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Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.

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Is there any other FREE design tools to design picture like rings, or other complicated things?
Free Tool: IP Lookup
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

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I hope to show a picture of a person on my desktop, but want it small. Also, the orientation is portrait, while the desktop is landscape.

Can I do this?

El Capitan...

Google Photo's "Backup & Sync" tool is making my internet connection unusable when I'm uploading photos from my desktop.  I have another desktop & laptop, all on the same WiFi.

I do see I can limit upload and download speed.


If the desktop is the only device requesting bandwidth, I presume that would get all of the bandwidth.

However, when I start using my laptop, shouldn't it share the connection and play nice?

My Comcast is normally 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up when I'm not uploading.

When uploading without specifying a limit, it can drop to under 1 download and 1 upload.

I just specified a limit of 400 KB/sec and download limit to 1800 KB/sec to see if that helps.

Online tool or a small tool to convert and join 15.000 jpg files to .pdf?
Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask for some video tech advise on how to create zooming effect with several photos in Video...

It's like several photos that are zooming in, but it must be from & to different places (spot on the screen).

We don't know which program to use that have that effect.

Thank you and hope to hear soon...
in photoshop CC 2017, I was a fan of sometimes using the filter gallery to create some photos for viewing. I liked the pencil sketch filter but as of late is giving me a peach background. I can't find anywhere where it says how to change the background let alone how to un-peach it. how can this be changed?
I have a program which prints photos on licences. The memebers have to upload their photos. While searching I understood that ms access 2010 doesn't handle .jpeg-files, only .jpg-files. And indeed I have this problem. I have to convert .jpeg to .jpg.

Do I need to convert the .jpeg with vba-code tot .jpg. Or is it only needed to replace .jpeg by .jpg in the file name?

Thansk for your reply.

Kind Regards
Hi, how can I use a JPG background image in bootstrap to cover the entire page ? none repeat if possible
I had traied to use an image but it DOES NOT cover everything (begins only after the heading)

Plz feel free to use any image for any page, I will adapt to your example

Tnx in advance
I assume PhotoShop cam make animate GIF's. If so, how?

What related technology would do similar?

I would need to add these to PowerPoint, display them on the web, etc.

Oh dear experts, please help me out for rid off the background or this .png

i do not have the propper tools, if any can help me i realy apreciate.
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Which wide lence is better for tradisional wedding photography ?
35mm or 28mm or 24 mm
Please let me know ..... I have limited budget because recently purchased 5d iii camera with kit lence....
And please another one for portrait photos which is better in 85mm or 100mm ?
Hi, I have a need to take a lot of images and video for a certain project I'm going to be working on. I'm going to use my iPhone 6s and a Smooth Q gamble rig.

My question is - is there a simple and quick way to download my media to a hard drive in the field without using a laptop and iTunes?

Is there a stand alone hard drive (or small device) that I can use out in the field while I'm taking my images and video?

Thank you,
Date Stamp Issue - I want to copy files from my GoPro to Seagate External - Don't Want Todays Date Want Creation Date.

In the past I've always been able to copy files and the date stamp would be retained to when I created it.  Now all of a sudden every file copied has todays date.  I don't get it.  Why would i want today's date of my videos or photos.

Any help would be great.

I have Windows 10 and I don't want to install additional software, just want to use Windows commands.

Thank you.
I have clicked pictures of some book with my camera. Now i want to join them and make a pdf out of it.
In android there is an app call camscanner which does the job. But i need something on desktop...most likely if i could upload and get the returned pdf back.
I tried one website. All it did was joined the jpgs into one pdf. Thats not what i want.
There are some issues with it :
1) size is too big
2) clarity is not good.

camscanner automatically makes it look like a scanned document.
Please help finding out a good tool for this.


i have good quality in my camera that I want to store in a web based storage. Google Photos is good,, considering its  free service until you hit a storage limit.

1) What is the storage limit in google pics?

2) Secondly, while uploading my pics there if I want my pic resolution to be preserved and there should be no drop in quality in the pics - does Google reduces the quality or resolution while storing those pics? Does the original quality is maintained while uploaded?

