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Installation is the act of making a computer program program ready for execution. Because the process varies programs often come with a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation. Installation may be part of a larger software deployment process. Cross platform installer builders that produce installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux include InstallAnywhere, InstallBuilder and Install4J. Installers for Microsoft Windows include Windows Installer, InstallShield, and Wise Installation Studio; free installer-authoring tools include NSIS, IzPack, Clickteam, InnoSetup, InstallSimple and WiX. Mac OS X includes Installer, and also includes a separate software updating application.

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I am using a Windows 7 computer...Intel i7 processor and everything is working well except windows media player will not start.
Also, when I try to install itunes as a supplementary music/media player I get the following error message:
"errors occurred during installation before iTunes could be configured.  to complete the installation run the installer again".
Any ideas what may have caused this problem and what should I be doing to fix the problem?  I do not want to reinstall Windows as it is far too much work and it is very time consuming.
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what the heck is delta rpm and why use it , cant I just update or upgrade with yum update or something like that ?

We have installed two Exchange Servers and these are seeing each other successfully using the Get-ExchangeServer command in Powershell.

We are attempting to installed an Edge Server and were having issues with that. When we initially installed the Edge Server it would error out before installation with the following error:

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
" was run: "Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: Cannot get child of ADObjectId:    this is a GUID based

After restarting the installation it would not complete successfully.
This happened several times on several PCs.

We found a technical note from Microsoft saying to take the Edge Server out of domain and reinstall the Edge Server. Then rejoin the network. We did this and the Edge Server role installation completes successfully.
We then rejoin the domain network. However, when we do "Get-ExchangeServer" command in Powershell on the Exchange Server the new Edge Server does not show up. Also when we do "Get-ExchangeServer"
command in Powershell in the Edge Server only the Edge Server shows up in the list.
Hi All,

I have installed Windows Essentials 2012 on my laptop with Windows 7 pro, but I got the message error 0x800c0006. Also, tried to install only Windows Movie Maker but still got this error message.

Can you help?
I'm hoping someone can give me insight to make this a little easier. Recently I migrated an Exchange 2010 installation to 2016 by following steps listed in this article: .

The migration is fine but I'm having the following secondary issue. The migration had me create separate volumes for the db and log files and mount them as junction points under : "C;\Exchange Databases". This works great for Exchange but my backup softeware is having issues with the junction points. These save volumes are mounted as drives E and F.  I'm backing up E and F but sinces its not backedup though the exchange path, exchange doesn't think its backed up so it wont truncate the logs. Is there a way can change the paths within exchange to to E anf F and get rid of the junction points? I know I can have exchange "move" the database files from c:\exchange Databases" to E:\... or create a new DB on E and move the boxes but it seems silly and time consuming considering its already on the drive. Also the exchange server is a VM which means the VHD file will grow to twice its size during the "move" and it will require compacting afterwards.

The basic question is: Can I somehow change the setting or registry entery that has the path of the db and log files without actually moving them?

public HttpResponseMessage ER_GenerateWBLWorksheet2()

        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application xlApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application();
        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook xlWorkBook;
        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet xlWorkSheet;
        object misValue = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;

        xlWorkBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add(misValue);
        xlWorkSheet = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(1);

        if (xlWorkSheet == null)
            Console.WriteLine("Worksheet could not be created. Check that your office installation and project references are correct.");

        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 1] = "Account Number";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 2] = "Amount";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 3] = "Code123";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 4] = "Date";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 5] = "Audit";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 6] = "ID";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 7] = "Customer Name";
        xlWorkSheet.Cells[1, 8] = "Payment Source";
        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range range = xlWorkSheet.get_Range("A2", "A2");//add this drop down list to all rows of first column
        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.DropDowns xlDropDowns;//code to add drop down list
        Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.DropDown xlDropDown;
        xlDropDowns = ((Microsoft.Office.Iterop.Excel.DropDowns)(xlWorkBook.ActiveSheet.DropDowns(Type.Missing)));
how we can check the application and the server product installed date  . Eg : SQL
Hi All,

