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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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Background:  I'm working with a small school who is interested in bringing live text into their athletic streams.  The most cost effective yet easily editable solution for students is to use a Google Sheet.  The solution is great, but now they've evolved to wanting the "white" in the cell background to become transparent.

Question:  I'm working with OBS studio (  
I use a local Chrome browser source going to a Google Sheet as one of my media layers.   Works great.

The next thing I need to do is make the white background of a cell(s) to be transparent rather than the classic "white".  I've attempted a ChromaKey filter within OBS on the browser source.  Unfortunately the ChromaKey filter fails on the browser source.

Someone mentioned to use CSS and change the "white" to "transparent".  Maybe simply inspect modify the CSS in the local Chrome browser and the data may update using the modifications.  It's a long shot from my experience.

Is this something easily attainable to someone starting from scratch on the subject?
I have Microsoft 2007.  When I print from Word or from PowerPoint, all of the jpeg s that I copied to the document show correctly on the screen and on preview but cuts off the right side or bottom of each picture when printing to a printer or to PDF.
I read another thread but their solution was to click on the picture, compress the file and ensure print 220 ppi) is selected. That didn’t help with me.
flicker how to make album and photstream privagte only to me

I tried below steps

Method 7 Flickr Desktop - Batch-editing Photos in an Album
Select “You”.
Click “Albums”.
Click on the album you want to edit.
Select “Edit in Organizer”. ...
Select “Batch Edit” the “Change Permissions”.
Choose “Only you (private)”.
Allow your friends and/or family to see your images. ...
Click “Change Permissions”.

It showed progress bar 100% and said thanks which make me think it is done

but when i go back it is still showing as public instead of private

how to make all my albums private rather than exposing them to entire world

also how to make my videos under photostream private

i wasted already 3 hours on this excersise but not solution yet

above link says it cannot be done

"when I went back to the set in organizr, they were still marked as private."

You can't check the permissions in Organizer. It will only ever show you your account default setting.

also how to make auto uploader on my cell phone and windows desktop/laptop to make all photos automatically uploaded as private rather than public?

Please advise
Here is how Microsoft Picture Manager would print (4) 3 1/2 x 5 inch.
We need the child's photo where the red circle is and text where the three lines are. In other words MPM is printing them with a portrait view and we need landscape view since our cards are going to be 3 1/3 x 5.
That is one issue. The other is how to us Word to create the 3 1/2 x 5 inch image. Word is also a portrait view.

If we can not print using MPM to get 4 out of one sheet well we'll have to only get 2 out of one sheet.
Print them without using MPM and just print the page from Word, etc. and have (2) 3 1/2 x 5 inch images and cut them into the 2 cards we desire. no problem if that is the easiest way, just forget trying to get (4) 3.5 x 5 on one page.

I've spent some time on Word and have tried one table, two columns, etc. I can not get the 4 lines of text to the left or right of the child's photo. I can copy past the photo but can not get the cursor to the top to enter the text (short bio of the child).

Obviously the child's photo is too large but once we have the exact photo we will crop it to fit a space of maybe 2 inches wide and 3 tall. The child's photo would occupy 2 x 3 of the left or right side of the 3.5 x 5 card. The rest which is 3 x 3.5 would be the field where we enter the text.

This is what I'm after but not so square. It needs to be like a 3x5 index card or 3 1/2 x 5. The photo can be on the left or right.

Hi guys

I am currently looking into providing a solution for my Photography studio teams and the retouchers who work with them. We have Adobe Creative Suite running on most of the machines here. The photographers churn out photos onto our fileservers constantly and it eats up the space. The fileservers are all saving files on our SAN. These photographs then get worked on by our retouching teams which then go from what they were in size to multiplying because of all of their layers etc.

They all are running on High Sierra. They are saving files on a Windows 2003 server and a Windows 2012 server. The bandwidth we have at our head office is a dedicated 200MB link with the capability to increase.

Based on the fact that we have Adobe Creative Suite, is there a way of having a centralised location which these guys can work on in the cloud? If not, then is Adobe Lightroom a suitable option?

The only thing I'm wondering is whether working on local servers will always be far quicker than any cloud based systems due to the fact that transfers are all gigabit on the LAN and that the cloud cant match that at the moment?

Any help would be great as I am looking into implementing a decent solution.

Thanks for helping
How do I copy folder of 70 photos from latest version of OS X high Sierra to iPhone 8S (iOS 11.4) using iTunes. This is copying (or moving) photos without changing /deleting any other files. Ads for other Apps say iTunes can corrupt other files.
I have a web app made in PHP and JavaScript that is showing a mix of graph (made with D3 and C3) and text.

The goal is to allow the user to share what he sees with a simple button; this includes, in this stage, to:
 - convert the whole page into a PNG/JPEG image
 - share the image to some social media (facebook/twitter).

Next step would be to give the user the possibility to choose which part of the sreen he wants to share.

I DONT want to add extra layer like Angular (and other similar frameworks) and try to stick to pure PHP + Javascript code.

Any suggestion how to do it
Video overlay of presenter onto webinar screen

I have seen this before, where the presenter on a live webinar showed himself on the bottom of the screen. He could move himself left and right, and probably up and down.

Hw was likely at his desk at home, but his background was not visible.

How is this done?

What is the name of this technology?

