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Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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I wish I could find simple example C++ code to read a JPG file from the disk and pit it in the clipboard.
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Starting with Angular 5

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I have Excel 2007.

In source.csv I copy all cells, the paste it into destination.xlsx using Paste Special -> Paste Values Only

Link shows up correct where I can click on the hyperlink

Main Image should show the image instead of the text value.

Seller should be a hyperlink where I can click on the hyperlink.

I want to be able to copy multiple fields in source.csv and paste them into destination.xlsx where Link and Seller shows up as a clickable hyperlinks, and Main Image shows the image within Excel and not text value.

How can I get Main Image to show up as an image correctly and Seller as a clickable hyperlink inside destination.xlsx by copying and pasting from source.csv?
Hello, i hope i am on the right board here, i dont know where exactly this is supposed to be.
I want to convert an image to .xbm (binary bitmap) because i need the image in hex format to display it through an ESP32.
Does .xbm allow colored images? My display is B/W/R, so i would be grateful for any option at all to be able to get an image to this format and keeping its red color channel.
Thanks in advance.
I am unable to connect my Samsung Galaxy CORE LTE cellphone, using Kies vesion 3, to my MacBookPro 2012 (OS 10.5.5 Yosemite). The "connect" box shows "working" continuously, with no success in connecting (to be able to transfer photos from my cellphone to my MacBook Pro. I have downloaded the most recent version of Kies, and installed it (but without uninstalling the previously installed version). Any suggestions to resolve this issue? Appreciatively, RBM
Can anyone help me solve below problem:

I have over 2000 png images saved in different files on my computer. I want to write a VBScript function that does something like go to a particular folder and iteratively copy-paste all the png files in that folder to a PDF file or word document .

1. The header before pasting the png files in the word document should be same as the folder name.
2.  The .png files should be inserted in order of when they got created. That is the first created .png file will be first inserted and the last will be last inserted in the word or PDF file.
3. Upon successful copy of all the .png files in this folder,  the folder should be deleted.

Any assistance if this is possible will be appreciated
Would like to merge multiple files of varying file types into one PDF.  These files are being uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket.  Need a way to just select the files I need via a web interface on my website and output the files into 1 PDF.  Is there code or scripts anyone can recommend to accomplish this task?  Some file type examples needing to be merged into 1 PDF would be JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

Code I am working in is basic .NET C#

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!
New Android Phone - which was used to take around 100 pictures, however, I transferred them all to a Win 10 machine - but they all appear as thumbnails?

(native Android photo app seemed to be set at 13MP)
I would really like to understand what is going on here --

Background:  We print thousands of labels daily using both thermal-transfer and inkjet printers.  All of these labels are custom designed, mostly in Loftware Label Manager Design32 software.  Most of these labels include "standardized" elements which we save as image files and then link to in the label design templates.  Many of these standardized elements have been in use for four or five years; all are saved as .png image files.

Yesterday, I upgraded to the most current version of the Loftware applications and quickly found out that it was unable to properly display these images.  Generally speaking, they would be cut off width-wise.  So, for example, an image that was supposed to show "REF" surrounded by a bordering box displayed as "RE" with the right side of the box cutoff as well as the F.  Note that it didn't matter how big I made the bounding box; the image was still cut off.  Even the image selection preview window shows the image cut off.

Some investigation revealed that these images were displayed properly by Windows Explorer as well as Windows Photo Viewer whereas Irfanview displays just a black box of the correct dimensions.  

I found that if I open the image in Paint and then simply re-save it (still as .png), both Irfanview and Loftware now display the image correctly.

I'd like to understand what is happening here.  Anyone have any ideas?