The following (see attached screenshot) are the updates that have been failing to install on my Dell laptop. – they appear to download ok but when it comes to the installation phase they stall at about 97% and then the whole process of uninstalling starts. It takes about 3 hours to go through this process. There seems to be two that are a problem KB4022715 and KB3126568.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My windows desktop won't boot and so I made a recover USB drive using the Microsoft Windows Installation Media Creation tool.
I have been tryto use Bootrec /rebuildBCD, but I get a message "the requested system device cannot be found"

I was looking to upgrade our SCCM 2012 installation I did several years ago to the R2 version as we will soon be adding Windows 10 clients to our network.  Our SCCM 2012 is running on Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 and the SCCM itself has never had any service packs installed on it, so I was going to go to SP1 then SP2 and then jump to the R2 version.  I started with following the steps at and everything went well until I got to the actual install SP1.  When I started it, it gets to the prerequisite check and says that "Verify that the built-in collections have not been modified" and in the extended description it says that one or more built-in collections has been modified and modifications overwritten by the Configuration Manager setup and to make a note of the modifications so after the upgrade you can create new collections that have the same information."

So, I wanted to look at the Configuration Manager but when it starts it says it cannot connect to the site.  I tried manually connecting to the site using the 'Connect to site...' button but it doesn't connect.  I tried rebooting the server as well but did not help.  I looked in SmsAdminUI.log and here are the last several lines of logging:

[16, PID:6624][06/14/2017 13:39:35] :Property: 'License'\r\nSystem.Management.ManagementException\r\nNot found \r\n   at …
Free Tool: ZipGrep
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

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I want to setup a test ADFS HA environment.

I have a 2012 R2 DC, with 2 standalone servers 2012 R2 joined to a domain.
When I start setting up a ADFS server, it asks for a SSL certificate.   This is a test environment, so how can I get around this.
It will not continue with the installation unless I put in a SSL certificate.

Trying to do an in-place upgrade of a Windows 2012 R2 server to Windows 2016.  Everytime I run the upgrade I get an error
"The computer started using the Windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation media and restart the upgrade. (Do not select “Custom (advanced)” to perform an upgrade. “Custom (advanced)” installs a new copy of Windows and deletes your programs and settings.) "

I did not boot from the media.  the media was mounted (iso) after the 2012 R2 OS booted up.
Error message
If I choose Custom instead of upgrade I get the following error  "Windows cannot install required files.  Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation."
Anyone run into this and found a work around?  Thanks!
we have simple windows server 2012 with firewall and no domain control. we just created during installation dns. then in in local server properties its showing as computer name: ABC and domain name

however last few days i can see events of netlogon and dcom errors every an hour or so. due to this i believe our internet is disconnecting for few seconds and agin up.
can you pl. help these are the errors when i run dcdiag.exe

Directory Server Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   Trying to find home server...
   Home Server = ABC
   * Identified AD Forest.
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\ABC
      Starting test: Connectivity
         The host 5ea46ae9-dd4f-43fe-a122-588fa36389c1._msdcs.ABCSERVER.COM
         could not be resolved to an IP address. Check the DNS server, DHCP,
         server name, etc.
         Got error while checking LDAP and RPC connectivity. Please check your
         firewall settings.
         ......................... ABC failed test Connectivity

Doing primary tests

   Testing server: Default-First-Site-Name\ABC
      Skipping all tests, because server ABC is not responding to directory
      service requests.

   Running partition tests on : ForestDnsZones
      Starting test: CheckSDRefDom
         ......................... ForestDnsZones passed test CheckSDRefDom
      Starting test: CrossRefValidation
Dear all

I am trying to install KMS server for office 2010 activation. My network is disconnect from internet. I have office KMS Key

I am using server 2008 R2 Server. Installed Host License pack successfully and for next step i don't have internet connection. How can i activate using phone. showing activation id:bfe7a195-4f8f-4f0b-a622-cf13c7d16864 but, installation id not showing. without installation id is it possible to activate using IVR ?. Please help
I have an installation of Opencart that has been working fine. A couple of day ago (Friday) when submitting a payment for a product purchased I am getting this error message "Warning: A match of the Payment Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. Please try again."

