Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

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I am developing a questionnaire for internal use and looking at various methods of doing so.

The question will have various free text entries, some date pickers and most importantly 12 Yes / No questions.

I have currently looked at 3 applications for this questionnaire and each seems to have a downfall with the 12 questions.

This application seems ideal as I can set the Yes / No options such that they can be only Yes / No and I can count the number of Yes answers for an automated decision based on the questions. The decision can then determine the Submission route/email. I can use Validation rules to check entries before submission.
Downfall - no longer provided after Office 2013 but I hear that something similar may be available through SharePoint. Our organisation does not use SharePoint.

MS Word
Format of questionnaire is easy to manage with tables.
I can insert Check Box option buttons but they are not related to each other, ie I can insert two check boxes in a table alongside the question, one each for Yes or No answers but the user can check both. The count of the check boxes has to be done manually to make the routing decision. The Word document has to be saved and emailed manually.

MS Excel
Similar issue with option buttons as MS Word. If I insert option buttons on a sheet, they all become related and I can only select one button. I can get round this by putting the pairs of buttons on separate sheets ie one question …
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There are a lot of info on Internet about auto populating the InfoPath form with information pulled via SOAP Web Server from UserProfileServices. Unfortunately I get error message:
An error occurred accessing a data source.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.

Log ID:5566

Looking for a solution I found that I need to change data in Administration of the site which I can't do.

I tried to auto populate user information (Name, phone, email) by using User Information List from my site. It does populate my info in the NewForm but everybody else gets my name too instead of theirs.

Why does it happens?
Related question:

Setting default field value by Formula in InfoPath

I am creating a form as a questionnaire which can be accessed from our intranet to help decide the basis on which to hire an individual.  

Before really getting stuck into this project, I guess I need to check that InfoPath is the correct application for what I am trying to achieve.

Current situation is a Word document with form fields and option boxes. This has restriction to editing set so that users can only complete form fields but the users then have to save and email the form manually.

I am assuming that I can have a link posted on the Intranet that links to the InfoPath form saved somewhere and the User will be able to fill out the form and then Submit to the relevant end user. The form is already designed with a Submit button which will send to one of two email addresses based on the Status decision.

I believe all our users will have "InfoPath Filler" installed on their machines so shouldn't have an issue completing the form.

So the question is whether InfoPath is indeed the correct application to use????

Rob Henson
I am very new to InfoPath Designer (2013) but am learning reasonably well.

I am designing a fairly simple form where I have a few text box entries and then 12 Yes / No questions; fields named Q1 to Q12 in a Group called Questions.

For those in the UK, it is an IR335 Status check for determining whether an individual is an Employee or can be hired as a Sub Contractor.

As a rule of thumb, if the result of the 12 questions is 3 or more Yes answers the individual should be classed as an Employee.

I have already encountered Rules with Validation and Actions. For example, if one of the fields is set to "No" I can make the Q1 to Q12 compulsory.

I have changed the Properties of the Yes / No option buttons such that a Yes answer sets the field value to 1 and a No answer sets the field value to 0. Therefore evaluating the sum of fields Q1 to Q12 or counting the fields where value is 1 would give a decision; if sum or count is greater than 2 then Status should be employed.

Below the questions I have a dropdown field to set the Status with values "Employed" or "Self Employed".

Is it possible to set the default value of this field based on the result of Q1 to Q12 evaluation? The dropdown Properties allow a default value but don't allow for it to be Formula driven, unlike a text box which can be Formula driven.

I have created a text box with Formula driven result of Sum(Questions) but the result of that is "NaN".

In addition, I am anticipating I would need a …
I migrated a site and when I try to open an InfoPath form it's fine in InfoPath, but when I open it in the browser it fails with a correlation error.  It worked at the original site both within InfoPath and also a browser.

I haven't a clue what to do or make of the error.

Here is the correlation id :a76a059e-d08c-4000-2beb-46837449762c

Also of note (major) is that the error says it cannot open up the form and the URL includes the migrated site name.  This must be the issue, but I don't see where I can correct that.

