Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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I want to have a duplicate Lightroom setup on two computers in two different cities.
Macs at both ends.  High Sierra OS
Photos are divided into folders, based on the date of import
My base of operations is in New York City, and I have to spend some time away in Massachusetts
Lightroom has over 300,000 pictures, and the catalog is over 4.39 GB
I need my assistant to sync and review my collection, delete photos and add keywords, etc.
After the assistant does their changes, I will need the
In preparation, I did the following copying:
I duplicated all the LR files onto a removable drive  (CRU RTX)
I took the drive with me to the second city
I set up a VPN between the two locations.
NYC has a fast FIOS connection:  greater than 300 Mbps both download and upload.  Sometimes Speedtest will show >600 for each
MA has a cable connection - about 60Mbps Download and 20Mbps Upload
I connect from NYC to MA
Tunnelblick on NYC computer
Araknis Router in MA has OpenVPN
First Method of sync:
Mac File Sharing
"Beyond Compare" application to update from one direction to another
Too slow to compare files over a VPN
Connection would drop - I assume from the 'stress' of comparing too many files
Second Method of sync:
"Retrospect" application - Server in NYC, Client in MA.
The Client works locally on the MA computer to catalog changes,
Server in NYC compares MA catalog of files to NYC local catalog
Retrospect copies new and changed files
Rather than …
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This video is almost 0% of what I see on my Instagram page,

I enter the hash tag for the company for which I need to post an image. I see the other 33 images posted already.

How to do upload my photo and share it with the company and be able to "see" it on their instagram page so I know they got it.
I have created labels using access 2010.  They have 4 across and 13 down.   Everything looks good except I inserted a picture on the label and it's only showing up on 32-42 of the labels.  There are 52 labels going across then down.  so the last 10-18 won't have the picture on them.  why would it do this??

I am closing this question.   I had compacted and repaired the db and then opened it again and same problem.  But after a reboot overnight, it was working fine. I'm chalking this up to gremlins in the code.  Have a great day!
Scan of 35mm color slides results in an image that is 7.5 MB and 8,300 x 29,000 pixels. Irfanview is able to open the file and in inches it is 2.60 x 9.10. I've tried Microsoft Picture Manager for cropping and the result is a blank image.
What can be done to capture the images on the color slide? The top one had been used to create a 4x6 inch print by a camera shop.

Revised: well upon loading here they can actually be seen fairly well. Except the second one from the top which was a closeup of someone's face and maybe a chest up shot of someone. That ones shows nothing.
i am using codetwo active directory photos to upload photos for users so they will be appearing in skype for business and outlook. for emails we use office365.
my senior has deployed this and its working for few users and not for others.

for few users pics are showing and for few not showing. i just want to troubleshoot. how do i troubleshoot ? any idea.
i found, whenever i close the application codetwoADphotos, i am getting an error. i attached the pic, please have a look at it.
even if i add a new photo for a user, its not showing in skype for business or outlook.

any help would be great.
Frequently I receive the message as shown in my attached jpg. How do I fix this problem?Screenshot of error message from Chrome
I currently upload hundreds of photos to Google + after each race I time and send a link to race participants so they can find their finish line picture.  Lately Google + is not sorting them in the order that they were taken which is how I think I have it set up.  Is there a setting on the camera that I need to change for this or is this something I am doing wrong on Google +.  Alternatively, are there other FREE pictures storage sites that folks can access their finish line picture via a link?

Dear Powershell experts.. Powershell script issue

We want to move .jpg files beginning with "DRS_" or "DRS-" from local computer directory to a remote computer directory, ultimately.
We want the script to check every 30 seconds (or loop if applicable) if the source folder has above jpg file types in it and if so run the PS "move-item" functions. Testing with just the "move-item" function lines on their own works.