I've attached one of the images in question.
When a user is exporting images using K-Pacs Workstation 1.6.0 the images mostly show up in dcm format. Is there a way to make them default export to jpeg or another more readable format?
Looking for desktop application to create PDF catalog (letter size) of photo images (thumbnails), six per page or more or less, with custom caption (file name normally) for each image.  A catalog with 600 images would be 100 pages long with six photos (3 up and 2 across) per page.  There should be a way to customize the header and footer.
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I have created labels using access 2010.  They have 4 across and 13 down.   Everything looks good except I inserted a picture on the label and it's only showing up on 32-42 of the labels.  There are 52 labels going across then down.  so the last 10-18 won't have the picture on them.  why would it do this??

I am closing this question.   I had compacted and repaired the db and then opened it again and same problem.  But after a reboot overnight, it was working fine. I'm chalking this up to gremlins in the code.  Have a great day!
I was actually trying to do read an image, do object detection on it and write a new image that has detected objects marked in it. A new image does indeed get saved in the working directory but I am unable to open it using cv2 or using any of the image displaying softwares on fedora. i tried uploading it to a photo uploading site and it displays properly. I did go through the stack overflow, they say the issue was regarding trying to read a png image using a jpeg reader and as per what i could understand i tried installing libpng but still does not work.Would be grateful if someone could help me with it. Here is the code I have tried:

from imageai.Detection import ObjectDetection
import os
import cv2

execution_path = os.getcwd()

detector = ObjectDetection()
detector.setModelPath( os.path.join(execution_path , "resnet50_coco_best_v2.0.1.h5"))
detections = detector.detectObjectsFromImage(input_image=os.path.join(execution_path , "car.jpg"), output_image_path=os.path.join(execution_path , "imagenew.jpg"))

for eachObject in detections:
    print(eachObject["name"] + " : " + eachObject["percentage_probability"] )
HI all,

Could any can tell me how to find out SVG images in ms word using vba.
flicker how to make album and photstream privagte only to me

I tried below steps

Method 7 Flickr Desktop - Batch-editing Photos in an Album
Select “You”.
Click “Albums”.
Click on the album you want to edit.
Select “Edit in Organizer”. ...
Select “Batch Edit” the “Change Permissions”.
Choose “Only you (private)”.
Allow your friends and/or family to see your images. ...
Click “Change Permissions”.

It showed progress bar 100% and said thanks which make me think it is done

but when i go back it is still showing as public instead of private

how to make all my albums private rather than exposing them to entire world

also how to make my videos under photostream private

i wasted already 3 hours on this excersise but not solution yet

above link says it cannot be done

"when I went back to the set in organizr, they were still marked as private."

You can't check the permissions in Organizer. It will only ever show you your account default setting.

also how to make auto uploader on my cell phone and windows desktop/laptop to make all photos automatically uploaded as private rather than public?

Please advise
Dear All

             Iphone 8 plus with IOS 11.4 after connect usb cable to window 10 computer, click the iphone icon in my computer, it show empty, i have tried to connect with 2 other iphones, and it could show the photos in the iphone device, any idea why the iphone 8 plus show empty ?

Hi all,
I need help for texturing my robot model.
my robot model has colored materials on it. However to use it in Unity as hologram model I need to convert its materials to one jpg texture file (I think you are familiar what I meant)
How can I convert (bake) my materials to one texture file using maya or silo or something...
Thank you

I meant this file type
I had this question after viewing Export VSD to JPG using C#.

Hi All,

I have to Convert number of Visio files to .Png Files and I Should Apply the settings to PNG File, reducing the size of the file during the time of Conversion as per the attachment.
Could you Please help me anyone how to do this in C#.Net Automatically?
For a project I have a  Python PyQT4  application in full screen mode that is running on Windows 10.

This application has now to take photos.

Ideally the Photo  application would be a widget in pyqt and we could therefore design the layout (img size / exposure / flash / take picture buttons / etc), but it's also OK to use another full screen application, that could be started via subprocess.Popen().

The application would ideally be able to choose the image resolution, exposure, framerate of viewer window but it's also OK to take picture always with the highest resolution and to perform the downscaling afterwards.