Please advise and thanks.
I have a requirement from user to create a button for print on display form.
Versions Sharepoint 2010 , Infopath 2010.
Do we have out of box feature in infopath 2010 to add print button?
I have tried using content editor web part to add print(). It looks user is not happy with it. Is there a better way of adding print button on the display form?
I need to create a set of InfoPath forms and upload them with updated data to a document library.  I have put together some JavaScript which accomplishes this, but the upload of the document (InfoPath doc) is async and the code works fine when I run it in the debugger, but if I run the loop with no breakpoints, the browser hangs on the create/upload of the file.

I am not sure if it is that the function is async or that it appears to be CSOM whereas all my other code is using REST.  

Any help/ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.
Using a web part query filter and a connected InfoPath webpart/form, I can pass a query param from the URL to the web part.  There are two problems from there:
1) When the form first loads, it doesn't show the query param value.  If I add a button to the form and after the form appears click the button, I can then see the value does get passed in.  I can't use a button for this and why doesn't it appear when the form load rule says to show it?
2) On that form I have a dropdown tied to a SharePoint listbox with the display equal to title and value = ID.  How can I have the dropdown on load show one of it's items as the selected one?
I have what I consider to be a challenging task.  I have a SharePoint list which I display for editing with an InfoPath form.  I have another list which is a set of actions possible which I need to relate to the list item in edit and saves.

So, the master list can have a set of action list items which need to get added/removed from association with each list item.  The display should show the Master Record with a grid (or something like a grid) below of action listitems associated with the list item.

How to manage this in SharePoint?  Do I create an empty list matching the action list structure with the ID of the master list item as  a "foreign key" and show the action items with matching Master List Item IDs?  If so,  how do I display with add/delete of the related grid on the Master Record InfoPath form and add and remove items from the cloned empty action list?

Any ideas on this would be appreciated.
I would like to redirect InfoPath to a menu page on my SharePoint Site.  At the moment, when it closes it goes to the list which can be okay, but not in my case.

I notice the the URL has a List=some string of values and then the ID=some number for the list item if it's an edit,  and some other parameter that looks sort of like a link to where to go after the form closes.

Any help on this would be appreciated.
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Free Tool: SSL Checker

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I created an InfoPath 2013 Form and it is located in a SharePoint 2013 Document Library. This is an HR form for employee change request. The idea is to have the employee go to the doc library and select new document, then complete the form, but instead of submitting the form to the same library, which is the way it is setup right now, rather I need to configure this form to submit to a different document library. The other library will be secure, so that an employee cannot view sensitive data. I looked at other knowledge based articles but could not find a solution for particular for this issue, unless I missed something.

The first document library is open to all employees, but the submit to document library is secure, only for HR use. Is it possible to accomplish this type of configuration in either InfoPath or Sharepoint?

FYI - I'm a beginner with InfoPath and SharePoint.
I have a SharePoint 2016 Site Collection.  In this collection I created a custom content type with Item as the parent.  To that custom type I added a couple of choice columns.

Now I go to a list and list/settings/advanced and turn on Managed Data. After that I go into the list settings again and add this content type.  So, now I see other columns which I can then use on the list.  Ok, that seems to work.

But,  when I launch InfoPath to create a form to Create/Edit list items for this list, none of the custom content type columns show up.

Any advise on this would be appreciated.
I have been trying to build some basic info path forms in SharePoint 2016.  So far no luck.  I tried one with a custom content type and that failed to publish and then an even simpler form that has a text field and not much else.  It failed too.  

Here is the screen shot showing the InfoPath "USELESS" message on attempting to publish;

Please advise.
Hello I've got a form that needs to be filled out.  It's an .xsn format, which every time i save it save's to XML.  I can open it on my computer no issue, but when i email to my manager for approval he gets an error.  Stating "To open file, access the following form template is required

Not sure how to get around this rather going to my managers machine downloading form filling out.

Hi guys,
I'm trying to use sharepoint online to host our company job applications, The  data I have is structured in 5 different lists:

Main - This is the main body of the application and it holds personal information and stuff that only needs entering once
Then I have 4 tables which I want as repeating sections
As these tables will probably contain more than 1 record I want the person filling in the form to be able to enter multiple schools or employers for instance.

