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Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

We are in the process of finding a replacement for our Forms Application because
Microsoft has retired Infopath 2013. Is there any software similar to Infopath
that would allow you to create sections on a form that would drop down based on selection?
We are currently using Sharepoint 2013 to host these forms.

I have an InfoPath form that has a start date and start time field created from SharePoint list.
I did not like the text box for the time field so I created 3 separate drop-down lists for hours, minutes and period..
Hoe do I concatenate the 3 fields  and have it save to the start time field when the form is submitted.
We have Office 365 and are looking to capatiiise on its Sharepoint features.  We want to create a SharePoint front-end to our helpdesk system to prompt users for all necessary fields to enter a request from what we call our IT Service Catalog.  

The IT Service Catalog is a list of standard services IT provides which require a standard set of data for IT to satisfy the request.  Each service would be associated with a form prompting the user for the details.  

We see a it working as follows:

1) User navigates to page offering a link or drop down for each IT service (ex. "Add new SalesPerson to ERP", "Resore file from backup", etc)
2) User selects desired service (ex "Add new SalesPerson to ERP")
3) User is prompted with form with mandatory fields.  Some fields will be shared lists (ex Departments, etc) that we maintain and can share between the forms.
4) User provded data is validated (are all fields provided?  If an Excel file is needed has it be provided?)
5) An email is generated submitting all data to our helpdesk system

How can this be acheived using the version of Sharepoint we have?
Hi all,

I am building an InfoPath 2013 Form in SharePoint 2013. The first 1/3 of the Form is for end users to submit ideas and suggestions, but the remaining two sections of the Form will be for managers and approvers.

Is there a way I can design the Form so the person making the submission can only see that 1st section of the form and not the rest?
I have issue with InfoPath form to submit data to SQL Server database table.
This is example that I found on net and trying make it work without success:

I am using infopath 2013 and database is on SQL Server 2014.

None of my secondary connections have queryFields, only dataFields.
 New Record does advance to a new record.
I added AllRecords (using the View). However, the only place I see query fields is in the main data connection, the only thing that is in my AllRecords data connection are dataFields.
In fact, none of my secondary connections have queryFields, only dataFields

Does anybody get this working, and how?
We have a small workflow application we need to develop.  Typically we would give this to our dev team to create a .Net application for.  We want to know if Sharepoint might be suitable instead.  


We are using the Sharepoint that comes with our business Office 365 account.  Some connection to our on-premises SQL Server 2012 DB required.


User 1 fills in New Customer form and submits request.  T

User 2 Can Approve or Deny request.

If request approved, email goes out to new customer with credit application form attached.   Entry is made into our Database with new customer details.


Is Sharepoint a good fit for this?  If so, what features of Sharepoint should we being researching?
SharePoint / Infopath Forms:

I have a task list that I have created, the easy part is done, it has about 50 columns.

I want to modify the default Edit Page and add collapsible \ expandable sections. The information on the interweb I have found relates mainly to creating a new form from scratch. I'd rather modify the default edit form. I have tested adding a section, however, I can't rename the section, therefore, each of the 8 sections I'm adding would all have the same section id, which is the default list name under my field.

I don't want to have to create a new form, as the task list has all my drop-downs completed, dates and yes\no's all developed.

Any examples or clear instructions available or examples that could easily be mirrored.
I have an InfoPath form connected to a SQL database.  I have two fields in the Query window for the user to choose from in retrieving records.  Previously I had three fields, but it was decided that the user did not ever query on the third field.  When I try and query with the new form on just the two fields, I get an error stating that there are no records.  I know that there is a record based on those 2 fields.  When I go back and use an older version of the InfoPath form and enter just the two fields, the record is returned.

What have I not done properly in modifying the form to only have the two fields to query on?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
SharePoint column, type=calculation, formula to assign values based on a column with check boxes.
While in the formula box, I do not see the column name to be inserted.  Is that because the column has checkboxes?  So I can add the column name manually, but how do I add the column name & checkbox name.
All I am trying to do is get a sum based on how many checkboxes are checked.  one of the check boxes is worth 9 points, the others are worth 3 points.  The column name is Risk.  I was trying to have it max out at 9 points.  so the first if was going to sum just the first checkbox if true, or sum the other 3 for a total of 0-9.


