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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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Please advise quickest way to fix a blurry picture in CS3.
I am putting together slide shows for projection on a big screen at a local senior center, and I'm trying to figure out if there are standards for how big a file should be to show well (or at least adequately) on a large projection screen.   Most of my files are JPG images, but they range all the way from 100 KB to 40 MB.  Are there some standards that can help me determine which are definitely OK, which are definitely not OK, and which could go either way?


We have the tent lighting set up, seamless roll paper. I'm wondering what exactly the trick is to get the background to come out perfectly white. I'm taking shots, and the background has a tinge of gray. Is the only way to get rid of this in Photoshop? Or is there something I am missing.

Thanks for your help!
We have a very strange problem to which we have uncovered no potential cause or solution.

Our site has a gallery.  When an image is added to the gallery, workstations at the office location can not load the gallery page--the browser never loads the page.  We have tried IE, Chrome, and Firefox, both Windows & Mac workstations.

However, at my house and other computers, the page loads with no issue.

When the image is removed, the gallery loads (this is a new problem, no changes have been made to the gallery code) for the office workstations.

If the image is loaded outside of the gallery (embedded in a test page), the page does not load for the office, but does load outside of the office.

If the image is converted from JPG to PNG for the test page (gallery uses JPG), the page loads for the office.

I've looked into the router situation and nothing suggests the blocking of an image.  Not that it would make sense that adding an image would cause the problem for one specific problem.

Here is an example:

This page does not load for any office workstation, it loads fine for me outside of the office.  If the last image is removed, the page loads.

Are there any thoughts regarding what could be causing this strange occurrence?

As i hobby, I am using Adobe Photoshop to fix scanned in images that of cartoon type art (pinball backglass) with not very high detail printed to glass. Years of pinball use have caused the paint to chip away in various places on the backglass.

I have been able to scan in the backglass and covert it to electronic format so it can be repaired with a program like photoshop.

The image is approximate 25"x25". as mentioned te detail si not very high, and the scan is 300 DPI.

Being a beginner, I have not used Photoshop as efficient as I could.

I would like the ability to trace sections of the photoshop to assist in the backglass art repair.

Does this seem the way to go? The majority of these backglasses that I own are impossible to replace; I havebeen working on one for quite a while, and to get a close results as possible to the orignal, I think a tablet for which I can draw and trace various sections would be useful.

Can someone recommend a tablet that to work with and let me know if Photoshop is the way to go?

Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to prepare a digital image file for professional printing, and having some challenges with the format which the printing company requires.  The file is at     The printer requires a CMYK PDF with a print size of 8.75" x 6.25", and crop marks which are set back .125" from every edge.   The final product will measure 8.5" x 6.0", without any white border around it, so the PDF will need to have exactly .125" of white border.   I have Acrobat 9 Professional, but I don't know how to convert the png to the required format, scale it, and apply crop marks.  Please provide instructions.  

Perhaps it would be easier for an expert to just produce the PDF, but I may need to make changes to it, so step by step instructions are relevant.
I would like to download all picyres from a given page from a web site as an example facebook, instead of downloading and saving one at a time. is there a simple and easy to use application any one can recommend.
I'm working with an existing website that is having problems.

Basically they loaded a bunch of pictures on a page using quicktabs to separate into categories (tabs) and put on a lightbox (colorbox) to display the full image.

The problem lies that when the page loads, it loads all the images in full size and shrinks it to a thumbnail for display, so when the user clicks on this page, it has to load megs and megs of pictures and it loads very slow due to the amount of data coming through.

Client does not want pagination or a drop down menus to separate the images.

What I'm looking for is a module that loads only a thumbnail on the page and a full size picture in the lightbox.

My developer has no ideas so I'm hoping someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.

I'm looking for an android app that allows me to:

1. flip through my pics and flag the ones i want to keep (in full screen mode, ideally with one touch to select)
2. copy/ upload them somewhere (eg flickr/dropbox)
3. delete the rest

I've tried Quickpix, JustPicture, etc none of them do this (JustPictures does steps 1&2)

On any ordinary digital camera I would be able to do this by:
i. write-protecting each photo i want to keep (this conveniently carries over to a computer as the read-only attribute, so step ii below can also be done on the computer)
ii. delete all photos (and the write-protected ones don't get deleted)

Is this too much to ask from a phone too?


