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Installation is the act of making a computer program program ready for execution. Because the process varies programs often come with a specialized...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Domain Controllers reboot


We set our Windows servers to download the Tuesday patch but not install it. All of our servers


How to fix Windows Installer Efforts to Self-Repair

One of the most frequently asked questions on EE in the "Windows Installer" zone is how to eliminate…

Charter has upgraded their Internet speed from 60MB/s to …

Charter has upgraded their Internet speed from 60MB/s to 100MB/s recently for residential customers.…
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows OOB as optional


I am looking to install an optional update in Windows 2016 and Windows 2019. I can not find the

Troubleshooting Solution

procedure to install oracle on linux VM if I have the RPM package


any step by step procedure to install oracle on linux VM if I have the RPM package ?

Troubleshooting Solution

Problem re Windows 8.1 activation


I am trying to update an older but decent Toshiba laptop for daughter to get started on a Diploma

Troubleshooting Solution

WSUS clients do NOT see approved updates from WSUS server


This is a follow up question to one I posted just last week where none of our WSUS clients had

Troubleshooting Solution

How to install a SSL certificate on a non-public facing, non-domain joined Windows server?


We are trying to get a SSL certificate installed on a Windows 2012 server that is internal to our

How to Swap 32-bit to 64-bit to 32-bit versions without losing Data

Swap Microsoft Office 365 from 64-bit to 32-bit or Vice Versa

The version of Microsoft 365 you have installed may not be ideal. This article explains how to change from a 32-bit install to a 64-bit install or vice versa. Snapshots are included for every step so very easy to follow. Works regardless if you use POP or IMAP accounts in Outlook. Enjoy...
Troubleshooting Solution

Can you install a domain on an existing Win 10 PC?


Is it possible to add a Domain to an existing Windows 10 computer.?   

I am doing training and need

Troubleshooting Solution

Powershell script for silent installation.



Is it possible to installations of Visual Studio with PowerShell script. 

If the installer is

Troubleshooting Solution

HP Disk Array


We have a HP ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server which is running low on disk space. I would like to install

Advice Solution

Which KVM switch should I buy?


I have seven new computers and I want to set them all up identically. I do not plan on installing

Troubleshooting Solution

I can't install Windows to an SSD drive.


I tried to install Windows 10 Pro to a hard drive. But, Windows was unable to install to the drive.

Troubleshooting Solution

Error when connecting to newly installed Oracle 11gR2 express edition by SQLPlus.


I just install the oracle 11gr2 express on Windows and now I try to login (actually I follow …
Troubleshooting Solution

Creative Labs Soundblaster pc card question...


Trying to figure out Creative Labs SoundBlaster card - I have this card. It is described as

Troubleshooting Solution

Swapping of SSD to SSD, HDD to HDD in same model same laptop

Hi Expert,

If i were to swap SSD with SSD same type SSD and same laptop model and OS, will it be …
Troubleshooting Solution

Exchange 2016 CU22 upgrade Broke ECP


Dwar Experts.

we are facing some issues on our Exchange 2016 environment after installing CU22


Advice Solution

How to get rid of Snap in Ubuntu?


Being new to Ubuntu (my version is 20.04), I got a couple of software programs installed using the

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