that will do the job for me? I am reluctant to utilize the available substitutes for the program that Windows 10 eliminated due to warnings from Microsoft that they are full of viruses and bugs. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This is the original image

This image is in the media section of Wordpress and I went in and edited the picture in the form of downsizing and cropping.

Here it is after the editing

Yet when I go back into the media section or if I use the image on a webpage it shows up like the original.

I have deleted browser cache, I closed the admin section and re-logged in.  I reloaded the image into the page by deleting the old copy and then selecting the new image but it still shows the unedited version.

I am on Wordpress 5.03.

Please tell me how I can get the edited image on my webpage.  You can see the web page at just scroll down to see the image in question.

Hi Experts

Could you point how to save photos taked by Android celular to be the more ligth possible in size?

The photos must to be as clear and sharp possible considering this size.

Thanks in advance

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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.