Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

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I successfully created a content type to be used for an InfoPath Form Document Library. However when I try to link that content type to the document library, I do not see "Add from existing site content types" link in the library settings. I checked various other places throughout the site and this link is not available in any library settings. Can someone explain?
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I have been looking hi and low to auto populate user name and department in InfoPath browser form from several sources available
I tried User Profile Service but since Microsoft made it difficult in 2013 version and I am not an admin on the host I can't use this.
 I also tried User Information list. It worked perfectly in InfoPath preview but came up empty when I published the form.

So I tried to use JQuery and SP services. I captured all info in alarms correctly but cant figure out how actually place it in form controls. I use text boxes for all.
<script src="/sites/MySite/SiteCollectionDocuments/jQuery/jquery-1.8.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="/sites/MySite/SiteCollectionDocuments/jQuery/jquery.SPServices-2014.01.min.js" type="text/javascript">
</script><script type="text/javascript">

$(function() {        
     var thisUsersValues = $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser({
      fieldNames: ["Title", "EMail", "Office", "WorkPhone"],
      debug: false



I am developing a questionnaire for internal use and looking at various methods of doing so.

The question will have various free text entries, some date pickers and most importantly 12 Yes / No questions.

I have currently looked at 3 applications for this questionnaire and each seems to have a downfall with the 12 questions.

This application seems ideal as I can set the Yes / No options such that they can be only Yes / No and I can count the number of Yes answers for an automated decision based on the questions. The decision can then determine the Submission route/email. I can use Validation rules to check entries before submission.
Downfall - no longer provided after Office 2013 but I hear that something similar may be available through SharePoint. Our organisation does not use SharePoint.

MS Word
Format of questionnaire is easy to manage with tables.
I can insert Check Box option buttons but they are not related to each other, ie I can insert two check boxes in a table alongside the question, one each for Yes or No answers but the user can check both. The count of the check boxes has to be done manually to make the routing decision. The Word document has to be saved and emailed manually.

MS Excel
Similar issue with option buttons as MS Word. If I insert option buttons on a sheet, they all become related and I can only select one button. I can get round this by putting the pairs of buttons on separate sheets ie one question …
I created an InfoPath 2013 Form and it is located in a SharePoint 2013 Document Library. This is an HR form for employee change request. The idea is to have the employee go to the doc library and select new document, then complete the form, but instead of submitting the form to the same library, which is the way it is setup right now, rather I need to configure this form to submit to a different document library. The other library will be secure, so that an employee cannot view sensitive data. I looked at other knowledge based articles but could not find a solution for particular for this issue, unless I missed something.

The first document library is open to all employees, but the submit to document library is secure, only for HR use. Is it possible to accomplish this type of configuration in either InfoPath or Sharepoint?

FYI - I'm a beginner with InfoPath and SharePoint.
Hello I've got a form that needs to be filled out.  It's an .xsn format, which every time i save it save's to XML.  I can open it on my computer no issue, but when i email to my manager for approval he gets an error.  Stating "To open file, access the following form template is required

Not sure how to get around this rather going to my managers machine downloading form filling out.

I have created a single InfoPath form and I would like to know the best way I can make this accessible on-line for multiple users to complete.

I will also need to import the data from the form into an Access Database.

Can anyone suggest the best option?
We are moving a number of forms we have in Excel documents to our Office365 SharePoint Team site.  We are doing this by adding a Custom List app to our site and then clicking the Design Using InfoPath 2013 button.

Some of our forms have areas where users can specify lists of entries.  In the attached image of an existing form the user can specify one or more Fees and specify the status of relevant document types.   Not shown is the use should be able to provide a list of up to ten document numbers that were used for testing.

Is there a way to have the form allow a user to add and remove entries.  I think what we may need is a Repeating Table.
If there is a form on an external php site with a few fields. I want this submission to go to a list in Sharepoint (2013) with the fields matching up, respectively.

Is there a way to do this with a formatted email? Your thoughts.
In Infopath, I am creating a form using the SharePoint List template. I have chosen the option to have repeating sections.

The form contains the following:-

At the top - a drop down list of site names.
Below this is an 11 x 5 table (each cell containing a text field)

What I need:-
The user should select the site name JUST ONCE.
The user should be able to click on 'Insert item' and this will add another copy of the table BUT NOT another drop down for the site name.

At the moment, when 'Insert Item' is clicked, both the Site Name drop down and the table are duplicated.

How can I achieve this? Is it even possible?
I wanted to create an Info Path form that uploads an excel file into a SharePoint Document library.  I want to use Info Path instead of the standard upload form, because the library will also have 2 columns that the user will need to add when they upload the form ( the forms status & group).  These are essential for the sites use and workflow. I feel like this should be possible, but I can't seem to find any information or even a place to start looking.  Most sites refer to saving the actual info path form inside of a SharePoint document Library as a document, which is not what I'm trying to do.  Thanks.
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My client does not want to see the arrow, does anyone know how I can remove it?
Can I set up a dropdown list to allow the user to add to list?
I would like to upload an InfoPath form to a Sharepoint and connect  to my clients server.