My problem seems to be in the construct on logic of the section below which seems to be ignored right now:
$timeout = 120
$sw = [diagnostics.stopwatch]::StartNew()
while ($sw.elapsed -lt $timeout)
    if (Test-Path $Source1 -include DRS*.jpg){
        write-host "Found a file!"

Please help fix it.

Thankyou. See attached script.
Dynamics 365, On Premise

How can we sharpen the resolution of the large Ribbon buttons as shown below?

windows 10

how do I use photo filter to resize photos

need 20 photos to be smaller in size
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I was actually trying to do read an image, do object detection on it and write a new image that has detected objects marked in it. A new image does indeed get saved in the working directory but I am unable to open it using cv2 or using any of the image displaying softwares on fedora. i tried uploading it to a photo uploading site and it displays properly. I did go through the stack overflow, they say the issue was regarding trying to read a png image using a jpeg reader and as per what i could understand i tried installing libpng but still does not work.Would be grateful if someone could help me with it. Here is the code I have tried:

from imageai.Detection import ObjectDetection
import os
import cv2

execution_path = os.getcwd()

detector = ObjectDetection()
detector.setModelPath( os.path.join(execution_path , "resnet50_coco_best_v2.0.1.h5"))
detections = detector.detectObjectsFromImage(input_image=os.path.join(execution_path , "car.jpg"), output_image_path=os.path.join(execution_path , "imagenew.jpg"))

for eachObject in detections:
    print(eachObject["name"] + " : " + eachObject["percentage_probability"] )
HI all,

Could any can tell me how to find out SVG images in ms word using vba.
I have Microsoft 2007.  When I print from Word or from PowerPoint, all of the jpeg s that I copied to the document show correctly on the screen and on preview but cuts off the right side or bottom of each picture when printing to a printer or to PDF.
I read another thread but their solution was to click on the picture, compress the file and ensure print 220 ppi) is selected. That didn’t help with me.
flicker how to make album and photstream privagte only to me

I tried below steps

Method 7 Flickr Desktop - Batch-editing Photos in an Album
Select “You”.
Click “Albums”.
Click on the album you want to edit.
Select “Edit in Organizer”. ...
Select “Batch Edit” the “Change Permissions”.
Choose “Only you (private)”.
Allow your friends and/or family to see your images. ...
Click “Change Permissions”.

It showed progress bar 100% and said thanks which make me think it is done

but when i go back it is still showing as public instead of private

how to make all my albums private rather than exposing them to entire world

also how to make my videos under photostream private

i wasted already 3 hours on this excersise but not solution yet

above link says it cannot be done

"when I went back to the set in organizr, they were still marked as private."

You can't check the permissions in Organizer. It will only ever show you your account default setting.

also how to make auto uploader on my cell phone and windows desktop/laptop to make all photos automatically uploaded as private rather than public?

Please advise
The procedure below does not support renaming photo albums transferred with AnyTrans and OSX 10.13.4 ---> iOS 11.4

Renaming Photo Albums on iPhone & iPod touch
      •      Open Photos and stay in the primary screen with all photo albums listed, then tap “Edit” in the upper right corner
      •      Tap directly on the name of the album you want to rename to summon the keyboard
      •      Enter the new album name then tap “Done” to complete the change

How can I rename Photo Album?
Dear All

             Iphone 8 plus with IOS 11.4 after connect usb cable to window 10 computer, click the iphone icon in my computer, it show empty, i have tried to connect with 2 other iphones, and it could show the photos in the iphone device, any idea why the iphone 8 plus show empty ?

Hi all,
I need help for texturing my robot model.
my robot model has colored materials on it. However to use it in Unity as hologram model I need to convert its materials to one jpg texture file (I think you are familiar what I meant)
How can I convert (bake) my materials to one texture file using maya or silo or something...
Thank you

I meant this file type
I had this question after viewing Export VSD to JPG using C#.