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Using info-path with a SharePoint list.  It does not allow you to set a name to each checkbox.  Looks like it defaults to "value"?
So i tried using the title of the check box, and tried using checkbox1 ....
Here is what the question looks like
Thanks in advance,
On  Microsoft InfoPath 2010 form I have option button optButSelectColour
Option have two colors Black and White.
On save button I want to check if user selected any option and warn user to select one if not, it means one option has to be selected.

Option button has value 1 for Black  and 2  for White  I assume that unselected value is 0.
Boxes : this button is selected by default is empty on property for this option button  and box Validation Cannot be blank Is empty too.
I assume that I have to add new rule not sure where and what it should say.
I have a multi view InfoPath form associated with a SharePoint custom list.  The form basically has four tabs at the top where clicking each one switches the form view.  The first tab is set as the default view in InfoPath.  The problem comes when you're on let's say the forth tab and click on the SharePoint Edit icon the page refreshes to put you in edit mode but the InfoPath form defaults back to the first view.  I have to click back on the tab I was on to make the change.  

Is there a way to have the InfoPath form not lose its current view when going into Edit mode?

Thanks for the help!
Infopath Forms need to change the form's approval status in bulk (Multiple forms, on Sharepoint 2010 site.
Need to pull a user environment variable from the system the form is opened on, specifically username and use it as a value for a field.
It's a stand alone form opened with InfoPath on the local machine, no SharePoint or other solutions involved.

So far all my searches have come up empty.
I'm thinking I may need to add some VB code?

I know InfoPath has a username function however I need to stop using domain level authentication on the form.
And from what I've discovered that only works with domain level authentication
I have a personal MS Access 2010 database that contains a user table (approx 900 people)  that I populate by pulling user data from AD.  It also contains asset data (mainly IT equipment ~ 7500 assets +/-).
I would like to be able to provide users with a form that they can review the assets that are currently assigned to them, or located in their current office / workspace. (Standard office equipment such as dock, monitor, printer & scanners is assigned to the workspace & does not move with users, user usually has a laptop & cell phone assigned to them)

I would like to initiate the review, by an email or other trigger.  The user would view the assets and either confirm or correct the asset ID for each item.  Perhaps by scanning the items asset tag barcode or checking a checkbox on the form by each barcode.  Any user corrections would be accumuilated in a temp table so they could be validated and pushed to the source tables as updates.

I am not sure what the best method is: Infopath form, Outlook Form, etc.
I am looking for suggestions and an outline of the implementation steps.
Thanks for any suggestions.

How to configure Infopath on SP 2016. I used a guide for SP 2013 but it guides me to do the following:

To activate the SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection feature, go to Site Setting --> under Site Collection Administration, select Site Collection Feature --> Active SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features  (DONE)
Make sure States Service is started.  Go to Central Administration --> click Application Management --> under Service Application section --> click Manage Service Application  and If you don’t see State Service in the list, go to Central Admin --> click Configuration Wizard --> click Launch the Farm Configuration Wizard--> click Start the Wizard --> Select State Service and click OK
But this SP has not such a thing as Central Administration.
hi all,

I hope someone can help  / show me where to look.
We have a list (let's say a To-Do list for example), and when someone clicks "New" a form pops up and people enter details, hit save and it gets added to the log.
The person who made the form is away at the moment and we want to modify the form. I'm not sure if it was built on InfoPath, Excel (is that possible), etc.

My question is: how can I find where this form resides and edit it? We need to add some more fields but I've looked around the site (even doing a search for .xsn extensions) and googled away but no luck. I've looked in each document and list library but can't find it. There has to be a way? The drop downs in the form I can modify / add things as they're just in the list, but the form itself - I'm at a loss. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.
We've been tasked with a project. The idea is to create some forms, ideally web based, where users can input data that is then stored in our sql server and the form sent on to someone else for approval. (In simple terms).

My idea is to use sql server, SharePoint and InfoPath. Does that seem like a viable solution and does anyone have any prior experience or good material they could share?
I had this question after viewing Extracting text from a lookup field in a SharePoint 2013 workflow.

My issue is that I have three lookups.  They are creating a cascading drop down.  The problem is, to make the Cascading Drop Down work, I have to add the ID of the first list.  So even though the Display on my form does show the Titles the value that is passed is an integer.  Any thoughts on how to capture the text values rather than the underlying ID values?  I am also using an InfoPath form for my form.

