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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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Which ScreenFlow product does green screen removal for Live Streaming on an old Mac?

There are so many choices. I am not sure which is the best (and cheapest) for me.

I need to remove the green screen from the video feed, and replace it with a static image, since I am using WebinarJam for a live web seminar.

Which ScreenFlow product handles this green screen removal on a Mac? I have an old Mac, and hope it would work on a 2013 Mac with the following hardware:

Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HG Graphics 4000 1536 MB

If I must, I would consider a machine upgrade to use ScreenFlow, but hope I can get it running with my current gear.

Using ChromaCam (or other) on my Mac to replace a green screen with a static image?

I need to replace the green screen for live streaming with a Logitech C922 on a Macbook.

Does ChromaCam support this? I see other names, like Syphon, CamTwist, VirtualEyez, Veescope, Wirecast, MimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) or Visual Communicator. (ChromaCam is based on Personify, which I think is Windows only.)

I need to run this on my Mac, since Windows runs of parallels, and I see a huge time delay on the webcam that make it unacceptable.

Please let me know.

Need to replace green screen background using a web cam for live streaming

I use WebinarJam and need a web cam, and have been directed to get a Logitech 922 or 930 (by EE and WebinarJam).

A primary use of this camera will be of me in front of a green screen, for live streaming. But I am not yet sure if WebinarJam handles the green screen replacement or if that is the job of the camera itself.

Here is a camera which does the green screen replacement...

I have a Mac, BUT, I could load Windows for this Personify green screen replacement technology to be compatible with my system.

My only experience with green screen replacement is with a video, using Premiere Pro. I have not does this live but have heard there are problems involving automatic green screen replacement, when the subject is moving, or when details, like fingers, get truncated.

Please provide some feedback on whether this green screen replacement works well with this camera? Is it possible that WebinarJam has a setting which does the green screen replacement.for me?

Need a web cam for live streaming

I need a web cam for live streaming my video image to my Mac, for use in a live webinar.

I may place it on a tripod since the top of my monitor may be a bit low. So, I think I need a conventionally sized screw hole at the bottom of the device.

I need it to be high enough quality so that my webinar looks good.

What kind of resolution do I need?

What kinds of features are useful?

I expect to buy on eBay.

Any suggestions from this page?

Hi - I'm looking for some advice on what options are available to migrate data from Google Drive and Google Photos to Microsoft's OneDrive Personal. Is there a direct migration path? or do I need to download photo's & documents locally then upload to one drive? Are there any recommended utilities that will automate the migration process? I look forward to hearing from you.

I cannot move videos from my iPhone 7 Plus (IOS 11.4.1) to my Win 10 Pro 64 bit desktop. I opened the folders in my iPhone and searched for the .mov files. Then I highlighted the ones I wanted and did a cut/paste to the desktop. 37 files out of 150 did move. The remaining ones will not move and I get a device is unreachable error. I can see the videos on my phone. Also, in explorer, there are only blank icons, no thumbnails showing up for these files. The other thing that I do not understand is that in explorer, all the other folders are showing up as empty when I know they are full of photos and videos.
Reversing the order of the videos on my YouTube page

I need to change the order that the videos on my YouTube page appear in.

Is this possible?

I see I have no playlists.

If I created one, would that even matter? Or can I make a new playlist the default playlist?
Need to publish a photo library on the web

I need a mobile friendly way to show 50-100 of my photos on the web, and be able to customize various search methods for users to search quickly through the images.

What tools are there?

In the long run, I will use my website to host these. In the short run I need convenience and speed to market.

I would pay a small monthly fee if there were a few with advanced features.

I just realized, Facebook could be a great place for this.

Does Google Drive enable access to files to users without that user being registered by my Admin?

I want to give a virtual tour of a famous travel destination. I want to make my image visible by people on my tour, but without me needing to log on as an Admin to Google Drive.

Is there a way I can make certain folder on my drive public?

I am fine giving out a URL to paying customers, even if that URL will be visible to people who did not pay for anything.

Does Google Drive do this?

Suggestions for Google Drive features to use and Google Drive Plug-ins?

I am planning on providing a virtual tour of a popular tourist spot and plan to use Google Drive to display image during my live tour and to provide visual information for those taking the tour while I am not even there. So I have some requirements and a need for advice about what features of Google Drive and the Google Drive plug-ins could give me  more functionality.

I need to provide about 50 images which are:
1) ranked 1-50
2) can be gotten via key word search
3) each photo have some text explanation
4) each photo could be linked to other images, not necessarily the next image in the sequence. This allows grouping into a theme.
5) Mobile support

Does Google Drive do all this?

Do I need a Google Drive plug-in to do any of these?

What features have I not suggested which either Google Drive or a Google Drive plug-in provide which might be useful?

Lastly, what security / fraud concerns do I need to protect myself against?

Dear Experts Exchange,

I have some old JPG files since 2003, which were corrupted I think straight from the camera (Canon Ixus). I have kept them because I hoped one day I would find some tech that could recover the underlying images as they are of the family. Can you help?

I have tried a bunch of jpg recovery apps over the years, and sent them to an 'expert' once too. No joy.

I see you have a case where someones corrupted disc had 0x0 resolution jpgs. And it seems to have been fixed. Can you help me?

I have added some example jpgs below.