PayPal Pro/Payflow is being used for inline checkout/reoccurring payments. I've checked all of the settings and they are correct, and as I said the cart worked fine until a couple of days ago.
My canon ir3300 is not working. Status of the printer is error status.
When I tried to ping its not pinging.
Ip of printer is
Please help me
Hello , I successfully installed oracle 8i on windows xp and now I tried to install oracle 8i in windows server 2003 but while installing it freezed , I don't know why ? After then I tried to create a database from database configuration assistant but a error message appeared as " tns protocol adapter error ' , Oh no !! I couldn't please help me how to install oracle 8i in windows server step by step.
Hey there
I have a colleague who is investigating installation requirements for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Web Application Proxy (WAP) and is trying to confirm which roles can and can't be installed on their servers together.

They are looking to add AD FS to use WAP and note that there is a requirement for WAP to be installed on a different server than AD FS.
The ultimate goal is to utilise Remote Desktop Services, VPN and OWA externally.
They have four servers:
Exchange Server
App Server
RDS Server with Routing and Remote access (VPN).

So their questions are:
  • Should they install AD FS or WAP on the RDS server?
  • Could they install the other service on the Exchange Server, or is this nor recommended?

Thanks for any help!
I am trying to install a driver for a Laser plotter on a Win 10 machine. Got into this issue. From the Device Manager, I am trying to "Update Driver", window popped up with the following:

"Windows Encountered a problem installing the drivers for your device"

Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install"

USB Serial Port

The installation of this device is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system Administrator."

I have Admin rights to this machine.

Can someone please advise what can i do to bypass that msg?

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In recently, we try to deploy .net patch by batch file.
However, after deploy to testing PC, only cmd show
in task manager but no program install in the PC.

The UAC and the firewall are closed.

Why the install batch file cannot install to the Win7PC.
Is there is sccm settings incorrect?
Are there any good and silent deploy method?

pls help.
I need to obtain the Product or License Key from an installed SQL Server instance. Is there a powershell script of any sort that can accomplish this?
I have been trying to follow a number of youtube videos instructing on the installation of cordova developmet environment on windows 10.

All time i get some sort of error, in trying to the the hello world example. So clear everything down.

Does anyone have a concise set of instructions in sequence to install this from scratch, im not interested in the android studio as will be using as text editor.

Many thanks
I had this question after viewing Can't seem to install Oracle Designer / Developer, "wrong OS".

I have come across this article but the solution has not really helped me. I am using windows 10 machine. And I have gone through all the steps such as virtual memory set up, patch compatibility, changing .ini file, and use -ignore option suggested in the solution.

After working on the installation for few hours, I found out that my so called admin account also needs to be in the Windows "Administrator" group to install this software. With my admin account, I was able to install all other software such as TOAD etc. But Developer installation was giving me the error.

Hope this helps.
Please help!

Scenario: Creation of a SharePoint farm (2 nodes: FrontEnd w/Distributed Cache and Application Server w/Search both connecting to a SQL 2016 failover cluster. Windows Servers are also 2016) initial executable installation succeeds without an issue. All prerequisites installed correctly.

Error occurs when trying to create a new farm via the "SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard"
        creating a new farm; starting at the FrontEnd w/Distributed Cache install
        connecting to a SQL 2016 cluster called sharepointCL\SHAREPOINT
        using a AD service account with SQL Server permissions of: sysadmin, dbcreator, securityadmin

Error message:

Failed to create the configuration database.
This is a critical task. You have to fix the failures before you can continue.
An exception of type System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException was thrown.  Additional exception information:
Keyset does not exist (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090016)

To diagnose the problem, review the application event log and the configuration log file located at:C:\Program      
Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server
while installing 10 g developer suite to WIN 7 professional getting error " error while loading libraries: areas-queries





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Installation is the act of making a computer program program ready for execution. Because the process varies programs often come with a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation. Installation may be part of a larger software deployment process. Cross platform installer builders that produce installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux include InstallAnywhere, InstallBuilder and Install4J. Installers for Microsoft Windows include Windows Installer, InstallShield, and Wise Installation Studio; free installer-authoring tools include NSIS, IzPack, Clickteam, InnoSetup, InstallSimple and WiX. Mac OS X includes Installer, and also includes a separate software updating application.