What's the best way to achieve this? I have a form in info path for the main list but I can't see how to add the references to the other lists.

I need to pass the main list ID Value to the other tables as ApplicantID so that I'll be able to recall the data later (I was thinking I could recall all entries matching the applicant ID and the multiple entries from the tables would match the main form)

If anyone has any better ways of the doing this I'm happy to hear them

I have created an InfoPath form that has two fields which are of a drop down and check box where multiple selections can be made.   Based upon the selection from that form, it should display the list of related documents in a below list.  Because multiple options can be selected the Connection option doesn't help.
Can anyone recommend a good link that shows how to submit an InfoPath Form via Email please?

I'm stuck with a form in infopath, for which I need to deactivate fields based on the group membership of the current user.
I can get the current user (from GetUserProfileByName) and can use it to validate against user fields (e.g. if current user <> ProjectLeader, disable field 'Status')
However, when I add the second SOAP service to get the groups (using this link I don't get the result and my form starts with an error

"An error occurred while trying to connect to a Web service.
An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server.
Log ID:5566
Correlation ID:04b1e59d-7038-3000-fc4c-a52c3161031c"

When I googled it, the only thing I could find was something about adding host files to the WFE servers..; this is Sharepoint Online, I don't think I can get Microsoft to change their host files... :-(

Any ideas?
I need to disable few fields which contains values month wise. so all the past months are to be disabled for editing. Also the current month should be available for editing till 22nd of the month, after that it becomes disable
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I have created a single InfoPath form and I would like to know the best way I can make this accessible on-line for multiple users to complete.

I will also need to import the data from the form into an Access Database.

Can anyone suggest the best option?

I need help. I have connected Access database to infopath.
now I need to populate value on the form(text box2/ drop down box2) when you select option1 from drop down box 1
This has to be on condition: (value in text box2 = (value in drop box 1= value in the access table)

name(option1) = Nibha
it has to perform this; look at the value "nibha" in the table to through me corresponding second name"Jagadish"
We are moving a number of forms we have in Excel documents to our Office365 SharePoint Team site.  We are doing this by adding a Custom List app to our site and then clicking the Design Using InfoPath 2013 button.

Some of our forms have areas where users can specify lists of entries.  In the attached image of an existing form the user can specify one or more Fees and specify the status of relevant document types.   Not shown is the use should be able to provide a list of up to ten document numbers that were used for testing.

Is there a way to have the form allow a user to add and remove entries.  I think what we may need is a Repeating Table.
I have a request to create a list for 'announcements' to our team.  I've added an announcement app to the site and as part of the announcement form I have added a button to allow users to 'acknowledge' that they have read the announcement.   A workflow starts when they click 'acknowledge' that creates a record in a list named   ActionRequiredLog.   The ActionRequiredLog has the Announcement ID field along with the title of the announcement and the user that just clicked on the acknowledge button.    

What I want to do now, is display a message on the announcement form once the team member has clicked 'acknowledge'.  The message would state 'You acknowledged this announcement on mm/dd/yy' (or something like this).  How do I search the other list to see if the user that is on now, has already acknowledged the announcement?  I'm thinking that I need to use the data connection, but I'm stumped on a good process to make this happen.  Has anyone done this before?  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I need to copy several rows of a table that are group as a one area and repeat it many times on the same table.  After I copy this and populate them then I go back and change some of the text of each group and bind each control to a data field on the right.  However, I go to end of the table, insert several returns then copy a group(which consist of 3 rows and each row has different merged cells).  I paste and it shows up as 3 rows with just some of the text but I lost all format and controls.  Any way to fix this?  Thank you.
Is there a way to remove the "remove" action in attachment field?
I already added a repeating table with condition that if the step is not equal to 1, conditional formatting is Don't allow users to insert or delete this control.

Step 1 : Add/Edit/Delete Attachment then Submit the form - Going to Step 2
Step 2 : Upon checking, attachment can still remove.

Sharepoint - Infopath Attachment


Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

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