What is the best way to do this?
I know that I can use InfoPath filler to complete forms offline and submit them later. Can InfoPath filler forms submit data to a SharePoint list? If so, how?
How do I construct an InfoPath field validation rule that ensures the entered text is 9 characters?  It cannot be less and it cannot be more.  I'd like to display some error text that says, "Must be 9 characters".
I need to set a formatting mask for users in an InfoPath 2010 form.  The SharePoint field receiving the data is called SR Number.  It is a single line of text with a maximum of 12 characters.  When the InfoPath form is presented, I need to force the user to enter the information in the SR Number field in this format 9-9999999999.  It must contain 12 characters.  Is there a way to set a formatting mask?
I am very VERY new to the InfoPath (in fact this is the first task I've been given). We have livestock farms where there is no internet connectivity. Our farm managers need to be able to complete a form using a tablet device and submit the data (which I assume will be stored locally), then when they get back to an area with connectivity, the form will upload to our SharePoint library.

What I have done so far. Create the form template in InfoPath. I have published it to SharePoint and selected the relevant offline settings in Form Options (as per attached screenshot).

When I go to my document library in SharePoint, I can click New->Form and I am presented with the form that I can complete and submit. The completed form shows up in the same document library.

Now how do I get this onto their tablet so that they can complete it offline? (I do have InfoPath Filler installed on the tablet).

Thanks in advance.
I have a SharePoint List that has several views.  I also have created a separate SharePoint page to display a couple of the views for clarity and a better end user experience.   When a list item is opened, the DEFAULT view is displayed.  I have created a much simpler form view but the end user has to click a button to switch to the 'simpler view'   OR   they can click the new view from the dropdown menu.  

What I would like to do is have SharePoint determine which form view is opened based on what SharePoint page the list item is opened from.  In other words, if the user is on the MAIN PAGE, the default long form view would open.  However, if the user is opening the item from the  MOBILE PAGE, the 'simple view' would display.    OR . . .
Is it possible to have SharePoint determine the form based on the VIEW that is displayed?  

Is this possible without using code?   It would be nice if I could tell SharePoint what view and what form page to display.  
If code is needed, please advise where it needs to be placed for the action to happen correctly.   I'm pretty good with SharePoint but have done very limited stuff with any html or embedded code.  

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.
I am coming up with several situations in which I would like to create a running total of list entries, filtered by date.  Imagine a list of daily entries, and then imagine that one or more fields would be summed on a month-do-date total.  I would be okay with a separate list that has an entry for each month, then the field in that list just gets updated (mtd-total = mtd-total + daily-qty).  While I know I can create a calculated field for a list, I am unsure how to calculate it based on a field in another list.  Would I first have to create a lookup field, then add to it?  I don't think that a calculation on a lookup field is possible.

I am also looking at InfoPath to build a form to enter the values.  How can I create a rule that when the form is submitted, this MTD summation will occur, into a separate list than the form relates to?

I have a second summation issue.  The same situate as above, but compounded in that each list entry has not just an associated date, but an associated region.  For all entries of a given region, I want the MTD summation for all days of a given month.  I now want to sum the regions into a parallel MTD total, i.e., company wide.

I will also want to grab this summation info (by region company wide) and display on a dashboard or Power BI.

Not asking too much, eh?
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

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I need to write rules in Infopath 2010 to set due date to today +3 business days. Can you help? Thanks.
Our organization currently relies heavily on infopath and it appears from searching the web MS has no intention of replacing this tool with something else. We are trying to get a feel for what may be a good replacement forms package for sharepoint 2013. Can any expert out there share your thoughts as to what may be a good substitute going forward?

I have a list of links to Sharepoint 2010 lists. I need to check if certain column values were changed. Can I automate it somehow using InfoPath 2010 or something else? Cant use power shell ((. Have to do it manually.

Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know the best way for me to get a signature from an external agent completing a web browser form?
I have created a form in InfoPath 2013, does anyone know how I can save it into a lower version 2010?
Hi experts,
I'm looking to build an approval workflow that can help with our wire transfer process. Not sure if Sharepoint (our firm's on Office 365 Sharepoint online) can do this relatively easily, but here's what I'm looking for:

1. Accounts payable admin enters the details of the payment - Amount, Vendor, Wire details, etc.
2. Accounts payable admin chooses the approvers (with order of approvals, preferably)
3. Email's automatically sent to the approvers right away and they choose yay or nay
4. if it's approved, here's where it gets better... I need to somehow have Sharepoint generate a csv or xlsx (using the info entered in step #1) in a specific format so that accounts payable admin can upload it to the bank to initiate the transfer.

I have a good grasp of C# and SQL if these skills are useful for developing Sharepoint to do this.

If you know of a solid alternative system to tackle these needs, I'm all ears as well.

Thanks in advance


Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. The product features a WYSIWYG form designer in which the various controls (e.g. textbox, radio button, checkbox) are bound to data, represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. All the data stored in InfoPath forms are stored in an XML format. Secondary data sources can be built into the form or they can be accessed through an external data connection to SharePoint or a Web service.

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