Hi All,

I have to Convert number of Visio files to .Png Files and I Should Apply the settings to PNG File, reducing the size of the file during the time of Conversion as per the attachment.
Could you Please help me anyone how to do this in C#.Net Automatically?
For a project I have a  Python PyQT4  application in full screen mode that is running on Windows 10.

This application has now to take photos.

Ideally the Photo  application would be a widget in pyqt and we could therefore design the layout (img size / exposure / flash / take picture buttons / etc), but it's also OK to use another full screen application, that could be started via subprocess.Popen().

The application would ideally be able to choose the image resolution, exposure, framerate of viewer window but it's also OK to take picture always with the highest resolution and to perform the downscaling afterwards.

Any suggestions of how to do this best?
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I currently upload finish line pictures from races I time to Google + and share the gallery with race finishers so they can find their picture.  I would like to take that a step further and share each finishers individual picture with them.  I believe Google Vision has the technology to do that...albeit for a pairing participant bib number with bib in the image.  Is anyone familiar enough with this api to give me some direction as to how to do this?  Also, any idea how this product is priced?
Unable to print from Microsoft Edge browser and some other default WINDOWS 10 APPS like photos, tried reinstalling the printer. tried CNTRL + P.
however works absolutely fine from other browser like Internet explorer.Issue is only related to EDGE
Can anyone any good at photoshop but a new head (with peroxide in hair, so really just a face replacement) or new peroxide hair do to this face?
I have been working on it for ages.  The angles are odd and she seems to have a really narrow face or something is making it impossible to achieve.  I'd love the sunnies removed too, so maybe yeah a new blond face...
Can anyone help?
All my pictures in my laptop do not show jpg images. Instead I get Notepad writings instead ofpictures. Why this happen?
How to save and click open my pictires in the laptop?
 Although the program used to run smoothly on win98 and VB5 now cannot read the pixel info of an image (ie. jpg or gif) and therefore cannot proceed
 to calculate the Lab pixel values from RGB? In particular I have test pics of 100x100 pixel and program now reads 585x1890 !!  Any ideas?

 Following is the part of the program

 Public Sub Command1_Click()

 OFName.lStructSize = Len(OFName)
 'Set the parent window
 OFName.hwndOwner = Me.hwnd
 'Set the application's instance
 OFName.hInstance = App.hInstance
 'Select a filter
 OFName.lpstrFilter = "Image Files (*.bmp;*.jpg;*.png)" + Chr$(0) + "*.bmp;*.jpg;*.png" + Chr$(0) + "All Files (*.*)" + Chr$(0) + "*.*" + Chr$(0)
 'create a buffer for the file
 OFName.lpstrFile = Space$(254)
 'set the maximum length of a returned file
 OFName.nMaxFile = 255
 'Create a buffer for the file title
 OFName.lpstrFileTitle = Space$(254)
 'Set the maximum length of a returned file title
 OFName.nMaxFileTitle = 255
 'Set the initial directory
 OFName.lpstrInitialDir = "C:\"
 'Set the title
 OFName.lpstrTitle = "Open File"
 'No flags
 OFName.flags = 0

 'Show the 'Open File'-dialog
 If GetOpenFileName(OFName) Then
 Label2 = Trim$(OFName.lpstrFile)

 End If

 End Sub

 Private Sub Command2_Click()
 Dim PicInfo As BITMAP
 Dim pic As Picture
 Dim X, Y As Long
 Dim height, width As Long
 Dim R As Long
 Dim imagesource As String
 Dim Red, 

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Hi, i had a friend of mine, she brought her mac laptop (model below):

- MacBook Pro, Retina, 13-inch, late 2013
Processor 2.4GHs intel core i5, Memormy 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Serial Number: C02LG613FGYY

She showed me that her Storage is 50.49 of Photos but she is aware that in her iphoto folder only has about 10 photos and the rest she had deleted them. She is confused as to why her storage is 50gb of photos - maybe they are stored somewhere which we are not aware of? Please can you advise?


Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.