Any suggestions of how to do this best?
Unable to print from Microsoft Edge browser and some other default WINDOWS 10 APPS like photos, tried reinstalling the printer. tried CNTRL + P.
however works absolutely fine from other browser like Internet explorer.Issue is only related to EDGE
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Learn Ruby Fundamentals

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Can anyone any good at photoshop but a new head (with peroxide in hair, so really just a face replacement) or new peroxide hair do to this face?
I have been working on it for ages.  The angles are odd and she seems to have a really narrow face or something is making it impossible to achieve.  I'd love the sunnies removed too, so maybe yeah a new blond face...
Can anyone help?
All my pictures in my laptop do not show jpg images. Instead I get Notepad writings instead ofpictures. Why this happen?
How to save and click open my pictires in the laptop?
 Although the program used to run smoothly on win98 and VB5 now cannot read the pixel info of an image (ie. jpg or gif) and therefore cannot proceed
 to calculate the Lab pixel values from RGB? In particular I have test pics of 100x100 pixel and program now reads 585x1890 !!  Any ideas?

 Following is the part of the program

 Public Sub Command1_Click()

 OFName.lStructSize = Len(OFName)
 'Set the parent window
 OFName.hwndOwner = Me.hwnd
 'Set the application's instance
 OFName.hInstance = App.hInstance
 'Select a filter
 OFName.lpstrFilter = "Image Files (*.bmp;*.jpg;*.png)" + Chr$(0) + "*.bmp;*.jpg;*.png" + Chr$(0) + "All Files (*.*)" + Chr$(0) + "*.*" + Chr$(0)
 'create a buffer for the file
 OFName.lpstrFile = Space$(254)
 'set the maximum length of a returned file
 OFName.nMaxFile = 255
 'Create a buffer for the file title
 OFName.lpstrFileTitle = Space$(254)
 'Set the maximum length of a returned file title
 OFName.nMaxFileTitle = 255
 'Set the initial directory
 OFName.lpstrInitialDir = "C:\"
 'Set the title
 OFName.lpstrTitle = "Open File"
 'No flags
 OFName.flags = 0

 'Show the 'Open File'-dialog
 If GetOpenFileName(OFName) Then
 Label2 = Trim$(OFName.lpstrFile)

 End If

 End Sub

 Private Sub Command2_Click()
 Dim PicInfo As BITMAP
 Dim pic As Picture
 Dim X, Y As Long
 Dim height, width As Long
 Dim R As Long
 Dim imagesource As String
 Dim Red, 

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Hi, i had a friend of mine, she brought her mac laptop (model below):

- MacBook Pro, Retina, 13-inch, late 2013
Processor 2.4GHs intel core i5, Memormy 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Serial Number: C02LG613FGYY

She showed me that her Storage is 50.49 of Photos but she is aware that in her iphoto folder only has about 10 photos and the rest she had deleted them. She is confused as to why her storage is 50gb of photos - maybe they are stored somewhere which we are not aware of? Please can you advise?

Cm lucker photos
I have the following code which reads radiometric data from an image (temperature data)
     using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(Convert.FromBase64String(readTemperatureContents)))

                BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(ms);
                _temperatureData = new float[320, 240];

                for (int x = 0; x < 320; x++)
                    for (int y = 0; y < 240; y++)
                        _temperatureData[x, y] = br.ReadSingle();

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In this loop, I also need to build a semi transparent image, and depending on the value in
 _temperatureData[x, y] = br.ReadSingle();
I will need to color the pixel as white, green, blue or red (with a 50% transparency)

The overall result should see a lightly transparent color over the "hot spots"
I'm using, c#, framework 4.6

I've looked at system.drawing bmp but not sure if thats a bit old now or if there are better ways to do it
I would expect the image to be a  PNG as it can handle transparency well, and some pixel will be completely transparent, others will have a 50% transparency with a color overlay (like red)

after the loop is finished, i need to set the image on the web page:
<img runat="server" id="schemesImage" />

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could anyone help me with this please

Images and Photos





Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.