Using Premiere Pro (Mac) to isolate an audio sound

Using Audacity, I simply select the region about a sound wave and click Play. This tells me if I captured the entire sound. If it is an errant sound, the great thing about audio and no other sound is playing, you can usually delete that.

With video, it's a different story.

I have a dozen clicks to remove from my video. Each was made by my clicker as I advanced the PowerPoint I was using as a teleprompter.

So, I need to isolate the sound and over-write with white noise.

I can easily set a marker BEFORE the sound. I need to see how long the sound is and isolate the entire click.


How can I create a folder of pictures for Facebook?
What would be the best method or app to do this?


I have an SSRS report that contains images that are attached to a sharepoint list but when you export the SSRS report to PDF the pdf is 31mb (six photos).

I either need the photos optimised in sharepoint or optimised when the report is being produced so that the file size is much much smaller.

I have seen code options but not sure if code in the report, code in the sharepoint list or an event handler is the best.

I have also not deployed an event handler before.

But if you print to pdf from SSRS the file will be only a few bytes.

I cannot use the SSRS print option as I am using a product called SQL-RD to produce the dynamic reports and it calls the SSRS export function.


We have a 3 minute video and the video is a series of still photos. Two of them have inappropriate content. We'd like to edit these two photos and replace it with another photo shown in the same video. The audio is suitable and no changes needed.
Someone here on EE was kind enough to edit this video for us in the past. Anyone else or suggest a simple editing software?
Need a Movie recording program for Mac

I use iMovie sometime, but can not find how to set my microphone. My Shure microphone with a U-PHORIA UM2 shows up as CODEX on Audacity. Can I use this with Movie?

What alternate movie tools are there?

Can I use Premiere Pro? If so, how do I record? And can I set my Mic.?

What other tools are there to record my video, and use my CODEX? I have High Sierra

Does Windows 7 have a DNG (i.e. photo) file viewer?
Is there a cheap/free viewer/editor?
Premiers Pro: Clearing the cut Lines.

I am not sure how so many of these lines made it into my clips. I need to remove them.


Cut Lines

I'm looking to setup a trigger alert service based on images from an ip security camera. I want to alert if some objects are present during a specific time window. The objects are bins, the time window is during the night, and i have put reflective material on the bins so you can easily see the marks on the IR of the camera, see attached.

example ip camera image
I could use iSpy to set this up, but i'd like to use a google script running the check. i can pickup the images with a google script, so i "just" need to be able to perform a check on the image. In my case the average brightness within a specified rectangle of the image would be enough info. I guess i need to call some kind of image processing tool for this, as i'm probably not looking to do all the coding from scratch.

Any suggestions? I'm new to scripting with google so any example code would be great.

Many thanks
Is there a method to transfer photos from a camera to a specific folder on a computer automatically.  Such as a script or other software available?

We take photos of animals and then upload them to our Web Site.  I am trying to automate this.
Is it possible to set the file format used by the Windows 10 snipping tool.  
I select an area of the screen copy and then paste the information into an email.  Sometimes the image is a jpeg file format and other times the file format is png.
I cannot read a png file format on my Iphone with my Outlook app.
I have an iPhone 6.  When I take pictures, I generally remove them quickly by transferring them to my PC to avoid exhausting the phone's memory.  When I plug in the phone it shows up as an Apple iPhone and I see the photos in the "Internal Storage" folder.  After removing all the photos, hundreds still appear on my phone (even though I can't see them on my PC or in iTunes.  How do I delete the photos from my phone?  Thanks, Phil
Hello Experts,
in Visual c# how can I convert a png image that is in negative to positive ?
A client has several hundred photographs that they would like to have scanned.
Is there a reliable service, preferably in the New York City area, that they can take these photos to, that wouldn't be too expensive?

I have a few thousand .Jpg photos copied from cellphones. It is desired that these be sorted and organised into folders, based on the town or suburb where the photo was taken, similar to how the iPhone can display "by places".

The photos all have the location embedded in the Exif data. What would be great here would be something that allows the Exif data to be displayed next to the file name inside of Windows File Explorer, preferable as a town/suburb, but longitude/latitude would help too.

Or alternatively, some sort of "photo manager, that can reduce the effort of individually noting down longitude/latitude, grouping the photos and looking up map locations.

Anyone know of anything?
Need a video hosting platform...

I will be selling my video online for $7-$9 each and want to ensure easy watching for the people who buy my videos.

I am new to the whole discussion and do not have an opinion of how to do this yet.

I hear Vimeo can do what we need. But does that require the user to have a password to log in?

I do not care of the file is downloaded to my customer's PC and would fear that a password would reduce the rate of viewership. I prefer to be more open so they can watch it with the click of a mouse.

Please describe some hosting platforms that could work for me.

I am told the cheap Vimeo could work for me, but I hope to hear some confirmation. And I have no idea what I would get versus what I wold be sacrificing.

Does MP4 have a default image option?

I have seen YouTube lets you pick the default image to display on the image, and I wonder if the MP$ format has an option also where I can set the default image to show?

Sometimes, the first image is not the right image to show...

PhotoShop CC: need to put a black frame around a photograph

I see how to drop images, create new layers and use the Rectangular Marque Tool, but can not see to get the square around the picture.

I place the picture and draw the square. Fine.

When I then try and fill, Fill... is not active.

I can not draw the frame without the picture there to frame.

What am I missing?


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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.