Thank you
Hi Experts;

I have a Form with a TImage containing a JPEG that has TLabels with captions and text in TEdits on top of the image. I'm assuming if I save the image's canvas by defining its TRect  I can save the image with the label captions and edit text in the image file. Something like a screen shot of just the Timage control. Timage.SaveToFile saves only the JPEG image not the captions and text on top. I am using Delphi 7.

Thank you for the help,
The user is a photographer and presently has an 8 TB RAID, which is physically carried between two locations every few months.

They now have a decent cable modem connection in the remote connection they use, with an upload speed of 10-15 mbs

Their activity consists of loading in 2-15 gigabytes every week or so, cataloging and adjusting the photos with Adobe Lightroom.  Computers are MacOS X, maintained to the latest version of the operating system that supports Lightroom.  

What's the best way to keep two copies of the RAID in sync over the Internet?  I can set up a VPN.

Part 1) I have tons of images from my research, where I have the same image in many different folders, often using the same filename. These do not involve a human face.

Part 2) I have lots of redundant photos of family and friends on disk and also imported into the "Photos" app on my MacBook.
None involve a human face.

I need a solution to help reduce redundant photos on my disk, since they are starting to clog my disk.

What options to I have?

If I used Picassa, does that only match like photos when there is a human face? Or is it pattern based, so I can use it to match on pictures of buildings also?

Is there an app I can use on the Mac, which I can keep private? I do not relish handing over 100% of my research and family photos to Big Brother in the Sky.

I have a file that has .tif file extension when I click on it using windows photo viewer it only start showing images at 52  of 67 the problem is the images too small if I enlarge it it becomes pixelated. Is there a way to view the images larger without the pixelation. ? BTW there is a .dat associated file with it if that helps
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Oh dear experts,
I need the attached bmp whit transparent background,
hope you experts help me out
this is a very strange situation . The Picasa is located in the D Drive and at the same time it says it is located in the C Drive without showing the size. I would like to know how can this be like this see capture. What is the TRUE location and what is the size of picasa?
Long time Picasa user who is looking for a current product to replace it.

I've tried PhotoShop/Lightroom and Affinity and they are the wrong product for what I'm trying to do.

Even though I do some fairly involved/creative editing, I'm looking for a product that focuses more on filters and effects as opposed to working with layers.

Used to use Microsoft PhotoDraw back in the day and really liked that product as well.

There seem to be dozens of products that do what I would want written for IOS, but I want something that can be used in Windows.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Hello all,

Is there a way to work with Adobe captivate without admin rights

we are getting error "some adobe captivate features such as screen capture and audio may not work as intended with out admin privalages"
is there any work around?


My Adsense application keeps getting bounced.

I saw today that they don't allow copyrighted images. My blog is political, so I used random photos acquired from Google of Clintons, Bushes, Reagan and Obama, for my header, attached..

Are these TOS violations?
Hello, Thanks for any feedback.

Here’s my problem.  I have upwards of 100,000 photos stored across several drives.  They are haphazardly named and stored.  Some by event, some by year, some just hanging around in random folders.  Many have the same name due to the camera starting over in sequence numbers, or from taking other peoples photos and making a potluck.  Most are in .jpg and some have associated .raw copies.  I think I have most of them stored offline on 2 separate drives but I’m really not sure.  So, what I’d really like to do is collect every photo file from a single PC and an attached NAS and make exactly 1 copy.

Doing a Windows search quickly became unwieldy and I found many versions of the same picture stored in different places over the years.  Some of those have been named differently as well.   I’m looking for existing software that might sort out/index photos for me using a hash function rather than by name or other metadata.  My goals are:

Cycle through all folders on 2 physical drives and 1 partition on a NAS to locate any .jpg photos.
Copy those pictures to a different folder.
Check for duplicate photos by hash and don’t copy if it’s duplicate.
Rename pictures by available metadata (year month day Time)

Once this massive process is done those photos will be saved offline and I’d like to clean up my storage system.  I played around with Picassa but found it was going to be a visual process. I’d like to automate it.

I have experience in …

Images and Photos

Photo and imaging software is used to edit and compose raster images; Adobe Photoshop, which dominates the market, has its own topic. Common actions include cropping, slicing, retouching, color replacement, masking and erasing. Other programs include Apple Photo, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Serif PhotoPlus, Pixlr, PhotoScape, Picasa and IrfanView.