Regards Andrew

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI will not longer open jpg files- I have 3 users whose computers all started at the same time you can combine files of all different types except jpg.  My computer will do it as will several others.  I have tried logging in as different users- uninstalling -reinstalling-different versions- All are on Windows 10 Pro. Networked with roaming profiles.
Can I protect my images on Google Photos?

I may use Google Photos to provide access to my photos to a large number of people. I am doing this to support a live tour I plan to give. But, can people (strangers, really) delet my photos?

I hope be able to also block them, in some way, from backing up my entire folder of image to their PC.

So, what kinds of limited access can I provide to Google Photos?

Need large display area tablet which is pretty low cost

I will be giving tours and need a cheap tablet with a large display area. I think Android would do the trick due to the higher cost of iPads.

I need to have a WiFi connection and the ability to scroll through images, which will be hosted on my website. I do not need much at all in terms of memory or fancy hardware.

I would consider used, as well, for a lower price.

Even old versions of Android OS are fine, at least I think so.

What is the largest display area for a Tablet?

How about Windows? Acer?

BUT, I need a large display area. Are there any enhanced display options which make it easier to show a small group the images? This kind of upgrade (to a less antiquated version) I would consider, IF it meant the display was easier to see.

So, what can you suggest for me?


New info...

This one seems pretty large and pretty cheap:


Need to display a few dozen photos / cross-platform

What quick to code cross-platform solution is there to enable people in my tour to follow along with their smart phones? I have about 25 images which I want to provide them and make it easy to jump to Image #14, for example.

I want to start simple and give them just a Next and Previous button and a Jump To option.

I understand I could write this as a responsive web page, but would need a back-end service and a database of images. But I want a canned solution I can configure and get up and run with.

I hope for a generic platform which is well enough known that I could hire an outside developer to code for me in about 15-20 hours of work.

What can you suggest?

I am unable to connect my Samsung Galaxy CORE LTE cellphone, using Kies vesion 3, to my MacBookPro 2012 (OS 10.5.5 Yosemite). The "connect" box shows "working" continuously, with no success in connecting (to be able to transfer photos from my cellphone to my MacBook Pro. I have downloaded the most recent version of Kies, and installed it (but without uninstalling the previously installed version). Any suggestions to resolve this issue? Appreciatively, RBM
Adobe Premiere Pro - Installing After Effects

I had a video developer create a video for me using Adobe Premiere Pro. I also got the complete Premiere Pro project and all the related files. But when I try and open the project and resolve a missing file, Motion.aep, I am told I need to install After Effects in order to import the file.

How do I do this?

I have a Mac Premiere Pro CC 12.0


After Effects needed
Can someone recommend a good image resampler?  I need to reduce the size of several jpeg files to be display in an ASP.NET application.
Can someone recommend a good image compressor?  I need to compress several jpeg files to be display in an ASP.NET application.

My client has a set of images of their product and they want to show them alongside their prices in the price list which is in Excel.

If the Excel workbook has a list of URLs to those images is it possible to display the image in Excel.
how to take print screen or screenshot on moto 4g plus,6720,9686

when i followed above step nothing is happening

some times power off option coming which is not what i want

please advise if there is simple app or simple step for this
Need a simple program that scans folders for "native" PDF files.

I have thousands of PDF's in a folder, but most were created from a scanner, followed by the automated use of some OCD scanner. But I need to find those few PDF files which originated from an inbound email (or other means) where the PDF was created by the original producer, where it was a bank or other service provider.

I am very new to what makes up a PDF file and apologize if this question is missing the mark slightly.

I have been told there's a metadata field called PDF Producer. I have also been told it's easy to write a program to retrieve that PDF Producer field and look for values that indicate an original/native PDF. Here are example PDF Producer values...

OpenText Output Transformation Engine - 16.1.12
Ricoh Americas Corporation, AFP2PDF Plus Version: 1.100.01, Linux

My problem is that I do not have a list of such values. So, perhaps the PDF Producer field has other attributes which we could use?

So, I am searching for "native" PDF files which are a needle in a haystack and need some simple automation that can help me find them.

Suggestions for what exactly to scan for? I fee that once that is known, the actual work of writing the program is trivial and copying those few PDF's which match, is trivial.

The photos marked by the red line can be moved into and out of the folders you see. The photo marked by the green line won't drag. Attempts get me a circle with a black line through the circle from 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock.

Why can some be moved and others can not and I've never noticed this until today. I did drag 9 photos out of the pictures folder and onto the desktop. I can not move the one marked with the green arrow. (?)
A client has a Ricoh MP C3503 that is connected to their network.  Using the print driver provided by Ricoh, they can print just fine, so it can be found on the network.  The problem is that scanning to real destinations on the same network fails with the Ricoh failing to access the network.  Please see the attached photos of the scanner setup for one of the PCs set to receive these scans.  The path for the destination PC is correct, and I tried also to use the IP of the PC.  The destination folder assigned is shared to the network and the network is private. The client is using Windows 10 fully patched.  They are using Windows defender and firewall with default settings.  The network is protected with a Sonicwall Soho firewall with default security settings. The network is a Workgroup, not a domain.

What might I try to get this MFP to connect to and scan to the client pcs?
Baby steps with PDFtoText for OCR

What steps are the first for me to take as I create a proof of concept that will be:

- a C# Winforms program
- uses the PDFtoText library for OCR

Are there any demo programs I can review? Should I just dive in?


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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.