-- No responses so I will clarify for simplicity.  
  - Lookup 1 (ID and Title)
  - Lookup 2 (ID, Title, Title from Lookup 1)
  - Lookup 3 (ID, Title and Title from Lookup 2)

This works find for three drop downs on my form.  The issue is when the record is saved, the value (ID Integer) of each lookup is saved rather than the DisplayName.  I'm trying to capture the DisplayName so I can pass it to another list.  I know how to pass the field values, but again, I'm not looking for the ID value, I want to DisplayName value.  I have seen it done with standard forms in SharePoint Designer using Javascript, but I am using Infopath Custom forms. You will see from the image that where EIS Part is the selector.  The field I want to fill is EIS Part A.  Instead of getting the longer text in EIS Part to display in EIS Part A, it shows the ID which is 2. Snipaste_2018-02-13_12-24-41.png
I have 3 custom lists and 1 custom form.
 - Country
 - Country , State
 - State, City

On the custom form I'm having trouble connecting the lists correctly.  I have three DDL fields on the custom form.  
Country - New data source from Country list (Value: Title, Display: Title, no filter)
State - New data source from from State list (Value: Tile, Display: Title, filter where Country DS - Title equals State DS Country)
City - New data source from City list (Value: Title, Display: Title, filter where State DS - Title equals City DS State)

What am I doing wrong here?  I get all three dd's with all the values.  They are not cascading based on the prior choice.
I have some tools created using Infopath forms and SharePoint Designer workflows in SharePoint 2010 which I need to migrate to SharePoint Online. I want to know if my tools will retain the full functionality of both the forms and SharePoint Designer workflows after the migration.
I have a invoice adjustment form in ERP system and I am manually entering data from invoice adjustment form into Excel for tracking purpose.  If invoice adjustment form is adjusted with QTY, price, customer or other data fields, I get another invoice adjustment form and I have to update my excel.  This can happen multiple times (repeats steps).

1) I want to eliminate manual excel entering/updating process (get rid of excel).  
2)  Extract and auto load invoice adjustment form data into SharePoint.

There is no integration between ERP and SharePoint at the moment.  
What would be technical solution?  

What I need to do in order to map all invoice adjustment fields to sharepoint?
How to handle multiple adjustments on same Order (which means QTY is changed or other fields have changes  on the same Invoice form?

I am not a sharepoint developer or a programmer but I have used sharepoint where created pages, auto acknowledgement email, created a form using InfoPath, etc.,
How sharepoint will manage multiple changes on the same order .

Thank you so much.  Please assist.
Microsoft will not create a new version of Infopath Forms past office 2013.  Even though sharepoing will continue to allows this it near future office 2013 will not be allowed.  What is the best alternative to using Infopath on Sharepoint 2016/
I need to build a set of 1 or more InfoPath documents based upon some business criteria going against a related list of recipients of the document.

I have it working using the following function.  Part of the process of building the function is to copy a base (template) XML file down from the document library, turn it into a string with one or more parameters that I insert into that string, and then write the string to content object, upload to the library and then the XML file is available and loads in InfoPath within a browser.

The form has a repeating table which if I populate the form with, the function fails after I take that XML file and use it as the template in my function.

Code follows with abbreviated XML variable as it is too long:
	 function createFile(pParam1, pParam2) {
		var clientContext;
		var oWebsite;
		var oList;
		var fileCreateInfo;
		var fileContent;
		var sfileName = "FileNamePrefix_" + pParam1 + "_.xml";
			clientContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();
			oWebsite = clientContext.get_web();
			oList = oWebsite.get_lists().getByTitle("RecType SubType");   
			var FoundFile = CheckForDoc(sfileName, false);
			var newTemplate = 
			'\n<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><?mso-infoPathSolution name="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:RecType-Audits:-myXSD-2017-07-01T00-23-25" solutionVersion="" productVersion="" PIVersion="" 

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I have 2 forms for 1 workflow. When I run form A, the workflow runs successfully. But when I run form B, the workflow seems to stuck in In-Progress. Please could someone help and tell me why this happens and what I can do for future occurrence? Thanks Augustine
I have an InfoPath form with a repeating table which has a dropdown.  I can add rows and set different values per row dropdown and save and reload the xml document and the rows and values are there.

I need to be able to do three things with the repeating table:
Read the rows and specifically the value of the dropdown
Add rows and set the value of the dropdown
Modify a row and set its value of the dropdown

I need to do all this within a Nintex Workflow.

Please advise.


Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

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