This is a re-post of an unanswered question:

I have a logo that is in color and I would like to change it to black and white. I do not want to gray scale it. There are no graphics in the logo, simply words. Can you tell me the easiest way this is done? Thanks
How do I Add Hyperlinks to Photoshop Elements 11 Image? - could be text box or logo image layer. The enhanced photo will be used with SmugMug.

i.e. Photo Credits: Jordan Max Photography and JAMAR Associates
As you can see from the screen shots whenever I try to access past supplements of US Pharmacist journal they do not display while infact using Google chrome it does. It could not be the firewall bc if it was the culprit I would not be able see the images in Chrome. Can someone help me please?
Have a client with some photos on DVD, appears several are corrupt and cannot load the images on her computer.  Any software that might correct this issue?
Hi experts,

I have a question on when I post an image on my facebook timeline.

I have the same problem as this other guy has, mentioned in this link:

When I create an image in Photoshop and then upload it and post it on facebook, it looks distorted like this:

my distorted facebook timeline image post
I have tried resizing it to 403px x 403px or other sizes and saving it as .jpg or png but it still looks distorted.

My original actual image that I posted to facebook is this one, which looks fine on my computer screen prior to my posting on facebook:

my original image
Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
If I create an image in photoshop, what optimal settings should I have so my timeline facebook posts are not distorted?
I have a webpage where I want a header, 4 pictures under the header, with 3 pics also on the left and right sides, yet under the first 4, with Information in the middle between the pictures on each site.

I may be the stress I've had as of late, but I can't figure it out...
I have lots of JPG and PNG files but never got the PSD from the designer. Can't I use PhotoShop to import the image and create a PSD?

I have a bunch of pictures to upload to my store. I have to change the aspect ratio on all of them to square. Size and everything else stays the same.

Any idea of how to do this quickly? There are over 400 to do.
On my website,, I added a few custom pages and I am having a problem centering the logo & main navigation menu.  Can you look at the home page & tell me how to adjust the code so the navigation bar centers in IE and Ipad in portrait view?

Right now, the home page, looks good in all browsers, except older IE and Ipad portrait view

To view my site, you must login, because it's not live and has a splash page.  

Login details:

Not exactly sure what section this belongs in.

I would like to be able to do what Experts Exchange has accomplished with their Search Box in the header.

Gradient color for main header background
Gradient color for sub-background (for a button or the like)
Seamless integration so that when sub-background overlaid upon main background, they appear as one

Question #1) What tools could I use to achieve the creation of such gradient colors for the main background
Question #2) How could I then go about creating a second, smaller background that would take Starting_Point_Color + Ending_Point_Color ┬┐ Gradient in between to match that of main background?

I do not have Photoshop.

I am a professional photographer and have a pretty easy to use file naming workflow that I am able to batch out single files into multiple formats.  Recently one of my main clients has asked me to begin to name my files with a naming code (see below).  Outside of the time to name each file, my issue is that the batch no longer works with this file naming convention.  When I batch the original psd file into Jpg High Rez, Low Rez and Tiff, the files will get overwritten.  It is as if PS sees both of these files names as the same.  Is there any way to get around this so that I can name the files once with this convention and batch out?
Currently I am naming them numerically then renaming the files individually within the corresponding file format folders.    


COASTAL_COM_BEL_WALL_Highland_Sand_Stone (1)
I've created a lightroom flash photo gallery from Adobe
Bridge and would like to import it into html5 so that it will display on ipad.  Does anyone know how to do this?
Does anyone know of any websites that teach you how to learn photoshop. Im starting to learn how to design websites and I know most people use photoshop to do so but any advice here would be great!
Recently youtube vids have been unplayable after download. Have the latest VLC Player, latest Real Downloader, using Firefox v21. What other info should I Include?
Is there a software og a batch that can rotate alle images in a folder? perhaps by exif data?
Images from camera goes to a software then imports to pc. laying images are correct in Explorer, put portraits i laying. I want the portraits to stand verticalt.
Since there are some horizontal images in between the portraits its not a god solution to mark the portratis and rotate them manually. Its thousands of images coming in every day.

How do I retrieve deleted photos from my phone?
I used software photo recovery/asofttech and neither program can pick up the drive of my sony E arc phone . My phone is plugged into the PC and I can view the HD but the software doesnt even pick up the phone at all?

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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.